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  1. Prophylactic Fuel Tank Removal-MA17

    I'm thinking to go around 30, that would be pretty close to 100 miles for me, I trailer and fill up regularly and have short runs, I could do without the weight.
  2. Gas pump out question...

    Problem is my sending unit hole does not match up with my access hole, somebody missed it by about 6", reason I keep using a flow meter vs sending unit. I'm gonna try through the filler neck and lower the front of the boat.
  3. Gas pump out question...

    Been to long running the boat, knew today was going to bad, hit a bird on the way to the ramp, lost my phone, need an update on my simrad for it to pick up my totals an, and think I have some bad gas. It's been too long, probably September, I knew it but just been too busy. Motor will idle fine but really slow getting up and will have momentary spurts of wot then back to about 5k. Changed the recor and the filter on the df140 but I'm thinking of draining the tank. Can I run a hose down the filler neck into the tank? I'm really trying to avoid dealing with the sending unit hole. I need to get through this summer and then Dino and I should be building new tanks together. Thanks in advance
  4. Prophylactic Fuel Tank Removal-MA17

    Document, my 99 is due. Fixing to start a thread on my experience today. 27 gallons? Are you sure? Mine has a 42 and I'm thinking of scaling that way back when I replace.
  5. Trolling motor question

    I'd go with a 24v without a doubt. Can't help on battery placement.
  6. What did you do to your boat today?

    Removed the old airmar transducer and installed a totalscan. Finally installed the PYI cable gland and moved the vhf a while back in anticipation of moving all my batts to the console.
  7. Need a Trailer for my 18' Redfisher

    Rolls Axle w lifetime springs.
  8. Best Battery Charger?

    I've always had great luck with Dual Pro, just replaced.one that was 13 years old. Company is good to deal with, you actually talk to a person.
  9. Engine Alarm

    What engine?
  10. Trailer Tires

    I had load range c tires, I'm upping them to d because I routinely blow one out. Hopefully that will help. I've had every brand available and the higher load ranges seem to do better.
  11. Trailer Tires

    Same size tires.. http://www.csgnetwork.com/tirerevforcecalc.html Change the rim size only and look at the rpms. Not 100% on this but I am pretty sure there is an rpm difference at the axle for rims size, but my geometry stinks.
  12. Trailer Tires

    Smaller rim goes around more times, more wear on your bearings/axle I believe if my physics/geometry lessons are still functional. Smaller rims also limit speed. When you step up in rim size you also have better options for tires, load ranges, types, etc... I can't tell you how many people I see on the side of the road changing boat trailer tires, 95% of them have 13" rims or smaller.
  13. Florida Skiff Challenge

    Sounds good to me, love those micro tillers and the 21 MA!
  14. 1999 Maverick Master Angler 18.5' - $16500

    Exactly the same as my 17ma, except my Bp is slowly coming off. Glws