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  1. Purina Fish Chow

    There's bait off of Devilfish - candy bar sized, but you gotta work for it. I've been rolling in there around 5:45 and chumming hard, bait is spread out by 7. Lots of little stuff around.
  2. Need Advice: Fishing Wear - Sun Protection

    12wt makes great gloves. You can buy them in a 3 pack for a little discount. The work-weight one is fantastic. My whole family has gone to these. They seem to hold up better than the Buff gloves . . .
  3. PM with questions. Cleaning out my reels to make room for next years models. All Ballistics and Opus have been used on charters for the past two seasons. The Whiskers have been spares for several seasons, but I need the space. Each item is listed with a cosmetic rating and mechanical rating. Open to bundling items and shipping if you cover the cost. Located in Winter Haven, Florida OR Englewood, FL (depending on the day of the week) . . . 2 Daiwa Opus 4500BRI - Dual drag baitrunner reels - 9/10 Cosmetic; 9/10 Mechanical - $65 each 4 Daiwa Ballistic 2000EX - Mag sealed drag - 8/10; 9/10 - $115 each 2 Daiwa Ballistic 2500EX - Mag sealed drag - 8/10; 8/10 - $115 each 1 Daiwa Ballistic 3000EX - Mag sealed drag - 8/10; 9/10 - $125 (SOLD) 2 Daiwa SS2600 Whisker - 7/10; 9/10 - $60 each 1 Daiwa SS1600 Whisker with spare spool - 6/10; 6/10 - $25 (Anti-reverse is broken) 2 Daiwa SS1300 Whisker - 6/10; 7/10 - $40 each 1 Daiwa SS700 Whisker - 8/10; 8/10 - $50 Bundle the 6 Ballistics together for $650 Bundle the 6 Whiskers together for $225 Bundle the Opus together for $120
  4. Purina Fish Chow

    @Fishtails - Yes - I have used the Boca coast on a couple of occasions. I'm not a gimmick guy, so this is hard for me to say, but it seemed to outproduce both the fish food and Capt. Van's . . . Obviously there were variables I couldn't control, but on 6 straight days I alternated and tested . . . Day 1, Boca Coast, Day 2, Capt Van, Day 3, Purina with Menhaden oil . . . Repeat for 3 more days. I caught bait all 6 days. However, on both days with the BC stuff the bait seemed to ball up quicker, resulting in less throws. I didn't notice any difference between the CV and Purina in results. I realize there are other things at work - tide, weather, moon phase, etc - could have been a fluke, but I'd like to try it when there "doesn't seem to be any bait" . . . It's expensive, comparably, so I won't be using it during the "good bait" months, but when bait gets scarce I may try another bag.
  5. Boca Grande questions

    There's a lot of bait at Devilfish, but it's spread out and doesn't seem to want to group up. Be patient and get there EARLY!!!
  6. Boat Shoes

    I'm a SoftScience guy now - first pair they sent me rubbed my heels - I emailed them and they sent me another pair of my choice. I'm using the Drifts now for tarpon season - 3 weeks in and I prefer them greatly to my Olukais - not that the Olukais are/were bad, just that the SS honestly make my back feel less fatigued at the end of a long day. I do think the Olukais are a little grippier, but I haven't come close to slipping in the SS's yet, so they're grippy enough. For comfort and usability (and honestly, looks), the SS are the way to go!
  7. Yamaha Ignition Help

    Hey gang - it's Sunday so everyone's closed, thought I'd throw this out there to see if anyone could help. My dash ignition is on it's last legs. When the key is turned, it stays in the "start" position - the "run" position is almost impossible to find. I was going to order a new one to replace it but not sure of the part - my motor book doesn't include ignition (for obvious reasons). Anybody know what part number I'd need for a dash ignition for a 225 VMax (year 2000)? Appreciate the help . . . Can't be down long this time of year!
  8. I have a green cover off my 21' Master Angler. It has been used - I don't know how to describe the material except that it feels "paper-y" - yet it is similar to tarping on one side. I do not have pics of it on the boat, as it no longer fits since I hardwired my trolling motor. Thinking $50 - can be located in Englewood or Lakeland, depending on the day. Will ship if you pay for shipping. $50
  9. Power-pole

    I've never seen a company stand behind their products as well as PP. They've replaced components on all of mine over the years, never at any cost to me, usually overnight or I drive over. Will never own another boat without one . . .
  10. Bluetooth speaker instead of stereo?

    I have the EcoXGear - the biggest one. Can't hear it very well on plane unless it's facing you. Flip side is, it's waterproof, bright orange, and floats, all three of which have come in handy. If we're messing around with snappers or sheepies, it cranks pretty well - we just throw it on the poling platform and it rocks . . .
  11. Casting and blasting

    @justdriftin - I have shot hundreds of ducks from my Master Angler 21. I used to rig up burlap and pvc and this elaborate blind; really, all you need are some palm fronds - stash the boat 50-60 yards down the bank and hang out under the mangroves with a frond or two in front of you. I use the duck boat these days because the negative lows don't always leave the Mav enough water to get away . . . I hunt the Peace and Myakka Rivers, the Myakka cutoff, the West wall, and occasionally, the south side of the harbor proper. I've always been afraid to hunt the Bull/Turtle Bay areas because they're technically in the preserve, but I believe you could. I learned where I could hunt by going to areas I knew were "okay" to begin with and talking to locals and FWC officers. I don't have it in front of me but I'm pretty sure you can hunt almost anywhere unless it's posted as a nesting area, or within a certain distance to houses/roads. My grandfather used to tell me that in the old days, bluebills were a 10 point duck, and they would actually extend the season on them in Florida; he shot them in the harbor out of a 13' skiff with a rusty old Winchester pump . . . I've seen thousands of them in the harbor some year; conservatively, there are seasons where the harbor holds 7-8000 birds . . . It's almost entirely bluebills, a handful of mottleds, and maybe a few redheads if it's cold (fingers are crossed for the front on Monday). We've killed wigeon, blue and green wing teal, mottleds, mallards, redheads, canvasbacks, pintails, 1 ringneck and a gajillion bluebills out there. Shoot me a DM if you need help getting started - I'm booked the remainder of the season, but be glad to help a forum brother out!
  12. Charlotte Harbor

    @SCFD rtrd. I'll get after the pomps here soon. Been loading up on sheepies too, but I guess no one deems them picture worthy. You can only duck hunt 69 days a year in Florida, and I do it every day it's open. I can fish the other 296 LOL! @Capt Larry If you like hunting divers, and bluebills specifically, the harbor holds thousands of them. I love watching them work the decoys . . . Posted some pics in a different thread out here
  13. Casting and blasting

    Since it's so quiet over here thought I'd share what all that shooting is about near the Myakka Cutoff . . . Here's my daughter with a 6 man limit of Bluebills . . . Here's some friends with the boys' first ducks ever (Melissa was the only one who had ever shot a duck before): The boys capped off their day with their first snook each: And we're still picking up the occasional redfish after picking up the decoys . . . Negative low tides had me leaving the Maverick at home last week and chasing these suckers with my duck boat . . . Sheepshead are picking up at the Myakka Bridge. All this warm weather has snook strung out all over the place, and hungry . . . And the reds are doing redfish things - I'm finding them in deeper water near the mangroves. Haven't caught a trout in two weeks, but haven't tried either. Wintertime and bait is easy (read: go buy shrimp) . . . Only 12 more days of ducks season!
  14. Charlotte Harbor

    Few snook in the river canals. Sheepies are showing up. Catching some rat reds here and there, but nothing even picture worthy. It's mostly been all about ducks. Been waterfowling every day, no time for fishing
  15. Bubba Blade vs others...

    I did not like the BB at all. Too expensive and I didn't see a performance difference enough to justify the cost. Plus, the blade wasn't flexible enough for my tastes. It did do a good job on big reds/snook with the bones, but I switched back to my DR's and Raps