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  1. For sale is a polling platform I removed from my 2001 Hewes Redfisher 16. Located northwest of Daytona Beach. Send me a text and make offer. Have fold down nav light too but not in pics. 386-nine 3 seven- 6four 69. SOLD
  2. Palatka Shrimp

    About 10 miles south of RW's hotspot.
  3. Mercury SpitFire X7 prop

    The prop we were using had the medium size (hole) vent plugs (PVS System) in the four holes at he base of the blades.
  4. Mercury SpitFire X7 prop

    Where's The Fish (RW) drove over to my friends Mercury dealership and we tried the prop on both our boats. I have a 2001 Redfisher with a 2012 Pro XS 115. I was at 5680-5700 rpm's with the fastest GPS p*** of 55.1 mph. I had about a half of tank of fuel. I was running a Laser II 21 with a max 5590 rpm and 50 -51 mph on gps. The prop is like a rocket out of the hole on both our boats. They do have a nice cup and seems to lift the boat better. Almost like a b*** boat up and running on the pad. RW could never blow the prop out. We took about a three mile ride up the winding Ocklawaha River in his HPX and it was unbelievable how well the prop held.
  5. 2014 OT

    That would make a great brochure/web site pic!
  6. 2014 OT

    1. Double Play 2. G8R - 21RF 3. HUNTFISH - 21MA 4. SEAWEED - 21MA 5. MAXX - 18RF 6. GREENHORN - 24PF 7. F4AM (Dave & Shannon) 17 HPX 8. Where's the Fish - 18 HPX 9. Spotted Fever - 18 Bayfisher 10. Headhunter-22 TE 11. FLYBOY (Omar & Jenni) 1900 PF 12. Jersey Joe - 24 Pathfinder 13. Osprey- CL***IC 91' RF 14. Bruce F 24TRS 15. MWoods 23DV 16. Beck - 24 TRS 17. Skeeter95 - Redfisher 16
  7. 2014 OT

    Rowdy and Lisa Skeeter95 is signed up too!