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  1. BTW you are not supposed to dive after the snook....you catch them with a hook and line. dc
  2. 1978 18' Maverick / berg

    great build post.....how far till she's splashed ? dc
  3. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    Joe, what was the end verdict ? sTaying MHP or going to the dark side to get a skiff that fits ? dc
  4. ouch !!!! You can join me anytime Doc....call when you feel like you need a Choko fix dc
  5. Yamaha 130 V4

    yes, water jackets can be an issue..... There is a post somehwere on here on how to clean....the heads are 17 years old...if you have not cleaned them...it could be an issue.....it's pretty simple to do, just need a good dremel and about 3-4 hours. dc
  6. Livewell Pump croaked

    Go to west marine and buy a spare...buy the 3yr warranty for $5 or so and when it craps out...you get a new one for free.... dc
  7. Gel coat work in South Florida (recomendation)

    Bob, Did work on my Pathy...he worked for See-vee as a glass layer...knows his stuff. dc

    I would imagine that the for 2018, the rangers will be spending more time doing sticker checks than patrolling the waters....sad.....I can see the rangers set up just outside the ramps on the water doing "sticker" checks and pulling people over like a speed trap....good to see an educational program....$50 usage fee for me, no big deal...I spend more on hand select shrimp on an average trip. dc
  9. Console rewire

    Here is a sample of when Capt DonH helped me wire up the Skinny Mini 17T Pathy. http://IMG_0597 by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr http://IMG_0592 by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr http://IMG_0637 by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr
  10. Console rewire

    You can use a product called PVC board...this board, unlike starboard, can be glued using epoxy. Even if glued, I would still attach it with two small through bolt screws with finishing washers just in case....you would not want your entire electrical panel falling down due to a epoxy failure in rough seas. The work above by Harley is very first class and well done.... Next winter, I'll probably re-do my MA 17 as it's 22 years old, but, this will take a few weeks to to properly...and I'll attack this during the cold windy days of december when fishing is slow....for now, I run it like I stole it dc
  11. I typically Run South from Choko and fish the bights south of the Chatham River, and points further south such as Boggess, Bird, Seminole, Wood, and other keys and the creek entrances.... I just look for clean running water with some flow....I heard the bite turned on this weekend. DC
  12. Maybe a dumb question about the bait well

    BTW, shrimp do well with just 3-4 inches of water.......The key in the summer is to keep the water cool....if you have a fan to blow into a live well it keeps the water temp cool...I use 3 large 6 inch round bubblers with two bubbler pumps for my live well....works well.
  13. Boomerang Tool

    I have mine the same...on the inside of the pliers and they hang on the cord... I use my pliers mostly for setting split shot properly...my teeth are getting too brittle....(LOL)....not like when I was in my teens...just chomp down on a split shot dc
  14. Keep blowing 20amp fuse on 150 VMax

    17 year old wiring could have shorted somewhere along the way... AS mentioned, check how the connectors are made and be sure nothing has come loose inside the trim unit on the throttle... Shorts etc. are NOT easy to diagnosis and usually require a Yamaha tech with the right tools..if it's not a quick fix, I'd bring it to a 5 start mechanic and have it fixed properly. dc