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  1. What did you do to your boat today?

    Nice improvement Dino!
  2. Pretty cheap smooth side

  3. 1994 Maverick Master Angler 18.5

    That's a 60 degree Looper OMC. Light, powerful and parts are fairly cheap and easy to find. If compression came back good and all the electronics were up to snuff I wouldn't be concerned at all. I would use it as a negotiation tool since most people associate MBC with Yamahas. I agree with FLDXT. Doesn't look like the original console, although I do like it set up on the side. I had a 19' Hoog with a side console and boy does it make the deck space feel huge and you can run a cooler next to it for another seat side by side. Remember the tank is under the floor. Big job if it needs to come out at any time.
  4. A Pathfinder version west coast tower boat?

    They could do without a few small Cobias and make another bay boat / tower boat.
  5. Best price on a Yamaha Lower unit

    SEI is a decent lower but they do not offer a low water pickup lower like your HPDI lower. If you need low water you would have to send a SEI to Bob’s machine.
  6. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    Speed gains will be minimal to none. Draft increase is minimal as well and can be compensated with shifting some things around like troller batteries. This isn't a Jon boat so stress on the transom I wouldn't be to concerned with especially with only 6" setback. It boils down to where and how you use the boat. Do you run a lot of shallow water? Do you idle to and from spots across shallow water? Do you need to get up on plane in shallow water? Having a jackplate helps me get up on plane in shallow water and that's my biggest plus. Burry tabs, raise the plate, hammer the throttle! Idling in shallow water without having my prop in the air is a plus as well.
  7. Ignition Switch Replacement

    Plug and play. Very simple.
  8. A Pathfinder version west coast tower boat?

    I would like to see one. They could easily make a boat like a Marauder Avenger 24'.
  9. 2005 Maverick 21' MA on BT

    Correct... HPDI's need clean - corn free fuel, good semi/full synthetic oil and need to be run hard before putting it back on the trailer. You also need to be religious with seasonal servicing.
  10. FIRE SALE! Pathfinder 26hps for sale ($21000)

    X2. They take all the hatches for the hardware.
  11. Maverick 21 on CL

    My wife and kids would love that custom swim platform!
  12. 2005 Maverick 21' MA on BT

    I wouldn't say that's a steal. Those HPDI's do not do well with sitting. Low hours on an outboard that old is not always a good thing. Also appears it has lived in the sun all its life. Still my favorite MBC hull!!
  13. Post your MA pics here!

    Here are a couple pics of my 1998 MA21. I have done a lot of work since buying her and she still has a lot to go but we are really enjoying her so far. Next up: Power pole or Talon, Jackplate, All new latches / hardware, backrest and a seaked cockpit. I am currently building a worked 3.1L OX66 250 on a 2006 3.3L HPDI 20" mid. Its gonna scoot!
  14. power pole fuse

    I had mine stop working once. I had to go through the procedure of linking the remote. That fixed it. Somehow my remote lost its memory (I don’t install a dash switch, only use a remote).
  15. Master Angler Production

    The issue isn't the mold. The mold can be reproduced by popping it off an old boat. The issue has always been the cost to produce. Charlie Johnson said it himself. With todays material costs a Kevlar 21 MA would be around $70-$80k. Most rookies that don't know better will choose a cheaper bay boat thinking they can get more for their money. They would be competing against themselves. What surprises me is that no other fly by night boat company has popped a mold of the bottom and re-badged it. The Lake and Bay bottom has been copied by numerous companies over the years.