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  1. WTB 24 pathfinder

    It may be lil older then you desire But I am going to be selling my 2006 24TE with a 250 yami 4 stroke. Asking 35k. Way under your budget, leaves room for lots of fishing gear and beer. Maybe you can repower if you want a warrenty with the spare change, Although the current motor runs like a champ. Text me at 386-235-3069 if you want to pursue and get pics
  2. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    I knew that comment would arise, some reason that prop is stamped like it is a 3 blade(typo), it is in fact a 4 blade with the wrong #. SCD style 4 blade. its an old prop that came with the boat when I bought it 7 years ago. I didn't work on the 4 stroke as well, but does well on the 2 stroke motor. I will have to show you guys a picture I guess...lol Ill have to measure out the Diameter when I get home tonight.
  3. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    The prop is a Powertech YM906CD3R16P. I was using my phone GPS and it registered the 44MPH, not sure how accurate that is but all I had at the moment. RPM was 5900. I am very pleased with those numbers. The boat performs better then when I had a heavy 4 stroke on it.
  4. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    Took it out for a little joy ride this weekend, It was cold but the boat didn't mind. I was able to comfortably run at 44MPH and 5900RPM. Boat performed great, I did notice the Speedo Gauge is inop so ill either get it replaced/repaired or discount the price. Lets make a deal y'all. 386-235-3069
  5. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    Still available and motivated to Sell.
  6. 2001 1900V Pathfinder 115HP Yamaha

    Thanks for the kind words. I believe I have it priced right, tough time of the year to sell thou.
  7. Its time to sell the 19'. I have had it over 6 years and it was the reason I always want to own a pathfinder. Great all around boat with a small footprint to still get shallow and have a comfortable ride. 2002 Pathfinder Continental Aluminum trailer Yamaha 115HP 2 stroke Minn Kota 70lbs Trolling Hydrojacker 6" Jack plate 6' Power Pole Lowerence HDsi4 GPS/Sonar (new) Brand new cranking battery. Battery charger for TM WANG 8' stick anchor w/mount New Upholstery on Leaning post Live well 32 gal PowerTech Stainless 4 blade prop CD player with JBL speakers Bimini top with hardware Full boat cover $15,000 I am a motivated seller at this point but will be staying close to my asking price as I see it fair and just for this boat. It is in good condition, not perfect, but nothing was beat-on. I just had the motor inspected and the Compression is a solid 120psi across all 4 cylinders and the voltage is great. Carbs are been tuned and she cranks up great. Use YamaLube premixed in tank with Sta-bill 360 Fuel treatment. I am ready to take someone out for a water test. Located in Palm Coast, FL (between Daytona and St. Augustine) Call or Text (386) 235-3069 Mike
  8. CL find 23v

    For those that didn't see the add before removal, can you share some of the details please. Price, Yr, options? Thanks
  9. T top for sale- sold

    I would like pics and price also either emailed to conceptzj@gmail.com or text me at 386.235.3069 Thanks very much. Mike
  10. 16' BONEFISHER II (1985)

    Does the floor or hull need any work? Would you be willing to meet in Orlando if I pay for some of your travels. call or text me please, Mike 386-235-3069 Very Interested. Thanks
  11. 18 Hewes FS

    A touch High, I just sold my 06 RF 18 for 17K. Had 100hrs and clean boat. Only problem was it has a ugly coat of Bottom Paint. So that devalued it 1500-2000. Good Luck on your search.
  12. WTB Pathfinder 2200 Tournament

    Have you considered a 24TE. My buddy and I are throwing around the idea of selling the Pathy. Its a 2006 24TE, 250 4S Yamaha, PP, Garmin 740, TM, Ameritrail. Good Boat. We are going to be around 34-35K so it might have to be a Trade plus $ deal. Text if you wanna consider it. Mike 386-235-3069
  13. WTB Pathfinder 1810/1900

    Congrats! Shes a great looking boat. Maybe its that red color I like so much.
  14. CL find. 1900V

    Oh ***, that was a deal, you'd have to shoot me first and pry my boat away for that little $ if I had that combo. Someone did good.
  15. Engines for sale - Miami

    $5500 for that VMAx, looks clean but little high on price. thats his only 20" Shaft Motor he said.