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  1. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    I’m guessing they’re gonna drill the cracks and fill with epoxy resin?
  2. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Looks cracked to me, I think at this point I would look at the value of the boat vs cost of repair because like conocean said, I don't see how you can properly repair that without at least cutting the cockpit floor out. Tough break, brother.
  3. MA21 Prop Choice

    Yeah my marine tech also said run it to 6k, I rarely get much above 5700-5800 though
  4. Mercury Verado

    I’m pretty sure that’ll be the sweetest boat on the lake.
  5. MA21 Prop Choice

    Glad that worked out for you, I really didn’t run that prop very long to get a good feel for it, with the 21 I am completely squared up and mid-range/top end is a blast, I need to try a 22 to see how that feels.
  6. MA21 Prop Choice

    same as all wet, I have heard 22 is the number, I went down to 20 and wasn't happy
  7. Mercury Verado

    Have you talked to MBG?
  8. Mercury Verado

    It will only match 100% if custom colored and even then there will be some variance because the different materials being painted. There’s a plethora of boats with matching motors down here, like linesider showed it’s pretty close one way or the other.
  9. Mercury Verado

    You can have them custom color matched, it was around $3k a motor a few years ago.
  10. Mercury Verado

    Yamaha silver
  11. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    I’m not even sure an average surveyor would see that, really ***, sorry Gus, time to make lemonade
  12. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    Nice, I thought the 04's and newer had the stainless rub rail?
  13. Anyone have specs on 17 and 18.5 master anglers??

    This link has the specs
  14. My 21 MA

    Calcs are great till you hit the water, rarely do you have perfect conditions, air and water temps, water slickness, tide and wind. I can run the exact same load and have as much as 3-5 mph differences, I have hit 60 with a fairly worn ofx 4 21p, I think 22-23 p would see 65 with the right load on my boat in ideal conditions
  15. My 21 MA

    unless that motor has some aftermarket goodies, I agree, 21 pitch ain't gonna hit 67 even in a stripped boat, 23-25 pitch possibly