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    He was 93 before heart disease got him. That’s pretty good imo. Lefty has lived a life I could only dream about. He built a name and brand on his own fishing abilities and mastered it. I could only hope to be as lucky and fortunate as him.
  2. 1994 Maverick Master Angler 18.5

    We used them on certain platforms until the Etechs came out. They liked to pop when we used them "Commercially". I had one on my whaler growing up. It was great for what we used it for., but it was also in the 90s....That said, if you got the nod on this boat, I'd plan on replacing.
  3. My 21 MA

    Yeah that's a real fine piece right there. I'd go back to the sandbox to own one that new. At 67 mph it would be juuuust right.
  4. Post your MA pics here!

    Love it!
  5. 2017 Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Nice boat! Why are you selling so soon?
  6. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    Yeah I’m pretty much over the blister thing. The buyer of this boat is ok with it and it’s no ones problem but his if it’s even a real problem... VS it sounds like you got a good sled. Congrats on the purchase. I always liked that shade of blue.
  7. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    I've had two 18 Master Anglers and never once thought I needed one. That said, @whichwaysup will probably disagree. If I'm in a place where a JP is needed, I'll drop the trolling Motor.
  8. 1996 Bonefisher 16 Gunnels Uneven

    That was my initial thought. Uneven ground
  9. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    I only say that bc that’s what I would do. “***! I don’t know why it won’t sell honey!”
  10. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    Which is why I didn't call when I was looking. Although there could be a couple things going on... one that comes to mind if if the wife is making him sell. He post a junk ad and junk pictures so it won't. Or the hull condition is indicative of the hours but in a bad way. (Not the Smurf way) Who knows... it's a nice boat with a decent motor. I found the ad was worth a cuss, I would've call last summer.
  11. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    Dude this boat has been for sale for a while. It's been the same pictures for every ad. You'd think they would put some better photos up.
  12. Brutal start, but it came together nicely

    I got my @$$ Kicked this morning. NNE wind COLD! Managed a few dink flounder, no trout to speak of either. I did however have the blue bote in some SKINNY water, like no business being there skinny. She floated just fine and I was impressed. While in that shallow ditch, I spooked a big flounder. Looked like an aquarium and it was a nice sight.
  13. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    *** dude you've got the 21 fever!! You'll get one and sell it 3 months later bc it's a suped up 18MA. Then go to a 22 TRS BC it's more 3 dimensional. BUT, if you get the 18 fever again I know where one is...
  14. 2005 Maverick 21' MA on BT

    Check your inbox
  15. Maverick 21 on CL

    That rig has been on the market for a while. The seat gave it away.