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  1. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    Can you plug the drains or tape over them to seal them up tight..Then splash the boat again ? Check the bilge then..
  2. Aluminum Gas Tanks

    The owners of the various models can answer your questions. I have not seen a summary by make / model and tank composition.. My '04 Pathfinder 1900 had a Poly tank. Mod-1
  3. 2000 Maverick MA 21 haul crack

    Sorry to hear the result.. Hate to see a 21 retired. I hope you have good coverages elected. It makes a big difference in how you settle out the claim. It sounds like good service so far. Good luck as you proceed !
  4. 2000 Maverick MA 21 haul crack

    Racer, and everybody.. This Forum is for our Owners' use and benefit. There is no advertising, and no monies are made off your membership here. Bubba and I (mods) read every post and thoroughly investigate all new member registrations; About half of the applications are foreign spammers, hackers and toxic worms. We don't let conversations get mean or angry. We won't allow people or businesses to be bashed or ridiculed for stupid questions.. We have courtesy rules for the classified section too. The Company sponsors Owner's Tournaments in 3 or 4 States, and the CEO goes to Washington to fight for recreational angler's rights. It's all about you guys !!
  5. 2000 Maverick MA 21 haul crack

    Racer, No trouble EVER for recommending high-quality service/repair providers. Our members need recommendations all over the six-State area.. We always want the reasons you like a provider.. We do not want to hear why you don't like a particular provider.. The bad stuff should be shared on the phone or a PM. Your endorsement and photojournal are welcomed, and impressive. Mod-1
  6. 03 Maverick MA 17. SOLD

    Beautiful example of a M/A, well maintained !! GLWTS.. M-1
  7. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    Easy does it guys...Thanks for keeping the thread civil, but it has came close to the ledge a couple of times!
  8. steering wheel

    Have not heard of this.. Let me check with a Honcho.. Mod-1
  9. 1978 Maverick Berg Boat Project

    That's a *** shame... M-1
  10. 2014 TE 250SHO (SOLD)

    Gorgeous boat.. Stellar numbers on the Tach photo.. ! Mod-1
  11. Cracked Bottom

    Glad you are back on the water with your boat !! Mod-1
  12. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    We are fine, RW. Thank you !! Looking to get down to Breezy when they get back up..
  13. Is this going to cut into my fishing time?

    Congratulations, Jason !! Dunno about fishing, but your lives will change now !! Happy for you both.. Mod-1
  14. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    We feel the same way.. Been staying at Breezy Palms several times a year for 20 years. They have had hurricanes take away the docks before. They will be back.. but not in time for the OT. I miss walking the docks and seeing old friends again... Woodsie

    WOW!! Puerto Rico's Radar must have been knocked out! They took a direct hit from this monster!