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    1998 Hewes Lappy Bonefisher/1978 23' SeaCraft
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  1. DonV

    Rub Rail Cleaner?

    If white, acetone.
  2. DonV

    Busy weekend

    "All in all a great weekend" The understatement of the week!! Nice job guys!!
  3. DonV

    Boat Cover Advice

    Quick follow up. Shumakes has made me four custom covers. All with the Top Gun fabric. My first cover on my Bonefisher lasted 8 years and I had it re-sewn and it went for 2 1/2 more, oh yeah that was with the boat in the Keys eight months out of the year and up here in the other four. Fabric is a choice thing, Sunbrella is nice and I have it on my T-top that's going on 16 years. Let Phil go over that with you. There are disposable, close to perfect fit, 3 to 4 year covers on the web for less money, but the magic word is disposable. Good Luck!
  4. You're good Daren. I pull my 23' SeaCraft with a 5.4 F150 with the same 3.73 gears, does quite well. However disclaimer here, I don't go over 65 as a safety and expense reason. I pull with the OD off to take it easy on the tranny and if I could get 10 mpg I would be ecstatic. As mentioned in other posts, pulling is the easy part, braking is where you have to be sure you have the right truck. Good luck!
  5. DonV

    Boat Cover Advice

    You around Madeira Beach? If so Shumakes in Tampa is the best in the area.
  6. Jeeez............it's only two posts below yours and it's not the only one.
  7. DonV

    1991 Hewes 16ft Bonefisher "Lappy"

    Mr. Maxgoo, Not sure if it's one of the ten deadly sins, or whatever they are called, but you are pushing temptation to its limits!!!
  8. DonV

    Re-power or fix?

    I'm assuming it's a three cylinder 70/90 hp. If so, those "short blocks" are getting tougher to find. Shop around and get a new one. Don't look past the new four stroke Mercs and Tohatsu.
  9. Maybe you ought to try this post in the "for sale" section.
  10. DonV

    2002 Pathfinder 2200V FOR SALE

    Very nice and well taken care of, however you need more pictures!!
  11. DonV

    "Pilings" in lower matacumbe

    The Hurricane Memorial in Islamorada is pretty interesting for just a few minutes visit. Right across US1 from the fire station.
  12. DonV

    trim tabs required?? Light Tackle 20 200 SHO

    Mr. Lap It Up is correct!!! If my hydraulic Bennetts ever quit working, the key word is "ever" because they are 40 years old and work perfect, I'm going with the Bolt retro kits!! Just helped my neighbor install them on his boat and it was very easy and they work perfect!! Good luck!!
  13. DonV

    trim tabs required?? Light Tackle 20 200 SHO

    As everyone says....yes!! Trim tabs are one of those "you must have" items, like a Power Pole, trolling motor, etc. You should be able to fix the ones you have using the existing stainless tabs, which are a major part of the price for new. Go with the Bolts if you can..
  14. DonV

    Gags in the bay

    What day was that? Monday the 15th??
  15. DonV

    Windy Sunday

    Ya know Capt. just when you think you have heard it all!!! Already informed by the rental company the max load was eight and they sneak down the waterway and add five more....jeeez! Goes to show there is no cure for stupid!
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