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  1. 2012 19 Cobia Bay

    My 2012 Cobia 19 Bay I purchased last year from Tail Walker Marine in Georgetown SC . I love this boat sold my 18ft Hewes Redfisher to buy this so I could have something a little more family friendly and it has not disappointed . [lightbox]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1361126727-IMG_1306.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1361126719-IMG_1121.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1361126708-IMG_1118.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1361126692-IMG_1117.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1361126736-IMG_1403.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1361126676-IMG_1109.jpg[/lightbox] [lightbox]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/thumb_1361126641-cobia.jpg[/lightbox]
  2. Cushions for Cobia Bay 19's

    [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1361125961-IMG_1403.jpg[/image] I had tailwalker marine in Georgetown add the bench seat option to mine when I bought it last year . They had to order it took a couple weeks to get it in .