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  1. New Master Angler???

    Maybe there’s a seatbelt option for some of you
  2. New Master Angler???

    That would be basically true of standing while running in any boat
  3. Fly Rod Reel Combo For Sale 12wt

  4. New Master Angler???

    How so?
  5. Differences between 2003 and 2008 MA 21?

    Sea chest was moved in 04, SS rubrail in 04, compartment latches in 04, not sure what else, don't think anything changed in the construction for the hp bump
  6. Pretty neat non MBG find

    And he broke it in already......
  7. Pretty neat non MBG find

    Son bought this last week, 1999 BPS Tracker 16.5 Flip Pallot Edition aluminum jon boat. 40 merc, wot is around 35, not much on google, made for two years 98/99, thought it was cool enough to share.
  8. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    My limited understanding is they stopped making the 21 MA due to production costs and having a price point that would make it competitive in that market, go much higher and you may as well buy a bay boat. This new version may be a MA in name only, the final product may be something else altogether.
  9. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    A factory tower boat would be a game changer
  10. New Master Angler???

    Offer it with a mini tower, similiar to the east cape
  11. 21' Maverick Poling Platform

    I prefer without but that’s me
  12. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    I would think this, 25’ contender, I think HB built a 25/26 bay boat, YF 24
  13. Talking Points

    You notice the state of grass flats down there in the last ten years? I made note there were several contributing factors, don’t focus on just one.
  14. Talking Points

    Commercial fishing at least in my area is a non player, it’s a dead industry except for the sustainable ones like stone crabs. You need to look more at the big picture of global warming, overdevelopment and too much pressure by a million registered vessels in Florida and the loss of estuaries and grass flats. Dolphins are following boats because we’ve trained them like hungry dogs, blaming them on stock shortages is a reach at best, a massive number of guides contribute way more to the problem then dolphins