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  1. FIRE SALE! Pathfinder 26hps for sale ($21000)

    With hardware (hinges, latches and shocks) you're looking at about $3,500 to replace all the hatch lids. All because they wanted the hardware... probably sold all the hardware for about $150 and trashed the actual lids. Josh B.
  2. A Pathfinder version west coast tower boat?

    This is what I would like to see... this is a 25 Dorado, but something similar would be nice.
  3. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    Keep us updated on that... would love to hear the numbers. I think for the 25-28 size boat it's an option to still going fast with only one motor. In the FAQ on their page they talk about how de-tuned the 4.2L engine is. I know Yamaha keeps them that way for the reliability factor. They sure don't want to be filling warranty claims. After market super chargers/turbos, etc. are always a risk, but for the folks with a big check book it sure sounds fun. Josh B.
  4. I have a Yamaha HS4 21p 4 blade prop for sale. It was originally a 23p prop, but I had it modified to 21p with extra cup. Works and looks like new. Asking $350 OBO, can meet in Ellenton/Sarasota area. Will ship free within Florida... or $25 outside Florida. Call, Text, or Email. 941.224.5846 or jbibler at gmail.com Josh B.
  5. A Pathfinder version west coast tower boat?

    There's two boats I would love to see MBG build... one is exactly what you're talking about. I love being up top and fishing on the deck (or platform) but for many folks they like to fish down inside the boat. Many guides have this issue whether the customers are elderly or young children they want to feel safe down inside. For this I would love to see a nice deck up front but an open cockpit in the rear. Closed transom with built in livewell and leaning post livewell. Plenty of space to throw a cast net from the rear as well as fish, coolers, bean bags, etc. The TCraft, Privateer, CHawk, Hanson, etc. all have that big wide beam with tons of space to run around. I have the 23 HPS and the beam is actually not bad, but the wider gunnels and back deck are rarely used. If I am fishing from the rear I'm generally trolling, bottom fishing offshore, or maybe livebaiting mangroves. I would much rather be standing down inside when in the rear. When i'm fishing up front on the platform I'm generally moving along and sight fishing with artificials. The 2nd boat I would like to see them build is a cat (texas style) hull. Something like SCB (ESCB), Shoalwater, etc. but we'll leave that for another discussion. Josh B.
  6. I have three (3) Shimano Sustain 4000fg reels. All are used & show some wear but are in great working condition. One reel is missing a set screw & spacer on handle but does not affect performance. Will include an extra spare spool & extra roller bearings for free if you buy all three. $185 each or all 3 with extra spool & roller bearings for $500. Also includes two boxes, paperwork and whatever extras I have (new drag washers, etc.) Can meet in Ellenton, FL area or ship for additional $20. Call, Text, or Email 941.224.5846 or jbibler@gmail.com Josh B.
  7. This is a Ross Vexsis 3 (5-7wt) in near new condition with the box and all original paperwork, including the blank warranty card and maintenance information. It comes complete with new Scientific Angler fly line and orange backing already loaded on the reel. I just purchased the line and have never used it. Everything is in excellent condition. The reel was msrp for $355 and the line lists for $79.95, for a total of $434.95 plus tax. Asking $250, pretty firm on price. Can ship insured for $20 or pickup in Ellenton, FL Call, Text, or email. 941.224.5846 or jbibler@gmail.com Josh B.
  8. Yamaha HS4 21p - $350

    I was running on 23 HPS with 250 SHO. Originally it was 23 pitch and I was getting good speed (60-62) but could not get RPM's over 5500. I thought having it custom tuned down a pitch or two would raise RPM's up and give me more speed. It did not work, I get RPM's to 6000 now but speed dropped to 56-58 mph. It definitely jumps up super fast and handles great, but not the outcome i was after. Looking to get a Bravo FS in 22 or 23 now instead of putting more money into having this prop reworked. This prop would probably be great for a 24 Pathfinder or someone who needs a 21 pitch for heavier load. Josh B.
  9. Redfisher 21 $12000

    If I had the cash on hand I would really consider buying this and throwing on a 1-3 year old 250 SHO. Could be a sweet rig if everything checks out. Josh B.
  10. 2016 Pathfinder 2300 HPS

    Also... FYI, boat is for sale now. Asking $64k Call or text 941.224.5846 if interested. Josh B.
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to show off my 2016 Pathfinder 2300 HPS. This is my second 23 HPS. I love the boat hull design and ride, for the Tampa Bay and west coast of Florida this is the perfect boat for me to run offshore, across large bodies of water and still get into shallow flats and backwater. 2016 Pathfinder 2300 HPS Guide Green with white powder coat Yamaha 250 SHO Dual 10' Blade Power-Poles MinnKota iPilot MinnKota 4 bank charger JL Audio M880 (4) JL Audio MHD 600/4 Amp with BlueTooth module (no head unit) Custom built platform SeaDek under gunnels, on console, and platform Recirc and bubblers in livewell and release well Lowrance HDS 12 Gen 3 with Yamaha Command Link cable for displaying motor data Custom Acrylic Livewell lid (for keeping an eye on my fish during tournaments)
  12. 2016 Pathfinder 2300 HPS

    Capt Jerome, Chuck @ Water Way Systems made my lid, his number is 941-779-4709. I think any glass/acrylic shop should be able to do it for you. I had to remove my original lid and take it with me to make sure we got the measurements exact. It also requires changing hardware as the new lid will not fit on the original hinges. I want to say total costs were around $250. I've had it in place for about 1.5 years now and no complaints at all. I have had zero problems with it being slippery. The first couple months I was super careful not to walk on it or scratch it, but over time I didn't worry about it as much. Now I don't even think about it, I walk on it and use it like any other hatch. It does have some light surface scratches which actually came from the scrub brush when cleaning the boat. I haven't done it yet, but I am fairly certain I can buff them out with some rubbing compound. It's nice to be able to keep an eye on your bait and fish without constantly opening the lid to see. Josh B.
  13. PF 2500 hybrid power option

    The 400R does come with 3 year warranty now for recreational use. http://www.mercuryracing.com/promotions/
  14. 21MA vs 21 RF

    I've spent a lot of time on both hulls... Redfisher is faster. Maverick rides smoother and is still pretty quick. Both have ample livewell space and storage (more than most boats). I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I would just shop & find the best deal you can. They are both high demand hulls, so you're going to pay if you want a super clean rig with options. Josh B.
  15. Vroom Vroom... 25 with 400R

    Alright... which one of you Jokers did it? Not sure who this belongs to, was posted on THT... but i'm curious on the numbers. (draft, speed, mpg &.... price!!! ha ha) http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/881159-pathfinder-merc-400r.html Josh B.
  16. Florida Marine Tracks - Anyone Using On What

    I'd love to try FMT, but I live right on the line where they split the state for North & South. Looking at $500+ for a card to cover the entire state hurts a little. Another option that i'm looking into now. Will require some time & effort but the price is right!
  17. Ideas for shop build

    This is the picture you're probably referring to? I saved it in my "garage ideas" folder along with a lot of others. I don't know who it belongs to or the details/dimensions... but i'll give you some advice for dimensions... as big as you can make it!!! ha ha Josh B.
  18. Best Aluminum Measuring Stick

    Check It Stick... they make them up to 38" long & 6" wide. http://www.checkitstik.com/c/pages/check-it-stik.php Josh B.
  19. Broken Blue Seas Battery Switch

    Call Blue Seas... they will replace it for free. They just recently redesigned the switch (08/2017) and will replace it with a new model or they have a correction kit they will send you for free for switches that haven't broken yet. It's a bracket that goes on the back and will keep the switch tightened down correctly. I've had 3 of these switches fall apart on me. I paid for 2 new ones before I called them the last time and they sent me a brand new switch no questions asked. Josh B.
  20. Bravo 1 FS

    I have a 2016 2300 HPS with 250 SHO... first, realize that every boat and motor functions differently. It could be conditions, it could be the person driving it... weight distribution, geographical location, etc. etc. so it's really difficult to find the "best prop" without actually investing the time & money to test them yourself on your particular boat. That being said... on my boat I did reach 65 mph running a Yamaha HS4 23 pitch. I did that one time, with two guys (nearly 500 lbs) and redfish tournament load. After that day I have never got it again. I did however consistently get 62-63 mph with that prop. Now after a year of use I'm struggling to get anything over 60 mph with the same prop. It's not beat up at all, but i'm sure it's lost it's edge and just doesn't perform like new. Maybe it's the motor not producing the same power as new? I don't know the answer, just telling you my experience. I'll also say with this prop, I never once could get this prop over 5600 rpms. I can trim it to the sky and I'll lose speed before the rpm's will go over 5600. So that tells you something... I hit 65 mph at 5600 rpm. In my mind I feel like if I dropped a pitch and could get to 5900 rpm it would be faster, but From all of my research, the Bravo seems to have good performance numbers for speed on our boat/motor combo. I would be looking for a Bravo FS 22. On my previous boat (2013 23 HPS with F300) I tried about 8 different props and got the best performance from a Merc Rev4 23p. It was great for getting up and could turn no prob at full speed with consistent top end around 65mph. My newest boat with 250 SHO would not turn that prop. I'm curious to try a Rev4 22 or 21 and see how it does. From what I've been told, the Bravo is a fast prop but will wear out a lot faster than other props and has a tendency to throw a blade. So it may be an amazing prop out of the box, but will slow down on you faster than others. The Rev4 is a beefier prop and maybe heavier and will generally require a pitch lower than other props. So a Bravo you may want a 23, but a Rev4 a 22. The 23 HPS and any stepped hull will benefit from getting bow lift where that air can get under the boat and ride up top. So keep that in mind when you're looking at other props, some of them specifically say "bow lift" or "stern lift", etc. Like I said, it's all a bunch of black magic and there's so many parameters that go into finding the "best prop" for you. If you don't want to spend a bunch of money chasing that dream the best thing you can do is find someone with similar parameters and buy that prop. I'm done chasing the speed demon... there's so many boats out there with 350-400's, etc. 20' Lake & Bays that do 80 mph that there's really no point. If I can get 60 mph and cruise around 4mpg i'm happy. Good Luck! Josh B.
  21. 2500 Shake down cruise and discussion

    You will need to confirm, but on my 23 HPS both the center livewell and the release well are run from one intake source. They have separate valves to each well, but they come off a T-Fitting and if both valves are open it struggles to prime at rest. If I close the valve to the release well it will prime no problem. About 90% of the time I'm only using the center livewell so I close the valve to the release well and use for storage so it stays dry. If you need to keep both valves open all the time you'll just have to turn the pump on while running, once it gets flowing it will keep pumping just fine. Josh B.
  22. Sarasota guide recommendation

    Capt Jeremy Lee 941-993-3977 http://www.captainjeremylee.com/ Capt Brian Marcy 941-356-7873 http://breakwatercharters.com/ Capt Jason Stock 727-459-5899 http://www.jmsnookykayakcharters.com/ And the list goes on... plenty of great guides to choose from & October is usually a pretty good month for inshore. Josh B.
  23. Boat Garage

    justfish - that backyard is great! My wife has the crazy idea she wants a pool & deck now. I'd love to have both, but I have zero time & even less money at this point. Josh B.
  24. Boat Garage

    Well... the pole is still there if that tells you anything!!! I went round & round with FPL about that pole. Every house on my street has the pole on the lot line except my house. Because it has the transformer they wanted $5,200 to move it. Unbelievable! Without the transformer it would have been about $2,400. It still cost me about $1,000 just to have the power switched from overhead to underground & that was with me digging the trench & laying conduit. They are criminals. Josh B
  25. Boat Garage

    I'm almost done with my garage build... (ha ha ha ha, you're never really done) but i'm at about 97% finished. Started in October of 2016 and working on weekends my father & I built this entire thing ourselves from start to finish. The only thing we had help with was the actual pouring/finishing of the concrete. I also had a baby in the process, so time has been the biggest factor. The garage is 40' deep, 20' wide and 10' high ceiling with 9' door. I have a 10' x 20' slab on the rear. I still have some brick pavers to lay between the house & garage as well as some landscaping but the exterior is basically finished. I have a lot of interior work to do in the garage. It's so hard to keep the place clean & tidy while you're still working... I have parts, tools, etc. everywhere and it drives me crazy. I am also planning to build a 12'x10' "office" on the rear slab of the garage where I can keep my high end fishing gear, computer desk with A/C, etc. That will happen later this year hopefully. I basically built this garage to house my boat. I originally wanted it to be 50' long, 30' wide and 12' high.... but between the engineer and the county building department those dreams were crushed. I had to leave 5' between the house & garage to be "detached" and I had to have 8' between garage & lot line. With the narrower width of 20' the hurricane codes would not allow 50' deep and 12' high unless I went with concrete block which was more than I could afford. I'll attach some pictures here, but the full albumn is available if anyone wants to look at the entire process. It has been quite a project and certainly put a dent in my fishing time. Full albumn: https://imgbox.com/g/VHpYdPz4Jd The custom redfish/snook gate was built by my dad from scratch. It was my first fathers day present and he found the images online and just sketched them out and cut with his plasma cutter. I was super impressed & love it. Things I did especially for the boat: 20' drain in floor that drains to rear of property (wash boat, back inside... it drips into drain) Exhaust fan in gable vent with thermostat & humidistat along with four "smart vents" for flood/ventilation. Other considerations: separate panel in garage with 220v outlets for compressor/welder, etc. Vintage exterior lighting to match decor of house and nautical theme attic storage trusses for storage ran conduit from house to garage for networking cables, internet, cameras, etc. Here are some pics: The before pic... big yard with a huge "ear tree". Unfortunately it had to go. Every time we had a big storm a limb would drop and it was always a concern for myself and the neighbor. The tree spanned over both our house and my neighbors house. Not to mention it dropped these tiny leaves that got stuck in everything. Thanks, Josh B. All footers & grade done by hand (well shovel) so many roots from the big tree it was not fun.