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  1. Small piece of starboard needed

    I 've got some pieces that size you can have, most of what I have is 1/2" thick. A small "priority mail" box is 5" x 8", would a piece around that size work? PM me and we can work out the details.
  2. Improved Cheese Grater

    MAN....I wish I had an on hand stock of Lexan for sale!!! With this thread I see potential DIY customers!!
  3. Bahamas trip

    As JJ says, it's all in the weather. The SeaCraft crazies are trying to get a gathering set for next July to the Bahamas. It's one of those if you make the reservations, pay the deposit for lodging and the weather is terrible you can't go or the scheduled trip back is delayed you have more problems. Check out the gatherings section on Classicseacraft.com for some info, plus pictures Snookerd's trip over last year in his 23'er. Good luck. Oh yeah, I saw on Instagram where one of the skiff manufacturers drove an 18' skiff over last week to the Bahamas to deliver to a customer, so it can be done in smaller boats.
  4. All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Hummmm.......I read on Instagram where Chittum Skiffs charge quite a bit extra for their carbon fiber skiffs! Will be interesting to see if there is a market for a MBG "bay boat" in carbon fiber. Just think, in ten years carbon fiber may be the standard construction process in top of the line boat manufacturing! Good move my MBG to to start the process!
  5. Improved Cheese Grater

    That would be no fun......unless you drop your phone!!! How about a GoPro attached to the corner of the deck and your first suggestion of hanging over the transom at WOT, that sounds like much better entertainment!! Be sure to wear your Costas so you will look really cool and post on Instagram!!
  6. Improved Cheese Grater

    I see your point!! However while on plane I would think the pressure filling the sea chest would override the water draining out on it's own big time. I would start as you mentioned with a few holes versus going drill crazy, like Capt. DeWalt!! If you had for holes forcing water in and four pointing the other way to add volume while not on plane I think the incoming water would be the stronger and actually push excess water out.
  7. Improved Cheese Grater

    Good thread! If it was me and I needed extra flow at rest I would drill the additional holes the opposite direction as the ones feeding the water box on plane!
  8. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    Yeah Josh B, Jason Peterson makes a very good trailer!! I'm still on my original one he made for me 11 years ago, now with new torsion axles he put on a year ago. He's made four new ones for me and my family in the last 8 years. Plus, and very importantly, he and Tracy are really good people!!! Actually on the Peterson Trailer FB post on Sept. 18th is my nephew's new trailer under his Century boat!
  9. Improved Cheese Grater

    Now that's the sign of a true do-it-yourself boat owner.....not afraid to drill holes!!
  10. LED Replacement Running Lights

    Here ya go. 0.00021 second search on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marpac-7-6595-Boat-LED-Side-Lights-Flush-Mount-Shark-Eye-Navigation-Red-Green/122773176409?epid=22017015662&hash=item1c95da0059:g:DEwAAOSwj~dZ4~6N:rk:1:pf:0
  11. NMEA cable run

    Bruce, I just installed a NMEA backbone and it really works great. After being without a NMEA ability on my old engine I'm spoiled that the engine I have now has the NMEA. I have it hooked up to my old out of date 441s which I use for trip info, gph and total fuel burn plus I'll bounce back and forth for engine info. It's also hooked to my Raymarine where I can also see the same engine and fuel info. I went with the Ancor backbone, cables and fittings on eBay and it was a piece of cake to install. Good luck.
  12. Trailer brakes advice needed

    I'm with ya Chuck! There is two things Tie Down brakes are good for; 1. making my wallet lighter and 2. like you said, within 6 months making the guy who picks up junk metal in my neighborhood richer!
  13. Starboard trim tab not working

    Odds are it's a Lenco?! Bite the bullet and start looking for a replacement. Here's where I found the best price, I would normally just buy two because the other was also going to fail. http://www.lowcostboatingstore.com/LENCO-101-15054-001-2-14-ACTUATOR-REPLACEMENT_p_234.html
  14. New Axles

    I've noticed most of the water intrusion I get from the Posi-Lube type hubs is from the outside rubber "disc" in the dust cap (as mentioned above) versus the inside seals. My trailer guy has some machined aluminum dust caps that tap into the hub with a plastic screw on O-ring sealing outer cap for use with grease (not the oil type). They are really, really nice, however at $20 each I had to pass because it looked to me as pretty as they were they would be too inviting for thieves! So I went old school a year ago, and after approximately 800 - 900 miles and checking after long trips...still with no leaks. Takes a minute and a pair of channel locks to check the grease for water and with the tool just seconds to put it back on or put on a new one. https://www.sturdybuiltonline.com/198-Dust-Cap-Standard-for-4-Lug-and-5-Lug-Hubs-_p_634.html https://www.sturdybuiltonline.com/198-Trailer-Dust-Cap-installation-Tool_p_704.html
  15. New Axles

    Very good question! Is that 100k miles include dunking them in saltwater? I would know how to NOT look at my axle's grease every once in a while!! Never heard of the Vortex hubs, my one and only experience with Tie Down was their disc brakes which were good for maybe six months to eight months, however the metal guy who comes through my neighborhood did appreciate them for scrap money.