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  1. NEW PRICE. I want to sell and make room, NOW $14,000
  2. Wtb 1900v or 2000v

    Tailchaser, if you need to ask any questions or pic request, Just text me at 386-235-3069 Thanks Mike
  3. Ameritrail brake calipers and pads

    Are these universal to all ameritrail trailers and do you have a Pair or Tandem Four as a Set. Can you ship to 32164?
  4. Back to the Top, some interest, no buyers yet.
  5. Need to get some attention on this boat. I am considering fair offers. Ran the boat this weekend, put in new spark plugs and checked compression(123/125psi all 4 cylinders). Weather is improving, I hate to see a nice boat not being used!
  6. I would consider trades, What accessories does the maverick have, GPS? Trolling Motor? Power Pole? Is there a livewell?
  7. Still available, the weather is getting nice, someone out there needs a good boat!!!
  8. Hewes Redfisher 21 Decals

    Ill take the Tournament Decals, I will send you a text shortly
  9. WTB 24 pathfinder

    Ill have to check, but I know we past 800hrs this summer.
  10. WTB 24 pathfinder

    It may be lil older then you desire But I am going to be selling my 2006 24TE with a 250 yami 4 stroke. Asking 35k. Way under your budget, leaves room for lots of fishing gear and beer. Maybe you can repower if you want a warrenty with the spare change, Although the current motor runs like a champ. Text me at 386-235-3069 if you want to pursue and get pics
  11. I knew that comment would arise, some reason that prop is stamped like it is a 3 blade(typo), it is in fact a 4 blade with the wrong #. SCD style 4 blade. its an old prop that came with the boat when I bought it 7 years ago. I didn't work on the 4 stroke as well, but does well on the 2 stroke motor. I will have to show you guys a picture I guess...lol Ill have to measure out the Diameter when I get home tonight.
  12. The prop is a Powertech YM906CD3R16P. I was using my phone GPS and it registered the 44MPH, not sure how accurate that is but all I had at the moment. RPM was 5900. I am very pleased with those numbers. The boat performs better then when I had a heavy 4 stroke on it.
  13. Took it out for a little joy ride this weekend, It was cold but the boat didn't mind. I was able to comfortably run at 44MPH and 5900RPM. Boat performed great, I did notice the Speedo Gauge is inop so ill either get it replaced/repaired or discount the price. Lets make a deal y'all. 386-235-3069
  14. Still available and motivated to Sell.