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  1. DonV

    Best way to keep spare hubs ready

    You are correct Sir! The only addition would be a "anti-theft" chain/cable to 1. obviously deter theft and 2. keep the wheel from spinning while going down the road. You can also tighten the axle nut real tight to keep it from spinning. I've actually had to replace a hub once and just took the spare tire off with hub still attached and slid the whole thing in place. It's a sealed hub, rear seal and outside cap in place will last for many, many years.
  2. DonV

    Best way to keep spare hubs ready

    Another option, if you have the room, is to get a spare tire holder that also holds a spare hub. https://www.sturdybuiltonline.com/Trailer-Spare-Tire-and-Hub-Carrier-5-Lug-for-3500lb-Axles_p_232.html
  3. DonV

    K100 in premixed fuel

    Some good news!!! Where I live Rec90 is down to $2.69 at the Circle K, did not really need any but I bought 60 gallons because it did not hurt as bad as usual!!
  4. DonV

    Tibor push pole mount

    Nice work for sure!! I did the same thing, however I made it about 12" higher by welding a piece of 1" pipe on the bracket. Don't have to lean down as far to put the pole in place! Old age stinks! These holders will spoil you very quickly
  5. Dang Capt., that's rough, but possibly true!!
  6. DonV

    Tampa Bay gags on fire

    Not too much Tampa Bay grouper fishing today. winds all day over 30 mph, gusts around 45+ and waves 6' to 8'! Ugly, ugly day!! What's with this El Nino thing anyway?
  7. DonV

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    NICE!!.......going with the Bennett Bolts. When my 40 year old hydraulics go, wait make that IF my 40 year old hydraulics go "belly up" I'm moving up to the Bolts!!
  8. DonV

    Non MBG boat

    "an 18 hpx is my next boat regardless" Another smart guy on the forum!
  9. DonV

    20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    Here's a start, many to Google. On the same line as Target with their bathroom policy. With both, it's one of those "it's my money, it was not free I earned it and I'll spend it where I want"!! Neither gets my money anymore....period. https://thinkprogress.org/dicks-sports-sales-rise-04c44df12a82/ And Dino is right about BPS, keep the wife away....far away. Especially knowing you are going to pay full retail!!
  10. DonV

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Since they are easy to replace, I'd put the screws on a maintenance list, maybe every two to three years. Or possibly just replace them on an engine related schedule like when you do your 200 hour service.
  11. DonV

    Rtic coolers

    Dang I bought too early..............65 qt for $200, crazy. https://www.rticcoolers.com/shop/coolers/roto-molded/RTIC-65-White
  12. DonV

    Small piece of starboard needed

    I 've got some pieces that size you can have, most of what I have is 1/2" thick. A small "priority mail" box is 5" x 8", would a piece around that size work? PM me and we can work out the details.
  13. DonV

    Improved Cheese Grater

    MAN....I wish I had an on hand stock of Lexan for sale!!! With this thread I see potential DIY customers!!
  14. DonV

    Bahamas trip

    As JJ says, it's all in the weather. The SeaCraft crazies are trying to get a gathering set for next July to the Bahamas. It's one of those if you make the reservations, pay the deposit for lodging and the weather is terrible you can't go or the scheduled trip back is delayed you have more problems. Check out the gatherings section on Classicseacraft.com for some info, plus pictures Snookerd's trip over last year in his 23'er. Good luck. Oh yeah, I saw on Instagram where one of the skiff manufacturers drove an 18' skiff over last week to the Bahamas to deliver to a customer, so it can be done in smaller boats.