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  1. Lap it Up

    Tournament Edition vs V Differences?

    I think this is the other way around. TE has a thinner console. Easier to walk around.
  2. Lap it Up

    GPS Screen Size

    Wow. The clarity and detail is great! I've run Garmin on every boat I have owned but this mapping definitely makes you think about switching. I hope Garmin gets into the game soon.
  3. Lap it Up


    I had a 1998 18RF and I'm pretty sure it was rigged with that same drain hose. I used to have pictures of my bilge from when I sold it but I cant find them. Im sure some others with Lappys will chime in. Materials have changed quite a bit since the 90's.
  4. Lap it Up

    Any pathfinder 23 hps for sale?

    https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/chl/boa/d/punta-gorda-2015-pathfinder-2300-hps/6808190406.html https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/chl/boa/d/punta-gorda-2014-pathfinder-2300-hps/6812034367.html A couple on the West Coast
  5. Lap it Up

    Best way to keep spare hubs ready

    Like Conocean and Brad mentioned. You want NEW hubs, greased and ready to slide on. You do not want to be changing bearings and greasing a 200 degree hub on the side of the road.
  6. Lap it Up

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    I definitely like the look and style of aluminum wheels but I don't believe there are any added advantages besides looks. Aluminum wheels corrode and clear coat fails if not meticulously maintained, they are prone to leak around the bead and they do not hold up well to curb checks and pot holes. I agree galvanized wheels are ugly but I have had much less issues with them over the years.
  7. Lap it Up

    Corroded head bolts

    You need to find where the salt water is coming from. There are several rubber grommets in the pan that can get brittle and leak. It could also be the pan gasket or cowling gasket. Doesn't make sense to change bolts to only to see it happen again. You can spray a garden hose lightly at the bottom of the pan and have someone look for intrusion. Or take your cowling off when out of the water. A lot of times water enters when coming off plane, trailer launching or spray from transducers. IMO, On an engine that old with aged rubber pieces, it is good practice to wash, rinse and silicone spray the powerhead several times a season.
  8. Lap it Up

    Which Bluetooth dongle?

    I have had this same dongle in my boat for about a year and I have had no issues with it. All the volume you want on qty 4 8" Pioneers and a 250watt Rockford Fosgate. I really want to try a Bluetooth controller like the one JL has but this one just wont quit.
  9. Lap it Up

    WTB used Yamaha 150hp, 20" shaft

    Here is one down south https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/bpo/d/homestead-yamaha-150/6774978356.html
  10. Lap it Up

    Boat Detailing Prices

    South Florida usually ranges $20-25 dollars a foot for buff and wax only. Price goes up from there if you need wet sanding as well. You can save yourself some time and money if you remove accessories, handles, speakers etc yourself. A good detailer will remove easy items and tape off hard to remove items.
  11. Lap it Up

    Yamaha 2014 250 SHO for sale

    Contact http://www.nizpromarine.com/ No need to switch your entire engine. 200 to 250 is as easy as a computer flash.
  12. Lap it Up

    1900 Tunnel Prop Question

    I wouldn't run a 25" and your 130 mid will not work with a 2.6L powerhead. I would keep searching for a Vmax HPDI.
  13. Lap it Up

    Center Console

    This is a common failure on older Pathfinders. The console will eventually come loose if it isn't already. The best fix is to glass the console down from the inside of the console. PM BradM, I believe he did his 1900.
  14. Lap it Up

    HPDI stutter at 3500 rpm

    Yamaha duplex battery / power cables are notorious for going bad. Even if it doesn't fix it, I would replace with good marine grade tinned cables with quality crimped ring terminals.
  15. Lap it Up

    2017 Maverick HPX-S

    Very nice rig. GLWS