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  1. 1994 Lappy, need help with under gunwals.

    Thank you. I like it on the console better than the removable cushions, but the material isn’t as comfortable for sitting as it is for standing.
  2. 1994 Lappy, need help with under gunwals.

    I went the custom two color seadek route with logos when I replaced mine myself. It took a few months going through the pattern/template and adjustment process with seadek, but with a little patience they were great to work with and I’m very happy with the end result. The custom route is a lot more expensive than the sheet material, but it looks sharp and fit perfectly.
  3. Hewes 18 vs maverick

    Have not been in one with the f115, but with my 150vmax, it literally feels like the boat could flip backwards out of the hole with the tabs fully up. It shoots straight out of the hole with them down just a tick however. I do have a 6" hydraulic Bob's jp, 3 blade ss prop with no markings, factory I assume
  4. Hewes 18 vs maverick

    If you have the money, buy a new 18hpxv for 55-60k, up to 20% less for a good used one right here on this forum. If you want to spend a third of that and have a boat that does 90% of the same thing as a new 18hpxv, buy an early 2000s 18RF and you'll be very happy. I wouldn't recommend either one without a 150hp motor
  5. Hewes 18 vs maverick

    My '01 18RF, rail to rail, measures 18'7" LOA and 7'7" beam. Not sure how the factory measurements are taken, but believe the newer RF models are listed as being just a few inches longer in both categories. I've never been in an 18MA, but in the many pictures I've seen over the years, the hull basically mirrors the PFs (or vice versa) which is why I assume they are reported to ride so well in a chop, which I can attest to having owned a 22PF for many years. And for the record, 60mph is not normal operating speed, but really really fun when the water conditions are right on the way back in after a good day👍👍
  6. Hewes 18 vs maverick

    Thorough assessment, but the 18RF capabilities aren't well represented here based on my experience. I've owned a 22'PF w/ a 200hpdi and an 18RF with a 150vmax, fished both the same way in the same water with the same amount of gear and the 18RF easily drafts 2/3 maybe less than the 22PF, plus is light enough to jump out and push off by yourself if you happen to get stuck. I don't pole much either, but the platform is nice to have when you do and for elevated casting. I've heard the 18RF underperformans with a 115, but it's a 60mph boat with a 150. It's no match for a 22PF in open water but most inshore seas are easily navigated with the benefit of the trim trabs and some experience. I'd recommend buying a model that is still in production, and if you get an older model like a MA, make sure the motor is still in serviceable condition or one that has been repowered.
  7. No, they have been sold
  8. JP

    I recently purchased an '01 18 RF in excellent condition w/ a 150hp, but w/o a jack plate. Brought it home one afternoon, and dropped it off at the shop the next morning for some add-on accessories, including a 6" bob's jp. Never ran it before, but after the jp was installed, the boat planes quickly w/o blowing out up to the 2" setting on the jp, above that it blows out consistently but still gets on plane; the same applies with cornering and turning. Have no idea what prop is on it; there are no stamped markings and it's a 60 mph boat, so I assume it's the right prop. I previously owned an '04 PF w/ a 200hp and the same 6" jp; it would blow out with any lift on it, so I assume the RF taking off on the 2" setting is pretty good. No idea what length motor shaft is on my RF; it looks like the longer shaft motor though.
  9. Center console seat and backrest cushions from my 2001 18' Hewes Redfisher. I also have the stainless clips that attached the backrest to the console. The snap buttons, stitching and fabric are all in good condition. I am in the middle of a seadek project, and thought someone could put these to good use. eight five zero nine three three four three four six make offer
  10. 2002 RF16 fuel capacity

    Have a professional pump the slime in the bottom of the tank by pulling the sending unit/fuel pickup tube