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    2005 Hewes Redfisher 16, 90 Yamaha 2 stroke, PT SCD3R17P-Y90, Minn Kota 80 lbs IPilot Trolling Motor, Garmin Echomap 70DV,Garmin GCV 10, 20' Stiffy Push Pole.
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  1. Did you mount your Fire Extinguisher?

    Mounted mine under the tunnel against the back bulkhead with enough room to still plug the deck drains! Matt
  2. Starboard dash cover-up/top ideas

    Check with a local sign shop. Most probably use iPVC Board to make signs as my dad does in his! Matt
  3. Checking in on our Florida Members

    Sorry to hear Headhunter, I'm right up the road in Palatka. We did all right. Lost power for two days. Luckily we are on a high spot so no flooding for us but the St Johns wreaked havoc on many docks and low lying areas. Hope for a speedy recovery for you all!!! Matt
  4. Hurricane Irma/ MBG

    Hewes, I too am preparing ATT assets but further up the state in NEFL. Hope all goes good stay safe and keep in touch. I'm sure we will all be busy late next week. Matt
  5. Day late and a dollar short

    Yes. Mine are thru bolted to the transom. I didn't want them hanging back further. Plus my platform would have been an issue also. I put starboard between them and the transom for a little spacer also. When sitting still the bolts are above the water line and fully extended miss my trim tabs by a couple inches.
  6. Day late and a dollar short

    Here are mine!!! Matt
  7. Day late and a dollar short

    Good going, I went to Lake Mary originally and they told me they didn't have anymore. Guess it is all in who you talk to at the stores!
  8. Day late and a dollar short

    They were still shown regular price on the box, but we're on sale as of last week. My buddy got the pro series for $800 each and I got the blades for $1000 each. They were shown discounted online but I don't think they are showing them anymore. I know PP has a new 2.0 coming out so they may have been clearing stock to sell new ones possibly. When I looked at my boxes one was built late 2015 and the other was early 2016. I know the store in Orlando millennia had a white blade and a white pro series left as the store in Kissimmee also had a pro series in white also. We had to go to the store as most stores were not very helpful over the phone. Kissimmee held the blade for me but said they didn't have any more, but when we got there, there were more on the shelf. Matt
  9. Day late and a dollar short

    Bought one in Jacksonville, two in Orlando, and the fourth on in Kissimmee to make all four for the two boats. Fun road trip day!
  10. Day late and a dollar short

  11. Day late and a dollar short

    I got a pair of blades and my buddy got a set of pro series for his bass boat. Had to hunt and search for the stores that still had them. Scored great deals!!!! Matt
  12. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love the Fishmas Tree!!! Matt
  13. TO ALL

    Merry Christmas all! May everyone have a safe and happy New Year!!! Matt
  14. Transom access for powerpole

    Be careful, I just drilled mine in same location and took out my bilge hose. I had to cut an access in the battery box to fix the hose and to tighten the nuts down. There is a void between box and transom. I didn't want to take a chance of it braking the battery box and doing damage. Matt
  15. Power pole options

    MPFit, Academy has them on sale if you are still looking to buy. I just got a 10'Blade for $1599. They also 8' pro, and sportsman on line. Matt