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  1. New 24 just got her tower

    50mph up in the crows nest must be a rush dc
  2. looking for a new tackle box

    I have tried everything under the sun....I now find that 90% of the time, I can fish with what I carry in my pockets.... Gulps, popp'n corks, some hooks, a few sinkers, some flourocarbon, and maybe a few lures....and of course, a few live shrimp I've tried to keep paring down what I use and am down to what I can carry in my front hatch of the Master Angler 17 in just a few plastic locking boxes. I also found Home Depot has some inexpensive HUSKY locking clear plastic for a reasonable price. DC
  3. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Agreed..... Lap it Up: The smirk at the end was meant to be sarcasm..... Plus, I like giving more money to Yamaha DC
  4. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Good info....my issue as you and Mulligan stated, it works...If I were to change from the current OEM, and were to have a major failure in my engine, I would not be able to diagnosis if it was the oil change as a result or it just plain died..either way, I"d have a fried engine....but, at least I'd know that it wasn't because I change my oil brand.... When I had my F115 and F150...I would religously change it out every 100 hrs or less...and it was Yamalube 4S... DC
  5. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    I do the same.... DC
  6. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Nice Fish....how come you don't catch'm like that in Choko dc
  7. Trim Tab Replacement

    This is what I have done in the past.....works well, just takes patience.... Easier....just cut a pie-hole... dc
  8. Well I've been replaced lol

    Fo sure Great pics all.... dc
  9. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    What he said.....why NOT use OEM....that's what the engine was designed to use...smoke or no smoke....I've never gone wrong over 18 years of owning Yamahas with their oil. more expensive - yes, but, after I get to the dock in Chokoloskee, I've got over $100 in gas, bait, lunch, ice, breakfast, etc into the trip....for my 2 stroke 1995, I have not had any problems...I purchased the MA17 two years ago, I don't know what the previous owner was using, but, I changed out the entire oil system and filled it with Yamaha. DC
  10. I was cleaning up my bookmarks on my Mac and thought I would pass along some links I have used in the past. Hope it helps someone when looking for information As indicated: Odyssey Battery Info http://www.odysseybattery.com/marine_battery_specs.aspx 12 Volt Info http://www.12volt.com.au/redirect.html?a=/General Htmls/webcat2003/breakers.html Marine Wiring http://www.pbase.com/mainecruising/boat_projects GPS Holder https://www.balzoutllc.com/product-page/black-garmin Promariner http://www.promariner.com/en High End Batteries http://lifelinebatteries.com DEKA specs http://www.dekabatteries.com/assets/base/1741.pdf Rod holder Info http://www.marineproducts.net/categories/Rod-Holders/ Custom Info http://bluepointfabrication.com Yamadog Site https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/ Power Pole Site http://www.power-pole.com Info on Sure LubeSystem http://www.karavantrailers.com/sure-lube.cfm
  11. Week of Maverick’s

    Very nice Ralph..... The Powder Coating is a very nice touch. dc
  12. 2000v Questions

    Most of the delamination problems were related to the 2005 year...but, in any case, you should have a certified Marine surveyor tap your hull and give it a once over...for $250 or so, it will give you piece of mind. 300 hrs on a 150 is nothing, but, still have a certified mechanic do a once over and check it out....worth the $100 or so... dc
  13. 98 20LT 200 vmax, missing top end spend, where to start?

    Call the Funky Monkey at Power Tech...Marcus....he'll give you a hand. dc
  14. What's that saying....."they don't make'm like they used to " Here's the Holy Ghost...a 24 year old MA17....I haven't had time to fish and it's too darn hot....but, I decided to pimp her up with some lipstick and eye shadow. Here's the hull.....not bad for a 24 year old hull....I just hit it with a light 3M wax and cleaning compound I had laying around and buffed it out..... I also removed all the old stickers and found this original....from 1996 Fish and Game....
  15. Inlet Snook

    great pics gents...... dc