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  1. Did the console take a hit during duck season?
  2. Nag Juice

    Get your cash out now !!!

    Wow I never thought of that. Thanks for the Pro tip
  3. I know this is late and probably not applicable now but with the Gorilla Tape it can grab stuff when you’re running it. (Ask me how I know) I found that dish soap on the outside of the tape with make the pull easier. Good luck
  4. Nag Juice

    Fan to circulate air under full boat cover

    Good information here. I’ve wondered this myself
  5. Nag Juice

    Evinrude E-Tec?

    We start a two week course running them on the OPFOR platforms. I’d bet $50 we blow two of the six up. They’re not my first round draft pick
  6. Nag Juice

    New Whip Shakedown Cruise

  7. Nag Juice

    New Whip Shakedown Cruise

    You salty bro?
  8. Nag Juice

    New Whip Shakedown Cruise

    Boat ran great!
  9. Nag Juice

    Bull Red Fish trip Recommendations

    Yeah man, shoot me a PM and I’ll help you set something up. I’m in Wilmington but ran trips in Southport.
  10. Nag Juice

    Bull Red Fish trip Recommendations

    Come to NC. I was running trips for them and we would catch 20-30 in 3-4 hours. All fish were 35”-50”
  11. Nag Juice


    You could go private sector working PSDs in not so friendly places. Better money and travel. 😂
  12. Nag Juice


    My money is on Bubba
  13. Nag Juice

    2007 Maverick 17HPXV SOLD

    What’s the top end with the F115?
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