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  1. Just Arrived: Battery Tamer-Saw on Ship Shape

    That pretty neat
  2. Just Arrived: Battery Tamer-Saw on Ship Shape

    Can’t get the link to work
  3. Bass pedestal seat insert

    Go back to the main page and look at the second item down- might give you some ideas
  4. Perko battery switch question

    The back side should be visible, look for corrosion
  5. Redfisher vs Bayfisher

    The redfisher will have more storage in the rear also. I have the Bayfisher and love the boat- but it does lack storage
  6. What did you do to your boat today?

    Just removed the large pile of barfed up rat on my canvas boat cover. Thought something had died under the cover- took me a minute to find it and about 5 attempts to get it off. Thought I was going pass out trying to hold my breath. 🤮
  7. Powerpole tubing through transom, yay or nay?

    They were installed on my boat by previous owner
  8. What did you do to your boat today?

    What are you doing with the 8’ Poles
  9. Seadek install

    Looks great
  10. Storage compartments

    Good thinking on the wood. Bore scope won’t work too much foam, but I may be able to run a stiff wire around to check clearances. The rod holders were installed to hold my backrest.
  11. Storage compartments

    This is where I was thinking of cutting in the storage / glove boxes. The Bayfisher series has a huge lack of storage. I don’t believe this will cause any structural issues. What do you guys think.
  12. Storage compartments

    I could kick myself. I was just in the boat the other day and forgot to take pictures- even after removing the cover to do the work.
  13. Storage compartments

    Has anyone cut storage compartments into their rear bulkhead, I have a 1997 Hewes Bayfisher 18’. It doesn’t have the compartments that you sit on while driving-just a solid deck. I’m looking to cut one or two in the vertical bulkhead . I know I would have to dig out some foam but I don’t think there is nothing else in that location. This boat has limited storage and I’d like to make one or both water tight any help would be great- I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow of the exact area on my boat.
  14. What did you do to your boat today?

    Acid wash and re wax . Not to bad for a 21 year old boat.
  15. What did you do to your boat today?

    Air chisel worked for me