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  1. Flip up anchor light repair

    Rebuild complete, new 9 Diode LED- new socket all of the old light gutted- sealed and new bezel seal= under $5.00, I already had the bulb.
  2. Flip up anchor light repair

    I’m midway into turning my old light into a LED light- I will update with pictures. I love the challenge
  3. 1996 Bonefisher 16 Gunnels Uneven

    Place a straight edge across the deck with a level on top of it, make sure it’s long enough to overhang the sides of the boat. Then Level the deck by jacking up the low side of the trailer. Once that is done measure straight down to the concrete- if the measurements are the same the hull is equal.
  4. 1996 Bonefisher 16 Gunnels Uneven

    Take a close look at your trailer cross members, might just be the picture angle but doesn’t look like they are equal
  5. Flip up anchor light repair

    I keep my boat in a pole barn with a light cover on it, that I why mine stays in the down position 99% of the time, it mainly gets water in it when being washed or rained on when docked. It gets a surprising amount of water in the lens. I’m a little late for drilling a hole in the top.
  6. Flip up anchor light repair

    Sorry, it’s a Hella marine, I found a few. The contacts are done- terrible design when the light is in the down position the lens fills with water. Not sure if their new version has the same design flaw. I might experiment with turning it into LED and seal the lens
  7. Flip up anchor light repair

    Looking to upgrade the existing light to LED , or replace the factory flip up anchor light on the poling platform.
  8. After market splashwell hatch

    Do you have a picture of the splashwell
  9. 18’ Hewes cover

    Looking for a cheap cover just to keep the dust off while under the pole barn. I have a light weight poly cover from Wally World but I don’t believe they make one that will also cover the poling platform.
  10. 60’ Motorguide trolling motor mount, located in Brevard County. $30.00
  11. 6 gallon Todd freshwater wash down tank and pump out of a pathfinder, pump has two small spots of rust, $50.00 located in Brevard county
  12. Boat cover for hewes

    I keep my boat under a pole barn, I’d love to get a nice light cover that wil keep the dust and dirt out that is easy to clean. The cover I have now let’s dust in and is very heavy.
  13. What did you do to your boat today?

    Look under the pathfinder section , they have wiring diagrams under product info
  14. Binnacle Handle Replacement?

    Looked into replacing a few parts, it was cheaper to replace the entire binnacle, my black trim cover had two snapped of screws and two frozen and the handle looked like yours
  15. Boat cover for hewes

    What category did you choose that covers your poling platform?