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  1. Wanaflatsfish

    Electrical wiring question

    A while back I posted various links to marine wiring etc. check this thread up top and you have all the basics.... MARINE WIRING AND OTHER GOOD STUFF DC
  2. Wanaflatsfish

    Electrical wiring question

    the LT and older Hewes' were similar except for hull design....I would suspect if you contact Terry Deal or Skip on the forum, they can provide a schematic on the older RF or LT. dc
  3. Wanaflatsfish

    tackle storage suggestions??

    Yep, another famous south florida guide I know who fished biscayne bay says, "if it doesn't fit in your pockets, it's more than you need" I have been scaling back as well....I found I keep fishing the same lures over and over and a plastic plano of gulp and I'm good to go... Before all you Yetti haters jump in....this works pretty good for my fishing.....I use pop' n corks and shrimp....shrimp stay in the bucket and basics on the side of the bucket in a holder....I'll switch back and forth during the day and use artificial jerk baits or DOA shrimp or even spoons etc.....I usually have 3 rods rigged with different baits to heave... I will say, the Yetti bucket works as I thought...it's heavy on the bottom and has a nice backing...with about 1/4 full of water, it doesn't move much when placed properly in front of the seat console on the MA17... DC
  4. Wanaflatsfish

    Pedestal Seat RF16

    Check with Bob at Inshore Marine...he might sell one. c
  5. Wanaflatsfish

    ENP Boater Permit

    several years ago up in Alligator bay....DonH and I were stopped by a FWC officer.....I left my fishing lic in my other bag....he said if I had a copy of it, he'd take that as proof, but, without it, it cost me $80.00....and to get even worse, when I sent it in, they lost the payment I had made online....so, glad I kept a screen shot....they sent me a letter saying I was in violation of Federal Law....then called me telling me I would receive a summons or something...anyway, I had the proof of payment and sent them a photo copy. DC
  6. Wanaflatsfish

    Jack Plate questions

    100% agree with all the above.....to install and service the unit with an external pump is easy peasy....I had mine for 7 years, same as above....changed out a few solenoids and always carried one of the boat....change them out in less than 10 min.... dc
  7. Wanaflatsfish

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    Ralph, keep an eye out on someone upgrading from EVO2 to EVO3...you should be able to pick one up on one of the fishing boards.... Check with Simrad before you do to find out how long they will service the EVO2.....I bought mine at WM with the warranty..so, if it goes bad, I bring it in and they replace it or give me $ credit towards a new EVO3..... dc
  8. Wanaflatsfish

    Off Topic: Dog Related Westminster Dog Show

    No, didn't get a chance to see the labs...it conflicted with another session we were watching..... dc
  9. I know that spot !!!!! Ha....Joe, one of these days we have to hook up ....share some spots and tell lies dc
  10. Wanaflatsfish

    ENP Boater Permit

    You can always go by Staples and pick up some plastic sheets to make your own card.....I put it on my phone as well. dc
  11. No fishing this weekend....spending a vacation in NYC at the Dog Show... Decided to take along the camera for a few clicks...it's been a long time since I have shot......so, things are a bit rusty.... Went to the agility trials and meet the breed.... A few quick pics..i had a decent seat by the one of the hurdles...lighting was good, but, not super bright...should have brought the 70-200 2.8, but, carried the 105 2.8...even then, I had to crank up the ISO to ISO to 1600 and shoot at 125 shutter speed...shot wide open @ 2.8 and had a bit of blur at 125...but, did not want to push the ISO anymore.... The border collies are amazing...and they even had a lab in the game..but, they are no match for the collies...you can see how much the dogs like to compete....they go crazy at the start to run... A few pics....enjoy Here is a Norwich Terrier.....don't own one yet....on the bucket list....but, they are way to cute....to pass up a photo...
  12. Wanaflatsfish

    ENP Boater Permit

    Gotta keep you healthy and going Capt Donh....gotta get all yo moknee's worth from Da Gov At least another 10 years..... dc
  13. Wanaflatsfish

    Corroded head bolts

    BTW, I found the gift of the gods when I found my 24 year old master angler 1995 115 two stroker that was garage kept....any cleaner and you'd say it was new...
  14. Wanaflatsfish

    Corroded head bolts

    Yep, I think you are opening a large can of worms unless you plan on keeping the engine for another 4-5 years...you break the bolt head and you are into drilling out etc. If it's running fine...why worry....I'd really scrub them down as mentioned and try and slow down the rust.... dc