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  1. Just Arrived: Battery Tamer-Saw on Ship Shape

    Why didn't I think of that
  2. Yamaha F-300

    I went from a 21p to a 20p and didn't gain 500 rpm, this is what I got from Powertech..
  3. Dry boat bag or box for important items??

    This is what I do
  4. Looking for a closer Fl. vacation

    OMG that is terrible.. the Boca grand area, with Cayo Costa is a nice place to loose yourself for a bit.. look around for Island resorts.. Sorry for your loss:-(
  5. Transducer question?

    I have 3d Structure scan. I use it constantly, it is great for finding fish near structure. I am always finding snook near mangroves (under) that I couldn't see. Using it in 3' or less is kinda useless, unless you are moving,then you get a vision, up to 40' to either side. I also use non3D to have a detailed side to side image.. And down scan too, to verify the chirp in more detail. Yes, I can now run WO and see the bottom, which I never could before MED chirp transducer. In deeper water they both are great.. I love the ability to pan the image to see fish surrounding structure.. and see the structure itself without needing the shadows to interpret it.
  6. not to be a drag, 2017 was our worst ever! 2018 has to be better
  7. Canal Trolling

    Great fun on a fly rod
  8. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    Hi charles, I don't like that the batts take up all the floor space in console. And we have a hatch, behind leaning post, that works as the best place IMO to put batteries, and Power Pole pumps..
  9. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    I guess I am gonna need to get a yamaha prop. The PT i am running never gets more than 56MPH at 5500rpm,, I know I am not crazy, because this is exactly the results i had on my old girl. Although I have a warranty on this engine I don't want it to make oil, and have problems.
  10. Boat cover

    I deploy it on the lift. It covers to the bustle and you tie to the sea star cylinders. I have to place a plank inside the white guide poles across the beams and the cover ties on with rope under the bunks and hull. it has 3 vents and takes in air around the transom. But it gets very hot, there is a fan on a timer and i take off windshield and electronics except Simrad seems to take it.. Discolors stickers.. The guy that made it, said he can add engine and power pole covers to this cover. I have both already. And he said Black lasts the longest believe it or not.. Sunbrella looks new and its had 4 summers.. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwj7krG7y6HYAhUCRiYKHcYCAdEQFgjfATAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.boatersbook.com%2FBusinesses%2FUnited-States%2FFlorida%2FFt-Myers-Beach%2FLand-Sea-Air-Upholstery-Canvas%2F_L2DBkp&usg=AOvVaw1Gbc-Y5Yj9E_S1ZywOeyJF
  11. Boat cover

  12. Boat cover

    I got mine here in Fort Myers, covers to the hard chine.. you could use it as a template if you want
  13. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    I have the OFX4 19P on my 2300 HPS, i am taking it off, for a 21p.. I was getting decent hole shot, but could easily blow it out, if i turn while accelerating or have any height on the jack plate. Too much slip too, about 250 RPM's difference, I have a 22P that I put on yesterday to see if was any better, what a difference.. Total traction!! Now I am worried if the SHO will make oil with this big wheel.. My other SHO did, with this prop. As soon as I changed it it stopped the issue.. My ultimate prop from Powertech OFX 4 21p, however, it was suggested to me to buy a Mercury fury prop in 22p, with the hub kit.. Any thoughts?
  14. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    I use the Powermania charger as well. On my last boat the house battery was in the hatch behind leaning post and trollers were in console, great spot. The new boat has all 4 in console, not my favorite set up.. No alternator except what is coming from SHO, no need.. My batteries lasted all day yesterday, on position lock, in a heavy current..
  15. Rhodan

    Me tooo!