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  1. Flamingo/ENP damage reports

    Everglades City Bait and Tackle - on the corner by Town Hall..has bait..they are going to re-open this weekend... I'll be fishing tomorrow...let's see how it goes..I"m gona run south to see if any of my friends are still around. dc
  2. 2500 Electronics

    toy city dc
  3. Water pump on a 2000 F115 4 stroke

    Sounds like something is wrong..I'm not sure what you are referring to as the "collar". should not "tap"...there are 1/2 doz you tube videos on how to do this...I've done it to my boats at least 4 times. make sure you did not put the impeller in backwards..meaning, it must be in the cup in a specific way or it will shoot the water backwards vs up the shaft. Again, hard to diagnose without pics...but, Youtube should solve this in about 5 mins once you see it. good luck dc
  4. Master Angler 17 - layout and price opinion

    Doggish is in the eye of the beholder...with the right 4 blade prop it will spin right up...I ran a F115 on my RF18 and it ran fine and now I have a 2 stroke 115 all with 4 blade power tech's. Again, different props and engines for each of us....take it for a water test to be sure before you write it off....no, they won't go 60 mph or most likely even 45, but, they are good engines when maintained.... i also ran a f150 on my Path, everyone said it was a dog...it ran fine for me....to each their own. dc
  5. Master Angler 17 - layout and price opinion

    Decision is quite simple......call a reputable Marine Surveyor - for $250 he will go over it with a fine tooth comb, then for another $100, have someone at a yamaha dealer do a search on the engine for warranty work and then have them do a once over on the engine. If you are really serious about the boat....it's the best $300 you can spend. The Surveyor will also check the trailer if required. That being said - at about 500 hr, normally there is an extensive amount of work to be performed on the "F" engines...it will cost about $500-600. A service by someone who is not going to rob you should only be $450 or so for plugs, running it on the computer, water pump, etc., change lower unit oil, all filter, etc. etc. Do not be concerned about 850 hrs on a F115- they will easily go for 3K if properly maintained and not abused....they are normally rock solid. Without posting some pictures, hard to tell what's going on... Here's what I would do as a final recommendation: 1.) get some pics, post them here- lots of MHP owners who will give you honest opinions, not what you want to hear - like your friends 2.) take pics of the inside of the console and the wiriing, inside the bilge, all the rigging, etc. 3.) When were the batteries last changed? Good batteries are about $500 for a set of 3 for trolling motors etc. 4.) when was the trailer last serviced? How old are the tires - new tires and bearings are about $350. 5.) Take a pics of the inside of the hatches and access.... 6.) FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANT - get the HULL VIN off the stern and send it to Skip Lyson Head of Sales here and he'll give you background if any warranty or damage work was performed. $15K for this vessel, which are in demand, is not out of reality - especially with a F115. I bought my, 1995, with a 1995 engine (original) for $11.5, but, I've put another $2.5 in batteries, upgrades, etc. and I'll never sell it....I now have a $50K skiff for about $20K when you consider my Powerpoles and Electronics and Trolling motor which I took from a previous skiff. Hope this helps...enjoy the search....NO MATTER WHAT USED BOAT YOU WILL FIND - BE SURE TO BANK AN EXTRA $3-5K FOR UPGRADES OR REPAIRS....IT JUST HAPPENS. DC
  6. Redo non-skid on 22 TE how much

    properly, I would imagine $3-5K...it's alot of work when done properly..it requires a huge amount of prep work, taping, cleaning, etc. That's just my guess as I've not done it...but, from the little i know about glass work, it's probably 30-40 hours of hand labor and shooting the gelcoat. The MHP redid my rear deck and all the hatches several years ago on my 95 pathy, and it was about $1500..they were doing some warranty work on the hull, and the boat was right at 5 years...it was pretty beat up from cast nets, etc. and I asked them to have it done at the refurb shop on site they used to have... SeaDeck is definately the other option depending on your fishing style...not good for heavy live bait guyz, but, great for arti throwers, etc. Call Bob at Inshore Marine, or maybe he will comment..he does great work and can give you a true comparision between SD and new Gel - he did some glass work for me where I cut out a large hole in the console....and you could never see it... c
  7. 18.5 MA Starting Batt to Console?

    absolutely no reason to get rid of the tabs....resale value will go down, plus, when you have a new weight distribution in the boat, or want to lift the bow in quartering sea - it won't be there.... i like my tabs.... dc
  8. Livewell system leak - MA18

    Those strainers are a pain the arse....unless you are running in large amounts of seagrass...they rust and I found they cause your system to loose suction, etc. anyone else take them out? dc
  9. Bad News

    Typical Flyfisherman crying I agree, why doesn't someone at least send it over for the crabs... I have no issues with killing a few lbs of extra bait....the ecosystem will absorb it...but, to leave on the dock, the smell, it's slippery, and a health hazzard. DC
  10. 2000 hpxt refurb

    good times a coming Nice job and well done...tks for sharing your adventure and work... dc
  11. Maverick 18.5 - Price Check

    Man...did you screw up....I'll send you $15K via paypal for it...no value Figure you need to do the following: 1.) I would drain the tank to be sure fuel is good 2.) and what Hurricane said above....you'll be good to go... Congrats on joining the Maverick Cult Club I love my MA17...best decision I ever made....you got it at a fair price... No matter what you buy...you'll need to invest in a few thousand to get her right after sitting so long... Don't forget to check the bearing on the trailer, lights, etc.. dc
  12. From another forum, but, Bob does have his Maverick in the pictures A good update.....he confirms a lot of what has been said....but, seems like the fishing is good. Bob LeMay Chokoloskee Update -
  13. Shout Out to Ralph Outlaw @ AIM Welding and Boat Center FLL

    Yeah, time to upgrade to the 36V on the skiff's Then we can water ski down Indian River channel dc
  14. Shout Out to Ralph Outlaw @ AIM Welding and Boat Center FLL

    I hear ya brother....not heading to Choko for a while and as you and I have spoken....time to take our time and do the Idle thing for a while and take the deeper channels dc
  15. Shout Out to Ralph Outlaw @ AIM Welding and Boat Center FLL

    thank you again Ralph....your team at AIM is da BOMB Anyone in South Florida - take it to AIM for welding repair or build....they know lower units...and will treat you fairly and on-time as promised. The key to any LU repair, as I've learned from Ralph is you must cool the inner unit....don't just give it to any welder...they must know what they are doing.... I knew going in that the seals were gone be burnt up, and given the LU was over 22 years old, it was probably time for a reseal...so, for me, it was an unforeseen investment, but, it's a boat. The team at Boat Center has been taking care of my skiff's and Pathy's for over 15 years and they are the #1 in my mind...not Cheap, but, they do it right and most importantly, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND DON'T GUESS DC