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  1. Nag Juice

    Forum banded words

    Well fiddle sticks mother trucker! Keep it clean
  2. Nag Juice

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    I’ll see your space ship and raise you a load of wood. https://youtu.be/LL4OeiMjvtk
  3. Nag Juice

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    Either will do, it’s just a matter of whether or not you want the added cost of a diesel. More oil, more maintenance, more expensive fuel. I’ve had both; loved the diesels, but hated all the maintenance. I’m back in a 1500 now and if I end up with a 22 Pathfinder again I’ll keep the 1/2 ton. If I did long distances frequently I’d go 2500/F250 if just bouncing around town for short runs, 1500 all day.
  4. Nag Juice

    Input needed....1/2 ton towing the larger Pathys

    1/2 ton will tow it fine. I had a 1500 GMC for both a 22 and 24 Pathfinder. Stopping the 24 loaded out wasn’t great. In fact, I had a car pull out in front of me once. The boat kept pushing and I ended up on the shoulder.... other than that, it towed great
  5. Nag Juice

    Forum banded words

    That *** ***!!! Banded words are for F&$#!^£ elementary kids. Sucky rules 😂
  6. I know I wouldn’t be sorry. I’d loved to have it but you’re a year early
  7. Nag Juice

    Looking to see who makes this backrest..

    Yeah but not enough to notice. The Birdsall backrest flexed way too much for me.
  8. Nag Juice

    ***SOLD***2010 18HPX-V / F115 ***SOLD***

    I wish I could get this.... I just need to wait until next summer. GLWS
  9. Nag Juice

    Best years for 22 TE

    07-08 the hull changed to one that drafted a little more. You sacrificed top speed for ride.
  10. Nag Juice

    2016 Maverick 17 HPX-V 115 Yamaha SHO For Sale

    That’s a Bad Larry!
  11. Nag Juice

    18 Master Angler re-power

    *** right it is. I’d run it until it pops. The fuel savings won’t offset the cost for 15 years
  12. Nag Juice

    18 Master Angler re-power

    The deals usually pop up at the end of summer and fall. If you keep your controls, you’re looking at 12-13k. If you go new everything, you’re closer to the 15-16k range. When I was shopping the Zukes were substantially cheaper; like 3k cheaper. I’d hang a Zuke on the back if given the opportunity. They’re great motors for the money. I know of a set of 150s with 8000 hours that are still going.
  13. Nag Juice

    farewell Abbey

    Doc, I’m so very sorry for your loss. May she rest in piece and you and your family recover well. -Spence
  14. Nag Juice

    2014 Pathfinder 2300 HPS - SOLD

    Still available but you have a deposit?
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