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  1. What did you do to your boat today?

    I remember those days....now, with the EZ loader you MUST use oil bath...but, according to the various forums....they are greatly improved over those of years gone by. DC

    Now you are learning the marketing lingo !!!! Well Done Beautiful as always. dc
  3. New Master Angler???

    talk about an aircraft carrier...wow...@ 26 feet you could land a small plane on the deck.....I would imagine with that length, it should get up on a chop well dc
  4. Trailer Advice

    Yep......Like anything where you are out of compliance....you don't need a tandem with brakes in compliance with the law, until such time as you are in a major accident, where there could be a large legal action suit and you are found negligable. I ran a 22PF on a 5200 lb axel, the truck was fine and she stopped her fine....a F150.......but, I was always worried what if DC
  5. live well

    Yes, with just a little water..probably that issue....I had this on my boat as well.....it also happens when launching and you don't even realize it......if you have a hard steep launch. dC
  6. Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Bow Mount

    I have Gen1, hasn't missed a beat dc
  7. New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    NO, it's not easy depending on where they are located....and requires a bit of electrical knowledge...I don't know you abilities so I'm just saying..it will most likely required adding some additional wiring and insuring the system is set up for 24V. If it were me, and I was buying a new RF18, I'd just have them do it all and spend your time enjoying the boat....and this comes from someone who has torn apart 4 skiffs over time...I did alot of work on my RF18......I completely rewired and plumbed my PF22, rewired and installed an entire system on a Pathfinder 17T, with dual power poles, Ulterra etc. and now re-outfitting a MA17 classic 1995. LOL...Muddy......but, remember, it's only gelcoat and can always be fixed with some fiberglass and gel Regarding the TM lenght, like all masculine things.......longer is better....gives you flexibility in a chop....60" should work on your system....BTW, a MK service center for a few $$$ can always cut it down smaller....if it's not what you want... Have fun and enjoy the skiff....the RF18 was my first mistress....I went bigger Pf22, then tiny Pathy 17, and now back in my last skiff the MA17-a classic I will be Pimping for a while. DC
  8. Big Red

    Great day DonH.....lots of smiles for sure dc
  9. Trim Tab Power

    Yes, it's usually a 25 Amp fuse on the panel.... dc
  10. New Redfisher 18 / Introduction

    RF18 was my first MHP product....depending on your situation, you might want them to just add the TM and battery set up as well as the on-board charger etc. while it's still at the dealer....I see your up in WPB....unless you plan on Poling a lot, the trolling motor set up is the way to go...this way you have all your warranty work at one place...lots of good info on this, but, many go with DEKA series 27's and the Ulterra MK with 80 trust changes everything in how you can fish and move up and down shorelines...welcome to the forum. DC
  11. Gotta Have Rod Holders For DA Chunk'n

    BTW....here is the link for anyone.... AMAZON link to rod holder
  12. Gotta Have Rod Holders For DA Chunk'n

    I found these on Amazon for $55 a piece and using my prime account they arrived in a couple of days....no trips to Bass Pro or other places where I go for one thing and end up leaving with $$$ of stuff Capt DonH and I chunk whenever we get to a point or when we are eating lunch....I needed some rod holders on the bow on each side of the skiff, but, didn't want to drill into the top deck. When I designed the front step up bar, I had this in mind....they are inside the "U" and set so they are high and low, you can fish on each side of the boat or just use as a bow rod holder when moving about. I had never heard of the make of the holder...but, it's variable in diameter size with inserts and appears to be of nice quality....not a Lees' or "Ralph @ AIM" but, should do what it's designed for.
  13. Gotta Have Rod Holders For DA Chunk'n

    She comes out on the weekends for pimping DC
  14. live well

    Q1: How much ? GALLONS AND GALLONS OR JUST A BIT Q2: overfill the well to the top where it's over filling on the trailer....take it for a run around the hood and stop and start a few times quickly...if it has any leaks, it should come over the leaking area.... Q3: most likely as mentioned below...you need silicone around the top....BTW, you can use anytype of silicone as it's only a seal and not water pressure or holding water... I had to use 2 large tubes of silicone on my 05 Pathfinder.... Q4: you can also just leave the live well open and run the pumps for 1/2 hr and see if you are still getting water...this way you will know it's coming from the pumps or a leak in a hose....BTW, it only takes a small pin hole to fill up a lot of water when the pump is running at 500 gph. BTW, what year ? dc
  15. What did you do to your boat today?

    are you allowed to say this on a public forum dc
  16. What did you do to your boat today?

    Ditto on the well opening...it makes all the difference in the world when trying to work in the bilge. dc
  17. Bimini Run

    I ran my 23 Dusky over to Bimini many times years ago....heck, guyz have run jet ski's..... A 24 TRS is fine under normal conditions.... My only advice..... 1.) Going over is easy....you know how to get there....be sure you have a "compass" on the boat, in case you loose a GPS do to whatever reason....know your heading out of your port and it's had to miss. 2.) Leave early from florida - first light is best due to water conditions. 3.) Be sure you have an extra RACOR filter you can see through in the event you get bad gas in Bimini with water 4.) HERE IS THE KEY Do not plan on doing anything important, big business meetings, fly out, something really important on the day after you return - going is one thing, returning is another as the weather can change....ALWAYS GIVE YOURSELF AT LEAST A TWO DAY WINDOW TO RETURN TO BE SAFE. Do not risk leaving on a bad day and think it will be "better" closer to Florida - it only gets worse. 5.) Leave Bimini early in the a.m. on your return day....full tank of fuel....mornings normally are calm back on the crossing....I made a mistake and the kids wanted to have "one more trip to the beach" and we left after 12PM....WRONG BY THE TIME WE WERE 20 MILES OFF FORT LAUDERDALE...THERE WAS A WALL OF THUNDERSTORMS AS FAR AS I COULD SEE.... I called FLL SeaTow about 15 miles out and asked for a RADAR reading (no special phone at the time) and they said it was bad from Boynton to Key Largo, but, there was a gap around Key Biscayne....we had to run South out of the way to Miami (our port was FLL) and found the gap and ran through it around MIami Channel....it took us 2 more hours to get home.... Take lots of water, file a float plan, and enjoy !!!! dc
  18. 2200V position on trailer

    Blow out central.....I was sold an AMERATRAIL Single with the above when I bought my Pathfinder back in 2005...one of the first with the AT's....3 blowouts later in two years....I took off the axel and replaced it with a 5200 lb, never had another....went with MAXXIS "D" tires - the ones on the AT were some Chinese make....and I even changed to Carlises....didn't stop it. I contacted both MBC and Ameratrail on the issue and was not reimbursed....it should have never been put on this type of trailer given the situation....lesson learned by me.......Conocean....one of the reasons I'm not an AT fan DC
  19. Georgia Wild Shrimp

    Bubba Gump !!!! I always buy Key West 11-15's when I can !!!! dc
  20. Livewell Plumbing question

    Ditto....be sure you use alot as they under pressure. dc
  21. Many of my close friends know the challenges my daughter has had over the past years.....however, yesterday was a day to remember.... At 32, she's obtained her Doctorate in Nursing from John Hopkins, the #1 nursing school in the US and maybe the world.....walking down the isle was un-imaginable 5 years ago.... At the commencement they spoke about community and support for all of those who were receiving advanced degrees.......the lesson learned......If your kids, wife, significant other.....whomever.......can dream it and you support them.....nothing is un-attainable.....
  22. Post your MA pics here!

    can you send me pics of your tank replacement and where / how you cut out the floor dc
  23. It's a Small World

    I bought my Skiff from a former police officer who died of a heart attack...the boat sat in the garage for several years (actually it's whole life)....but, was not used for a long time......Coto was unfortunately the one who was called to check on the house....when he saw pics of my skiff on the forum, he has my number and called me to say....hey, "i know that skiff".....I saw it in the garage when I had to do a house check..... Yes, small world..... dc
  24. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Help me understand this ? dc
  25. Woodys Wax / Salt Away Flush Opinions?

    As my dealer mechanic says.....nothing better for a saltwater engine than a 1/2 hr run at WOT on a freshwater lake every month or so dc