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  1. Lap it Up

    VHF antenna mount ideas on poling platform

    Remember to unscrew the cable end at the VHF every so often and keep it lubricated. Most are pop metal and will lock with salt corrosion. It happens quick even if its mounted inside your console.
  2. Lap it Up

    2018 Maverick 17 HPX-S

    Gorgeous color! GLWS
  3. Lap it Up

    gas tank replacement

    Doesn't the LT 20 have a fuel tank hatch? You just need to de-rig and pull the console.
  4. Lap it Up

    Transom Wedges

    PM sent
  5. Lap it Up

    This Is a Sunset

    Evening Biscayne Bay cruise with my daughter!
  6. Lap it Up

    Yamaha Powerhead work

    You can buy a whole lot of gas and oil for the price of a new fourstroke outboard. I don't know about Palm City but there are several reputable shops in South Florida. There are also a lot of used Vmax's around and a powerhead swap is fairly simple and straight forward. Another good source is https://www.hydrotecmarine.com/ They have rebuilt short blocks and are a plethora of Yamaha 2 stroke knowledge.
  7. Lap it Up

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Yes. 1998 21 MA. First model year of that hull. Love the boat but they definitely get brittle over time. It’ll be stronger than factory when it’s finished.
  8. Lap it Up

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Very nice work. Glad to see her buttoned up again. Unfortunately my boat will be going under the knife here very soon. I have a 1998 with the front sea chest grate under the front well. One of the thru hull fittings broke off and actually pushed thru the liner in the starboard rod locker. It was obviously flooding the bilge. Whatever holds the cap and liner in place is loose which allowed the liner to move and hit the thru hull fitting. Its either a bulkhead, stringer or both. I will be cutting the entire floor out and removing the tank in order to get access to the front of the boat (Pulling the cap is not an option). I will post some pics as I start the process.
  9. Lap it Up

    How similar are....

    The bottoms are indeed different with the 21 being the better of the two. 21's ride considerably better than 2200's.
  10. Lap it Up

    REWIRE 2200v Recommendations in Miami

    My buddy is having his 21MA completely rewired. Every wire, switch, fuse panel and switch panel. Also includes all LED lighting and transom lights $3,600 Custom Marine concepts in Miami is doing the work
  11. Lap it Up

    conversion from Bennett to Lenco ??? 1995 MA 17

    I switched to the Bennett electrics. They sell a retrofit kit. You utilize the same harness, same tab plates. Easy install and they are very reliable. I see MBG is installing them on new builds now
  12. Lap it Up

    Best motor for a Redfisher 18 Lappy

    You will be happy with the double fuel pump. Much heartier.
  13. Lap it Up

    2003 24 Pathfinder fuel tank replacement

    Older 24's are aluminum. My buddies 2004 is definitely aluminum. Not sure when they went to poly.
  14. I had a Rolls under my 18 RF. Best trailer I have ever owned. Their lifetime spring system is second to none. Mine also floated if I backed in a little too deep. All in all best trailer I've seen or owned. Ameritrail may look a little "fancier" but you over pay for that "fancy" and their axles rot out like all the others.
  15. Lap it Up

    WTB OFS 19 4 blade

    Bump. Still looking for an OFS19.
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