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  1. Buzzarde

    Rule pumps

    That is the same one that is failing on me the Tournament 800gph. I have been rotating them through west marine.
  2. Buzzarde

    Rule pumps

    My 2018 24' pathfinder has had 2 of the 3 pumps fail with the main livewell pump failing twice. I have used Rule pumps in my last 2 boats and never had an issue. Has anyone switched to a different type or brand of pump? I am now storing a spare pump head and connector in the boat totally expecting to have to change it out within the next couple of months....
  3. What kind of numbers RPM vs MPH, Top end? What kind of tower do you have? Ive been testing several 15 1/4 dia and did ok with the 19 pitch but could only reach 5500. Yamaha wants to see 5800-5900 with that I was getting 51 mph. I tried the 18 and started losing grip. The 151/4 x 21 that came with the boat was way too much resulting in a horrible hole shot and only got to 5000rpm. The prop I like the best so far was a 4 blade turbo OS-1 141/2"x17 The hole shot was great top end at 5800 was 51mph plus it gave me a little stern lift!
  4. I have a 2018 24' with a Yamaha 300hp and had Quality T top fabricate an aluminum 3/4 tower and upper helm. After trying the boat out it did have a tendency to ride nose high with some porpoising. I installed a 5 degree negative wedge between the jack plate and motor which resolved alot of the flipper problem. The aluminum tower is a lot lighter than the factory fiberglass one but is a little heavier than most T tops. There is also a little more drag. Right now we are trying several prop sizes trying to get the most out of it!
  5. Buzzarde

    Jack Plate questions

    I have owned 4 boats with jack plates, they were all Bob Machine out of Ruskin FL. Other than changing out a solenoid or tow I have never had any problems with any of the plates. They make 2 types of plates for your boat, an internal pump or external pump. If possible go with a jack plate that has its pump and pieces inside the boat. Im old school, the less hardware you have hanging in the salt water the better. I think Atlas only offer it in external? Once you learn how to use your jack plate you will love it!!
  6. Buzzarde

    My "new" 2007 2200V

    Bobs still make both styles. The only problem with the outdoor pump and controls is salt exposure as with your tilt and trim guts. My 2018 24 came with the bobs jackplate external. I have owned 3 bobs jackplates all of them with internal hardware so this will be a first for me.
  7. Buzzarde

    New 24 just got her tower

    The boat is finally done!! got the replacement Simrad Go 12 installed and all the damage from the drunk boater impact has been repaired. Finally got the rest of the lighting installed! Now time to have some fun.....😋
  8. Buzzarde

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Can a repair be made to the hull with the carbon as with the fiberglass method or is there a different way of doing repairs?
  9. Buzzarde

    This Pathfinder will take your manhood away😂

    Nope Ive still got mine LOL
  10. Buzzarde

    Hit & Run

    The guy made a deal with the state... He got slapped with a $450.00 fine and $50.00 court cost. with adjudication withheld..... Hopefully my insurance company will go after him?
  11. Buzzarde

    Hit & Run

    In my case the boat had been sold to the guy who hit me one week prior to the incident and the FWC was able to get the info from the old owner.
  12. Buzzarde

    Hit & Run

    Even after admitting the whole thing to FWC and after seeing the video the guy pled "not guilty" so he is going to trial...
  13. Buzzarde

    Hit & Run

    Yea JEM the marina had video of the whole thing.
  14. Buzzarde

    Hit & Run

    Dobey I would agree, however we had just pulled in from fishing and I only had 1 bar on the fuel indicator and I had just put my cell on the shore charger and did not have a chance to grab it. At least I was able to catch up to him after only a mile. I was hoping he would have pulled in at the boat ramp at the mouth of the Anclote but he kept on going. I have now loaded the hotline numbers for the CG, MP, FWC, and the TPPD and my phone will stay with me until the boat is out of the water.
  15. Buzzarde

    Hit & Run

    Well the FWC followed up and spoke to the owner who had just sold the boat a week before. He was able to provide a name and address of the man who bought it. They went to the man property and confirmed that the boat was there. So they came back at 6:30am and met the man as he was heading out the door. At first he claimed that the dockhand pushed his boat into mine however after being shown the video he fessed up!
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