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  1. 250 SHO reliability questions

    The SHO 250 my 24 Pathfinder had was manufactured in the Fall of 2010. It blew a gear case and Power head in under 600 hours. I'd get another one, but not the early models.
  2. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    Yeah, weird... Here’s a couple from last weekend. Sorry for the sideways pictures...
  3. Need to sell bc I’m looking at early retirement from the military due to medical reasons. Boat motor and trailer are 2006. Boat is turn key and ready to go. It’s a great riding boat and I’m hate to see it go. It’s finally like I want it. Figures.... -Ameritrail trailer with new hubs, new tires and new trailer lights -Yamaha F150 w 1050 hours -MK IPilot 80 with 60” shaft Lowrance HDS10 Fusion RA-70 with JL MX770s Custom Fabricated Removable Backrest Raw Water Washdown VHF Full Sunbrella Cover with separate console cover The pictures aren’t new but it’s been raining and pollen is everywhere. I’ll get some new ones up this week, but it looks the same. I get it. It’s BLUE. It’s easy on the eyes and get nothing but positive accolades in person. I got a quote to renon-skid the boat for $1500 if you’re interested. A gray SeaDek in a teak mold would be nice too. The blue never bothered me, I just called out of curiosity. I bought it for what it is, a 2006 center console 18 MA with a F150 and a Ameritrail. The boat is right and lives up to every expectation. $23k
  4. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    Not much... I did have a guy call this morning, but who knows. I’ve been doing ok. I ran it last weekend and noticed a lot of looks and waves past the sandbar. Like a classic Chevelle SS cruising around.
  5. local knowledge for SC trout fishing

    When and what part down there. I had GT dialed in pretty good a few years ago
  6. 18 MA w/ F150 Prop Update

    I just switch from a Yamaha 14.5 x 21 to a Apollo 14.75 x 21. I bought the Apollo on impulse off Craigslist months ago and finally tried it. The F150 is maxxing out at 5100 RPMs now BUT, it's also doing 51mph. It's running square all the way through and the mid range is awesome. I'm not sure about the maximum 5100 RPMs but considering the last one would spin up to 6k at 53 mph I feel safe at 51k. Thoughts?
  7. 18 MA w/ F150 Prop Update

    The bulletin called for a Pro Series 14.5x21 3 blade. I was surprised 1/4” in diameter would drop the RPMs that much and allow it to perform better.
  8. 18 MA w/ F150 Prop Update

    I think WOT between 5-6k I’m good. I was just happy with running square all the way up. I know with the four strokes that pretty tough.
  9. Observation

    Gus you need a fishing trip. Both threads mentioned above have to be torture. You have no boat to tinker with and no boat to catch a sunrise. The keys are in mine. Come get it and make sure you use non ethanol gas😂
  10. 2006 Maverick 17' Master Angler

    What does the F150 push it to? I can get low 50s with mine in an 18
  11. ISO Master Angler

    There was on listed below that might fit your requirements. If not, I know where another one is that doesn’t need as much work. 😁
  12. Backrest?

    Here is mine. It’s not a prefabbed deal. One of the local shops in NC made it for me.
  13. 2006 Maverick 17' Master Angler

    Clean rig! GLWS
  14. Florida Skiff Challenge

    Wait a minute.. I’ll be retired by then. I have years of experience running small vessels in long range pursuits off South America. That means I’ll have time and have the credit😂. Jason I think you’re on to something here. Like the dude from Wolf Of Wall Street said, “I will literally quit my job and come work for you.” Also, a one year old is like an adult. Little guy will have a drivers license and a OUPV by then.
  15. Mercury Outboards

    Has anyone seen or used the new 6 cylinder motors? I just saw that you can get it in 175hp. I thought it was Interesting and since the Yammer Hammer 175 is 4 cylinders... could this be a threat?
  16. 18MA VS 18 EGRET

    That’s a Bad Larry!
  17. Yeti at Cost plus shipping

    Soft flip 8? $200 retail
  18. Post your MA pics here!

    X2 on the ProXS numbers. That’s a Bad Larry
  19. Looking to buy

    For sure. That’s a sweet rig and Hobo is legit.
  20. Good to see you’re back Hobo. That’s a gorgeous boat and right up my alley. Unfortunately, only one of the pictures are visible.
  21. New fishing buddy

    I've rescued two. I swear they know it and appreciate it. Congrats on the new addition
  22. 2004 Pathfinder 2200 TE

    I dig that yellow. I had an 06 22 TE the same color. I miss it more than any other boat I’ve owned.
  23. Xi5 motor guide or power pole????

    Once I got the IPilot it changed everything. For me, the only reason I would need a power pole is the sandbar or pinned in the grass. The anchor feature and auto pilot made me question on why I went so long without it.
  24. Rust spots

    I just scrubbed rust stains in my live well. Bar keepers friend, The Works, bleach