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  1. Robert3

    Fan to circulate air under full boat cover

    I too run the squirrel cage type blower on a timer.. Last year an extended power outage on the dock caused it to be off for almost 2 months and no ill effects.. IT MUST be 200F under that cover. The cover itself has 3 chimneys built in, and has a flow thru venting around transom..
  2. Robert3

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    I have seen all of the brands do this, It isn't just MK,MG It sux you cant speak to anyone at the factory.. Bought one made and serviced in FLA, and they are phone call away.. Sorry for your frustration, been there.....
  3. Robert3

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    On Mine there is 2 MB's One for Remote and GPS (comms), and the other is for everything else. Explained to me by Manufacturer ( not MinnKota) But all the same issues. So far, both have been replaced under warranty, it was the comm's board that fixed it.. Call them and tell them what you've tried and ask for a new Comms board or both.. Good Luck
  4. Robert3

    Resigning my commission in the Pathfinder Navy

    Are you going to do the big loop?
  5. Robert3

    Questions about loading 26 on trailer.

    I use the two step approach and never winch the boat for more than a few inches.. It takes a little longer, but on my 2300HPS it centers perfectly.. I thought about the loop method.. Sometimes I use bow and stern line just to float it the trailer, then tie off and pull it. I don't dunk the trailer more than the top of the tires.. Easy breezy.. I don't wanna be THAT guy at the ramp!!
  6. Robert3

    Yall be careful. . .

    OMG That is terrible News.. I can't imagine!! I was booking a trip there for next year.. And Ambergris Cay is one place I was going to hit.. My friend was robbed at gunpoint in St Marten. Going out for an ice cream.. 75 YO too.. I wish I was with him!!
  7. Robert3

    Minn Kota Ulterra Stabilizer

    I use RAM mount screwed to deck
  8. Robert3

    23 HPS Trolling Motor Shaft Length

  9. Robert3

    Braided Line Questions

    Diamond braid, Blue is for me
  10. Robert3

    Chart plotter Recommendations

    We love Simrad NSS series, I have had them all. Using FMT it is a game changer
  11. Robert3

    24 volt or 36 volt trolling motor for 23 HPS?

    Mine has a 36V system, Rohdan, and my only complaint is that i was talked out of the longer 72" version.. Spot lock is fantastic, except under bridges.. I use the track mode all the time.. Best service in the business, IMHO Made in FLA
  12. Robert3

    Trolling motor V. anchor

    I received the comms board today, installed it and it's working perfectly, with anchor stowed no less. I was able to calibrate the compass and center position. I can't say enough about the service at Rhodan!!, Being a FLA Company.. They just wanna make it right and strive to have the same reputation as Power-pole for service and reliability(ahem).. So far so good, I will buy from them in the future. Rumor has it that they supply these boards to the other manufacturers. I dunno but they are a GPS company 1st.. Thanks for chiming in.. When the FA report, Doh, shows up I'll post it.
  13. Robert3

    Trolling motor V. anchor

    Oh ya there are two GPS units in these TM's They suspect one isn't working
  14. Robert3

    Trolling motor V. anchor

    I get it Dino, I am not so impressed with the Boards, that are manufactured in house, and are completely potted waterproof. Being the second problem i asked if something with the drive controls are feeding back to the Comms brd. causing a problem. Crickets!!!! I'll wait for failure analysis.. Ahrrr, Anchors are for rookies!!! See below, they agree and explained if someone bought one and installed it and was immediately having these issues. remove the suspect e- interference, and wallah. They all, have problems. For sure.. I have have been replacing the other brands MB's for years, for friends. I suspect same supplier for the GPS units.. 🙂 Okay, despite the 30 MPH winds today, I took her out for a calibration session. Nothing worked, calibration, centering cal. and the track mode.. At least it's repeatable. AS we suspected, anchor removal proved fruitless. I called Manufacturer and they agreed, the anchor, cleat or the built in TM screw plate shouldn't effect the GPS.. Duh! It was working for 5 months. They are overnighting a GPS/COMMS board, 2nd one I might add, for me to install.. They promised me a failure analysis report after i send the old one back.
  15. Robert3

    Trolling motor V. anchor

    you read my mind:-) I can provide a faraday shield easy enough.. Only another option for the well heeled customer:-)
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