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  1. FLDXT

    17' Master Angler re-power

    I had this exact setup for 8 years, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Great motor and performs outstanding on the 17ma.
  2. FLDXT

    WTB Flats Boat (12k budget)

    I drove to Delaware from South FL for my 17MA in 2011, sold it a year ago, first boat that ever appreciated in value over the 8 years...ur gonna have to travel for the deals.
  3. FLDXT

    Craigslist 23 DV

    Boats been in THT for a while. Its wrapped also. Apparently he has only put a couple hundred hours on it since he bought it as the same question was asked there about the hours. Seems a tick high on price, been watching these for a while.
  4. FLDXT

    Poling platform sissy bar

    Best I could do on the connections....
  5. FLDXT

    Poling platform sissy bar

    It was custom, no I dont. A guy in the Pensacola area bought the boat, not sure he is still on here.
  6. FLDXT

    Poling platform sissy bar

    I had one on my 17MA that sounds like its what you want. Sold the boat, but these pics may help. 100% removable, I never used it, but adjusts up and down and solid as a rock. You can see where it attaches on the rear horizontal bar on the platform. The vertical adjustment can be seen in thebpic of the sissy bar, just loosen those bolts and slide it up or down.
  7. FLDXT

    No Responses from Posts

    You will see posters in the for sale section, that only post in the for sale section, and may only posts once. They are members to sell something and many of them will never make a post again on here. I've been here for probably close to 8 or so years, very helpful folks, very good forum. The core group is always ready to help and answer questions.
  8. Never thought I'd see the day.....I can attest to his OCD, this is by far the cleanest, most well kept Pathy out there, some body will get a heck of a boat, I'd say practically new and loaded to catch fish.
  9. FLDXT

    Moving back to FL. Miami or Jacksonville?

    Not enough money in the world for me to move to Miami and that coming from a 5rh generation native, both mine and my wife's families have been in South FL generations. We keep moving north to get away, currently in the Panhandle, next move is out of FL, done with the people.
  10. FLDXT

    Rum review... Papas PILAR

    Good stuff...local company, PBC, gives to veterans charities and made from ingredients only sourced in FL.
  11. FLDXT

    Craigslist find (project).

    I drive by this house all the time, he has a 21 with a elevated console I've been watching next to his house also, haven't noticed this boat.
  12. FLDXT

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    I had that on my 17MA I just sold. It didnt squat noticeably more, but you are not going to put three people on the stern. My Zuke was 04, it had super low gears and swung a big 4 blade, it would jump up but i lost alot of top end, but planning quick and getting up shallow were more important. Wot full fuel was in the low 40s with my prop set up. Great motor, would buy again. Boat was propped by Marcus at PT, did a great job. Just keep the internal engine anodes changed, I recommend yearly.
  13. FLDXT

    Update:.... Costa Lens Scratches

    Until your 4 year old drops them...ask me how I know.
  14. FLDXT

    Suzuki 140 vs 150

    My WOT was somewhere around 43 with a fill tank of fuel, which is alot of weight. I'd cruise in the low to mid 30s. I had a big 4 blade PT prop though, probably could have got alot more speed with a 3 blade but I fished shallow alot. I second the internal engine anodes, they need to be done annually.
  15. FLDXT

    Suzuki 140 vs 150

    Had a DF 140 on a 17MA, it was an 04 motor. Great motor, geared low, swung a big prop. Wasnt super fast but sipped fuel and jumped up on plane. Zuke 140 vs 150 are two different blocks, red to check weight difference.
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