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  1. Talking Points

    You notice the state of grass flats down there in the last ten years? I made note there were several contributing factors, don’t focus on just one.
  2. Talking Points

    Commercial fishing at least in my area is a non player, it’s a dead industry except for the sustainable ones like stone crabs. You need to look more at the big picture of global warming, overdevelopment and too much pressure by a million registered vessels in Florida and the loss of estuaries and grass flats. Dolphins are following boats because we’ve trained them like hungry dogs, blaming them on stock shortages is a reach at best, a massive number of guides contribute way more to the problem then dolphins
  3. 2006 Hewes RF 21

    ECU just happened to go out at 400 hours, lol.
  4. Big Pine Key Rental

    I'm not sure if the pumps are back up, store is still closed, trailers are gone, there's still debate on whether they'll rebuild the efficiencies, so right now it's just the loft rooms and camp sites. I kept my camper there for years and sold it a few months before the storm, it was destroyed by Irma in storage down there, new owner never insured it. Most of the homes sustained some form of damage so pickings will be thin. Did you check Parmer's? I know they reopened.
  5. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    no because RD bought another one, if you want to set something up I can.
  6. Big Pine Key Rental

    You check VRBO?
  7. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    Those hull pics are amazing, like it’s never been dunked.
  8. To Cover or Not?

    In South Florida if you cover it during summer, it will get black mildew, guaranteed, which is why I like the cheap canopies, I get two years out of one.
  9. To Cover or Not?

    I use one of those $100 canopy deals, keeps the sun off while allowing air flow
  10. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    Go price new boats, this is ready to go for a third the price.
  11. Everyone underestimates draft

    Since I grew up in Collier County since 1960, I would venture I have more hours than most running these waters, I have never needed 24” to run a TM, is it ideal? sure but not a necessity
  12. Maverick Holy S#%T Craigslist Miami!

    Did you have a company do the tank? I’ve been thinking about doing it just because the boat sits so much.
  13. sea deck

    I wanted teak but there were all kinds of issues at the time so I could only get sand in a timely manner, I was charged around $400 Installed but that was because it took the installer so long to get his act together. Super happy with the product though.
  14. sea deck

    Just my cockpit area and pretty much, I love the cushion and grip
  15. My 21 MA

    how was the holeshot?
  16. Maverick Holy S#%T Craigslist Miami!

    Plus new cushions
  17. 2005 Maverick MA 21

    Crazy it hasn’t sold yet, I had one solid offer last year, had a change of heart, for whatever reason it’s a tough used boat market right now.
  18. Is one battery enough?

    gotcha, had the same set up on my suburban
  19. Teaked out 24 Pathfinder

    Teak is a lot of work to maintain and it’s hot as heck on your feet.
  20. Great White Shark in the Everglades!!

    Didn’t see him today, did manage to spook a small dusky when I threw the cast net
  21. Is one battery enough?

    So your dead battery was in your truck at the ramp and you were there with your boat at the dock? Why didn’t you take the boat battery out and use that? Had to beat sitting there.
  22. Great White Shark in the Everglades!!

    I thought you were telling a fish story with that weight, apparently not.... https://owlcation.com/stem/The--Biggest-Great-White-Shark-Ever-Found
  23. Great White Shark in the Everglades!!

    Saw that, i’ll be out and about down there tomorrow, keep an eye out for it.
  24. Is one battery enough?

    a battery that blows up in your face is catastrophic, a dead battery is a nuisance