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  1. Bow mount batteries 21MA

    Considered it if I go to a 36 volt, I was going to build a shelf with supports,.
  2. Propeller Shops Fort Myers Area

    Naples Props 239-261-7909
  3. Post your MA pics here!

    More better pic....
  4. 2000 21' MA w/ 225 ox66, opinions?!

    There’s a hatch that accesses the fuel sending unit in the seat compartment, from there you can see the tank and the stringers pretty well-ish
  5. Really sweet set up, they make perfect tower boats.
  6. 2004 22 TE 2014 F150 SOLD!

    Holy crap, someone buy this
  7. Option 1: Learn Spanish and embrace the culture or just be angry all the time Option 2: live on the west coast and drive an hour to work every day
  8. Pliers / Sheath

    Very nice!
  9. So You Think Your Day Was Bad

    It’ll prolly be undetermined, not much to work with, thankfully the owner and wife were ok.
  10. Right or wrong, if you get the extended warranty at WM, they cover the manufacturers warranty in house, it is what it is. I’ve even had some issues when my 740 took a dump with the extended warranty, they wanted to send it to garmin for testing and blah blah blah, only reason their tune changed is when they saw I bought it on a port supply account for the city I worked for, a city that spends thousands there, otherwise I think I was screwed.
  11. So You Think Your Day Was Bad

    That small fire extinguisher we have to carry on the boat is almost useless, usually the powder packs down and even if it doesn’t it won’t be very effective on a flowing fuel or resin fire, better off with a five gal bucket of seawater.
  12. 18 MA Refurb

  13. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    I still run ring free even with amsoil, the quality of gasoline in itself can cause carbon buildup on the cylinder skirts and rings, not worth the risk to save a few bucks.