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  1. Power tech ofx3 19p

    Where are you located? What motor did you have it on?
  2. Weight of 2008 22TE

    Find I got some conflicting info in the brochures. Anyone know the weight of just the boat ? thanks!
  3. Shimano Teramar Casting Rod 7" MH

  4. Livewell issue

    Checked my cheese grater and found it loose in back, tightened it up and solved problem.
  5. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Some good action off Miami the other day.
  6. Thanks...... Sold!
  7. Shimano Stradic 5000FI w/ Spare Spool in very good cond. Just a couple of nicks and the rubber on handle is a little torn . (Common stradic problem) See Pics for close up Asking $100 shipped USA
  8. In Miami, would like to try before buy....prop is for 22 te/ sho 250
  9. WTB prop for Sho 250

    Looking a prop for SHO 250 on a 22 te......Yamaha 21 pitch or powertech....prefer used in good condition. I’m in Miami.
  10. WTB shimano stradic 6000fi

    It’s in great condition...has 2 spools, the one on reel now has upgraded Carontex drag washers. Has a spare handle and box. Asking $125 shipped PayPal gift or add 3 % for their fees. Here’s some pics
  11. WTB shimano stradic 6000fi

    I have one ....have a spare handle and I think a spare spool. I’ll throw some pics up if still interested.
  12. Livewell Stand Pipe

    Where’d did you find that strainer?
  13. Gasoline Fumes

    Make sure there is no gas in blige. My fill hose deteriorated and gas was leaking into bilge when filling up. Thought it was the usual permeation until I drained bilge water into bucket. Changing out hose was no easy feat!
  14. Livewell issue

    Boat is 2008 22TE. Have 3 bait pumps but only using 2 (3rd is plugged up at ball valve). Problem is the only pump that will pump on a plane is the rear pump. When at rest both pumps will pump water but when I get up on plane the 2nd one loses its prime somehow. It worked fine before , I did take my strainers apart because they were leaking. i retaped the threads and have stopped leaks but now this problem. Both strainers are installed correctly.(.I checked!)...Could it be the actual pump itself?
  15. Shimano Teramar Baitcaster Rod 7" MH Model # X70 MH https://www.tackledirect.com/tmcx70mh.html Very Good used cond. ....Pickup only Miami Area $75.00