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  1. I posted cruising speed, fuel economy and WOT speed in the other 2018 Pathfinder TRS w/250 SHO post by Kristian, you didn't look hard enough, it's in the other post.
  2. captaincowart

    Thinking about adding a tower to my 2400 TRS

    Thanks Buzzarde, excellent info.
  3. captaincowart

    2018 24 trs with 250 sho prop ideas ?

    I ran my 2019 2400 TRS w/ 250 SHO today using the Power Tech OFX19 4 blade prop under a light load. Just myself and a 1/2 tank of fuel, no trolling motor, at WOT and jack plate set at 3 and the trim at 4, I was able to get to 5800 rpms and 52.2 mph, I fueled the boat afterwards and top it off with 31.5 gals of fuel, so I got those numbers with 40 gals of fuel in the boat, so with between 10 to 20 gals of fuel in the tank I should gain another mph.
  4. I have a 2019 2400 TRS powered with a 250 SHO, I'm thinking of removing the hard t-top and adding a tower. Anybody have a newer 2400 TRS set up with a tower, just wondering how it affected the performance, speed, fuel economy, any porpoising issues? I'm running an OFX19 4 blade prop and getting 5700 rpms and 50.5 mph WOT. My dealer mentioned it may porpoise with a tower, any feedback is appreciated. Didn't know where I could post this, so I hope this is the right forum, thanks.
  5. captaincowart

    Just ordered 2019 22 TRS HT 250 Sho best prop

    Lee Williams your dealer is going to put a Powertech prop on it, unless you ask for a different prop, you would then pay the difference in price. The difference between a Powertech OFX19 4 blade compared to a Merc Bravo 1FS 20 or 19 pitch is about $ 200.00. Same goes for a Yamaha SWS prop. If you're looking for overall speed, it's hard to top the Merc Bravo props. I would also call Powertech and ask for Marcus, he should have all kinds of performance data on 2200 TRS equipped like yours running a Powertech prop. I have a Powertech OFX19 4 blade on my 2400 TRS, hard top and a 250 SHO and at WOT I turn 5700 and 50.5 mph. I'm happy with the performance and ended my search for a better performing prop.
  6. captaincowart

    2018 24 trs with 250 sho prop ideas ?

    Had my 2400 TRS built for me and delivered in November, it has a factory hard fiberglass t-top, two 10' power poles, Minn Kota 112 lb. thrust Rip Tide trolling motor and a Yamaha 250 SHO. The dealer put a Power Tech OFX20 4 blade prop on it. After the initial break in I took it to WOT at 3" on the jackplate and 4 on the trim, that is what seemed to get me max speed. With a full tank of fuel, myself and another male friend on the boat I could only turn the prop at 5200 rpms and 45 mph. I went back to the dealer and replaced the prop with an OFX18 4 blade, I was able to get the rpms up to 5900 and speed up to 48.5 mph at WOT running everything the same way, I wasn't crazy about the separation gap between the rpms and speed. Another downside was when I lowered the jackplate to 2 " at 4000 rpms my fuel economy was not good, I was getting about 2 mpg. I didn't like the numbers and returned the prop for an OFX19 4 blade, right away I felt like this was the right prop. At WOT my rpms dropped to 5700 and my speed increased to 50.5 mph, when I lowered the jackplate to 2 " at 4000 rpms, I was able to get 3.1 mpg at around 34 mph. I know if I ran the boat with 1/2 tank of fuel and a light load I could probably increase my speed to maybe 52 mph. I'm happy with this set-up.
  7. captaincowart

    2400 TRS boarding ladder advice needed.

    Any advice would be appreciated. I'm having a 2400 TRS being built, I decided to have the factory transom mount dual 10 ft. Power poles, to do this they will be removing the platform ladder. I like the transom mount on the Power poles as opposed to using brackets, I think they are sturdier that way and it's just my preference. I have been trying to find an engine mount boarding ladder that I can mount to the outside engine bolts, but it looks like I can't with the Atlas jack plate. I have looked at TH Marine twist ladder, RR extend ladder and Hahn All Aboard ladder. They are all good ladders, but I can't mount to the outer engine bolts, I have to mount between the engine and jack plate. Anybody have this issue, thanks in advance.
  8. captaincowart

    23 HPS or 24 TRS

    Thank you, I definitely wouldn't fish in todays conditions, glad to hear the 25 performed well.
  9. captaincowart

    23 HPS or 24 TRS

    Yeah I agree linesider, my 2200 TE is an awesome boat to fish from, great deck design, but when the wind kicks up, it doesn't handle it very well. I keep hearing the 23 HPS eats it up, just trying to decide between the 23 HPS or 24 TRS, I really wish they still made the 24 TE. I am arranging a sea trial in the 23 HPS next week, I've been in a new 24 TRS in windy conditions and it did well, like a 24 ft should do. Hoping to find out if the 23 HPS rides more like the 22 TE or the 24 TRS or is just a different animal all together.
  10. captaincowart

    23 HPS or 24 TRS

    The 25 looks awesome, how would your 23 handle todays conditions AFE Cummins?
  11. captaincowart

    23 HPS or 24 TRS

    I'm about to trade my 2200 TE in for either a 23 HPS or 24 TRS. I'm a hardcore live bait fisherman, I love my 22 TE except on rough days in the harbor. Any input from current 23 HPS or 24 TRS owners would be appreciated. I keep hearing that the 23 HPS handles rough water really well, thanks in advance.
  12. captaincowart

    AmeraTrail trailer question

    @linesider159, I tend to agree with you and am having AmeraTrail send me 2 bunks with beveled edges. They do it this way for Cobia boats because of the deeper bow, so they think the new bunks will eliminate the problem.
  13. captaincowart

    AmeraTrail trailer question

    Definitely aware of that hurricane, also @ fin-addict, the carpet looks like standard bunk carpet, I think AmeraTrail makes a nice trailer, very precise measurements and will fit your boat like a glove, so not much play or movement when loading or launching. It's a great trailer for a ramp with a lot of current.
  14. captaincowart

    AmeraTrail trailer question

    I agree skeetman68, the bottom of my Pathfinder is starting to scratch pretty good where the bunks are rubbing it. It doesn't want to float off easy when launching and I'm backing it in a little farther every time. I'm now backing it in to where the whole fender is just submerged, I'm thinking with the pads it might glide and float off without wanting to grab the carpet.
  15. captaincowart

    AmeraTrail trailer question

    I've used them on other boats in the past without problems also, I called AmeraTrail and they seemed to think they could scratch the bottom, which is why I want to get the feedback. Also, for Bamaskeet, as you probably know now, when launching with bunk pads, I always left the boat in gear and then would unhitch it from the trailer.