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  1. Mercury Verado

    It will only match 100% if custom colored and even then there will be some variance because the different materials being painted. There’s a plethora of boats with matching motors down here, like linesider showed it’s pretty close one way or the other.
  2. Mercury Verado

    You can have them custom color matched, it was around $3k a motor a few years ago.
  3. Mercury Verado

    Yamaha silver
  4. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    I’m not even sure an average surveyor would see that, really ***, sorry Gus, time to make lemonade
  5. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    Nice, I thought the 04's and newer had the stainless rub rail?
  6. Anyone have specs on 17 and 18.5 master anglers??

    This link has the specs
  7. My 21 MA

    Calcs are great till you hit the water, rarely do you have perfect conditions, air and water temps, water slickness, tide and wind. I can run the exact same load and have as much as 3-5 mph differences, I have hit 60 with a fairly worn ofx 4 21p, I think 22-23 p would see 65 with the right load on my boat in ideal conditions
  8. My 21 MA

    unless that motor has some aftermarket goodies, I agree, 21 pitch ain't gonna hit 67 even in a stripped boat, 23-25 pitch possibly
  9. Snook

  10. Boat hulls

    I think panga or some panga knockoff company would ell just the hull at one point. May take some searching
  11. Salt Off/Salt Away

    Years ago if we had an outboard with plugged up water jackets we would use either vinegar or muratic acid, whichever we had laying around, pull the thermostats and pour it into the housings with the motor tilted up and with the hose hooked up and running to the lower unit. Let it sit a few minutes then start the motor, all kinds of crap would blow out the housings, do this two or three times and all the jackets would be cleared out. Put it back together and run it on the hose for a few just to flush out any acid left in the head. It worked like a charm, never a problem afterwards.
  12. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    now it’s a smoking deal
  13. Mavrick 21 Differences in age

    weird, mine's an 04 and rated for a 250, must have changed during the production run that year.
  14. Mavrick 21 Differences in age

    04 I believe is when they went to the stainless rub rail, the 250 rating and moved the seachest location
  15. 18MA VS 18 EGRET

    http://forums.floridasportsman.com/forumdisplay.php?70-Egret-Boats Not a true dedicated forum per se, they have issues like all boats and I've read where they can be tough to respond to complaints.
  16. Classic Lappy Redfisher. *reduced price*

    The grey hull with the grey teak seadek looks great, what is the issue with the seadek?
  17. Shout Out To Power-Pole: Broke one off !!!

    Prolly should have moved.
  18. 18MA VS 18 EGRET

    Both boats run a reverse chine but the egret has a much sharper entry, it breaks thru swells better so the ride is more comfortable. It gives up some draft it just depends on what you want to spend and how much of a difference it’ll make in your life. I’ve never ridden in an egret but if you watch their demo videos on YouTube you can see why they ride so well.
  19. Classic Lappy Redfisher. *reduced price*

    A pic would be great, like any pic.
  20. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    You are welcome, lol.
  21. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    http://www.mbcboats.com/omanuals/18MC.pdf http://www.mbgforum.com/brochures/maverick/1994-present_as_of_2007_18'5_Master_Angler.pdf
  22. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    I'll try to get by this week, no worries, I work around there
  23. Post your MA pics here!

    who did you buy that from, if you don't mind me asking
  24. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Bullet proof motor, proven hull, in south Florida this would sell in a day.