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  1. Pathfinder 2400 fuel tank replacement

    Probably one of the BEST rebuild threads on the NET....he has to be one of the top master riggers in the region...such attention to detail in incredible. DC
  2. What did you do to your boat today?

    No doubt.... I need to do the same...it's been a few years since I have changed out the oil....what I do is I ordered about 8-10 of the compression inserts (actually carry them on the boat) in the event I have a problem and need to raise the PP. This way, if you disconnect the hydraulic to release the pressure, you can seal it back up if it able to be restarted. Yep...if something is going to snap, it will when you don't want it to do so...I had something similar happen many times, and each time, PP would have stuff to me by the next day....incredible customer service. BTW, i see you have a supervisor helping you PS: I see you are using the battery expanders...can't remember the name of them, but, I saw them on Ship Shape...i have them also. Best $40 or so I have spent, everything is cleanly attached, the bronze connections are perfectly suited for transmission of current, each connection has it's own post....no more piling connector on top of connector. i do connect my on board charger connections directly to the batter to insure ease in charging via the smaller posts that you can see next to the battery expander. For others....here is a pic.... dc
  3. Yamaha outboard parts

    Glad you found your parts...I have used on-line parts stores when in an emergency; however, I find that by buying locally from my 5 Start Yamadog dealer, I get lots of tips and tricks...most if not all of the time, they have what I need within a few days...as they will order from a sister store or from Yamaha OEM. For maintenance I know I"m going to do it, so, calling the Boat Center a week or so prior, is all I need to do....just another alternative thought. dc
  4. Water Separating Filter Question

    I have been running a RACOR filter with the bowl for 15 years on various boats. IMHO, the only way to tell if you are having fuel water separation from ethanol or just plain "junk" in the fuel lines. One of the guides I know in Chokoloskee carries a "back" up filter as do I now, after he filled at a local gas station in Everglades City and found his fuel ball going crush on a trip...he said he was about 35 miles down near the Lostman's river and found his fuel filter was full of sand....he had to stop and change it out....I carry a spare "big blue", but, my main is the RACOR... I now do not fill up in any local gas stations where there is a possibility of water intrusion, etc. due to storms and flooding...I now only fill up at the "WAWA" here in FLL that always has REC Fuel 90. I just use the bottom of a water bottle if and when I find any water in the fuel, which is now less than previous fueling when I was filling up over in Everglades City. I do check the fuel bulb every trip prior to leaving home and change out the filter every 50 hours or so....about every 6 months or so...cheap insurance IMHO. DC
  5. HPX V 18 - Test Run?

    Most local dealers will take you on a sea trial if arranged in advance...assuming you are interested in going new. dc
  6. Show off I want to be Paul and Carl Ball in my next life Well done gents......I told DonH, next trip is to da-back dc
  7. HPXT fuel line

    That''s why this forum is great.... Jason P....a new twist....me likely dc
  8. Crack in Poling Platform Weld

    where are you located...if in S fla. call AIM welding...ask for Ralph - outlaw on the forum....master welder...enough said. dc
  9. Back to Chokoloskee

    Similar Day for Capt DonH and me.... We stayed local....found lots of rat reds and some trout around the Houston an Chatham....and down south around the keys past New Turkey.... We moved to the back and got on a good small red and snooklet bite with a few ladys and trout mixed in......excitement for the day was a small shark that chased a jack-ster up to the boat...time to move to the back soon.....don and I might be ready for an arti-lesson from you DC
  10. HPXT fuel line

    Yep...this will normally do it.... BTW, I have found that the new Gorilla Tape is really good for this.....it's a Bit*&ch to remove...but, holds the lead to the hose. I have found as well that using a fiberglass snake used by electricians that are about 1/4" in diameter work as well...sell them at Home Cheapo...they open a slight passage for pulling stuff through.....or use a large snake.... For smaller wiring...a rope works...but, larger stuff seems to need more room to pull vs a small rope. dc
  11. Update: All good last trip...TM ran perfect....thanks again Bob....the new brushes worked dc
  12. lots to do this weekend.... having problems with the TM not running (or to me) at full speed. Took my Ulterra to Bob at Inshore Marine...he did a full check, opened the TM and swapped out the brushes, said it was a bit dirty...so, I know she is good to go... Checked the ProMariner and found it was not charging properly....it was sitting on "auto maintain"... As well, I decided to change the Perko Switch....as it didn't "feel right"... Charged the main cranking battery overnight on the portable charger and then changed out the promariner....(it last over 3 years)...so, I was "ok" with it. All in all, I did not properly connect the 1/2/all switch and then had a charger issue.... TM good so...full speed ahead... As well, cleaned up my girl from 1995....she's in pretty good shape if I say so....changed the plugs, new RACOR and she's ready to rock..... A few pics charging up the cranking battery..... Promariner replacement from West Marine....a few dollars extra and 3 yr warranty goodie box New...... placing all the stuff in the right places....keeping stuff buffed and clean.... My 23 year old hot babe :).....she's like new....gotta love the old 2 smokers... neat and clean....ready to go Let's go feeeeshing Capt DonH
  13. Adding Raw Water Washdown

    Buy the pump at West Marine...get the 2 year warranty....it will probably need to be replaced in the same time some tricks I learned... 1.) spray down the outside of the pump with a clear lacquer before it is installed in the bilge....HOBO trick...it will reduce the corrossion 2.) I used to leave my Wash Down hose in the splash well...easier than reaching into a hatch etc. 3.) Just put the quick connect in the splash well and buy a quality hose with a plastic hose head.... dc
  14. need help with final upgrade

    Master Repair - Stuart Inshore Marine - Pompano - Bob is a forum member and is a master rigger either are worth the few hour drive.... dc
  15. THIS is a sunrise

    Is that Carl's Marquessa? dc
  16. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    very innovative and out of the box thinking..... dc
  17. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    Sounds new to me ? What else could you replace ? I was looking to go new continental from my friend Bob, but, I did not have the funds, so I upgraded my axle and added some centering bunks for a total of $1200, one year later, not a problem. I have a 1995 EZloader and she now fits the MA17 perfectly. DC
  18. 10K Islands November 4

    Nice report Dave....hey, I know those spots (LOL)... dc
  19. WTB- Fly line stripping bucket

    Very cool DonH...bring it next time on the skiff.... dc
  20. 10K Islands November 1

    Nice report Dave....I'll send you some "secret" spots for the outgoing in Choko dc
  21. 2006 22TE Vs. 2008 22TE trailer size

    From all I've read...a few inches is not a big deal....but 14? I'd go with the auto retract....or just remember...you'll only break them once dc
  22. 2018 Maverick HPXs For Sale - $62k

    Nice touch of the sea deck in the hatches. dc
  23. Starboard trim tab not working

    Wiring Info I put together a series of links....there is a good link on marine wiring. hope it helps dc
  24. Slam Day

    we had to work....all the wrong conditions.... Full moon west wind a blowing negative low followed by a 4 foot rise that got pushed in even faster with the west wind... But, we worked the day.... We got behind an island and found some bait moving with a few blow ups......the water was about 2 feet and there were a few oyster bars.. tide was coming in and I had just hooked my 2nd red....an undersolt...and just as I was bringing in the little guy, don says, "Hey, I think I need to change out to a shrimp fly this fly is for snook" And, bang....he was on...nice fight and of course, I did all the hard work....I took the pics and used the net to insure we got him on board the Master Angle performed as always, ate the west wind chop like budd-da !!....had a batter problem at the ramp...even though my charger indicated it fully charged...so, next week will be checking the electrical.... Great day.....thanks again don...next trip in a few weeks. i will clean up the pics you emailed and send them over dc