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  1. Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

    I believe this is what EZ loader recommends....I just had my first oil bath hub installed. dc
  2. Example of WOODY WAX

    Have not been fishing da skiff for a while...but, have had a few hours on the weekend to be pimp'n her for the next Dino and DonH Choko adventure (hopefully next week).... Anywayz, the skiff is 22 years old - MA17 and she was kept in a garage for her life....I've been working the gelcoat and deck on a regular basis.... Here's an example of my weekend handy work of some WoodyWax on the deck...notice how the water beads and nothing sticks and you won't slip when applied according to the bottle... Clean deck - must be immaculate...I prep mine by using Dawn and bleach Afterwards - with deck slightly wet - apply the Woody - I use a Blue Shurhold brush I only use for Woody applications...super soft Couple of squirts here and there and then brush on.... Let it dry...then hit it with the hose to wash off the residual. Then a couple of towels to wipe it down and you are done...here it is after the towel drying and then I hit with some water...i use it on the console and side gunnels and it really helps with cleaning... For Maintenace, I use the Woody Wax boat soap or Orphine with Wax with a couple of glugs of bleach if I have any blood....any rust or anything I spot clean with Bar Keeper's friend. Don't use DAWN again, unless you want to re-do the entire process....I usually hit the deck every time I wash it, but, with less and less Woody unless it was a complete mess from a hard day of fishing where we had used the cast net with lots of gunk and mud.
  3. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    Ditto I used two tubes of life caulk (large ones that fit in a gun)...to seal up all my livewells on my Pathy...it's common on most MHP early models...I believe now they are better sealed in the fit and finish. dc
  4. back on mkt

    it's hell getting old They did a exploration a few years ago to only find a "false" alarm....not the most comfortable day..and you had to be sure you don't bleed out....do what they say for the prep....ugggh...no asprin etc. dc
  5. Example of WOODY WAX

    So far so good...it only get really slippery when the deck has alot of water on it....which is rare when fishing. dc

    I just spoke with him a few weeks ago.... He's finally retired for good and enjoying his grandkids.... No more guiding..but, he's picked up a nasty $$$ habit of competitive skeet shooting....as is Ken Doss - he only bought the best rifles from Germany and Italy (LOL). He still has a white PF22 he picked up about 5 years ago, but, fishes only when the kids or family wants to head out..... He doing great and plans on doing some European travelling at some point..... I too miss his posts....as he was a mentor and friend. DC
  7. Hewes Redfisher 18 2014

    Sorry to hear about your health issues and sale..someone will get a primo skiff for the $$$$. Check with Island Dave....he's looking for a skiff...yours fits his profile.... dc
  8. 2016 2200 TRS Rigging Tube - Too Long??

    Yep, I forgot about that one...could be something kinking... dc
  9. Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

    IMHO they are all about the same...the key is to change out on a regular basis and don't let your hubs sit for a long time without moving...if you have posilube hubs...I used to push out 1/4 of every hub about every 3 months. dc
  10. 96 17MA fuel leak

    Can you post any pics ? No issues on my 1995...but, I would imagine at some point it will be time... DC
  11. Is one battery enough?

    You tie it in with the 1/2/ALL switch... One of the TM batteries becomes your back up either alone (2) or together (ALL) position on the switch. dc
  12. Newbie here

    Send me an email....I have a full set of seat cushions that came with my MA17-NEW condition with a backrest system....it has the front console seat as well. I will let them go for $200 plus shipping... dino.cardelli@gmail.com if you are interested. dc
  13. New Batteries

    That's a reasonable price.... d
  14. THIS is a sunrise

    I want your life Ralph..... dc
  15. What's YOUR small world Maverick story?

    whenever Capt DonH and I are fishing together, whenever we are at the docks launching......other MHP owners always yell..... Hey Capt Don....how you doing????....they know him from all the photos ...Theyy dont' know me, but they recognize him from all the photos I used to post of him when we would catch fish....notice i say, "used"....we've been on a dry spell for a while (LOL)...... DC
  16. Spacer for scupper install on pathfinder ?

    they work....put them on...no more wet feet.... dc
  17. 2016 2200 TRS Rigging Tube - Too Long??

    If it's not affecting anything related to performance or steering...why fiddle with it? DC
  18. New Mercury 4 strokes 175, 200 and 225

    What is that about ? dc
  19. New Batteries

    I believe DuraCells are DEKA... Yes, I had 31's on my Pathy 36V....never let me down or ran out of juice.... dc
  20. 2200V with 150SHO

    Do some research...a while back the F200 had many problems. dc
  21. 2004 vs 2007 rf18 narrowing my search

    My first MHP boat was a 2003 RF 18. I had it custom built... Good little skiff...the backseat lift is the best part of the boat as you can sit back and enjoy the ride while cruising... The F115 is the perfect combo..but, to get a good hole shot you need a stern lifter 4 blade....see the Funky Monkey at Power Tech....he' on the forum The F115 will run forever and if you have documentation...you should be good to go.... I don't think you'll see a large amount of difference in the hulls, but, as mentioned ride them both to see what you like. DC
  22. 2011 HPX 18 refresh and questions

    Ditto...with a one/2/all switch to the TM battery...it should be fine Ditto...you can get them at BOW He is DA Man....!!!! dc
  23. Bigger bilge access hatches

  24. Bigger bilge access hatches

    I have one as well......great tool !!!! Now that it's off patent...there are lots of generic blades....I used my Fein on several fiberglass projects as well.... dc
  25. Bigger bilge access hatches

    I installed one on my Pathy years ago....the best tool is a cheap air saw from Harbor Freight....the higher the RPM's the cleaner the cut. The air saw is about $30 or so.... dc