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  1. Hewes- Classic Lappy

    WAY high!! I'm with ya......
  2. Mercury Outboards

    Well $1300 is about a crazy number to me as you can get. I think Suzuki is like $200 for the white.
  3. Mercury Outboards

    Here's the numbers I have heard........there's always the dreaded rigging cost, upgrade to fly by wire, etc.. If I was buying a 200 hp, the Merc is way above what I see in the Yamaha and Suzuki four cylinder engine. Quotes from my Merc dealer. Mechanical shift: new 225XL would cost you 15,399 plus tax for the engine only new 225XXL would cost you 15,592.50 plus tax for the engine only.
  4. Tampa bay tide Guru's

    Strong winds out of the north and northeast will really lower the outgoing tides down there, especially new and full moon winter tides. I'm talking 8" to 12", it's crazy. No need to ask me how I know.
  5. I was wondering what the deal was! The Hillsborough Sheriff's Dept. keeps a boat on a lift about 1/8 mile from where I live in Apollo Beach. I heard the sirens coming from a strange location, north from the water not from the road, he was on full plane going down the main canal by my house at WOT....so much for manatee idle zone. Then I saw the helicopter and figured it must be real serious.
  6. Rule 1100 Bilge Pump Problems

    Is this the automatic Rule that's oval shaped? I have one that's only an emergency bilge pump. I've had no problems.....yet! I hate to say it, I was the biggest Rule pump fan in the world, then I had two problems on two different pumps and after a bit of research on the original packaging...."Made in Mexico"!!! It's now hit or miss!!
  7. "I’m redoing it now. Can’t have 2 boats (wife’s rule, long story)" Rats!!! I know how you feel!!! I think it's something women are born with. In my case it got really bad with my wife when I was up to four boats. Went down to three and she still had it. Went down to two boats and it was still there. I give up!
  8. New MBG Factory Update

    Sweet!!!! That is a serious concrete pumper! Talking with Charlie at the show Saturday and he said all was going well, sure looks like it!!
  9. Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

    "Must be like Pappy or Sudafed" Oh no!!! Not like Pappy I hope, which is almost impossible to find or even get on a waiting list, especially the 23 year old.
  10. New Mercury 4 strokes 175, 200 and 225

    Yeah I'm with ya Dale, a 250 would have been nice to add to that line up. Even with the weight savings using plasma infused cylinder walls, as in non machinable throw away blocks, I'd rather have that versus a supercharged small displacement Verado. Not sure the smaller V-6 displacement, versus Yamaha's V-6 at 4.2L was the reason they could not go to 250 hp. I'm flying down then Uber to the show tomorrow with my Nephew and I'll check them out for sure. Oh yeah, I also wonder how they came up with the 3.4L is the largest in it's class, I thought Honda's were 3.5L. Just being picky.
  11. Looking great, I remember you were hoping to get in by May, let's hope you make it!!! I must have missed it, however I did not see the elevator housing in any of the pictures!!
  12. Hewes 16' Bonefisher Repower

    2020?? Shoot I can't even think that far in advance on my best day!! If you went the 90 Etec route right now you would still have 8 years of warranty left. From personal experience you are going to really have a hard time finding a 4S that will out power an Etec of equal rated HP, especially the HO series.. http://www.evinrude.com/en-US/engines/e-tec/75-hp-115-ho.html#
  13. If I was smart I would have my Sister-in-law who lives there go and pay the guy for me and then I'll pay to have it shipped down here. However that would bring up the issue of sleeping outside with the mosquitoes and the dreaded no-seeums versus my nice comfortable bed!!
  14. Hewes 16' Bonefisher Repower

    Well one thing that will happen is your fuel usage will drop in half with the 90 Zuke. Those old 2S Yamis love gas, I know mine did!! What you can do is go buy a bag(s) of concrete, sand, whatever that weighs roughly 87#, to say up to 100# and place just in front of the engine, maybe in the splash well, centered between the polling platform and see how that affects your boat. After a few trips in the same water you now go to will give you a fair idea what a heavier engine would do.
  15. "Also @triplecstopped by but didnt do any work 😬" Did you offer him some beer for work?? That might have helped!