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  1. Merc Eco 19 pitch

    Sold pending funds
  2. Merc enertia eco 16 dia 19pitch. $425 shipped or potentially trade for Bravo 1 FS 21 pitch.
  3. Yamaha HS4 21p - $350

    Josh, sent ya a PM. I’m likely selling my 22 in favor of a 21 FS
  4. Fusion MS-IP600

    Sorry Bud sold a while ago
  5. 2500 hybrid prop trials

    ofx4 is great for hole shot and a stern lifter. IMO u need an overall lift/ more bow and not really stern lifting for the stepped hull. How high are you running on the JP? I've run the following props on my contender 25 bay w 300 yammie 4 blades turbo 2+2 OT: 13.75x22 pitch 5.4k rpm (couldn't spin high enough) merc rev 4: 14.625x19 56mph 6krpm merc rev 4: 14.625x20 56mph 5.8k rpm merc bravo 1 fs: 15.25x21 57/58. went with 22 bc of better cruise mpg and speed merc bravo 1 fs: 15.25x22 5.7/5.8k rpm 2nd fastest prop 57/58 3 blades suzuki 16x18.5 5.4krpm (couldnt spin high enough, hated the JP) yamaha reliance: 13.75x21 (boat came with this prop.. and absolute wet noodle) terrible merc eco: 16x19 best mpg, decent top speed 56/57 same w rpm merc tempest plus/quicksilver torrent: 14.625x21: best top speed 58/59ish, 5.7-5.8k rpm i ended up keeping the ECO in 19 pitch and the 22 pitch bravo 1 FS
  6. Fusion MS-IP600

    Reduced again! Someone buy this for 50 lol
  7. RTIC cooler customer service

    Interesting. They wouldn't even send me a rubber t-handle after purchasing 6 20oz cups, a 65 quart, 2 beer can cups, cooler basket...
  8. Fusion MS-IP600

    bump reduced
  9. Fusion MS-IP600

    Bump reduced price.
  10. Jackplate on an 18.5 MA??

    I got mine used for 450 but jp aren't the most available in the secondary. Cmc seem to be the cheapest compared to atlas and bobs
  11. Jackplate on an 18.5 MA??

    no jp
  12. Jackplate on an 18.5 MA??

    balance was a major concern of mine but see for yourself how she sits. Ill try to dig up a pic w/o jp for a comparison. When i initially bought the boat it had the crank in the starboard rear compartment, and the 2 TM batts in the console. As we all know, w a full live well and don't even get me started on a full release well! you are gonna need to use tabs, no way around it. I wanted to add a house batt anyhow so decided to move the TMs to the front, crank along w a group 27 house batt to the console. This did help with weight distribution. In the end temptation and the great price i found on a CMC JP got the best of me. My theory was that added weight effect of having the engine further back was balanced by the movement of all the batts forward. Yes, moving the batts forward did hurt the top end a little but that was almost gained back by the jp. fastest combo would be batts in back plus jp but that wouldn't be practical. The setback of the CMC is 5.5 inches plus the setback of pp bracket (.25-.5?) so close to, if not 6 inches total. Agree that 4 inches wouldn't be with it nor would i go to 8 inches as i believe the 6inch keeps the boat in harmony. Can't comment on stress to transom as I'm not an engineer but since my neighbor and good friend now owns the boat i can tell you he hasn't had any issues with it. All kidding aside, i can't see why it would hurt it unless user error. Speed gained top end should be about 1-1.5mph, and avg increase of 100 rpm and that was with the 20 pitch ultima. saw 56.5 with minimal speed runs and 5.4krpm. My buddy switched back to the 2+2OT which has a smaller dia and 22 pitch. Im curious to see what we can get out of her now. my guess is 5.3-5.4krpm and over 57.
  13. Jackplate on an 18.5 MA??

    As you know i added one to my 18.5 and wondered why i waited so long to do so...
  14. Bottom paint

    Agreed w the above. It's also a deal killer for me. As soon as I see the stuff I move on to a boat without it