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  1. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    I have an ameritrail now and love it. But they are not cheap. A friend of mine got a new trailer from Peterson Trailers and I was super impressed... the quality was top notch and the price was wayyyyyyyy better than the ameritrail. I would definitely give them a look. https://www.facebook.com/PetersonBoatTrailers Josh B.
  2. 2300 HPS Livewell Pump Help

    If you remove the pump cartridge from the pump housing and turn it on... does it run fine? no sound? But then when you insert the pump back into the housing it makes noise? Like someone else mentioned, make sure it's going in perfectly straight. They are designed so the impeller is very very close to the internal housing to create the pressure needed. If it's not straight it can rub the inside of the housing and make noise. If both pumps run fine outside of the housing, but both make noise when inserted it could be that the housing is bent/broke, etc. And... it's always possible that there's a piece of something (rock/stick, etc.) stuck in the intake. When you run the pump out of the water it doesn't make any noise. When you put the boat in the water the pressure of the water pushes the object up the hole and into the pump housing? Long shot... but try cleaning out the lines. Use a shopvac/garden hose/air compressor to clear the lines. Josh B.
  3. Night & Day difference between any of the standard 22/24 v hulls and the 23 HPS stepped hull. I've run them all, the 23 stepped hull gets up on top. Not only is it faster, it rides better as well. I would suggest taking a ride on each hull you're considering. Several variables will affect the ride (weather, props, load... and mostly the person driving it). If you're going to a bay boat, I wouldn't consider anything besides the 23 or 25 stepped hull. Just my 2 cents though. Josh B.
  4. Yamaha HS4 SDS 22 Pitch

    The 23 pitch Rev4 was awesome on my 23 HPS with F300. Got 65 mph with tourney load when it was new. I thought that was incredible for 2 guys (500+ lbs), 3/4 fuel and some gear. After a few months I could only manage 63 so could have been conditions or wear? Nevertheless it was a great prop for me with that boat/motor combo. I tried the same prop on my 23 HPS with 250 SHO and couldn't get 60. Ended up going with the 22 HS4 like you just sold and it works well. 61-63 mph, some of the Merc Bravo's are faster but it seems like they wear out pretty quick. Fast when new, but they will slowly lose that edge and drop speed. Josh B.
  5. Yamaha HS4 21p - $350

    It is still available, shoot me a text or call. 941-224-5846 Josh B.
  6. Sweet Hewes Restoration

    This isn't mine, I just thought I would share. Central Marine posted on their FB page. Love the color, great looking boat. Congrats to the owner. Josh B. 24111039_706705976189435_143127560346140672_n.mp4
  7. Lowrance Gen3 iPad interface ? Anyone using?

    If you have a tower, this is the perfect option for having a removable iPad mount up top. Or even if you want to view your map when you're on the bow... I was thinking of getting a flexible iPad mount and attaching it to the head of my trolling motor so I can see my map when i'm fishing up front without going back & forth to the center console. Josh B.
  8. WTB Cheap Prop for Verado 250

    I have two props that will work for you: Yamaha HS4 in 21 pitch - $250 Rev4 21 pitch - $300. I'm in Ellenton, FL if you want to pickup, otherwise shipping is $30 for either. Josh B.
  9. Yamaha HS4 21p - $350

    Still available... price lowered $300 shipped or $250 if you pickup local. Josh B.
  10. Price change.... $220 shipped to your door. Josh B.
  11. FIRE SALE! Pathfinder 26hps for sale ($21000)

    With hardware (hinges, latches and shocks) you're looking at about $3,500 to replace all the hatch lids. All because they wanted the hardware... probably sold all the hardware for about $150 and trashed the actual lids. Josh B.
  12. A Pathfinder version west coast tower boat?

    This is what I would like to see... this is a 25 Dorado, but something similar would be nice.
  13. From 2300 HPS to a 2500 Hybrid impressions

    Keep us updated on that... would love to hear the numbers. I think for the 25-28 size boat it's an option to still going fast with only one motor. In the FAQ on their page they talk about how de-tuned the 4.2L engine is. I know Yamaha keeps them that way for the reliability factor. They sure don't want to be filling warranty claims. After market super chargers/turbos, etc. are always a risk, but for the folks with a big check book it sure sounds fun. Josh B.
  14. A Pathfinder version west coast tower boat?

    There's two boats I would love to see MBG build... one is exactly what you're talking about. I love being up top and fishing on the deck (or platform) but for many folks they like to fish down inside the boat. Many guides have this issue whether the customers are elderly or young children they want to feel safe down inside. For this I would love to see a nice deck up front but an open cockpit in the rear. Closed transom with built in livewell and leaning post livewell. Plenty of space to throw a cast net from the rear as well as fish, coolers, bean bags, etc. The TCraft, Privateer, CHawk, Hanson, etc. all have that big wide beam with tons of space to run around. I have the 23 HPS and the beam is actually not bad, but the wider gunnels and back deck are rarely used. If I am fishing from the rear I'm generally trolling, bottom fishing offshore, or maybe livebaiting mangroves. I would much rather be standing down inside when in the rear. When i'm fishing up front on the platform I'm generally moving along and sight fishing with artificials. The 2nd boat I would like to see them build is a cat (texas style) hull. Something like SCB (ESCB), Shoalwater, etc. but we'll leave that for another discussion. Josh B.