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  1. Holiday Camping

    I will be at the Holiday Inn in Naples...does that count for camping dc
  2. THIS is a sunrise

    I now that spot Nice....catch'm up Ralph. dc
  3. Gel Coat Repair Recommendation - Naples, FL

    Not Naples...but, one of the best in the business is Bob @ inshore marine here in Pompano..you are only two hours from perfection . He did my pathfinder and his work is flawless....he was a glass layer at Contender boats in a former life.....knows his stuff. dc
  4. My new to me MA17 1995.....where you been doc? The Holy Ghost dc
  5. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    We wont' run on a negative low I've busted two on my Pathfinder on the negative lows..... DC
  6. Continental Trailers - For Skiffs - Comments Please

    thank you. dc
  7. New ride delivered COBIA 261cc

    Great bow flare.....looks like da gang a MBG are putting out da botes...... U b ready for some serious off-shore... dc
  8. Newborn angler

    Congrats..... love the pic of him wrapped up in the first set of pics.. dc
  9. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    Anytime.....I'll lay some tracks in Choko if you want to scrape up the skeg....if not, we'll run the MA 17 DC
  10. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    You should be rocking Congrats.... Now, the fun begins..go find one or have one custom built. Love the last picture...you laid it out with tape Looks like a shooting scene..... dc
  11. What did you do to your boat today?

    I have done the "add a bag of ice and a few squirts of dawn...the ice does some cleaning as you are driving home and the dawn degreases.. when you get home....add water and the bilge cleans itself out. dc
  12. Continental Trailers - For Skiffs - Comments Please

    and two centering bunks... DC
  13. call me.....happy to run the MA17......I need to "steal a few of your spots" dc
  14. Continental Trailers - For Skiffs - Comments Please

    great thread all....depending on my "bonus" this year...it will be a new Continental or I'll DIY and change out the axel and hubs with a new one... I should know buy January...will advise of the decision.....some very good learnings on this thread. dc
  15. Boat Covers Direct . com

    Yep, Paul has been BA$ll busting me for a week....I could not resist to poke da bear so to speak Dc