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  1. Desperado213

    NEW Loon Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit

  2. Up for sale is a brand new Loon fly tying tool kit. I received it as a gift but already have most of the tools so Im letting it go. I will say the ergo tools feel great. This would be a great kit for someone just starting out. Looking to get $100 shipped in the US. PayPal. Let me know if you have any questions. Located in Tallahassee if you want to pick up.
  3. Desperado213

    WTB - Aluminum Trailer

    Still on the hunt
  4. Desperado213

    WTB - Aluminum Trailer

    I saw it but it's too much trailer for my boat and I am leaning towards torsion axles. Also it was in Miami and I'm in Tallahassee so that would be a haul.
  5. Desperado213

    WTB - Aluminum Trailer

    Looking for an aluminum trailer for my 18 redfisher lappy. Prefer a nice trailer with stainless parts, I currently have a POS galvanized trailer and am tired of dealing with rust. Looking on the used market before going the custom order route. Thanks!
  6. Desperado213

    Continental AS1630 Single Axle Trailer

    Are the leaf springs in good shape? Could this accomadate an 18 redfisher?
  7. Desperado213

    WTB AmeraTrail Trailer for 18' Redfisher

    Still on the search. I'm open to other brands I just prefer an aluminum trailer with good hardware.
  8. Desperado213

    WTB AmeraTrail Trailer for 18' Redfisher

    Back on the search....
  9. Desperado213

    F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    Well I flushed the motor today with rydlyme for 2.5 hours and when I went to install the thermostats it looked the exact same. Thats when I realized I didn’t have the poppet installed when I was flushing so the rydlyme wasn’t getting up into the thermostat area. The poppet cover was very clean though. So after kicking myself for that dumb mistake I installed the new poppet and flushed it again but this time I used barnacle buster diluted 1:3. This is when a lot of the junk build up came out of the motor. I reinstalled the thermostats and changed the gaskets. I took her for a quick spin and didn’t throw any alarms so I’m hoping it’s all good now!
  10. Desperado213

    F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    I think I am going to try flushing the system with rydlyme before going the route of removing the heads. I will use the procedure as listed on this forum thread: https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/540948-rydlyme-flush.html My questions is they said they hooked the pump up to the water pick up tube, are they refering to the hose on the motor where you can hook up a garden hose or is there a tube that sticks down into the foot?
  11. Desperado213

    F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    Perfect! Thank you for the help, I will be checking these this weekend. The boat is in Panama City and I live in Tallahassee so I will have to check them this weekend. Do you think I should buy a new poppet and thermostats? I dont want to be spending money that doesnt need to be spent. The gaskets should probably be changed at a minimum. The thermostats cleaned up pretty well but may be worth getting new ones.
  12. Desperado213

    F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    Where are they located? Do I need to just have the key to the on position or does the motor need to be running?
  13. Desperado213

    F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    How do I check the thermostat switches? I checked the poppet and thermostats and they were a lot cleaner than I expected. I tested the thermostats in hot water and they opened up. I’ll attach pictures so you can judge. I couldn’t reach the zip tie on the other end of the poppet hose to disconnect it though. Would the mushroom shape poppet be much of an upgrade over the old one?
  14. Desperado213

    F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    Appreciate the help! I am going to take a look at it all this weekend. If the thermostats still work (testing them in hot water) but have some build up on them, can I clean them without damaging them?
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