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  1. Many of my close friends know the challenges my daughter has had over the past years.....however, yesterday was a day to remember.... At 32, she's obtained her Doctorate in Nursing from John Hopkins, the #1 nursing school in the US and maybe the world.....walking down the isle was un-imaginable 5 years ago.... At the commencement they spoke about community and support for all of those who were receiving advanced degrees.......the lesson learned......If your kids, wife, significant other.....whomever.......can dream it and you support them.....nothing is un-attainable.....
  2. Beach Snook

    Well..it's been 20 plus days....you get one yet ? dc
  3. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    Ralph was looking at it when he was making my bars....I don't know if he was able to find what he was looking for....but, I have not had a chance to look on the chart....too much travelling. dc
  4. Power pole didn't stop my boat

    I have dual's......talk about NO GO I always bungee my PP's when trailering.....I had one on my Pathfinder loose the prime when the hose connection broke somehow....it came slowly creeping down and when it hit the road at 65mph, the crack and splinter was something to remember...... Turn off the switch and put your remote in a separate box, then bungee..... dc
  5. Chocko Update?

    AS I have said before...I want to be Conocean in my next life dc
  6. Chocko Update?

    Looks like a blow out this weekend.....maybe Monday to fish.....supposed to rain and blow 15-20 all weekend with rain dc
  7. Trim Tab Inline Fuse?

    check your ground connection on the bus....it only takes a little bit of slack on a screw to not work. There should not be an inline fuse...but, who knows? trace the lines from the stern...they should come together with a deuthc connection (check them as well) and take them out and just use a crimp for better connectivity... as well, could be the switch....figure out how to re-attach the swithc to another external to see if they are moving.... dc
  8. New Yamaha XTO’s

    more like 1/2 to be precise Amazing to see how large they are becoming...but, given the market for 40 plus, as mentioned above, it makes sense... dc
  9. Chocko Update?

    I'm ready week from Friday brother Get those poppn corks ready.... dc
  10. Yep....it's all about how you fish....as I'm getting older....and this is my last skiff....I find a few extra things to grab help....several of my buds.....one above, have all fallen coming off the front deck with a rod in the hand....as well, last trip, my friend from Hawaii nearly took out my Simrad when he lost his balance and grabbed it...not good. I love the look of a pure, clean skiff....they are a thing of beauty....but, they are for the younger generation who are like elves jumping down from the poling platform....and skipping around the gunnels dc
  11. Yes, I am going to install that later...right now, I asked Ralph to just get it complete, and I'll take care of the rest....even in this position, it's fine...it's not to be used for hanging on during a high speed run...only stepping off the deck....this weekend I"ll cut open the storage box and place a large backing plate....good catch. dc
  12. Ain't no feeeesh in Tom's Bight.....:) Coming fo ma baby to-mar-O dc
  13. FWC tripletail and sheepshead size changes

    Good rules......more and more fisherman moving from offshore to nearshore and pressure on....for me, two reds, a few trout and a couple of sheepies feeds the family and the neighboor next door.....don't really need to be filling a cooler with fish......but, so long as people are within the regs...i'm fine with what they want to do.... DC
  14. Culinary question

    red, mahi, sheepies and snapper (mangrove and not yellow tail) seem to be more hardy..... trout and yellow will normally last a nice week in the vacuum fresh..... IMHO dc