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  1. I just upgraded to the new 2019 Ulterra and want to move this out of the garage I recently had a new trim assembly ($400), reworked the wiring on the lower unit ($150) (all done professionally by Bob at Inshore Marine in Pompano. I painted the lower unit and a few months ago and just prior to my last trip I found the on/off switch not working.... I called Bob and he said it requires a new controller board which are about $250-300 ( I went on line and check it out) so, rather than put out any more money, I'll give someone a deal. It worked until this happened..... Does not have a plug, I used it on my new unit; therefore, it's a good deal for someone who wants to fiddle with it as a DIY... I figure new board - $250+ DIY repairs, you have a $2K unit.... Sold AS-IS, I'll ship but buyer pays packing and shipping at FEDEX.... Items: Trolling Motor unit Remote Prop Located in Fort Lauderdale off 595 and University Send inquiries to: dino.cardelli@gmail.com HERE IS THE SERIAL NUMBER TO CHECK ON BOARD PRICING ETC.
  2. took a leap for $120...bought one and it arrived, easy install...have not had it out on the water yet where there is no cell coverage...pretty cool toy will report back after the next trip dc
  3. Wanaflatsfish

    Release well aeration

    doubtful it will truly act as a live well for release...you need a significant amount of water exchange for a large fish (red, etc) to remain alive in a live well. dc
  4. Wanaflatsfish

    17 Master Angler 115 Yamaha with Trailer- Like new

    Price Oh, sorry...saw $28K dc
  5. Wanaflatsfish

    21' MA speaker/Amp install (finally)

    Me likely...lots of Dewalt tools dc
  6. Wanaflatsfish

    Best anchor for older 2200s?

    then you wont stick where you want... I used mine for yellowtailing and i needed to be precise....i have not found any other anchor that holds as well with or without a chain. I used to use a Sea Claw witha 6 foot chain....stop, drop, and done.....be sure you have an anchor ball...I used to tail in the keys in 80-100 feet and only needed 150-200 feet of rode. IMO - you get what you pay for.... BTW, I have one on my MA17 skiff....stop, drop, stick without a chain obviously as I rarely anchor in more than 10-20 feet. dc
  7. Wanaflatsfish

    Reds On The Bite

    get out there and get your name on the wall dc
  8. Wanaflatsfish

    Release well aeration

    what type of boat? If it does not have a recirc pump, most likely not...the single holes are normally used for crabs or shrimp with a bubbler. More info and pics will help. dc
  9. Wanaflatsfish

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

    AS an adult, I've lived in South Florida - Cooper City and Plantation since 2000 - 19 years....never in 19 years, have i had a neighborhood kid come by and say, hey, do you need any lawn work (not that my lawn is in bad shape - but, sometimes my gardner doesn't show up on time).... I'm a Fla native and When I was 14-18 I was THE GO TO GUY in Miami Shores if you needed a lawn cut..I knew every house within a 10 block radius......on my 16th birthday, my grandmother bought me a white work van that carrier my edgers, mowers, ladders, etc. (along with with my German Sheperad who would guard the truck while i cut the long, and of course a few nice blankets - hint hint for beach evenings) and I would work my ARSE off during the weekends and the summer. I don't see that anymore dc
  10. Wanaflatsfish

    Reds On The Bite

    Stop pushing the fish forward......makes it look bigger Holy redfish batman !!!! Just like the ones we get in Choko ? Eh? Well done Brother..... DC
  11. Wanaflatsfish

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

    Heart palpitations gone tks dc
  12. Wanaflatsfish

    Minn Kota Heading Sensor Puck

    Mine is located in the center console line on the polling platform.... Spot lock works perfectly. dc
  13. Wanaflatsfish

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

    Yes, it appears to be so.....I just stopped there today to pick up some parts....no one there.... From what I've heard, Maximum Marine in Pompano is the next best alternative...... I will miss them.....honest team....great mechanics... DC
  14. X2......big ugglies are mighty tasty d
  15. Wanaflatsfish

    DIY - Replacing the teleflex to UFlex Hydraulic System MA17

    Thank you again for your time.... dc
  16. Wanaflatsfish

    East Coast dealer with an Redfisher in the water?

    Check with COTO on the forum....he was toying with the idea of moving from his 21RF and maybe you can do a swap on the 17 dc
  17. Wanaflatsfish

    This Is a Sunset

    where are you hiding ? dc
  18. I told DonH we had to go kiss the ring of the POPE of CIP for all your pastoral guidance (LOL)...... DC
  19. Wanaflatsfish

    DIY - Replacing the teleflex to UFlex Hydraulic System MA17

    Didn't you install a UFlex? If so, can you post some pics? dc
  20. The other day with DonH, I have now used your terminology..... "The blanket of calm " Put a few to sleep on the last trip dc
  21. Hmmmmm.....I wanna be like Paul and Coto
  22. Wanaflatsfish

    DIY - Replacing the teleflex to UFlex Hydraulic System MA17

    thank you... i don't understand what you mean by flipping the bracket? can you elaborate? Also, how many feet of hose did you use....are you using the nylon hoses that came with the kit or did you buy a seperate connection. Can you also send me a few more pics? What size engine?
  23. Wanaflatsfish


    Congrats.....thank you for keeping us safe here in Broward and for your help when I was a Pathy owner..you taught me a lot. Spend your time with family and friends.....and don't become a mall cop running around on a golf cart when you get bored (LOL) DC
  24. Skiff: MA 17, 1995, ORIGINAL 1995 TWO STROKE 115 HP So begins the process this weekend.... Took apart the teleflex system off the stern... Felt very "manly" with a large sawzall and bolt cutter in hands. Watched a few Youtube videos and attacked it.... No major issue...bolts were not seized on the transom so part one came apart....needed the sawzall and bolt cutters to break the wiring off so it would slide off the splash well....had to nitch out a bit of the feedtube, but, no big deal....dremel did the job.... I did have to "sawzall" out the bracket which held the old helm..... I sprayed PB fluid on everything, including the wheel bolt the night before...got luck, it popp'd right off... Here are the pics of the process....new system bought from West Marine - internet price match to Hodges Marine for helm and steering package and match for the hydraulic hoses as well....with the triple points over the weekend, it took another $90 in savings....all in - $700 out the door.... I decided to go with UFlex based upon the reviews I've seen with the Baystar and the fact I'm right at 115HP....the Seastar system is noted to have some potential issues mounting....the UFLEX was noted as very simple and easier to install....let's see. More to come as I make progress later this week.... DC
  25. Hooooyaaaah BTW, DonH and I were on the water Friday.....we fished North and did well.... Mixed bag of snooklets 10-15 for the counters, one red, 1/2 doz trout or so, one nice snapper, a few mackerel, and sheepie all on ratites.....2nd time in a week and while continuously shaking, we did well. DOA's and gulps were the baits fo the day.... DC
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