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  1. Wanaflatsfish

    Bimini Top Recommendation - PF 22

  2. Humpty Dumpty is coming back to life Figured out the wiring scheme and I decided to go simple and changed out the multi prong plugs.... Work to date: Changed out the Bennett Hydraulics and went with Electric....bought it on Amazon and purchased the new switch from Boat Owners Warehouse along with the new wiring harness. Changed out the bilge pump (in progress later today) and rewired the live well switch (to be finished today), re-wired the stereo, installed a new ignition switch. wired the GPS to the trolling motor battery so it won't turn off when there is a small surge in voltage and I loose my mileage....cleaned up all the wiring and replaced the non used switches with blanks. I also, with the help of forum member COTO, installed a new hydraulic help....more on this once I get some time to post the pics of the work.... HERE ARE THE PICS OF THE BENNET WORK... Hydraulic disconnected..... taking off the 22 year old hydraulic tab...... New tabs...... I have got to comment: THEY ARE BEASTS VERY VERY LARGE AND APPEARS TO BE A DEFINATE UPGRADE TO THE LENCOS. AND IT WAS TRULY PLUG AND PLAY..... TABS OUT AND READY FOR THE NEW INSTALL..... THE WIRES ARE THEN PUSHED THROUGH THE HULL...BENNETT HAS A NICE GROMMET WITH SEALS WITH THE TAB TOP HINGE...IT FIT DIRECTLY BACK INTO THE SAME HOLES AND I ADDED 5200 INTO BOTH THE HOLES AND AROUND THE HINGE....ADDED NEW LOWER CONNECTION TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TAB. TESTING THE SYSTEM BEFORE I INSTALL IT AND WIRE IT TOGETHER... THE CONSOLE NEEDED TO BE CUT TO FIT THE NEW SWITCH....USED THE ROTO ZIP.... HERE IS A PIC OF MANY OF THE SWITCHES READY TO GO....ALMOST.... I HAD TO PURCHASE A NEW HYDRAULIC SWITCH AND I RAN NEW WIRING TO THE STERN...TOM AT BENNETT SAID THE ONE OF THE MAJOR PROBLEMS HE FINDS IS WHEN YOU INSTALL A NEW SET OF ELECTRIC TABS AND USE OLDER CABLE WIRING...MINE WAS OVER 20 YEARS OLD, SO I FIGURED IT WAS TIME.... IN THE PIC IS THE NEW IGNITION SWITCH, BILGE SET AND READY TO GO, JUST NEED TO INSTALL IT IN THE BILGE....I ALSO INSTALLED A USB CHARGER AND THERE IS A SIMPLE SWITCH FOR THE LIVEWELL.... TABS WORKING WIRING CLEANED UP...... FINALLY CLOSED UP..... TIME TO GET THE BILGE BACK AND READY ..... MORE PICS IN THE COMING DAYS..... DC
  3. it was great speaking with you the other day.....as I said, you have been my inspiration and have been a great mentor.... Sounds like life is good...shooting, grandkids, a bit of fishing.....I am very happy for you... Don't be a stranger here....the forum is still a great place...Marc and Bubba have done a great job keeping it a family and information oriented resource for skiff owners. God's Speed, Health, and smooth seas in your life dc
  4. UP and DOWN yes...but, it's a bit heavy.....but, too put it on the skiff into the ACCON holders....it does take some ummmmmmphhh...but, can be done....it is easier with two people and takes about 30 second to put it in place. dc
  5. Wanaflatsfish

    Too Close to Home

    Well said TROY...... When I used to yellow tail, as you know, at the end of the day, your hands look like a pin cushion...swollen and bleeding...I have dodged the bullet.... Used to clean them with some bleach when we were cleaning the boat... dc
  6. SO, AT THE RECOMMENDATION OF OUR OWN MASTER WELDER - RALPH THE OUTLAW, I HEADED OVER TO GDS CANVAS IN FLL OFF COMMERCIAL AND 1-95 AND HOOKED UP WITH ROCCO FOR A CUSTOM MADE BIMINI. His work, like Ralph's recommendation is flawless....he's not inexpensive, because he uses all quality products - Sunbrella, all stainless clips, heavy duty holding straps, and I had the bimini made with ALL STAINLESS...using Accon quick releases....quality stuff for sure.... What I wanted was something that would provide shade on Capt Donh's throne and 1/2 the skiff, allow me stand, hold one rod in front rod holder, and stand on the rear deck to grab a chunk rod not he poling platform.....he delivered..... IT'S AN 8 FOOT BIMINI WHEN FULL SPREAD....I DO HAVE THE OPTION TO LOWER IT A BIT...I WANT TO SEE HOW IT WORKS OUT ON WATER BEFORE I DO SO... More detailed pics to come..... AT ROCCO'S SHOP - GDS CANVAS SIDE PIC OF THE BIMINI SO BEGINS THE RE-WIRING.... I am installing new bennet tabs (electrical)....more on this later....but, I am running new leads to the console for the bilge and the live well.... I am using a Klien snake and using good old gorilla tape to pull the wiring.... Here are a couple of pics... As well, I found that my ignition key was running a bit warm, so I replaced it - thanks Mike at Boat Center, FLL for getting me the parts quickly....and, OH, BTW, never send your wife to pic up boat parts - yes, I lost my man card as I was working...her first call back to me was........hmmmmm...$170 for key switch....time for new Michael Koors purse I wrap the tape to the wiring and then insert the clip of the snake...
  7. 23 years of pent up anger......I just opened the door and it was like an exorcism took place.....it flew out at me (LOL)... Actually, Here's what's going on.... 1.) New Bennet Trim tabs to be installed...I had to trace back all the wiriing and change out the toggles to a new one.....I have documented this and will post later 2.)When I opened up the switch panel, I found that the starter switch was a bit warm and traced it to an open ground. Decided to buy a new switch and install it. 3.) I am eliminating all the "non-essential" type of switches and will only have a bilge pump toggle switch and livewell toggle. Courtsey lights will be pull out for simplicity.... 4.) Rear bilge no longer has the HPU pump so lots of room.....more to come with pics etc..... 5.) Installing a custom Bimini top tomorrow.... Hopefully, Humpty Dumpty will be back together by Sunday for a day on the water with the Admiral.... dc
  8. On house arrest right now by the Admiral until I get all my Honey Do's completed....September 1st, I'll get back in the game dc
  9. Will I ever get humpty dumpty back together again dc
  10. Wanaflatsfish

    Master anglers vs 1900v/2000v

    My 17MA classic hull, 1995 can run with any of the big boyz in a good chop.....tabs down and grinding through the chop....cuts da chop like buddddaaaaa. dc
  11. Wanaflatsfish

    Maverick hpx aluminum work

    Contact Outlaw on the forum....if you can dream it he can make it Ralph @ AIM welding fll dc
  12. Can anyone please take a few pics of their MA17 1995 /94/96 for me? I think my fuel tank may have been replaced as the deck has a sandy finish. Just checking...if you can send one greatly appreciated. dc
  13. Wanaflatsfish

    Stained Deck and No Supper Either

    The general rule I use: Organic Stains: Dawn with outdoor bleach - use some soft scrub....let it sit for 10 min to work out the organic stains. Wash well, then apply some woody wax. Metal stains: Bar Keeper Friend made into a paste - rinse well. dc
  14. Wanaflatsfish

    Boarding/swim ladder

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