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    2002 Pathfinder 2200v 150 VMAX, Jackplate, T-top, Lowrance 5 Elite DSI, Keenwood Stereo w/iPod 10" sub, Icom, Minn Kota 74 lb, Seadek
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  1. Miss Jazzy

    Best years for 22 TE

    As others have said the '06. Worst decision I've made was getting rid of mine. Miss it every day.
  2. Miss Jazzy

    Tournament Edition vs V Differences?

    Area on top is pretty much the same. I’ve had both and couldn’t tell any difference
  3. Miss Jazzy

    Tournament Edition vs V Differences?

    The TE is a live bait fisherman's dream. Main differences are the live wells. The v comes standard with one 25 gallon. The TE has three: two 45 gallon in the rear and one 15 up on the bow. The TE has a cast net(bucket) storage in the floor in front of console. It also has lockable rod storage in the forward hatches. You'll notice they open long ways to fit the rods in. The stern bilge hatch is also a little different. The TE doesn't have a splash well, instead a larger hatch for bilge entry. The consoles are also different sizes. The v is a bit smaller. The casting decks on the TE are higher than the v. Only about two inches down from top deck. Other than that they are identical. Lol
  4. Miss Jazzy

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    You will need at least a 60". I have a 54" and will come out of the water in rough seas. I think the 72" would be over kill. I was going to go with the Xi5 but found a good deal on a Ulterra. This is the bees knees!!! Not having to touch anything but a button on the remote is a game changer. If you fish shallow and/or around rocks/oyster bars the Ulrerra is what you need. The ability to raise and lower the motor to avoid hitting at a moments notice is great.
  5. Just found out they released a fix on the 21 of Dec. called Legacy GPS Patch. It only affected Gen 2 units.
  6. Thanks Josh! I would love to trade up but I don’t know if it’s worth around a $1k difference if I sold mine. But right now mine has the problem with the time. I don’t know if you heard about it but it’s aggravating to me. For some reason a lot of the units list time a few months ago. Something about a decibel system they use and it reached 1000 and didn’t know how to compute it. Anyway not only the time is affected but now it can’t give you the tide chart cause it’s time dependent. What I’ve heard so far is Lowrance isn’t doing anything about it. They say it may fix itself in a few months when the decibel goes up again.
  7. Miss Jazzy

    PP vs TM

    I found since adding an Ulterra, 6-8 months ago, I have not used my 10’ pp but a couple of times. That’s when I’m beached up so that the stern stays put. If I only fished I wouldn’t have no use for it really. If I had to choose one over the other it wouldn’t definitely be the gps tm. As a matter of fact my pp is not working right now and I’m in no hurry to get it fixed. Lol
  8. Miss Jazzy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Got a pair of Mate Series rod/cup holders for Christmas. Been wanting these for a while now but was scared they wouldn’t fit where I wanted them, on top of the end of the front hatches. I seen them mounted there before but I have 8.8 Jl speakers mounted on the front end. After printing out the instal template from Mate Series I was sure they would fit but be real close. After careful placement they cleared without issue. BTW the oval top ones will fit in tighter places than the round. Turned out great! Planning on adding three more. One up front on the bow in front of anchor locker and a couple on the gunnels even with the leaning post.
  9. Hey Josh, how would you compare this unit to the Gen 2 touch? Would this unit support my Gen 2 transducers?
  10. Miss Jazzy

    Rtic coolers

    No. I have a 65 under mine and have to slide it out a bit to get anything in/out of it.
  11. Miss Jazzy

    Small piece of starboard needed

    Yes sir that will work. Thanks. Pm headed your way
  12. Miss Jazzy

    Small piece of starboard needed

    Need a small piece of starboard if anyone has some laying around. Just needs to be approximately 6"x6", enough to mount a skimmer transducer too on my aluminum boat. Don't won't to drill through the hull. Be glad to pay. Thanks
  13. Miss Jazzy

    Battery Tender T/M plug

    I bought a used tm that already had the male Battery Tender plug but my boat did not. I purchased a kit so I could get the female part mounted on my boat. Now I'm planning on using same tm on my other boat so again had to buy a kit just for the female part. I now have two male ends that I have no use for. If anyone is considered selling there tm that has this plug and will need to add just the male end to the new one let me know I will make a great deal for them.
  14. Miss Jazzy

    Seadek Sale

    Ordered three large sheets for my Jon boat build I’m doing. Done the same last year. Great deal!
  15. Miss Jazzy

    Is MHP having a Black Friday Sale???

    Just read on FB 20% off MBG gear!
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