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  1. Lap it Up

    2001 Yamaha 175HP VMAX HPDI 2stroke 780 hours

    They build a fine boat. GLWS on the HPDI. Great engine.
  2. Lap it Up

    2017 Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Very nice boat. If I ever move out of my 21MA, this is what I would be looking at. GLWS
  3. Lap it Up

    Fuel Water Separator

    This right here. You want to be able to fill the filter.
  4. I have a SEI on my 2.6L. No issues at all. My suggestion is run it for a few months and then install OEM driveshaft seals, prop shaft seal and water pump kit. All the rubber parts are non OEM.
  5. Lap it Up

    2001 Yamaha 175HP VMAX HPDI 2stroke 780 hours

    Just out of curiosity... What boat is it on? Looks like a nice pad bottom.
  6. Lap it Up

    21' MA speaker/Amp install (finally)

    I would look into M's series over the MX's. You will get a much deeper, clearer and bassier (is that a word?) sound. You may not have to add a sub with four M series cranked, bridged and adjusted just right.
  7. Lap it Up

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Nice work! I have a 1998 21 MA. It had a tank done in 2010 and had a similar repair done on the front port side. They cut the locker liner out to access it. The 21's are beasts, but I think people push them farther than they should since the ride is so good. She should be much stronger with the repair you made.
  8. Lap it Up

    MA 21 biggest jacklplate setback

    I have an 8" setback bobs on order. Should get it by the end of the month. I will report back some before and after numbers once I have it installed. I have a 1998 21 W/ a 2.6L 175 Yamaha.
  9. Boy I love me some 2 stroke power!
  10. Lap it Up

    Mercury 450!

    Just look at the power to weight ratio in comparison to Yamaha's 425. Its a no brainer to go with Merc if you are weight and CG conscious.
  11. It is an old Lowrance transducer (factory installed). My 1998 Redfisher had the same thing.
  12. Lap it Up

    Throttle cable or shift cable?

    Model and year of outboard?
  13. Lap it Up

    Poppit valve grommit

    I have done this once before on a 130 V4 Yamaha. I hooked water to the hose hook up and had someone turn the water on full blast. I watched it float up and I grabbed it with a pick.
  14. Lap it Up

    Siphone gas for emergencies

    This is what I do. I have an old car fuel pump with long leads w/ alligator clips.
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