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    2002 Pathfinder 2200v 150 VMAX, Jackplate, T-top, Lowrance 5 Elite DSI, Keenwood Stereo w/iPod 10" sub, Icom, Minn Kota 74 lb, Seadek
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  1. Miss Jazzy

    JL Audio m/400 amp

  2. Miss Jazzy

    JL Audio m/400 amp

    Just upgraded to a m/600(thanks CG Ryan it sounds awesome) so I have this one for sale. It’s in great shape with the exception of some minor blemishes from mounting it. Functions great. I had it bridged to a pair of 8.8s and it sounded amazing. It would also push 4 7.7s very well. $325 and I’ll ship it.
  3. Miss Jazzy

    JL M600/6 amp

    Got any pics
  4. Miss Jazzy

    WTT '75 Bronco

    Sweet Bronco!
  5. Miss Jazzy

    SeaDek heat question

    I had the same color combo on a previous boat and no heat problems at all. Best money spent for nonskid imo.
  6. Miss Jazzy

    Through hull fitting

    Thanks guys! I made up a temporary fix with a small hose, threaded barb fitting and a threaded cap with 5200 on the cap end. Looks like crap but it functions until I get back from vacation and do it right!
  7. Miss Jazzy

    TM power problems

    Thanks again, checked and turns out I have a 50 amp breaker so a new 60 is on the way. I also checked and cleaned all connections so we'll see next time on the water. Can't run it on the trailer, it'll hit the trailer when deployed.
  8. Miss Jazzy

    TM power problems

    Thanks, I’ll check and make sure it’s a 30. I know it had a 30a fuse.
  9. Miss Jazzy

    TM power problems

    Just replaced my tm and also traded out the plug to a battery tender plug. Also added a 30a breaker from a fuse holder. So all connections are new. Problem I'm having is after just a few minutes the breaker trips and it takes a little while before I can reset it. Battery's are blue top within a year old. TM is Ulterra. Had e batteries tested and all was good. Only thing I can think of is replacing the wires from breaker to plug, maybe they're corroded under the deck and not getting enough voltage?
  10. Miss Jazzy

    Through hull fitting

    That's what I was thinking. How hard is it to get this one out?
  11. Miss Jazzy

    Through hull fitting

    What would be the best way to delete this through hull fitting? It’s the drain for the secondary live well that I have done away with.
  12. Miss Jazzy

    Pathfinder 2200v Prop washout

    Strange. I've never had that problem with a PT prop. I could always turn with the jp pretty high and it never blew out. I did have that problem before with a different prop. PT usually have the best grip. I ran OFX series though. Don't know if the S is much different.
  13. Miss Jazzy

    Gulp Alive gone too soft?

    Yea they have gotten ridiculously soft lately, esp. any of the new penny. If they ever get left out in the sun for a period you can throw them away. They'll tear putting on a jig. Iced tried keeping mine on ice and it helps but not for long. If zman made the same product one jar would last all season. That's the reason they went soft, Berkly is making a fortune. 😡
  14. Miss Jazzy

    Evinrude E-Tec?

    Mine had an idle problem. It would kill the motor every time I went to put it in gear. Had to rev it up and quickly slam it in gear or it would die. Found out the computer needed an update....problem solved.
  15. Miss Jazzy

    2006 2200 Pathfinder, with 200 HPDI *SOLD^

    Nice! Always have loved that color combo. GLWS
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