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  1. He usually catches more fish than me dc
  2. It has the Capt DonH throne Now he has shade as well..... DC
  3. Spent the weekend in Choko Saturday and Sunday (1/2) day.... Super strong and high tides only allowed 1/2 day fishing on each side of the tide. fishing was killer - with un-countable numbers of small snook, reds, trout.....took home two keeper reds for dinner and 1/2 doz trout on Saturday. Sunday was killer as wel...the bite turned on at about 0900 and stopped at 1130 when the water went over the mangroves... Here a pic at the docks....the bimini was a great addition for the Saturday PM when we stayed out all day....Sunday, we stayed for only 1/2 day and on the water at 0700 and off by 1200.... The bimini was a nice addition to avoid the heat and you can easily fish two people on the bow with the bimini up. I ran the Bimini at up to 30mph into the a bit of a gusty wind.... dc
  4. Wanaflatsfish

    What did you do to your boat today?

    remember, it's only fiberglass....not like you are doing surgery on your hand or anything it can be easily fixed by a good glass guy....take your time, measure, measure, then cut.....just be sure you have the right tools to do it.....airsawz, high speed dremels, etc. with NEW blades. dc
  5. Wanaflatsfish

    Rum review... Papas PILAR

    If you really want to splurge....go Rum Zacapa XO or one of the Zacapa "special labels" Pillars is a good rum with lots of advertising hype....especially now in South Florida...but, Diplomatico from Vez or some of the high end Rums from the Dominican, Panama and/or Nicaragua will knock your socks off....Nothing like a good Havana Club 7 year old to begin the weekend with a Cuba Libre dc
  6. Wanaflatsfish

    Moving back to FL. Miami or Jacksonville?

    Miami schools are limited; however, if you live up near Weston or West Lauderdale they are better. 31 Contender - Advantages Miami - 3-5 miles to gulf stream - Jacksonville - I've heard as far as 20-30 Miami-Keys 2 hours to Marathon/Islamorada Biscayane bay - 1 hour to most ramps - lots of fun times at sandbars when not fishing Miami - 2 hours to Bimini but lots of $$ for gas Personally, if I was moving back to Florida, I'd sell the Contender and get another bay boat if you want consistent fishing as you can be in Flamingo or Chokoloskee within 2 hours on any given day and not have to worry about the offshore weather, etc. Miami offshore fishing is a nightmare with everyone crowding the reefs, etc. At least with a Pathy, you can find some places to hide in Flamingo or Chokoloskee on any given day and get away from the crowds...the kids will enjoy a day looking for trout etc. and it won't cost you $$$ for gas and the BS at the ramps in Miami - is a total SH&^%$TTT FEST on any given weekend. I've owned offshore boats - and this was 20 years ago - 23 Dusky, I'd never own another...the reefs are fished hard...at least you can find solitude in the backcountry of the 10K's.... I don't know Jacksonville at all, but, even there, I'd say a bay boat would be my choice as the open waters of the NE are rough and running is long to fishing....but, this is only what I've heard....I'll leave it to the locals to comment with authority. DC
  7. Wanaflatsfish


    Skip....if you are cutting it that precise.....uggh...... Just a shift in weight could shift a side by 4".... dc
  8. Wanaflatsfish

    Group 24 batteries

    Triplec, I agree, the 31's are da-BOMB for RC....but, the OP is running a HPX, so, one would imagine it should give him a days fishing...you are running a MA21? Correct - aircraft carriers need nuclear propulsion When I had my 22 pathy, i was 36V, with 3 DEKA 31's all the way..... DC
  9. Wanaflatsfish

    Removable Rod Holders

    Check Birdsall ? I had them on my Pathy years ago.... dc
  10. Wanaflatsfish

    Battery post distribution block

    BTW, I do place the charge leads "ON THE BATTERY POST" AND NOT THE BATTERY TAMER" to insure i have direct contact for full charging. you can see the red and black leads...they are from my pro-charger set up that runs from under the console. dc
  11. Wanaflatsfish

    Group 24 batteries

    On the DEKA site and Minnkotta site, it gives you the amount of time you can run the TM"s. From Memory, at full speed, a 80# uses about 45 amps / hr. So, if you have a series 24, with 140 amp hr/ reserve, you can run for 1.5 hours at full speed. We all know, that you dont' run full speed for 2 hours; therefore, you probably should get a full day, on a small skiff using a series 24.... RC is is calculated at 25AMP hrs....a series 24 is 140, so, you probably have about 2 hours.....at full...but, normally, you should get a full day of fishing so long as they are at 100% when you begin. Again, personally, if you have the room...i like the 27's which give you a bit more RC. DC s
  12. Wanaflatsfish

    Battery post distribution block

    here are the pics.... 1/2/all runs the front of the skiff meaning livewell pump, radio, etc.... I think it was #10 wire to the console main bus..... Rear switch, runs the PP"s and bubblers.... Auto bilge runs direct off the main batter with on/off on the console. Hope this helps... dc
  13. Wanaflatsfish

    Battery post distribution block

    There is an off/on switch between the battery and the BUS. I turn off the PP's completely for the reason you stated. If I can find a pic, i'll post dc
  14. Wanaflatsfish

    Battery post distribution block

    No, one main house...the difference is the PP and bubblers are only 24" of wire from the battery. It's a dual purpose series 24 battery. My logic, and it could be flawed, it that rather than run a long wire run from the battery, to the console, and then run it back through the chase, I wouldn't have a voltage drop, what I was referring to was NOT the start up, but, it's more about once it's up and running, it's on it's own circuit. I have pics i'll post another time. dc
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