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  1. Kept the 17, probably should have gone to 16..but, it's running fine. dc
  2. Sea Claw-I just love it when packages arrive

    no need for chain in about 90% of the applications.. I do rig it break-away 100% fo the time.... When I had -DA BIG MOMMA 18 LBR, I HAD A 6' CHAIN AND A BREAK AWAY FOR TAILING IN 100 ' plus off Marathon or Islamorda MOSTLY TO JUST GET IT DOWN FASTER. For the average application on the reef, it holds just fine...and in the break away mode (I use 6-8 small zip ties) and keep a bag on board to re-tye in case...it holds just fine. I think the chain in shallow applications would actually hurt vs help...don't know...I used the 12 lb (i had two when I had the Pathy) for shallow applications on the Patch reefs and in 60-70 feet...I would just quickly change it out.... For the deeper applications, you need an anchor ball to pull it up....I also used to carry a large door matt on the front deck when I was pulling it on board to prevent chiping the gelcoat...that 18 lb'r was a bear....but, stopped you on a dime. dc
  3. Boeshield(or similar) versus DiElectric grease

    Fish: INOX - you can buy it at BOW...off 84. dc
  4. Battery charging problem

    What kind of charger ? MK or Dual Pro.... 1.) When your battery draws down that low, most charger systems will not charge it back up - ask me how I know this (LOL)... I suggest to you get to Home depot or a auto store or west marine and get a small trickle charger for $50 or so and attach it directly to the battery on the positive and negative. Turn off the 3 bank charger and let it sit over night....I can almost guarantee you it will be fixed...you can then use it as a back up. I have a "Marinco" trickle charger I used for my extra truck battery I keep in the back of the pickup in case my truck battery ever dies cause I forget to turn off lights or something silly. You could have a bad bank in your charger system or a bad cell in the battery...you didn't say if it's wet cell or AGM? Good luck... dc
  5. oldie but goodie choko fishing with Capt Don and Dino

    Mike at Master Repair is the inventor of this....check his website...I think he still sells them.....he is in Stuart Florida - Master Repair thank you....yes, Don and I had some great times. dc
  6. Link To Video running in Don's HPX-T....I did this one with Don H several years ago....about 12 min of fun and fishing, running from Chokoloskee Outdoor Resorts to Wood Key, Storter and back home....enjoy. 6 years ago-running the Pathy in da Skinny in Choko Some more adventures of days past-yeah, we actually caught fish back then Some nice shots of Lostman's River, Storter Bay, and Running the oyster bars..... dc
  7. Need Advice: Fishing Wear - Sun Protection

    #1 item: Waterbabies sun screen.. No tees.... dc
  8. Where to get non-skid gel coat redone?

    Call Bob...he did work on my Path...near perfect match. dc
  9. Sea Claw-I just love it when packages arrive

    Fit perfect dc
  10. 2017 Maverick 18 HPX

    Yep, with a new little one....hard to manage two boats....someone will acquire a piece of art. Once the little one gets up and running about, I'm sure a new skiff will be on the way.... I am a huge Marquessa Fan, love the fit and finish and it came down to either a HPX or Marquessa for me about two years ago...was ready to put down $20K, but, a call from Uncle Sam resulted in a change in my investment profile... I came back to the family in a Pathy17 and now my Class MA17 1995 which I love, for 1/2 of the down payment on a Marquessa. Best of success in your sale.....sorry to derail...it's just a great boat and picture perfect. dc
  11. THIS is a sunrise

    Thank you....but, it's easy when you have a $5K of camera and lense in your hands doing the shooting in FX mode (LOL).. My gear is Nikon D700 with prime 12-24 2.8 lenses and prime 2.8 24-70....best glass there is, makes a difference when you know how to take advantage... I haven't been shooting much, but, I still enjoy the hobby.... DC
  12. Where to get non-skid gel coat redone?

    Call Bob at Inshore Marine....his glass work is perfect dc
  13. Trim tab actuator replacement - any fist hand advice?

    First, are you sure it's bad ? 1.) which side? Port or Starboard 2.) the cable will be a black cable and could be connected to a deuthch connection depending on how it's wired. Many times, the connection will corrode or the switch will need to replaced...so, before you take off the taccuator due the following: A.) Find the wire to the switch panel, cut the wire and skin back the two wires, get a 12 v battery or run a set of jumpers off the house and touch the bare wires on the actuator that you think is bad. B.) if the actuator moves or jumps you know the problem is now "up-stream" or at the connector C.) if it moves, then clean back the connection wires and connect directly with a new in line crimp. D.) if it doesn't you know it's the acutator E.) to check the switch, if one is working, just swap the leads under the console to see if it moves, if it does, you know the switch is bad and not the actuator. To replace, it's really simple... you need: Diswashing soap large philipps 5200 A small ping and hammer to drive out the round peg that holds it in place on the bottom part of the tab To remove: undo the bottom peg with hammer and ping clean cut the wire on the inside unscrew the actuator and pull it off with the wre replace in never oder, except you will need to push some dishwashing liquid into the hole where you are replacing the wire to push back into the hull. Use the 5200 around the wire opening and the screws.... Reconnect using water tight connections in the bilge and be sure to zip tie the connections above anywhere water might puddle Total time is about 2 hours on your first try without anyone to help...it's good to have someone with small hands to do reaching behind the transom area. I've replaced 2-3 over the past 10 years on my Pathy's and RF's. DC
  14. 2000 hpxt refurb

  15. I need to get the Holy Ghost ready to meet some of snook pimp's girls in Jupiter Inlet.....Capt DonH and I haven't been out pimp'n his babes for a while and I need something that will stop the skifff in the current. DSC_2569 2 by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr My 4th Capt Kevin's Sea-Claw....best anchor in the business... This is the 12 lb'r that will stick the MA17 right where I drop her...i had the 19 lb for my 22 pathfinder when I used to tail in the keys....drop, stop, tail easy peasy...sent him an email...a request for funds for $192 and......viola - here in two days. Thanks Capt Kevin..... THE ORIGINAL SEA CLAW BE WARY OF SIMILAR ONES.....SOMEBODY HAS TRIED TO RIP OFF HIS DESIGN....HE'S A GREAT GUY TO WORK WITH....