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  1. 50 Gallon Bait well

    50 Gallon Round well plumbed $80 P/U in Miami Area Here are pics
  2. Shimano Trevala Conventional 6”6 50-100 lb. TVC 66MH in excellent condition. $75......pick up in Miami area
  3. Powertech OFX 21p 3 blade

    Where are you located.....trying to find a prop for my 22t and 250 sho.
  4. i need to replace a starboard side trim tab blade of my 2008 22TE. My hull has the recessed pocket and I can't seem to figure out which blade to order.
  5. Mercury Tempest 19 prop for sale/trade

    Yeah, I can ship it for $250.00 ( PayPal gift so They don’t charge me fee). Im in Miami if you can pick up. Here’s some pics.
  6. Have a used Mercury Tempest 19 pitch rh that I bought for my 250 sho...didn’t help and I’ve been told I should try a 21 pitch. So I’m looking to trade for either a Yamaha or Mercury 21pitch....I’ll sel the 19 p for what I paid..$250 including new Yamaha hub kit ......I’m in Miami
  7. Bilge Pump

    This....bypass the built in switch with a separate float switch. The Rule auto ***!!
  8. 10' PowerPole Blade

  9. Pf 22 trailer bunk fitting

    Could you post a pic of your setup? Thanks
  10. Pf 22 trailer bunk fitting

    Trying to set my trailer bunks appropriately....should the bunks be directly under the strakes like this Or sitting to the outside next to strake like this the Ameritrail trailers have 2 sets of rear bunks so it's supported both places I think. This a Real X trailer made in Miami.
  11. 10' PowerPole Blade

    10' Blade Powerpole with brand new pump, hoses, fittings and new bracket. Pole section is 2 years old and in perfect working order. Came on boat I just bought with pump not working. Sent e mail to PP and within a week I had all new parts including a new bracket with all new mounting attachments. Excellent customer service! Selling to buy new trolling motor. Located in Miami. Pick up only. $1200.00.. how to post images online
  12. Plastic fuel tank grounding

    Well I located the leak in my 22t and it seems that ethanol has eaten through the fill hose, I'll post pics when I get hose out. When inspecting top of tank I noticed that the the green grounding wire was not attached at the top of tank but still attached to the metal fill screw on gunnel. Where do I connect the ground wire at tank, I'm assuming it to be at sender but Indidnt notice and ring connector attached there. My fuel gauge is currently working.
  13. Wtb 2008 PF 22 TE Cover

    Thanks Ben.....give you a call Thursday.
  14. Fuel leak 22T

    Picked up a 2008 22t and to my dismay it has a fuel leak. First noticed it after topping off tank and though I'd just spilled some gas on deck and washed it into bilge. Cleaned up bilge really good with dawn and flushed it out ,repeated a few times and had no more evidence of gas in bilge but still had fuel odor which I thought was just permeation. Ran about 20 gallons out over 2 trips and still no evidence of any gas in bilge. (Still Oder though). Added 10 gallons today and when got home checked bilge and sure enough strong raw gas smell and a small amount of gas in bilge. Have accessed tank top and does not seem to be any leakage in sender or hose fittings also accessed fuel fill fitting and seems ok. Also vent escape seems dry. My guess is fill hose has leak but could it be tank itself? Anyone replaced their fill and vent hose before. Very frustrating after buying a new to me boat.
  15. Wtb 2008 PF 22 TE Cover

    Which size? 20-22 or 22-24? Thanks!