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  1. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    Manual gives you minimum requirements. Anything above their minimum is fine.
  2. Carb rebuild question

    It may not be creating enough vacuum at idle. When was the last time it was de-carbed? Look up "Dunks Decarb method" online. Give it a try and see if idle improves.
  3. 18 MA w/ F150 Prop Update

    Call a good prop shop and pick their brain. You want to run very close or at max RPM. Much less wear and tear on the engine and less likely to make oil. You may have to drop some diameter.
  4. Need a Trailer for my 18' Redfisher

    Where are you located? There are several trailer companies in Florida that make a good trailer (Owens and Sons, Continental, Rocket, Ameritrail etc). FLDXT posted my favorite trailer. Rolls Axle out of Plant City has their lifetime spring system which is by far better than the rest. No steel torsions , axle or springs to corrode.
  5. Engine Alarm

    If the alarm is buzzing when engine is dead cold I would lean towards oil or wiring. I am assuming you filled the remote tank in the boat? I would pull the cowling and check the main tank. If it is low, that's your buzzer! You can try the emergency fill switch to fill it. If that doesn't work your transfer pump may have gone bad (pretty common). You can pull the float assembly out of the small main tank and fill it manually (funnel and quart of 2 stroke). This will get you several miles without an issue. If your main tank is full I would still pull the float assembly and make sure the float isn't stuck down for some reason. Also check all connections coming through the rigging tube into the pan. Disconnect all plugs, inspect for corrosion and such, then reconnect. If all of that is good you I would check your key switches. Disconnect all plugs and bullet connectors, inspect and re-connect.
  6. Newbie 97 Maverick RL

    Based on the year the livewell pickups and drains look normal to me. The only one im not sure about is the one that seems to have a rust filled crack coming out of it. I haven't seen a fitting of such kind before. Forum member Triplec (I blelive that's spelled right) has a 1996 and should have the same well pickups. He may chime in with some more help. I definitely think its a decent deal. I also love the dual rod lockers. Very nice. Good luck with her.
  7. Loose console

    Agreed, This is the permanent fix.
  8. Tired of wet feet

    If the raybuds are installed correctly you shouldn't have any water intrusion. My Bro in laws 2200 has had them for years and not a drop of water when fishing off the stern. There used to be a few threads on here on how to install them. You may want to run a search. Good luck!
  9. THIS is a sunrise

    Yes, Definitely a great spot. We did stay in the Point house. Entire peninsula to ourselves. The house isn't the fanciest to say the least but the views and location are absolutely worth it.
  10. THIS is a sunrise

    Fun 4 days spent on the point at North Captiva.
  11. G2 300 Repower on 2004 2400v...Thoughts?

    I really like the new G2. Amazing fuel economy for the amount of power they put out. They are a tad louder at idle but not much to right home about. If I could ever afford a repower there would be a G2 on my 21MA.
  12. 2000 Master Angle 21'- price reduction

    Crazy, Just got back from a 4 day trip on North Captiva with lots of pics of the kids but not one shot of the boat! I will throw the bags in it and shoot a picture tonight.
  13. 2000 Master Angle 21'- price reduction

    Unless you are looking into a big CC I would argue the "family friendly" boat. I love my 21 and so does my wife and kids (My brother also runs a 21 with wife and two kids). I add two bean bag chairs for cruising days. They are the small size from e-sea rider. They fit adults and kids no problem. They are more comfortable than any Pathfinder seat I've ridden on and you can still utilize the walk on gunnels. I also move my cooler to the rear deck when running the bean bags. Adds some walk around room for the little ones. GLWS. You have a nice 21.
  14. Loose wiring & mystery noises

    Use zip ties and turn the stereo up louder!