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  1. Swordfish

    Nice catch guys !! Great job on a Pathfinder !! Mod Marc
  2. Talking Points

    Easy guys! Important subject here! Let refrain from getting personal! Thank you MOD2
  3. 1986 Maverick Deluxe

    Put up some photos and a price so we can see your Deluxe !! Mod-1
  4. Do you have copies of the email(s) you could PM to me? MOD2
  5. This forum has specific rules so that we may maintain civility. The OWNER did not want the forum to become an unorganized free for all as some others have become. The usual mode for contact by a moderator is by PM. We as moderators are not perfect and we cannot read minds. I am not aware of the incident and therefore will not comment on it. But if we believe a member is verbally attacking another member we will most likely take some type of action. If a member has something personal to say to another, that type of activity should be by personal message. If a member believes he/she is receiving actual threats by another member on PM, that member should copy the PM and make us aware of it by PM. This forum is primarily a place to discuss the boats, fishing, equipment, and family. The administration wishes to keep it that way. MOD2 PS: We are not faceless moderators. We have been introduced by the owner and administrators at various MBG functions.
  6. Sup!

    Hurricane Irma caused us to skip the Islamorada Owners' Tournament last year. The turnouts are big, and only restricted by dock spaces. Still at Breezy Palms. Rooms and slips are usually booked up. There are other motels with docks close by.. You will remember some people you fished with 20 years ago.. Mod-1
  7. To Cover or Not?

    A very Manly weekend, Nag ! If you cannot be there, one must have a comfortable & quiet place to watch every swing. Mod-1
  8. New to me first maverick

    Welcome to the Family, Northfl !! Mod-1
  9. Georgia Coast

    Absolutely stunning work, Ron !! Thanks for sharing. Marc
  10. Yamaha F-300

    Well, If you are adding a half tower you will need a new prop.. JEM is right. Dial it in and sell the 21P. I would look at the other 2400 prop threads to see what the tower boats are running. You can always PM Funky Monkey. He can prop you correctly. M-1
  11. Example of WOODY WAX

    That looks great, Dino ! It makes cleanups easy and fast, as you said. Speaking of cleanups.. I also remember a photo you posted of your Pathy while you were yellowtailing.. see if you still have it. It demonstrates the need for waxes and coatings before you have a great day of catchin'... You certainly use & enjoy your boats Dino. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills. Marc
  12. Yamaha F-300

    Running it hard won't loosen the motor up after 238 hours. Assuming that the engine is running efficiently, and you are setting the jackplate & trim correctly, your next step may be to try a new prop. If you fish in shallow water, a 4 blade likes the higher jackplate settings. If you fish deeper water, the SWS-II has big blades to move more water. You can also have your prop tuned to allow 500 more RPM. Seek out a quality prop shop to repitch your wheel so it spins up to 6K RPM. If you have the SDS, shift damper prop, tell the prop shop to ensure they can work it. Look in the Pathfinder Section. In there, there is a subtopic for 'Prop Discussions'. I see two threads about 2400/F300 props. Depending how you fish, and how much time you spend above 5000 RPM will determine what props will serve you best. This is one of the threads: PF 2400 Prop Thread Please report back on your results. Mod-1
  13. Caesar's Creek Speed Trap?

    I wonder what the reasons were ? Probably just trying to protect their docks & visitors boats from the 'Clorox Bottles' going by off-plane.. Thanks for the Heads-Up ! M-1
  14. Black Uglies

    Don I removed the duplicate for you! MOD2
  15. Yamaha F-300

    What prop do you have on the boat ? Plenty of 2400's on here with the 300 to help you dial in.. M-1
  16. Great weather and big Snook

    Nice Snook !! Good to see fishing is picking up after the cold !! Mod-1
  17. Delray Peacocks.

    Those are some big bruisers, Don ! Nice job, again !! M-1
  18. Pathfinder 2500 Tuna Tango

    Great smile at the end of all the reelin ! Woodsie
  19. New ride delivered COBIA 261cc

    Your new Cobia has had some good company. I'm sure you will find the ride stable and comfortable. Your assessment of the hull so far is great, and I hope you and your family/friends enjoy the trips. Keep your eyes open for the Maverick Boat Group Family Tournaments coming up this summer. Meet some fine folks and have big fun.. Thanks for posting the pics and comments ! Mod-1
  20. 21 MA Owners - free owners manuals

    Can someone please scan those manuals, and post them in the Maverick Information section ? We try to get as many as we can for the Archives and new owners of older models.. Thank you, Mod-1
  21. Navionics Platinum + 632

    I deleted a post at this location! Please refrain from making negative comments about a member's post. If you have a negative comment, please send it by private message. Please read the forum rules! Thank you! MOD2
  22. Today in MBG History!

    Congratulations, Skip ! You are a lucky man to have a job that you love, and that you are very good at. Woodsie
  23. 2013 hrf18 seats

    If you call the factory and ask for the parts dept., they can tell you. They have an upholstery provider they may refer you to. Mod-1
  24. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Will-Do Josh. We have members who watch classifieds and Craigslist ads in their areas. They usually post up the ads in this Section. Mod-1 Mod-1