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  1. Pathfinder 2500 Tuna Tango

    Great smile at the end of all the reelin ! Woodsie
  2. New ride delivered COBIA 261cc

    Your new Cobia has had some good company. I'm sure you will find the ride stable and comfortable. Your assessment of the hull so far is great, and I hope you and your family/friends enjoy the trips. Keep your eyes open for the Maverick Boat Group Family Tournaments coming up this summer. Meet some fine folks and have big fun.. Thanks for posting the pics and comments ! Mod-1
  3. 21 MA Owners - free owners manuals

    Can someone please scan those manuals, and post them in the Maverick Information section ? We try to get as many as we can for the Archives and new owners of older models.. Thank you, Mod-1
  4. Navionics Platinum + 632

    I deleted a post at this location! Please refrain from making negative comments about a member's post. If you have a negative comment, please send it by private message. Please read the forum rules! Thank you! MOD2
  5. Today in MBG History!

    Congratulations, Skip ! You are a lucky man to have a job that you love, and that you are very good at. Woodsie
  6. 2013 hrf18 seats

    If you call the factory and ask for the parts dept., they can tell you. They have an upholstery provider they may refer you to. Mod-1
  7. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Will-Do Josh. We have members who watch classifieds and Craigslist ads in their areas. They usually post up the ads in this Section. Mod-1 Mod-1
  8. HPX 15 with 50HP?

    Hahahaha !! That is commitment ! Propping the new motor may be new territory..
  9. HPX 15 with 50HP?

    I've been around a few of the 15's.. I have only seen 40's on them. I can't help ya, sorry. Mod-1
  10. Little surprise

    Nice job catching supper so far into the Fall !! I'll bet your HPS works the Eastern Shore estuaries like a champ ! Mod-1
  11. New ride delivered COBIA 261cc

    Congrats !! That sure is a good lookin', broad shouldered hull. How is the ride in a chop ? Mod-1
  12. Newborn angler

    Congratulation Doc !! In a couple -three years you can have him hooked up.. Marc
  13. 98' Maverick Mirage HP $17,500 dropped

    Mirage2121 Just noted the "trollers" on here! They have been deleted! Sorry they were initially missed! We do not tolerate issues on this forum! MOD2
  14. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    Can you plug the drains or tape over them to seal them up tight..Then splash the boat again ? Check the bilge then..
  15. Aluminum Gas Tanks

    The owners of the various models can answer your questions. I have not seen a summary by make / model and tank composition.. My '04 Pathfinder 1900 had a Poly tank. Mod-1