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  1. Moderator

    For the cooks

    If there is a good response, I'm sure we can find a place to stack all the recipes. It will help to put the fish name in the title.. MM
  2. Moderator

    Happy Veterans Day Weekend

    Today we still owe a lot to those who served and who died in decades passed. We also owe a special Thanks to the Korea & Vietnam Veterans. They served in a most difficult war, and were denied gratitude & appreciation upon their return. Thank You ! to those who currently serve.. MM
  3. Moderator

    Black drum

    Brilliant catch on the fly, Don ! You catch more quality fish than anybody ! But for God's sake, Man.... Can you please break a smile just once Hahahahaha !! You da Man, Don ! Marc
  4. Moderator

    additional through hulls in a 25

    It seems simple to pull water to fill the livewells and washdowns.. But.. to keep drag to a minimum, keep turbulence away from the prop & transducer, and plumb multiple pumps is not simple. Point is, the Factory can help you diagnose and correct your water supply. Give them a shot before you go punching holes. Marc
  5. Moderator

    additional through hulls in a 25

    If you were not helped by the dealer, please call the Factory. Mod Marc Thanks for helping, Jason !!
  6. Moderator

    WTB Pathfinder 2400 - how much

    Congratulations. Welcome to the family! MOD2
  7. Moderator

    2020 2300 HPS Options

    Skip has sent you emails. MOD2
  8. Moderator

    WTB Pathfinder 2400 - how much

    Sorry for the delay. Mods had a scheduling issue.
  9. Moderator

    WTB Pathfinder 2400 - how much

    Sorry for the delay. All negative posts have been deleted and will not be tolerated. The member asked about a specific model boat and the approximate cost. How about providing him that information. MOD2
  10. Moderator

    No Responses from Posts

    Skip can be seen reviewing the forum multiple times during the week. And the Moderators forward items to him when we see them. MOD2
  11. Moderator

    2020 2300 HPS Options

    Unless the person I sent it to isn't there tomorrow, he usually checks his messages first thing in the morning on Monday. MOD2
  12. Moderator

    2020 2300 HPS Options

    I have forwarded your inquiry to administration. MOD2
  13. Moderator

    Rum review... Papas PILAR

    21 Year Old Bushmills single malt Irish Whiskey! I will sit back and sip on heaven while you guys drink swill! LOL 😉
  14. Moderator

    Moving back to FL. Miami or Jacksonville?

    Ryan Being an LEO in South Florida for nearly 40 years, and being raised on a cattle ranch in the County below Jacksonville (Clay County). I would stay away from South Florida. Parts of Jacksonville are bad, but only a few minutes drive puts you in the country where people still wave at you with all four fingers and thumb. If I could leave now, I would move out of the tri-county area (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach) immediately. Bubba PS: Sent you a PM!
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