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  1. Peacock

    Nice day All on da fly ? dc
  2. Battery and disconnect question

    check your owners manual on how many CCA's or MCA's cranking amps are required.... some manufacturers require batteries with high reserve capacity and many of these are not met by AGM's. dC
  3. Mullet run madness

    congrats... I don't do much night fishing these days as I don't trust my long range vision for offshore... dc
  4. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    Congrats...sounds like you found what you wanted...what was the price? dc
  5. Compression Testing: The Broker or Independent Mechanic

    Same thoughts as above.... A mechanic overview will cost you $100 +/- and I would definately get a marine survey....another $300 or so.... dc
  6. 2000 ma21 ignition switch

    Go to local yamaha dealer and get one..take pics of all the connections prior to disassemble...not difficult to replace. dc
  7. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    Yes, you dont' get beat up as bad in a chop.... If you look, you can find a PF17 for about $8K...from time to time....same as the older Tunnels...$11-14K....with some DIY work...a nicer boat like seen above is in the upper price range for a 2003.... DC
  8. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    If you think you are going skinny....check out the older HPX-T hulls...Capt DonH and I used to fish his in Choko for years when I was between boats....you can pick up at 2001-05 for about 12-14K... or, again, in lieu of the tailfisher, again, the Pathfinder 17's are around for $8-10K, and they hold their values.....meaning, the 1999-2001's usually are pretty basic and can be used for what you are considering....just a couple more ideas.... dc
  9. Forum decal

    Yes, like the secret handshake dc
  10. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    Just remember, anything less than about 2 feet and use of the TM and you are churning mud and the bottom on a MA17... Again, the only skiff that will get you skinny, but, doesn't pole or handle the chop well is a Pathfinder 17T in the price range of a "2nd" skiff...you can find them all the time in the $8-10K range and you can swap the TM, electronics, etc... Bonefisher mentioned above might do the job....but, you'll most likely need to find a DIY (again, depending on the condition)....there are alot hulls, but, as Conocean always says, the trailer is as important as the engine..if one breaks down, no matter the hull, you are not going fishing....so, something to consider and what you might need to factor into your budget - age of the trailer and motor.... And, consider your "idea of poling", if you have not done much, it's not too romantic....it's work, trust me I did it on my ol RF18 - AND, most importantly, Poling is more like hunting, than fishing, be sure your fishing partner and any guests understand, you could go for hours and only have a few shots at the fish....and you need to be dead accurate in your casting to be succesful...not trying to be negative...just something to think about as you make your decisions....for me, I loved my 23 Dusky, but, too big and too much work, then went to a RF18, and found I missed the offshore a good bit, but, again, the 22 footer was a lot of boat to trailer and off shore was really limited to good days...sold her, and went super small and skinny with a 17T and found I wasn't poling and was getting a good beating crossing large water in the 10K's, then (thanks to Paul - conocean) i found my MA17, and it does everything ( "I") need...livewell,stable, trolling motor, easy to trailer and launch, easy to clean, etc....what you might find (and I'm just speculating), you might be happy selling your PF22 and going to a late model MA17 or MA18.5 and find you have the best of both worlds....don't know you or your fishing style...but, something to throw out...I could be 100% wrong..but, it's a forum to help other think.... dc
  11. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    Only if you want to chip your teeth running across the bay....it's the old Pathfinder 17T design...I couldn't even run it Chokoloskee on most days out front...took a beating. Mirage Series..I can't comment, haven't owned or been in one...many have here... I own the 17MA...Hurricane is dead one...I love mine and it cuts the Choko chop like buddddda DC
  12. very nice....I want to be DonH when I come back in another life dc
  13. Seacock Replacement

    they will both break....just buy them from West Marine and get the 3 year warranty...for $15 and when they do, you take them back. dc
  14. nice...we need to find a few like that in Choko dc
  15. How to- The perfect hatch cable stay

    thank you...i already bought it..but no time to fiddle with it. nice offer. dc