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  1. Moderator

    redfish on the fly

    Well Done !! Gotta be satisfying.. Mod M
  2. Moderator

    Forum doing strange stuff

    It was the system! The issue has been corrected! 😎
  3. Moderator

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I hope it all goes well for you ! Get her back on the water, stronger ! Marc
  4. Moderator

    Non MBG boat

    You can post it in the classifieds. Word the title carefully so Google picks it up in searches. One of our members may need a second boat, or know someone looking. We do not allow first-post members to pop up and just try to sell their Brand-X flats skiff here. Mod Marc
  5. Moderator

    Winter Babysitting (grandpas version)

    Beautiful Grandkids, Doc !!
  6. Moderator

    Navionics Platinum Chip VS Florida Marine Tracks

    I look at the FMT chip as a safety item, and essential gear for the hard-bottomed areas around the State. Plus, you can see different tracks to get the chop on the right part of your bow. Hewey, Sorry for that public flogging. I had not used the warning shortcut in this new software.. Didn't know that box would show over your post. I won't use that anymore.. Just holler in a PM.. ModM
  7. Moderator

    Back in the Family

    Great to have you back, Dave !! Hope your shoulder holds up through a bunch of big fish !! Marc
  8. Moderator

    2000 17ma prop and motor height?

    Couple things first: No jackplate, right ? Is the boat repowered ? Could that motor have come off another hull, previously mounted differently.. ? We have a whole bunch of MA owners that will log on sooner or later, and help you with that question.. Mod
  9. Moderator

    Prop question....

    I agree.. Too much prop.. What year is the hull ? The weight has changed over the years, and the best prop advice will be year-specific.
  10. Moderator

    New 2400 TRS Live well pump(s) failure

    Easy, boys ! If you only knew the problems associated with outsourced accessories. I can tell you the factory wrestles with pumps, jackplates and switches, that they purchase as 'the best'.. They strive to install the best hardware and pumps, and they get let down. One pump brand outsourced their pump manufacturing and had a big batch of defective housings made. They balked on the warranty costs the factory pushed back on them. So, a truck full of the pumps got sent back and another brand was chosen. Same with jackplates. These fails will happen, but they try like heck to install the best stuff in the first place. Please be patient Mod
  11. Moderator

    Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Certain posts have been deleted from this thread and one member has been banned! Everyone please be civil! This thread was initiated to provide technical information on performance enhancement! It is okay to discuss, agree, disagree, but no personal attacks or lack of civility will be tolerated. Thank you!! MOD2
  12. Moderator

    Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    The post in question has been deleted and the member as been warned! MOD2
  13. Moderator

    Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    "The Nizpro supercharger. Is it going to cost you the advertised price, I doubt it. What about reliability, don't really know yet. Are we and the customers having some serious fun with them, absolutely! Basically, you have to have some disposable income to add whatever the motor needs after it's on. For example, 10 hours in prop testing, lower unit modifications, maybe power assist steering, solid motor mounts? There are a lot of variables that go into one of these. I tell everyone to plan on 15K and hope it comes in lower, it may come in more? This unit is definitely not a tinker toy with a lot of research and development going into it. " The whole paragraph tells me that the Supercharger may cost $15K by the time you are done with lower unit mods, prop testing, premium fuel, etc.
  14. Moderator

    First Summer in the Mav

    Nice catches !! Thanks for posting the pics !! Mod
  15. Moderator

    2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    I was looking at the marine forecasts! NO WAY will we be running across to the capes from Marathon! We will be easing out nearby for Tarpon, Grouper, Snapper, and perhaps force our way out past the reefs and drag some baits for what ever may bite! Everyone have a safe trip! Bubba B