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  1. Hit & Run

    In my case the boat had been sold to the guy who hit me one week prior to the incident and the FWC was able to get the info from the old owner.
  2. Hit & Run

    Even after admitting the whole thing to FWC and after seeing the video the guy pled "not guilty" so he is going to trial...
  3. Hit & Run

    Yea JEM the marina had video of the whole thing.
  4. Hit & Run

    Dobey I would agree, however we had just pulled in from fishing and I only had 1 bar on the fuel indicator and I had just put my cell on the shore charger and did not have a chance to grab it. At least I was able to catch up to him after only a mile. I was hoping he would have pulled in at the boat ramp at the mouth of the Anclote but he kept on going. I have now loaded the hotline numbers for the CG, MP, FWC, and the TPPD and my phone will stay with me until the boat is out of the water.
  5. Hit & Run

    Well the FWC followed up and spoke to the owner who had just sold the boat a week before. He was able to provide a name and address of the man who bought it. They went to the man property and confirmed that the boat was there. So they came back at 6:30am and met the man as he was heading out the door. At first he claimed that the dockhand pushed his boat into mine however after being shown the video he fessed up!
  6. Hit & Run

    Anyone in the Tarpon Springs area please keep your eyes out for a late model Mckee craft 16' to 17' FL 2588LY. This boat with 2 intoxicated males and a female attempted to leave Port Tarpon marina and plowed into my new 24' pathfinder and then left the marina. I was able to chase them down but they refused to turn around. So I got a good look and the FLs but dident have my phone so could not get pics of the percs. FWC is investigating but said the boat came back as being owned by a person with a middle eastern name and these 2 guys were not that! The damage is believed to be over $2000. I really felt like ramming them after they told me to F off Was all I could do not to swamp them! But Ive got a lot more to lose than these loosers. my contact is Bruce (863)899-4665 the case number isFWC PWSW 18-OFF-018193
  7. New 2400 TRS Live well pump(s) failure

    I run my boat out of Tarpon Springs and do both skinny and offshore. There should be a dedicated pump for each livewell. The boat may have an option to have the factory plumb a 2nd or 3rd livewell. Then there may be a recirculating pump on it own circuit for your primary livewell as well!
  8. New 2400 TRS Live well pump(s) failure

    My 2018 24' had the same thing, 2 of my 3 pumps went bad. I found out that Rule had a problem with a batch of their pumps and did not find out until they were in circulation. I had a 2006 22' pathfinder and its drainage was not very effective. The new boat is a lot more effective but makes a lot of noise when waves are hitting the ports. I had 2 of my hatches that were not installed straight and had to be re-drilled at the hinge. my boat run great and very skinny! I just had a few things that needed some"adjusting"
  9. My 2016 2200 TRS

    You will be impressed how shallow that boat will get! being a "bayboat" I cant tell from the photo does it have a jackplate? nice hull color!
  10. New 24 just got her tower

    Thank you! Its still a work in progress. The Simrad go 12 is going to have to be replaced. It has gone back to factory settings twice losing all the settings and a few waypoint entries.
  11. New 24 just got her tower

    Im sure it is but havent got the nerve to try that yet LOL.
  12. New 24 just got her tower

    Got the factory deck material removed and had Castaways put in seadek and it all matches. Tried 2 different props so far and have one more to try but leaning toward the 3 blade 15.25" with a 18 pitch over the 4 blade. Better overall performance where the 4 blade was losing too much in the mid range where I like to run most of the time. Next will be the Abyss underwater lights.
  13. New 24 just got her tower

    Well small problem. The brown deck covering that came from pathfinder can not be color matched by seadek or any other brand name out there. I wanted to add additional coverage but with the color difference it will look like crap! So it looks like the brown will be coming out and seadek going in...