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    2002 Pathfinder 2200v 150 VMAX, Jackplate, T-top, Lowrance 5 Elite DSI, Keenwood Stereo w/iPod 10" sub, Icom, Minn Kota 74 lb, Seadek
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    Moultrie, Ga.
  1. Wonder how different the fresh water motors are than the salt? Other than paint of corse.
  2. In need of a trolling motor

    That's crazy! Guess it's a good thing I didn't buy back a few weeks ago but they were out of stock then.
  3. In need of a trolling motor

    That's who I was looking for but couldn't find them. Guess that's why.
  4. In need of a trolling motor

    So who's got the best internet prices on TM's? Specifically looking for a new Xi5 with gps.
  5. New MBG Plant Progress

    That's a lot of mud on the ground! 6" thick with steel mats?
  6. Porpoising and corner blowout

    Not disputing your knowledge but are you positive you have a V rather than a XL model? Both were built in '07. Most likely you have the correct motor but you never know. The V does take a 20" shaft but the XL takes the 25". As for the porpoising I never trim the motor up at all and use the tabs just a little to prevent it. These boats don't need much trim. As stated get you a PowerTech OFX4. It makes a world of difference.
  7. 2004 Tournament w/2015 4 stroke 200

    Beginning to think you go through more Pathfinders than me!
  8. Anyone build rods?

    I picked up the hobby earlier this year and have built probably 20 rods to date. All have been MHX blanks. I really like them a lot. Never had a problem with one so far. I like that they are light weight but very strong. They make a huge selection of blanks and I was overwhelmed at first. Mud Hole does a great job of dividing them into categories for the type of fishing you do, which makes for easy selection. If still not sure give them a call their customer service is very good.
  9. Motorguide XI5 with Pinpoint

    Where are you located Matty?
  10. FIRE SALE! Pathfinder 26hps for sale ($21000)

    Why take the rub rail off? Stainless scrap can't bring that much I wouldn't think. No way it could be reused.
  11. Good to hear. The boat is doing great, about to turn over 800 hrs. on her. Haven't been down your way but was at Keaton last Saturday. We picked up a limit of trout and 6 good size rock bass. Water was crystal clear and saw a bunch of reds and big trout but couldn't get then to eat. Going to try and go next weekend if the weather is good.
  12. Nice boat! You still have your '04 Jeff? How's it going down on the Hatch?
  13. 2004 200 hp vmax hpdi question

    Have a '02 with a '04 200 myself. Have around 750 hrs. and she runs great! Get everything checked out as stated above and you will have a great combo at a great price..
  14. I try to stay away from using a popping cork and gulp simply because it reminds me of bream fishing as a kid. Just sitting around waiting on a cork to go under. Lol I use a lot of top water lures and poppers so get the excitement and rush of the fish crushing it. Get a lot of misses but even the missed ones are a thrill. I like any lure I can "walk the dog" with in two colors depending on water clarity. Clear I go with white or bone and dirty I like a black body and orange belly. Another lure I always use is Cotton Cordell rattling Redfin in black and orange or crome. It's a subsurface lure I've caught a lot of reds on. While I'm up front tossing lures my girlfriend is in the back of the boat with a new penny under a cork killing me on reds most of the time! 😂 So go figure
  15. Rule 700 and strainers

    Topic was just discussed here