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  1. FLDXT

    Cover treatment

    I always sprayed mine with the waterproofer from Wal Mart in the camping section, the one with the orange top, not the 3m stuff. I'd always just pull the sides up on a nice day and get some air moving around under the boat. My cover was blackz so it got caught.
  2. FLDXT

    Pathfinder 15t

    It's not too bad here, can stay in close if its nasty and have a shallow enough boat. Not to concerned about chop, this wont be my only ride hopefully, just something to beat around back in there creeks and not worry about getting caught at low or some oyster rash.
  3. FLDXT

    Pathfinder 15t

    Think I'm gonna look for something in AL unless I find a 15t or 17t hull for a number I cant pass up. Just too many obstacles in the water up here.
  4. FLDXT

    Pathfinder 15t

    Great read, thanks for sharing. A lot of good information.
  5. FLDXT

    Pathfinder 15t

    Thanks, looked for it but couldn't find it. A little heavier than I expected.
  6. FLDXT

    Pathfinder 15t

    10-4...thanks, was hoping she'd draft a little less, understood about getting beat up, this thing will be for getting real shallow and runs near shore depending on draft. Any idea what the 15 weighs, hull? Did the 15 have the stringer issues the 17 did?
  7. FLDXT

    Pathfinder 15t

    Anybody got real world draft numbers for this boat with a tiller? Now the 17MA is gone, need something smaller and something bigger.
  8. FLDXT

    17' MA with a 115 Yamaha 4-stroke- Prop

    Call Marcus at Powertech.
  9. FLDXT

    farewell Abbey

    Prayers for you and your family, cant put into words how sorry we are. God bless you all.
  10. FLDXT

    2005 Hewes Tailfisher 17 Tunnel Hull For Sale

    Well....missed the date on this one, guess I'll move on.
  11. FLDXT

    sea star steering

    Find somebody with a power purge a d have them bleed it properly, it's got air in the line most likely.
  12. FLDXT


    This...work great always use them and a My wedge.
  13. FLDXT

    You like a Flip Flop do Ya

    Where are they made?
  14. FLDXT

    WTB Pathfinder 2200 budget $20k

    Pretty tall order, it must be fairly uncommon if your here posting a wtb. Good luck on your search.
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