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  1. fsusteve

    Fuel Capacity

    62 gals in my 2004
  2. fsusteve

    MA21 Prop Choice

    With the 21 I was squared up, 5500 rpms/55 mph, the 22 i’m Around 62 at 5600 or so
  3. fsusteve

    MA 21 Lenco trim tab spec

    Sorta.... https://www.iboats.com/shop/checkout/cart/
  4. fsusteve

    MA 21 Lenco trim tab spec

    Yeah I saw those, still pricey, once I saw iboats price I just pulled the trigger. Also mounting a garelick dive ladder and some other stuff for summer, bring on another thousand, lol
  5. fsusteve

    MA 21 Lenco trim tab spec

    iboats actually had the number crossed referenced, $163 for the standard 101, not too bad
  6. fsusteve

    MA21 Prop Choice

    Just an update, got my hands on a shiny new ofx 4 x 22, loaded I lost some hole shot which was to be expected, overall i’m happiest with the 4 blade 21 p props i’ve run, prolly be looking to trade soon
  7. fsusteve

    Where to purchase casting platform for 21' MA?

    Two birds, one stone. Looked at a lot of options but this way I can remove it quickly if I don’t want it up there
  8. fsusteve

    MA 21 Lenco trim tab spec

    Yeah that’s what I was figuring
  9. fsusteve

    MA 21 Lenco trim tab spec

    Replacing one of the original lenco’s, numbers don’t match up to Lenco’s site, it’s a 101, anyone know the exact one I need?
  10. fsusteve

    Master Angler Rod locker key

    I use a fish hook
  11. fsusteve

    casting platform 21'MA?

    I looked at casting platforms, the larger ones ran $400, I had a 35qt yeti laying around and started using that, has worked well.
  12. fsusteve

    *Sold* Completely Restored 18.5 Master Angler

    She’s a beaut
  13. fsusteve

    K100 in premixed fuel

    Been using k100 for a while, big fan, pricey but it works
  14. fsusteve

    Bow mount batteries 21MA

    Considered it if I go to a 36 volt, I was going to build a shelf with supports,.
  15. fsusteve

    Propeller Shops Fort Myers Area

    Naples Props 239-261-7909
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