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  1. Simrad should be here this weekend....i'm on the road till Friday. dc

    Suggest you contact Conocean on this forum about the HPX...his buddy, and mine, is one of the "top" guides in Miami - Carl Ball. He's running a NEW Marquessa and had the older model for about 10 years....I am sure Paul has poled Carl's boat and vice versa. Carl is on pro-staff and will be able to provide you with a "sample ride" most likely if you meet at the ramp after a day of biscayne bay fishing. Joe Rodriquez is also a pro-staff and has made a video.....many pro staff maverick owners here who will provide you with either a day on the water or at least a demo. I have ridden and fished from both the HPX and Marq. limited assessment and non-poling eval: IMHO: pros of MHP - dealer network, competitive price for the value, ride in a strong chop / HB: fit and finish - negative - must drag it back to Titusville for any issues. Enjoy the adventure of selecting your next vessel.... dc
  3. Fuel Delivery Issue

    Check your Antisiphon valve at the tank...they will catch a bit of something in the line ball valve and give you the exact symptoms. here is an antiphon with gunk i found on my path 17 t when i redid the fuel lines... dc IMG_0517 by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr
  4. Simrad Total Scan

    He he did not pay the extra $200 (LOL).......plus, as you know, we don't catch feeessh anymore....all our secret spots are useless these day dc
  5. She's Gone

    lots of choices...enjoy the looking dc
  6. The Channel Through Lake Ingraham

    HMMMMM....I've broken few in Choko....but, doesn't look like mine dc
  7. pvc board at Home Depot

    I only saw white...maybe special order? THIS IS AT UNIV AND 595 STORE IN DAVIE DC
  8. Hit a rock (or several). Need advice for repair!

    Doesn't look bad at all... couple of things to be careful: 1.) ON the skeg...most likely, you'll need to have the seals on the lower unit repacked.....I had mine done when I damaged my LU when I broke the skeg before IRMA - self inflected...the total cost of the LU repack and repair by Ralph (Outlaw on forum at AMES Welding) about $750.....but, it's been perfect since......the reason I say it needs to be watched is .that's pretty close to the LU housing and it's hard not to heat the seals that close...... I would demand that they cover this under insurance.... 2.) prop looks fried......... 3.) Fiberglass...no biggie...looks like just a bit of cloth and gelcoat.
  9. Simrad Total Scan

    It was sold to Muddy Bottoms this afternoon... dc
  10. Simrad Total Scan

    I was told it was good for bait searching......
  11. Do you want the base unit price or the one with the tracks and secret spots Dc
  12. pvc board at Home Depot

    saw these the other day.....for your boat project vs starboard. dc

    Be sure you put gorilla tape on the ends of any snakes or you could scrape the wiring...as mentioned, large amounts of soap and silicone spray.... Puta sharp cone on the end of the wiring and it will pass through....be sure to "shake" the wires in the chase... dc
  14. I am moving to another unit and will have this on the market as soon as my other comes in from West Marine. Selling this unit- 2 years old - works perfectly with transducer. Was on special for $700 plus transducer = $100 plus or minus = $800 plus tax etc. I'm letting it go for $475 plus shipping....will update with more pics today.....most likely will be available week of April 1st. For $675, I'll even leave on all the tracks around Flamingo & Chokoloskee DC