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  1. kevlar hull on 87 MA

    No Scott deal Maverick has ever had a wood transom from factory. You may have looked at a Berg Maverick before Scott.
  2. Motor is Shaking when Trimmed Up?

    This is my thought as well. I'd give all connections going in and out of the rigging tube a once over. I would also give her a nice Seafoam treatment after.
  3. Hewes Wildcat, Check This Classic Out

    I love those Wildcats. I've seen a couple fully restored, very nice. You can't kill that ol' crossflow 175!
  4. Dry boat bag or box for important items??

    For my keys, cell phone etc I use a dry bag. Been using it for many years. I sling it around a rod holder on the side of my console. Dry as a bone and floats. For registration, flares, and first aid kit I use a pelican case under my seat. https://www.amazon.com/Surfun-Waterproof-Shoulder-Kayaking-Swimming/dp/B00ZOR1904/ref=sr_1_20_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1516102231&sr=8-20-spons&keywords=10l%2Bdry%2Bbag&psc=1&th=1
  5. Hydro Tec Marine Performance???

    This is pretty much spot on.
  6. My 21 MA

    I am also very curious to know what prop the OP is running. My 1998 21MA runs 54-55mph with a 2.6L 175 Pro V. I am currently building a 3.1L 250 ox66 for it. It will have an exhaust tuner, reeds, EFI tuner and bobs low water. the plan is to run at least 70mph. I have a 24p OMC Raker hubbed for Yamaha I hope to spin.
  7. Salt Off/Salt Away

    I’ve used both. Vinegar is much more effective.
  8. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    The new poppet is a big improvement over the old style. Yamahas are very sensitive to blockage in the water jacket passages. I plastic bead blast the heads and jacket covers to get rid of all the scale and build up. I also lap the heads flat again. Try Mary Kate On/Off in a squirt bottle for the passages in the block. use lots of water to clean it all out. Hopefully your issue isn't a corrosion hole in the exhaust plate mixing exhaust and cooling water.
  9. 1997 Hewes Redfisher 19ft

    Needs some elbow grease but not a bad deal at $9k. I have that same engine on my 21MA. They like fuel but make a bunch of torque.
  10. WTB Skiff under $10k

    You can find them no problem. Check Tampa Bay craigslist. There are a handful right now. I'd look up and down Florida, also check Offer Up. I've seen them there as well. For 8-9k you may have to do a little work and upgrade some electronics but you can get a good boat if you look and have cash. FYI Hewes boats older than 1988 have lots of wood. I'd stick to 1989 and newer.
  11. Craigslist 21RF

  12. Selling 2001 22ft Pathfinder question

    Nice rig Tim. Although this isn't the primo selling season, I would personally up that price and see what it does. Clean rig for someone trying to get into a Bay boat.
  13. The Rolls will be well worth the money guaranteed
  14. Selling 2001 22ft Pathfinder question

    The 2001 cap isn't as popular as later the model but it should sell pretty quickly at that price. Bay boats are all the craze these days. Post it with some good pics in the classifieds.
  15. Fishing in Key Largo in December

    I am a big fan of running from the keys to Flamingo. It is a beautiful route. I make the run several times a year. If you have a decent chart plotter you'll be fine.