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  1. Robert3

    Boat Covers

    My 1st HPS was Black hull, it needed a cover so the gelcoat wouldn't fade. I have one made in Fort Myers, it cost around 2K but it fits with or without trolling motor. I went with Black Sunbrella. I have had it on for Irma, and other storms, for 3 years and no fading or sign of deterioration. survived the wind and rain. Plus the cover extends down over to the hard chine..
  2. Robert3

    E-searider bean bags

    If you go to the factory to pick yours up, they'll stuff heavy them full for ya, and give you extra// I've had both brands, equal IMO..
  3. Robert3

    What Material for Full Cover

    Hey, Yes, those are the vents. As long there is a way to get air in it seems as if they really work.. I have an open area near the transom where the breeze get in.. Really helped alot with Gelcoat fading..
  4. Robert3

    What Material for Full Cover

    I have a full cover for my HPS . Sunbrella, full cover with 4 vents drapes down beneath any color on the boat.. was great on my black boat, just as good on the gray one too. Made in Fort myers. No mildew for 8 summers.. God luck
  5. Robert3

    Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    I was out dubbing around and found gin clear water around ding darling too..
  6. Robert3

    Back in a Pathy

    Congrats!! great boat.. I'll ping ya when I get to FM next month and I wanna see her..
  7. Robert3

    2300 HPS Livewell Pump Help

    It sounds to me like the electrical supply is fine, you said you checked it. Are you trying to fill the bait well? Perhaps a bad switch on the dash?
  8. Robert3

    2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    When in doubt, HP it out!! I never heard anyone complain they had too much horsepower. I agree it's about "time to plane", and HP does it faster.. Good luck
  9. Robert3


    We used to do that to. after a bolt hit the mast near bermuda.. The grounding plate worked, luckily. I was 13 YO at the time, racing to Bermuda(crew) from Marion Conn.
  10. Robert3

    what shaft ipilot for 24v?

    https://www.cabelas.com/product/RAM174-Trolling-Motor-Stabilizer/699637.uts?WT.srch=1&WT.tsrc=PPC&rid=20&WT.mc_id=MICROSOFT|boa_Boating+Accessories_RAM+Mounts|USA&WT.z_mc_id1=43700005312869753&msclkid=e20896b4f01313486dc5cdd52fe1449a&ds_rl=1256283&gclid=CNmK15ujzNwCFShEgQod79kJWg&gclsrc=ds They work great! I use it on a 60", but if i were to do it again, i would go with the 72". Providing the head of the unit is still inboard the gunwales.
  11. Robert3


    Wow!! Sorry to hear about this.. Did the sides flex a lot? Or did you hear anything snap? As an indication of stringer problems? FYI I had 2011 2300 HPS, with around 1000hours on it and not a problem..
  12. Robert3

    2300 hps bow rod holders

    I had 2 installed before I took delivery. Unfortunately, i can't take any pics right now, i am not near the boat, but they are mounted ahead of the hinges of the hatches in the gunwale.
  13. Robert3

    Just Arrived: Battery Tamer-Saw on Ship Shape

    Why didn't I think of that
  14. Robert3

    Yamaha F-300

    I went from a 21p to a 20p and didn't gain 500 rpm, this is what I got from Powertech..
  15. Robert3

    Dry boat bag or box for important items??

    This is what I do