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  1. Hewes Scam?

    Thank you HYD!
  2. Hewes Scam?

    This IS A SCAM! Beware some scumbag stole the photo of my boat and listed it on CL. Thanks to FLDXT for alerting me. I flagged the ad on CL so hopefully they remove it before someone gets scammed. RL Not for sale! After three yrs of use I've had to replace the bilge pump and baitwell pump so yes I would say the rebuild was done properly LOL. Oh, and by the way, I got such a great deal she now sports a 2015 150 ProXS.
  3. Scam alert!

    Hi Everyone, FLDXT just alerted me to a scam on Craigslist involving my boat.https://treasure.craigslist.org/boa/6148200828.html This is my boat but some scumbag has used my photo to try to scam someone out of $6000. Please alert your friends. Thanks FLDXT! RL
  4. New Shades (sunglasses)

    Where did you get the Smith's locally?
  5. Victory for North Port Boaters!

    North Port City Commission voted today to have a one year moratorium on enforcing the no boat parking in driveways code. Next phase is to elect pro boating commissioners. Four of five seats are up for re-election. The Unified Land Development Code is up for a re-write. As soon as the new commissioners are in place it will be onto phase three, changing the ULDC to favor boaters. Hello, this is Florida!
  6. installing a bow mounted trolling motor

    polliwog, This is a photo of my 1998 18' light tackle. The photo is taken from the bow. The starboard stringer has a 2" chase embedded and ends under the console. Your 20' may be similar:
  7. 98 Hewes LT 18 Rehab

    2 1/2 yrs on the water & still running great! Love this boat
  8. Power Tech SCD3R17

    Sold pending payment.
  9. 2016 SWFL Owners Tournament

    Also wanted to thank Maverick Boat Group for putting on such a fabulous SW Owner's Tournament. We had a great time from the friends to the food & drinks and don't forget the great door prizes! Tarpon Lodge did a wonderful job again!
  10. North Port Boat Owner's Association

    Be sure to check out this weeks edition of the WaterLine Magazine publisher's desk article entitled "No Parking". I don't believe it's available online, but is available @ local bait & tackle stores in the North Port, Port Charlotte, & Punta Gorda areas. Everyone is invited to our meeting of the North Port Boat Owner's Association Monday evening June 13, 7pm @ the Olde World Restaurant/ Sherwood Forrest Rm. Please come sign our petition if you are a resident of North Port
  11. North Port Boat Owner's Association

    The North Port Boat Owners Association had a great day yesterday. We went from eight members to 30 members. We are getting the attention of the politicians & we are fanning out across North Port with petitions. Any help is appreciated (especially having our petition signed). I will keep the forum updated.
  12. Well, North Port, Florida is at it again. City Hall has given direction to the code enforcement division to start warring on boat owners for having a boat in their driveway. So, today I created the North Port Boat Owners Association specifically to have the code changed to allow for a boat in the driveway. Currently the following are legal to park in the driveway : (2)Recreational trailers or travel trailers, any type of trailer (under 2500#) opened or closed, open bed truck (flatbed), + four trucks or cars for a total of six vehicles. And the flatbed or trailer may contain trash or debris as long as I throw a tarp over it. Yet I can't legally park my 18' Hewes flats boat in my drive. It has to go on the side or rear which violates all of the setback regulations on my property. Oh. and BTW I have to hide it with 80% opacity to boot. Beginning to sound a bit slanted against boat owners in North Port? If you are a North Port resident and are tired of running under the radar please join us to get the ULDC changed to be fair to us. If you haven't received a notice of violation be patient as code enforcement will eventually hit your street(sorry, being sarcastic). E-mail address is INFO-NPBOA@comcast.net Please include a number you can be reached at especially if you don't check your e-mail often. Things I have in mind for the future are mass attendance at commission meetings, boat rallies, petitions, and vetting of commission candidates as three of five commission seats are up for grabs this year, facebook and web page. I'm contemplating calling this campaign "Save Our Boats". The tee shirt (to wear at commission mtgs) would say "Support Your SOB's". Let me know what you think, any help or suggestions would be truly appreciated .PS: For short the Association will be called "BOA". RL ,
  13. Power Tech SCD3R17

    Price drop! $75.00 shipped!!!
  14. Power Tech SCD3R17

  15. Power Tech SCD3R17

    Owner is ready to deal! Give him an offer.