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  1. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    I’m thinking of going Continental.....what don’t you like about about it? I had one previously and it was fine.
  2. 2006 22TE Vs. 2008 22TE trailer size

    I would go Ameritrail, but budget won't allow it. Can get a great price on Continental through a buddy. $1500 cheaper. Last one I had was great. My question was whether there is any difference between the 2 hulls and related to fitting on a trailer because of the recessed tabs.
  3. Want to buy new trailer for my 2008 22Te. I previously has a 2006 TE and am thinking about buying the same model continental trailer that I bought for that one. The reason for the question is that 2008 has the recessed trim tabs , so the trailer has to stop 14" before the transom. Should there be any issues?
  4. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    Thanks ....I did and it was considerably cheaper......I had a continental for my other PF 22 and had zero problems.
  5. Bimini top 2200v

    PM sent
  6. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    Thinking of buying a new trailer for 22 TE and wondering about the price of an Ameritrail. Currently have a Real-X that's made in Miami.
  7. another Buddy is gone.

    So sorry to hear Carlos.....What a great thought with the steak!
  8. Pathfinder 2200 TE Draft with Photos

    I appreciate the offer but I'm in Miami. I'm currently running an OFX 19 3 blade and can get 54mph @ 5800rpm lightly loaded. Another guy has the OFX 20 4 blade for sale but I'm hesitant to lay out the cash w/out actually testing it. ......Thanks again!
  9. Power Tech Prop for Sale

    2 questions: Where are you located and PT catalog doesn't show a QFX they show an OFX...Cant tell from pic if thats a Q or an O.....Thanks!
  10. Pathfinder 2200 TE Draft with Photos

  11. Pathfinder 2200 TE Draft with Photos

    Could you post the exact model of PT prop you have. Have the same setup and am tweaking props. Thanks!
  12. 2400 TRS ride quality

    I've owned 2 PF 22 TE's and recently rode on my brothers 2018 24TRS w/ Yamaha 300 and was really impressed by how better the ride was. Like a Cadillac compared to the 22. And when he hit the gas that thing took off. My next boat if I can afford one!
  13. Hatch seal dimensions

    I have a 2008 22 te and need to reseal the hatches. I’ve seen previous posts where owners have used McMaster Carr but I’m trying to figure actual style , (pic attached) and height of the seal. Mine are so old and compressed I’m not sure.
  14. Thats pretty much usual policy for any retail store unless you buy the extended warranty. When I buy my pumps I always buy the extended WM warranty because I know I’ll burn it out sooner than later. That being said, send it to sureflo with a copy of receipt and I bet they’ll send you a new one.