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    Replacing Trailer Jack Wheel

    We all have to wait for greatness dc
  2. Wanaflatsfish

    THIS is a sunrise

  3. Wanaflatsfish

    Replacing Trailer Jack Wheel

    CALL THE OUTLAW !!!! ENOUGH SAID If you can draw it, he can make it 😮 DC
  4. Wanaflatsfish

    Any updates?

    nice !!!! Nothing better than a 3 way .....catch that is dc
  5. Wanaflatsfish

    Electrical system question/input

    I'm pretty sure what you are talking about is the Stealth system....many here use it...basically runs off the alternator and keeps the batteries topped off. Conocean is a big fan of this....used by many campers to extend their day...I don't camp, so I just re-charge at night...but, seems like this might a solution. dc
  6. Wanaflatsfish

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    I won't be surprised if a mega company like Garmin steps up and offers the FMT guyz an offer they can't resist to then mothball the system - meaning, it got to be costing them $$$$ in florida as a result of people changing from Garmin to companies like below....I had Garmin's for over 20 years until the he 741XS put me in the mangroves every time I ran Flamingo or Choko....in the work in which we fish, 50 feet can me the difference between grounded or floating They are loosing a large number of new installs to Simrad and Lowrance due to their limited mapping....or, they figure out how to allow it to run on their system...which I just don't understand why??? dc
  7. Wanaflatsfish

    Electrical system question/input

    Personally, when I rewire my MA17, I"ll run everything off a seperate battery or off the Trolling motor battery for electronics. Sounds like you could put in a smaller dual purpose Series 24 or an Optima for your sensitive battery items like your spreader lights, electrical, etc. and run a 1/2/all switch from the house battery (starter and trim tabs, power pole, etc.)... If you insure you have it on a charger, you should more than enough power to run all the electrical all day, and if you have an issue, you can go 1/2/all and jump it off. Boattronics has a very good rep...and he should have solution....I had 4 31's in my console...so you should be able to do something similar. dc
  8. Wanaflatsfish

    2 cranking batteries, excessive?

    I did the following on my Yamadog 115 1995 on my MA...well, DonH and Idid. 1.) Take off the tubing 2.) replace the filter that is in line as long as you have it off 3.) dump all the oil and clean out the tank..you might have some gunk in the bottom 4.) Clean the strainer tube into the tank 5.) take off the connections to the oil reserve tank and then blow out the line to clean it with air 6.) to check if its working, drain the reserve tank on the engine when you are ready to start the refill process 7.) when you turn the key, the tank on the engine should fill the tank by the little motor on the bottom of the reserve tank Should take about 3-4 hours to do if it's your first time...you'll need to remove all the hardware to tie it down in the bilge area Yes, you can easily carry a set of "jumpers" to get you started.. Do you have a charger on your starter batteries that you connect at the same time as the TM? If not, for $50, get a simple low amp charger and charger your starter every time you go out...be sure to take good care of your water lead cell battery or you could loose a cell. Do you start your engine on the muffs every time you go out? This will give you an indicator of a battery problem if you are having one... Depending on how old the batteries are, you can keep one of the two, and if you want it as a spare - I keep one in my truck box, I just charge it on my mini charger. I will look to see if I can find the thread where DonH and i took apart the entire system and we documented it here on the forum. DC
  9. Wanaflatsfish

    Any Experience with this Fuel/water separator?

    No....i have never seen that model with the primer. dc
  10. Wanaflatsfish

    1977 master angler

    Easy Loader - I have one for my 17MA $$ Continental very good $$$ Ameritrail, Rolls, other high end $$$$ any good manuf will have one that fits, you just have to adjust the bunks unless its a customer like ameritrail Costs - EL 3500 / Con / 4000 / AT and others 5K + DC
  11. It's been a while since my good buddy Robert and I fished together......Called him on Tuesday and said let's try Sunday...I have my new FMT chip and want to go play up in Hells Bay... We started at 0430 from FLL and by 0545 we were at Don's to get our shrimp....and some plugs to troll.... Next Stop....Dion's for some chicken wings.... Then, off to Flamingo...the park was closed due to shut down...but, gate wide open and boats were streaming in for a day on the water. We launched the MA17 on the White Water canal and made our way to Coot Bay and then on to the Shark... Down the canal......and the FMT Chip and Simrad is working like a charm..... We hit the open water at the end of Buttonwood Canal and ........uuuuuuhhhhhh Weatherman lied....oh, how unique.....so, instead of running the Whitewater we headed up the Joe River to the Shark.... OH...DID FORGET TO MENTION..IT WAS 53 DEGREES......at 30 mph..it was a bit nippy We ran through the Shark and then off towards the Sable Canal and stopped off in a location where I like to hang out...and so do the reds..... OH...BTW, did I tell you about the one foot negative.......errrr....here is what we found.... Oh, and here is whiter the redfish live when there is actually water..... We waited a while...but, the water was still very dirty...so we headed off toward the points near the little shark entrance.....my buddy Robert found a nice dinner guest. We caught a dozen or so smaller snook...but, no big boys or girls.....I caught about 1/2 dozen of undersized...no rats...but, baaaaah humbug...no dinner dates... From the Shark, we trolled for bout 1/2 hr...then headed to Hells Bay... Using the FMT chip....we ran in through the Norman and then made our way to the back..... We saw the infamous HB chickie..then worked the shorelines....and found a bunch of these guys.... We wanted to head back a bit early........so we made it off the water by 4PM....and began to head back..... AND....WHAT'S A FLAMINGO TRIP WITHOUT A STOP AT ????? GOTTA LOVE DA MANGO SHAKES The MA 17 ran like a champ......didn't miss a beat.....I we ran just over 60+ miles and it was a great day.....to be on the water..... DC
  12. Thank you...i have not been shooting in a few years....finally took out the D700 and man was I rusty dc
  13. Wanaflatsfish

    Any Experience with this Fuel/water separator?

    I use it and it works well...not that model...and I have a stainless mount...I think mine is S3116? Never had a problem with water in the fuel, i check it every trip and carry a spare in case I need to change it out due a massive water intrusion.... dc
  14. Wanaflatsfish

    Tibor push pole mount

    Ralph is the Leonardo Da Vinci of FLL when it comes to welding..if you can dream it, he can make it. dc
  15. Wanaflatsfish

    Speakers in Back casting deck

    nice... dc
  16. Wanaflatsfish

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Yes, but, $$$$ for a Simrad Evo3.....uggggh. I have the 9 inch and FWIW, it's fast enough and large enough to allow me to run ....if I"m running the red in a new place, I'm not going very fast. I used it for hells bay a few weeks ago and it worked perfectly....again, I prefer the knob to allow me to quickly zoom in and out with hesitation.... DC
  17. Wanaflatsfish

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    i would sell the Garmin for a few hundred $$$ to pay for the chip and then mount a small drawer and mount the new unit on a gimbal. DC
  18. Nice day boyz.....DonH and I are going to try out the new Kipawa 3 blade (I hate money prop) a week from today if the weather gods permit....hey, I think I know that spot in the first pic (LOL) dc
  19. Wanaflatsfish

    best Minnkotta Ulterra 80# Prop - Kipawa Props?

    I think it you who said....."Last Rodeo" DC
  20. Currently running the 'weedless wedge 2.....is there anything better for power? Is anyone running the Kipawa Prop? dc
  21. Wanaflatsfish

    best Minnkotta Ulterra 80# Prop - Kipawa Props?

    Update: My new Kipawa model 80/10 3 blade arrived today from Amazon today. dc
  22. Wanaflatsfish

    2003 1900v

    FYI: no external contact info on your post....e.g. phone or email ? dc
  23. Wanaflatsfish

    Speakers in Back casting deck

    most put in speakers on the front fish boxes...and if you need a bit of a boost, another set low on the console... dc
  24. Wanaflatsfish

    1997 17’ Master Angler whatcha thinkin?

    interesting boat...but, appears to be painted ? could be the reason...or the location....unless it's a "great deal" many people won't drive that far from So Fla where a lot of the buyers are located.... BTW OP: the market will tell you the price....remember, you can always go down, but, up after offers is a bit more difficult Although I did offer more than what was being asked on my MA17 to outbid another buyer who had been fishing with the seller....she realized I was serious and I got the skiff....havent' looked back for $500....plus I got a brand new great push pole from her for part of the deal..... dc
  25. Wanaflatsfish

    1990 Maverick MA 18.5

    i expanded the quote page and it looks like the hull was about $11.4K and everything else was an add-on....bennet trim tabs, polling platform, motor, trailer... from what is visible....11.4+$450, $500, $6.1K, estimate - $1.5 =$21k +/-....nice piece of history... dc