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  1. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Hoping for one good day at least.. Son and I are heading down Tuesday. Gonna dive u p some Lobster & Hogfish, and stretch out the liver a bit. Looking forward to some down time and good friends !
  2. 1991 Hewes Redfisher 18 with kevlar hull

    Thank you very much !

    Keep cool heads with all the armaments.. People get really freaky before a storm, and tempers are very short. Move away from conflicts. And absolutely move away from this storm.. West, then south.. God Speed to all !!
  4. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Looking forward to the OT and meeting the new members there ! For those not familiar with Breezy Palms' approach.. This is a map I drew up years ago showing the route into the basin at Breezy Palms.. The basin is surrounded by flats and rock jetties. The bottom of the 'channel' into the basin is hard coral. The channel marks in July consisted of two white PVC poles. They mark the deepest part of the channel: maybe 16" deep at lower tides. This is the only route to come into Breezy without tearing up the flats. You can jump on plane or shut down if you run the channel. You need to idle out about 150 yds beyond the PVC poles before you jump. It is shallow and hard way out. Look over the side to decide when. This applies to the Cobias and Pathfinders.. You guys with tunnel boats and microskiffs can zoom in on any tide. At half tide or higher, you can run the channel in most boats, Just jump on plane in the basin well before you get near the PVC poles.. Same coming in.. Drop off plane 150 yds out from the PVC poles. On the map.. stay away from the red x's. Those are rocks you can start to see at mid tide. They are hidden at high tide. If you have booked at La Siesta, they have a similar approach to their docks. Safe travels and see you there !! Marc

    All our N.Carolina & Virginia friends and members... Please heed the warnings and get to a safe, and secure location away from the wind, storm surge and overflowing rivers ! Good luck to you all !! Marc
  6. I just spotted this in the Tournament Section !! Hot off the press for our huge Owners' family in the Greater Tampa area !! """ For over 30 years, MBG boat owners and their families have been coming together to share good food, fishing, and friendship. Maverick, Hewes, Pathfinder, and Cobia owners are invited to join us for our inaugural 2018 Tampa Owners’ Tournament. Bring your family or a friend along to fish for flats, backcountry and offshore species. This year’s tournament will be hosted at the beautiful Hula Bay Club in Tampa, Florida. This tournament (aka “funament”) is an excellent opportunity for you and your family to join other Maverick, Hewes, Pathfinder, and Cobia owners for a few days of fun-filled fishing n the Tampa Bay. The area offers an array of activities to suit every family member. Sign up now to reserve your place. Dates: October 19th – October 20th, 2018 """ Swing over to the Tournaments & Funaments Forum for all the details, and the link to eventbrite for the application. The first Maverick Owner's Tournament I fished was in 2001. I met owners there that I am inseparable friends with to this day ! Please fish with us and meet the other families who love their boats and fishing. It is the cheapest tournament you will fish: $75 for the boat and one person, $55 for additional persons. Goodie bags, prizes, trophies and more included. Come have a blast !! The Hula Bay Club will be the Event location.. Mod Marc
  7. 2013 Pathfinder 24 TRS

    Stunning 24. I love the color scheme. GLWTS !
  8. New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    They are worth good money these days.. I would secure the replacement motor first, and then sell the 150. There is a good market for them. Many get sold here in the classifieds. Your rigger could help sell it as well. M-1
  9. 1991 Hewes Redfisher 18 with kevlar hull

    HappyLappy.. If you could, can you take a good photo of each page in full frame, and post them in the Hewes Product Information section under Hewes ? Those original documents are priceless for other Lappy owners.. Thanks in advance, Mod Marc
  10. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Did that Permit put a little tension on your fishin line, Ralph ? Beautiful fish ! Congratulations. Marc

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  12. Plantation is a beautiful City with good schools and safe neighborhoods available. Maybe some Broward guys can chime in with helpful suggestions. Just be aware that car insurance is the highest in the State, property taxes are higher, and traffic is the pits at rush hour. There are guys that steal Yamaha 4 stroke boats.. who live real close. On the plus side, the location is convenient to the Keys, West Coast and the Gulfstream off Lauderdale.. Marc

  14. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    We are all glad that your life is back in order, Scott. Mod
  15. Colorado

    What a trip !! Beautiful Trout.. M-1