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  1. T-Top color for Ice Blue Pathfinder

    Take a look at Weblon fabric for the top.. It is white on top, and comes in many colors on the bottom.. Definitely cooler than the dark blue Sunbrella top I had on my other TTop. I am in SE Florida, and the top was hot in the summer sitting still. I have an ice blue hull.. I chose the ttop weblon material in white over light blue. Fashion choice, you know. Bernie is right tho... The gray bottom side cuts glare better than the light blue. Mod M

    Great design and beautiful work, Ralph !!
  3. 2300DV forward locker

    I do. There is no replacing a DV. There are no CC's made like this anymore. The 4.2 Yamaha motors do make the hulls nimble and efficient. Then again, You know this !! I have more photos of different stages of the builds if you need them.. Marc
  4. Charleston down the east coast of Florida

    Second Saint Augustine! Also Crescent Beach allows you to drive on the beach and is more laid back than Daytona. Just south of Crescent Beach is Washington Oaks Park on both the beach side and the inland waterway side.
  5. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    Gentlemen! Easy does it! A few of these posts are becoming personal! If it continues, part or all of the thread will cease to exist! Thank you! MOD2
  6. Opening day Anclote

    Beautiful coolers, Troy !! Marc
  7. Caught a few giant mud minnows....

    Well Done !! MM
  8. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Have not seen it. Usually, the registration will open later in the Summer. The important thing is securing hotel & dock space. Breezy is always booked up. Sands of Islamorada next door had no docks last week. Not sure about La Siesta on their docks. MM
  9. Gunwale rod holders for pathfinder 19'

    Thank you Justfish.. Make sure you have the 6" wide gunwales, Jimbo. Great guide for your install by Justfish.. MM
  10. Gunwale rod holders for pathfinder 19'

    I pulled up some google photos of the 2001 1900s.. The gunwales do look narrower, and I didn't see any rod holders installed on those boats.. Handrails, but no rod holders. Spot-on, Smilemaker ! Still doesn't help you Capt. Jimbo. The Scotty's rod holders are fine for light rods when anchored up. They don't have the rod storage and trolling benefits. Seasucker makes some rod holder sets that you can mount, move around and take off.
  11. What's Really Important In Life..........

    Congratulations to your family, Dino ! You have to be so proud of her.. I don't know of better parents ! Marc
  12. New Cobia 240CC Walkthrough Video

    I sent your request to an Administrator! MOD2
  13. Gunwale rod holders for pathfinder 19'

    You can install the smaller rod holders.. 15 degree. The space between the hull and liner is tight, and the floatation foam can get in the way.. You have to angle the rodholder so it will fit. The ones installed by the factory back then had tubes to drain water into the bilge past the foam. On my 2004 1900, I had two installed by the Dealer.. Lindsay Marine in Stuart. Marc
  14. Dog Days of Summer

    GWP ?? Mod-1
  15. 1994 Cobia 176es Monte Carlo

    I will bring this to the administrations attention! They might have some of the old data! MOD2
  16. Islamorada trip

    I moved this to the Photo Zone section! Let me know if you would prefer it somewhere else! MOD2
  17. The wife goes fishing no more!!

    You're a lucky guy to have a wife that loves the boat and fishing ! Sounds like she has the Good Luck, too !! M-1
  18. Speed question

    Did the seller take off the speed prop and put on a spare ? It sounds like a different prop: 53 mph and now 40.. Try a different 19 pitch 3 blade.. The Yamaha Pro series was a fast wheel.. Maybe you can find someone to loan you one up there.. M-1
  19. Lifting boat off trailer to paint

    Dino took his boat off the trailer in his yard to do some work. I think that thread was on the old forum archives. You can PM him for his thoughts and tips.. Wannaflatsfish Mod-1
  20. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    Careful guys. Lets not get personal! I have also been following the YETI story with interest! MOD2
  21. Stolen Pathfinder *please share!*

    Sorry for the additional heartache, Scott. I hope you get this worked out soon, and I hope you purchased a good insurance policy. Your luck has to swing soon.. Mod-Marc
  22. ISO Master Angler

    Dino, The 70's Berg boats had wood in the layup.. I don't think any Maverick boats had wood in them after the factory opened in Ft Pierce.. 1985 (?) Maverick bought the Hewes brand and they went wood-free in 89 or 1990.. Marc
  23. 23DV Eisenglass

    I don't think there were any Factory sets made for the DV. I have seen a bunch of different setups, based on the local needs and use. I have considered a piece of stiff-clear with Velcro ends.. I want it for cool weather and thunderstorms, and store it in the console. Any good canvas shop can fabricate whatever you think up. What DV do you have ? Mod-1
  24. Central Florida Trip With A Quick Stop At MBC

    I don't know how you get those shots.. Just amazing clarity and color.. I drove to Naples last weekend, and I saw 5 Snail Kites along Alligator Alley working the canal edge. Just one male.. I was glad to see them all, as they have it rough with water quality. No Swallow Tailed Kites tho.. Thanks again, Ron ! Marc
  25. Tired of wet feet

    Glad you go it corrected Ififish . As always, Thank You.. guys for the quality help and advice ! Well Done, Cadd ! Mod Marc