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  1. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    A question Mr. Mustang, kinda off the oil subject. To make Rec90 gas, do they mix "50/50" 87 octane with 93 octane and just bypass the station where ethanol is mixed in?? Seems simple to me?!?!
  2. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Shane FWIW, my Mercury mechanic told me, when I had Mercury's, the Mercury dfi oil you mentioned is formulated for high pressure "direct fuel injection" engines, such as Opti-max. The Ouicksilver premium plus is a TC-W3 oil more suited for efi (electric fuel injection, not direct), carburetor engines, mixed oil. etc. I had one of each kind of Merc at the same time and I just went with the Amsoil HP and ran the crap out of them. Shoot It might all be "hocus pocus" marketing as far as I know!! However I do know the "premium" oils at West Marine are WAY overpriced!!!
  3. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Bottom line........sugar money talks and rest of us walks!!
  4. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Go on Amsoil.com, become a preferred member and you get nice savings. Plus feel free to do some product research. I buy other oils and filters during the year and the annual preferred customer fee of $25 (I think that's correct) is well worth the cost!. My brother's car is turbo charged and he will only buy the Amsoil Signature Series because of the 25,000 mile/1 year oil change guarantee.One of those each to their own. FYI....I just bought a case (4 gallons) of 2 stroke Marine HP oil for my nephew's OX66 Monday. It was $127 including tax with free shipping from Orlando to my house in one day.
  5. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Yes Sir Rick it's not as cheap as some other oils, however for the price difference of a Mirr-o-lure per gallon I use it. I'm not into using expensive additives, like Ring Free, to keep my piston rings from sticking or trying to clean the built up carbon off the rings. Using mineral oil or synthetic blends (which by law is a minimum 90/10 ratio of mineral/synthetic) you introduce carbon into the cylinders. As we know stuck piston rings have a very bad affect on the life of 2 strokes. The Amsoil has no mineral oil, pure synthetic....no ring sticking, no carbon build up. Don't get me wrong I used Pennzoil and Quicksilver premium plus for 35 years on many different 2 strokes with only one major issue, however the Amsoil full synthetic is far superior.
  6. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Amsoil HP! Easy pick.
  7. Best Wire Gauge Size

    14 ga. Do yourself a favor, buy it in volume. You will always have a need for it. (stay away from WM on wire, too much $$$) http://www.genuinedealz.com/14-awg-gauge-primary-wire-tinned-copper-marine-grade-red
  8. Bonefisher flats capabilities

    Yes Sir, we were polling on this fish, it was after three straight days of spooking them, casting way too short or long and casting right on their backs basically normal bonefishing for amateurs like my wife and I. Let's be clear, as you mentioned it's no HPX or Hells Bay but it will poll in 6" to 7" balanced properly, it does have hull slap on windy days, not as light as the technical skiffs but way cheaper to learn how to poll on. I've said it many times, of all the boats I've bought and sold, my Bonefisher is the one I miss the most!!!!! Wish I still had it.
  9. Bonefisher flats capabilities

    Well this is the front of a 1998 Bonefisher, it did very nicely in the Keys.
  10. South Georgia Tripletail

    Yep! I'd call that a keeper!!
  11. Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

    Nice, clean, bright and shinny!! Looks like it has that "new car smell" ........congrats!!
  12. Keys mobile trailer repair

    Google......."boat trailer repair in key largo florida", there are a couple to pick from. Of course on a Saturday four years ago heading to Marathon, my brother had a flat on Alligator Alley (dang tire was one year old) changed it in 1500 degree heat, so there went the spare, sure as heck had another blow out, duplicate tire, on the 18 mile stretch. Took the rims and bad tires to one of the trailer shops in Key Largo and a smooth $583 later we had two new 16" tires mounted and in my truck back to the side of the road. Oh yeah, thankfully it had cooled down to 1400 degrees on the stretch!
  13. Axle/Hub replacement

    Very good, happy it worked out for you!! My nephew has his new trailer scheduled for it's build to start on August 6th, he can't wait! Good luck!
  14. Costa sunglasses (Price Drop!)

    Yeah, my local eye doctor who is a Costa dealer can send them back to Costa and have prescription lenses placed back in your frames, progressive in my case. I guess they now have a "state of the art" facility where they do their own lenses and do not farm them out anymore.
  15. Axle/Hub replacement

    Yes they come with new posi-lube galvanized hubs.