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    2002 Pathfinder 2200v 150 VMAX, Jackplate, T-top, Lowrance 5 Elite DSI, Keenwood Stereo w/iPod 10" sub, Icom, Minn Kota 74 lb, Seadek
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  1. Speakers installation in 2200 TE

    8.8's will fit in the front of the rod lockers if you add a 1/2" spacer or light ring like I did.
  2. 2200 TE - Replacing Livewell Pumps

    Like I said, it's tight! V The good thing about the new pumps is the you can pull up on the housing and lock it allowing you to tighten it while the top bulky part of the pump to swing free or still rather. This is so you don't have to twist the entire pump to get it screwed in.
  3. Is this really a Pathfinder?

    Yes they are very sought after and very well built. MBC stop building them due to the cost of building a three piece boat.
  4. 2200 TE - Replacing Livewell Pumps

    I had the same boat and yes those are the original pumps. Mine were replaced with the ones you have shown. It's a very tight fit but it can be done. I'll try and find a pic. Don't raise the level of the pumps as they need to stay below the water line of the boat to function properly. Leave the strainers unless you fish where there is NO GRASS.
  5. How do you stay in shape?

    I get my "work out" every day I show up to work. I pour concrete for a living and have done it pretty much my entire life as it's the family business. When I get off the last thing on my mind is going to the gym or working out. I'm usually tired and wore out from the heat alone much less the work. Even with all I do I'm still not in the best shape. Mostly because I love to eat! 😁 But again I don't have the energy to exercise. I do keep myself busy after work as I'm always tinkering with something. I took up custom rod building a few months ago and now that takes up a bunch of my free time. I just can't stand to sit still fit too long.
  6. Loose 2200v cleats

    Had this problem before and the only way to get to them to tighten them up is to unfortunately cut a hole. Either cut another rod holder hole and hope you can reach it or cut in a pie hole on the side of the gunnels, which is not very appealing. Tough call. I just left mine alone. Never had a problem using it but if I left the boat in over night I wouldn't use that cleat but tie of elsewhere so it wouldn't pull out if it got rough.
  7. 23 HPS Rigged for fresh water (not mine)

    Idk I like the kicker. Be perfect trolling for kings/grouper! 😁
  8. Marelon Valves

    Yes what smilemaker said. Those plastic valves are junk and I can't believe yours have lasted this long. Usually the t-handle breaks and you can't cut them off without vise grips.
  9. Replacing Decals

    Heat will definitely help. Use acetone to wipe off any glue left behind
  10. 2007 2200xl for sale.

    Yep that one won't last long
  11. 2002 18.5 Maverick Master Angler

    I'll give this one....oh about two days, three tops.
  12. Great Drink Holder

    I use the same one on my Motor Guide. Works great!
  13. Armstrong LadderBracket

  14. Armstrong LadderBracket

    Had one on my last boat and loved it. I have some pics somewhere and if I find them I'll post them up.
  15. Looking for a 22ft Pathfinder Tunnel

    Yep, rare bird for sure. We see them come up maybe once a year. Good luck. Hope you can find one. Most likely will come out of Texas as that's were MBC focused that market.