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  1. 2017 - great 2018 - going to be a hard act to follow
  2. WTB Skiff under $10k

    You looked at these, very shallow. Lots of used on the web. https://www.mitziskiffs.com/
  3. WTB Skiff under $10k

    OR......you could go all the way and get a Carolina skiff!! I hear they float real skinny with that soft riding flat bottom.
  4. WTB Skiff under $10k

    I don't know.....$10k is borderline in my opinion. I just sold a 2006 Kenner, 90 hp Opti max with 140 hours on it, TM, all new batteries, trailer, etc. in very, very good shape for $10k. The reason it went for that low number was because it was not a Maverick, Hells Bay, Pathfinder, etc. To get that higher reputation type boat, you are going to have to look real hard and MOST importantly don't diddle if you find one or it will be long gone. Good luck.
  5. Boat cover

    No Sir. If I remember correctly, which is getting harder to do, it's Top Gun material. The one on my SeaCraft is the fourth one Shumakes has made for me and all were Top Gun. He can make it what ever you want Top Gun or Sunbrella. I like the fabric weight of the Top Gun.
  6. Boat cover

    Gambler1 is correct. This is the last one on my Bonefisher, which replaced the first one Shumakes did. Oh yeah the first one lasted eleven years.
  7. Older Bonefishers

    As a past owner of a '98 Bonefisher I would not rate the live well as very good for serious live bait fishing. Now I'm comparing it to the Pathfinder's bait well. The engine/draft question with two on board and balanced front to back you are looking at 8", maybe a light load just less. I always found when it got to where the boat would hit bottom and I was trying to leave a flat or push to a little deeper water I would have the wife stand on the gas filler. Tilted the boat to a more flat bottom which would gain that extra inch of draft. I've said it before, I wish I had my Bonefisher back, loved that boat!
  8. Actually I want to hear more about your wife who will let you have three boats!!! If I ask real nice do you think would she call my wife and talk to her about more boats are good....wait make it, more boats are great!!!
  9. When to give up on a trailer

    No matter what you do, what upgrades or replacement of parts you try you will not be able to stop the rust issue with steel. Once it starts rusting rebuilding it is just putting off the inevitable. In my opinion HoneyB is correct. I've been there with galvanized trailers and there is no doubt how this will end sooner or later. However on the positive side, it only took me three or four cut off wheels, about half an hour and a quick call to the local metal scrap guy to pick up the pieces and it was gone....rust and all.
  10. Tampa Tripletail

    "Overall a solid day" Sir......you now qualify for the understatement of the week award!! Then when you finish by "pulling my stone crab traps and getting some claws" you officially have went over the edge!! Nice work!!!!
  11. Nice job Dino!! You are at the next level above me......you balanced your tires!!! Sweet!
  12. Storage compartments

    Hey Dale good idea! I do not see any structural issues unless you take Rosie O'Donnell fishing with you. I like the second compartment if you have the depth, why not three?
  13. What did you do to your boat today?

    Dang!!!! 78.5....stop it!! Years ago, in my younger and dumber years, I went on a high speed ride in a 17' Hydra-Stream with some racing engine hanging off the back! I remember crazy things like he had two speedometers, I remember how close the water was just below the gunnels while sitting in the boat at 104 mph and how I could feel each little ripple in the water. We got one run down the river away from his house and he's making the turn saying it "will go faster with the wind" and I asked him to take me to shore.....I'd rather walk back if he did not mind. Never again.
  14. Dave I like the large step in front of the fender and especially the really extra large one behind the fender. When you get old we need all the area possible to put our feet when getting in and out of the boat while on the trailer!!! I'm assuming Dino has the third 3x3 aluminum cross member on his trailer, if so it's real easy, and cheap, to build "alignment bunks" like you have!
  15. Shoot Dino...all you need is a new axle and hubs? I just had two new 3500# Rockwell American torsion axles with galvanized hubs installed to replace my old spring supported axles on my 12 year old SeaCraft trailer for just at $950. I had personally replaced the springs and associated hardware three times in twelve years and said enough, I'm biting the bullet and going with torsion. Just replace what you have with a new torsion axle and go fishing.