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  1. Ride Quality Comparison: Hewes vs. Maverick

    Zara, There are all very very different hulls and boats.. MA17-live bait - heavy - drafts 12" HPXV - polling skiff RF16 New and Older - yes, polling, good ride dc
  2. 20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    Thank god someone asked.....for goodness sakes...they sell sporting goods....not like it's the Evil Empire...and, BTW, I do buy locally to support all my tackle shops, e.g, Everglades Bait and Tackle from the bait-babe....when I go to Flamingo I hit Don's and drop a few $$$ in addition to shrimp...I dropped about $200 there one time on a net, tackle, hat, etc. I try to stay away from BPS, especially with my wife as it costs me $$$$ for Tommy Bahama stuff dc
  3. Suggest you PM Outlaw on the forum....he's a hard core camper and can give you the skinny.... He knows the park (flamingo) area very well and camps there throughout the winter....me, unfortunately, camping is the Holiday Inn in Marathon dc
  4. ENP December 4

    Dead calm....nice day to run the park. Fresh mack on the smoker is always good dc
  5. Rtic coolers

    Definitely a good value.... dc
  6. Rtic coolers

    I use mine as a bag of death....they hold ice all day.....and larger ones will hold a few reds, trout, etc..enough to take home for dinner and maybe a few ladyfish for chunk baits. dc
  7. 20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    Yes, but it doesn't say "yeti" on it (LOL).... And Paul, yes, because, as my buddy Chris says, I hate money, I did buy a Yeti bucket (coral green) to match my Engel Cooler and compliments my emerald green skifff....and I will say, it is a really nice bucket....for $39, it's weighted on the bottom with non skid, sits on the floor and doesn't move around when filled with shrimp........ok, start the stone throwing....:) DC

    I am sorry I misunderstood about the HDSLIVE...I thought it was a NAVICO specific model and I forgot that Navico owns Lowrance. Yes, if the Lowrance meet your needs, salvo the knob, it might be the way to go....I will say, that even with the EVO2, the speed of processing is fine, but, any higher speed processor will only work better if your are speaking about a Gen5. The screen, while important, in today's world, is not going to make a huge difference, IMHO. I used to do serious photography, and my monitor was about $1500, still have it, and I needed it for Lightroom work....but, on a skiff, I"m not sure I'd pay more for a GPS screen....... It would be great to find an EVO2 discounted...as mentioned, I bought the LAST EVO2 from WM....it was a floor model from their store in Los Angles and I got it for about $1K on a price check....as well, depending on you set up....12" is really nice, but, for my skiff, the 9" screen works just fine. DC
  9. Tampa Bay gags on fire

    Well done dc
  10. Camping in Choko

    probably 50% of all the boats I've seen on a given day are 22 Pathy's or similar....I ran a 22 for 5 years in Choko... With a FMT chip....NO ISSUES....just be cautious on a negative tide...I ran for 5 years in my pathy without a FMT...only broke my skeg 2x's and no serious damage Follow the FMT redline...and you'll be fine, no matter where you launch...on a low tide, the rod and gun is the easiest to navigate either in or out. dc
  11. 20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    It's the soft sided square.... dc

    What is the $ difference ? BTW, there has not been a lot of Navico systems reported here....I know of them from my reading, but, it appears they are more big boat, sailing solutions? Personally, EVO3 is now proven technology by Simrad......I would probably go in that direction...at the level of a EVO3 vs hDSLive12, it's hard to believe there will be a vast improvement? DC
  13. 20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    I bought someone a birthday present - a Yeti Square Cooler.....price $249...sale $199..then I had my friend buy another item...saved $10...so, for $60...I took the money and run I don't buy much from them...but, when they are handing out $$$$...hard to pass on it dc
  14. What did you do to your boat today?

    A good OCD Looking good bro I really like the sea deck inside the hatches...very clean install. dc
  15. What did you do to your boat today?

    Nice Job Ralph.....looking very clean....I need to steal some of your ideas... VERY NICE BATTERY BOX....YOU SHOULD SELL THEM.... but......REALLY ???????? CLEANING THE PROP ???? I CLEAN MINE BY RUNNING SHALLOW ACROSS A MUD FLAT dc