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    Bilge pump ‘05 HPX-T

    Get a helper.. Watch your bilge with a flashlight. Have the helper put the hose on the bottom of the rubrail. Start at a corner of the stern and move forward. If you see water coming in the bilge, keep track of the location(s) for repair later. MM
  2. Moderator

    2018 237

    I'm sure there are.. You can check with the dealer, look at photos of other boats and tap around carefully to hear the difference..
  3. Moderator

    23 DV

  4. Moderator

    23 DV

    Pretty sure they went to composite coring in the 2005 models. I have a Msg in to the factory. I will update then. These 4-piece hulls are super stiff and very light. I have owned two of them.. The DV model was discontinued when the Cobia line came to the Ft. Pierce factory. I have the last one they built. 2011 I gave Capt. Dave my cell phone to go into specifics. There are many DVs in the Keys, and they are at home from offshore to The Park. Scuba tanks fit in the fishboxes and the two deck lockers. We flyfish off the bow for Mahi. Nothing like it made since. Only point of note is the low bow. In snotty inlets, you have to be careful to keep the bow up so you don't take the crests over the bow. Marc
  5. Moderator

    St Catherine’s top water bite....

    Surface strikes are very cool on a still morning.. Nice cooler !! MM
  6. Moderator

    23 DV

    Yes! Marc the other Mod has one! He can help you with anything you need to know! Send a PM to Moderator and we will both get it and he will get back with you! I will also let him know! MOD2 Bubba
  7. Moderator

    Refurb Shop

    The factory does some repairs, but the dedicated Refurb Shop has been discontinued for a few years now. There are private shops that are capable of first class remodels. Check with Members in your area for the best shops.. MM
  8. Moderator

    Busy weekend

    Great Job, Guys That's a sweet check !
  9. Moderator

    Sand bar days!

    Raise your kids on a boat: It gives them an advantage in Life. MM
  10. Moderator

    my biggest

    Great Snuke, Algi !! WTG !!
  11. Moderator

    Forum banded words

    It can be annoying when making a good point and you have s.ck or a.s in the root of a word get bleeped. Our Software is good.. but not perfect. I am so glad the Tech Boss got rid of the spacebar emoji.. That was annoying. Carry On ! MM
  12. Moderator

    my biggest

    With all the formats now, pics can be hard to get to load. We usually see a lot of fish pics once the Spring sets in.. C'mon guys !! MM
  13. Moderator

    Poling platform cracking

    Sharp looking boat !! Worth the wait.. MM
  14. Moderator

    23HPS Fish Box?

    No matter what boat you have.. cleaning a fishbox is difficult and imperfect.. Many inshore guys use a big cooler, and the offshore boyz use the fish bags, and keep their bagged ice in the box. MM
  15. Moderator

    my biggest

    Mess around with the file.. Wanna see your biggest.. MM
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