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  1. 2017 2400 TRS

    Very nice rig....I love it...great color
  2. Mid 40s....I'll check the RPMs this weekend .....56-5700 on the RPMs if memory serves me correctly.
  3. back on mkt

    OMG we all have the gout....must be from not using our boats enough....Real cherries and celery...NCTribute is on the right track good luck to all
  4. 2015 Cobia 21 Bay

    and it catches fish....
  5. Not yet...have someone who's trying to "round up the money", but until there is a deposit it's available.
  6. LOL...I've just got the craving for a 24....found one if I can sell this one before it disappears....
  7. G Loomis Rod

    Ok...let me see if I can get someone close to pick-up for me .....I come that way on business, but it may be a couple of weeks....text me address and I'll go ahead and send the check 407 509 2476
  8. G Loomis Rod

    I'll take the 7'1 rod mentioned in the #3 bullet....the EX6 were are you located? thanks
  9. I'll take it, but will need to pay to have it shipped 407 509 2476...text me and we can work out the details
  10. Shimano Stradic 2500 HG FK

    i'll take it .....text me 407 509 2476 and we'll make arrangements thanks