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  1. For Sale 2012 Pathfinder 20

    36 hours?? You can tell it by the gel coat shine both inside and outside, shoot even the Yamaha paint still looks good! Now tell me what a 2018 boat like this would cost??.....that's why it won't last long!! Good luck!!
  2. Safety

    He might have also had his head up his floopus or in love with his auto pilot!! I remember a friend who told me many, many years ago, "auto pilot is the worst thing that ever happened to a drunk helmsman"! Took me a minute to figure it out, however auto pilot does not know open water from the Sunshine Skyway bridge or other boats!! You can't be too careful watching for other boats!!!
  3. Boat Cover for 1994 16 ft Hewes Bayfisher

    Where you live?
  4. Very good Mr. TicTac! I just looked at this thread for the first time and about half way through I could only think of one thing...."RUN Forrest....run"!!!
  5. Tunes taking less room

    You talking to JEM???
  6. New Yamaha XTO’s

    I noticed on the web George Poveromo tested a pair of the 300hp back in March. 600# and being a BPS/Mako/Mercury guy he had nothing but great things to say about the performance. They do sound nice.
  7. New Yamaha XTO’s

    Thank You Jeff for the brochure picture, upon further review I see a 12.2:1 compression ratio. I remember when Suzuki came out with the 350 @ 12:1 ratio and everyone thought that was crazy. Plus a smooth 2900 psi with five fuel pumps. Won't be long and we will be seeing 20% nitro-methane to boost performance!!
  8. New Yamaha XTO’s

    Really??? 950+ pounds?? Yowza!!
  9. Good luck!! I personally have had my last three trailers, my neighbor just had one built a month ago, plus many other friends have had Peterson Trailers build theirs. He only does them with the top of the line products, torsion axles, all SS hardware and bolts, aluminum bunks, double bend frame, etc. He does not offer "entry level" trailers. He's over in the Tampa/Brandon area.
  10. If you shop for the Continental go only with the "CA" model. Where you live in central Florida? https://www.continentaltrailers.com/aluminum-ca.htm
  11. Islamorada trip

    Jeeeez JJ, only five miles to Alligator light and you have all you need for "cook your catch" at Lazy days!!
  12. Lowery Park Ramp

    Let's see if I have this right? Most people who have boats, along with the truck and trailer to tow and launch them, probably have worked hard to EARN the money to purchase those in order to enjoy their fishing/boating passion. Then a low life who probably has no job, looking for merchandise to steal so they can purchase drugs, maybe not even an American citizen, etc. etc., can casually go to a public owned boat ramp and commit these crimes knowing the odds are "The Law" won't be there to stop them. Years ago I never thought about having to "carry" to launch my boat and protect myself and my belongings. It's gone just crazy.......
  13. Boat search

    Door number one....barely. Mostly because the resale is determined by the boat's age. Nothing against the Merc, in five years the now 2006 boat will be 17 years old versus 22 years old for the other......big difference in insurance, re-sale, etc. However I've had two Mercury's and both were very, very good engines so don't let that stand in the way. I'm thinking a $5,000 coin toss is in order!
  14. OUTSTANDING!! Good for you and your family!!