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  1. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    Careful guys. Lets not get personal! I have also been following the YETI story with interest! MOD2
  2. Stolen Pathfinder *please share!*

    Sorry for the additional heartache, Scott. I hope you get this worked out soon, and I hope you purchased a good insurance policy. Your luck has to swing soon.. Mod-Marc
  3. ISO Master Angler

    Dino, The 70's Berg boats had wood in the layup.. I don't think any Maverick boats had wood in them after the factory opened in Ft Pierce.. 1985 (?) Maverick bought the Hewes brand and they went wood-free in 89 or 1990.. Marc
  4. 23DV Eisenglass

    I don't think there were any Factory sets made for the DV. I have seen a bunch of different setups, based on the local needs and use. I have considered a piece of stiff-clear with Velcro ends.. I want it for cool weather and thunderstorms, and store it in the console. Any good canvas shop can fabricate whatever you think up. What DV do you have ? Mod-1
  5. Central Florida Trip With A Quick Stop At MBC

    I don't know how you get those shots.. Just amazing clarity and color.. I drove to Naples last weekend, and I saw 5 Snail Kites along Alligator Alley working the canal edge. Just one male.. I was glad to see them all, as they have it rough with water quality. No Swallow Tailed Kites tho.. Thanks again, Ron ! Marc
  6. Tired of wet feet

    Glad you go it corrected Ififish . As always, Thank You.. guys for the quality help and advice ! Well Done, Cadd ! Mod Marc
  7. ‘04 hewes RF 21 water pickup

    You can always call the factory and talk to the parts folks.. M-1
  8. 2011 Maverick 18 HPX-V for Sale. SOLD. THANKS.

    That was a high-class look that Honson had the factory pull off ! You'll miss her..
  9. 2300DV bilge pump/macerator hose

    Losing prime on the outlet side.. Hmm ? Any chance of a kink in the outlet hose up the side.. Is there a loop before the thru hull ? Hard to help you without getting dirty. Marc
  10. ‘04 hewes RF 21 water pickup

    Welcome !! Please take a picture of it and post it here.. Always helps get better or correct advice.. Mod-1
  11. Grand Kid Sitting

    You are a good Man, Chuck !! Marc
  12. 2015 PathFinder 23hps fuel gauge not accurate

    Might be worth trying before you open up the tank to replace sending unit.. It is aggravating to distrust the fuel gauge.. MM
  13. 17 2400 trs

    Really Sweet rig !! The long cover will keep her looking new.. Well Done ! Mod-Marc
  14. 2015 PathFinder 23hps fuel gauge not accurate

    I recall the fuel gauges being calibrated on new boats.. My last new boat, the dealer put 55 gals of gas in the tank and set the gauge to 1/2. (The boat does have a 110 gal tank). I wonder if the problems with inaccurate readings are due to the gauges not being calibrated, and those with accurate gauges actually had the gauges calibrated when the boats were delivered.. ? Having said that, can the gauges be recalibrated to correct the errors ? Anybody good with Youtube video searches for Yamaha gauges ? ModMarc
  15. 18MA VS 18 EGRET

    Best of luck with her ! Mod-1