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  1. Opinion on the v max HDPI

    good to here....I always kept all the filters changed....a little $$ but it keeps them running....
  2. Opinion on the v max HDPI

    I had great luck with my 2.6 HPDI 200 HP....650 hours flawless....Miss Jazzy has the boat now and still goes strong last time we spoke.
  3. Pathfinder

    not mine...CL Tampa https://tampa.craigslist.org/hdo/boa/d/2000-pathfinder-15t/6640016832.html
  4. Garmin 740S

    no longer available
  5. Checked this past weekend w GPS....Boat does 46 MPH with 5500 RPMs with 4 people....18p 4 blade. Just put new axels on the trailer ....ordered from Ameritrail. Use a hoist lift to launch...they've never been in water. I'm open to offers...
  6. Garmin 740S

    decided to sell and go different route
  7. Garmin 740S

    Decided to go a different route. So selling my Garmin touch screen 740S with mounting bracket and power cord in excellent shape 375.00 plus shipping or can local pick-up in Tampa/St Pete area.
  8. Craigslist

    https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/boa/d/pathfinder-17t-tunnel-hull/6554773664.html Not mine not affiliated...just looked unique
  9. Power Tech OX4R18p

  10. Learned a great deal from your post thru the years....please stick around and keep sharing... Best wishes
  11. 2017 2400 TRS

    Very nice rig....I love it...great color
  12. Mid 40s....I'll check the RPMs this weekend .....56-5700 on the RPMs if memory serves me correctly.
  13. back on mkt

    OMG we all have the gout....must be from not using our boats enough....Real cherries and celery...NCTribute is on the right track good luck to all
  14. No longer available

    more pics