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  1. Helm Wheel Nut Stuck

    If the flat bar does not work...go to a rental store and get a wheel puller or buy one at Harbor freight for a one time use. Don't over leverage the flat bar or you could bend the shaft. Many auto part stores will rent them... DC
  2. 10K Islands Sept 15

    I know that spot in the last picture Sounds like a great day Dave.... Did he have a SIMRAD with FMT? dc

    Just get a large duffel bag....I would never leave them behind in the event of storm damage and a looter entering your premise... Here in So Fla after Irma, there were bands of looters in the downtown of FLL stealing from sporting goods stores and passing through the residential areas stealing anything easily grabbed in the front of the house.....there were reports of stolen Gensets in the middle of the night from people that had them on the side of their house and visible from the streets. Have a firearm could be a good idea in the event of civil unrest after the storm..... DC

    Just a reminder from a South Florida Hurricane Veteran.. 1) Take out a much cash as you can from the ATM's today and before you leave. Credit cards will not work when the power goes down 2.) For those who are evacuating...bring your gas cans and fill up in your safe zone for your return...take your genes and power cords if you can fit them in the truck or boat.... 3.) document document document.... 4.) Don't forget to pick up as much canned food and water when you are in your safe zone...when you return, it could be week or so before any stores open 5.) take all the coolers you can carry...now is a good time for the Yetti's on your return trip back to be filled with ice. 6.) don't forget your Pc's and charging equipment....cameras and electronic equipment.....back up all hard drives if you can on to sticks or external drives 7.) Personal rememberances - photos etc. that can't be replaced 8.) Jewelery and fine watches to be packed and carried 9.) high end fishing gear 10.) and if possible...take the skiff .....it can be useful for carrying back fuel for gen sets.... Gods speed to all in the region.... DC
  5. Feb for cyrstal river can be cold......for the $$$ a trip to the Mikosukki (sp) off St Rd 41...., gator wresting, etc. and an airboat ride might be better spent than a back country fishing trip...unless they love fishing... Snorkling in the keys might be a better alternative vs N. Florida in Feb..... dc
  6. 2001 Pathfinder 17 tunnel - see pics

    except when crossing white water bay in a 15 mph east wind on the way home Had the same.....very nice skiff tricked out.....loved mine and great skiff.... GLWS.....OP....very nicely kept. should go fast ! dc
  7. anyone recomendations to have someone paint outboar motor

    check ship shape TV show...he had a whole program on painting engines...i think the company he focused on was up near palm beach or jupiter ? dc
  8. 17' Maverick MA prop suggestion

    Call him directly...they are in Lousiana...PTProps.com I think? A I have a 17MA 1995 with a 1995 115HP two smoker...I have a 4 blade from Pt...I went down to 15 Pitch if I remember correctly with the 4 blade...4 blade is definately better with a JP My max speed light load is about 37 mph at 5500 rpms....hole shot very good, no JP dc
  9. Horrible Boating Accident

    Horrible boating accident Thoughts and prayers for the family. Troy posted something similar at his dock a while back.... Throttles are always something to pay attention to when on the water..... DC
  10. New poling platform

    Ralph "outlaw" on the forum....he works at AIM welding in Fort Lauderdale...best welder in So Fla. dc
  11. Stereo Systems for MA17

    I would like to add some tunes for my fishing Buddy Capt DonH and it to listen to while running from spot to spot. We are trance and electronic fanatics Yes, it's somewhat true....Gaga seems to be a redfish favorite. I know we have some pureists....hint hint...someone who lives in a trailer in Choko...but, as you grow older, you want some tunes to enjoy the day...or at least I know I do...and so does the wife when you go to the sandbar.... I 'm not a Stereo Geek...so, I'd like some input from fellow forum members.. I"m not interested in a super high end, complicated system with multiple zone...here are my requirements 1.) I'd like to play the tunes off the iphone 2.) I'd to NOT have to install a large amp 3.) Are there systems that allow you to get some decent sound with a main unit and connect to a pair of speakers upon on the bow? Or do you need a strong amp? 4.) Budget ?? what is reasonable? I'll do a self install... 5.) are there "blue tooth" speakers that allow you to not have to run wiring? Thanks in advance.....bring on the ideas and pics would be appreciated. DC
  12. Help me pick a trolling motor

    24v/80 - agreed. I personally prefer the Battery Tender vs. Powerwinch as the Powerwinch requires that you place the wires very closely together at the male connection (and sometimes have to shave down the wire), where with the Battery Tender's connection is a good distance apart. Batteries (not mentioned by OP) but, I prefer- AGM - Deka's Series 27.... DC
  13. I think I know that spot (LOL)...... Very well done Paul.....hoping to get the Jupiter Snook Pimp over on Saturday..... That's the way....... DC
  14. Stereo Systems for MA17

    Flats man...where did you get the rod holders? I like the little cup... dc
  15. Chokoloskee update?

    How was the weather dodging dc
  16. Accuracy of TTL on Yamaha 115 fs

    ditto... dc
  17. Stereo Systems for MA17

    Finally got the time to begin to build out a simple stereo system.... Picked up a WM head unit (Dual) and with 240 watts of power...and a JL pair of 6.5 inch.....bought the 2 year insurance....so, anything goes wrong..you just bring it back. I am installing the head unit where the useless compass was, so, i had to make my own cut out for install.... Lots of rain here in So Florida...so, I don't know if I will be able to finish...but, spent some time last night doing some testing... I needed to run the wires to the bow via the fuel tank access as I wanted the speakers to face back towards the helm. Took out the batteries, I bought some PVC board and will be installing over the access whole in the console and will also be elevating the charger with the PVC board.. Here is some of the beginning work....uggggh....batteries are definitely heavy recharging the batteries while setting up.... Took out the Compass. in the coming year or so, will be redoing the console in starboard and clean her up a good bit... Always take pics...no matter how many times I've installed batteries..... Got them out...ugggh heavy..... Access through the floor panel.....ran a pull line in red see below....will need to make it a bit bigger....but, this was the first attempt.... Got the head unit working and attached all the connections... Clarion had some very good reviews....wanted to keep it within a budget....no amp, but, with 240 watts on two speakers...reviews indicated it should provide some decent tunes....if I need to add the amp, I'll do so later....or look for a good deal....
  18. update..missed this..yes, Cooper City, West Davie.....Pembroke Pines (West of I-75).... Embassy Lakes: I live there in Cooper City....good schools and diverse housing....much like Weston mentioned above. dc
  19. I am a Miami native and have lived from Miami Shores to Hollywood to now Plantation.... I have been married to a Cubanita for over 40 years and I love the Latin Culture of Miami....and NO you don't need to be angry or learn Spanish...I happen to be fluent having travelled to over 20 countries and lived in Latin America over the last 30 years...the influence of the Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, and other countries (more Latin America than Mexico) has made South Florida a diverse area with great food and a very good worth ethic..... Schools are a problem and private are out of reach - $10K plus for grammar schools.....but, the areas I mention below have decent schools.....you didn't mention what were the kids ages..... Plantation is a very nice place to bring up a family....Weston is also very nice or West Sunrise....all are within 45 min to Opalocka Airport where you'll be working. Weston area has some of the best Charter schools and a variety of neighborhoods that move from $1MM homes to normal $250+ or even rentals....it's a contained community - very latin, but, that's what makes it a great place to live..... West Plantation has some very nice rentals as well...the problem is keeping your boat at a rental is not easy....and boat storage is at a premium.... The other option a bit farther north is Coral Springs....all will be within 1 hr of Opalocka and there are many "back-roads" to get there once you get there.... Traffic - it's part of S. Florida life..... Happy to discuss with you further ...btw, West Broward is about 1hr15 to min to Chokoloskee and 2 hrs to the gate of Flamingo... Send me a PM with your number and happy to chat. dc
  20. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Don don't be giving away our secret spots DC
  21. SOLD

    Reel arrived perfect....thank you again.... dc
  22. Console Wiring Clean Up

    nice job....... dc
  23. Chokoloskee update?

    Hot, hot, and hotter Fished there last weekend with DonH....it was a good day with lots of rat reds and a few nice snook....DonH got a few on the fly......, in the summer, you need to be on the water before sunrise or at sunrise, then by 1130 or so, be heading home... I personally like the incoming..which means 940 at Chatham...so, if you are out early....you get an hour of the outgoing then head back into Storter Bay. Give Alena the bait babe at EC Bait and Tackle a call...her husband and son are guides and she'll usually give you the skinny.... BTW, saw her Son Austin on the Florida Sportsman's show fishing a few spots I thought I recognized LOL... DC
  24. So Will I

    Anyone that has fished with Dave knows his dedication to the environment....he is a true steward and a gentleman to be around.........a small sign of that was when I took him fishing in my skiff a while back.....he brings his own re-usable water bottles to be sure nothing is returned back to the environment.... BTW Dave...I used them on the last trip with DonH..... DC
  25. replacement hatch cable?

    yes, I used some stainless wire, covered by rubber and a crimp.... I need to build some more. dc