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  1. Helm Wheel Nut Stuck

    PB blaster and a light knock with a hammer to break free. I always wrapped the nut in a old rag and used a big wrench to break mine free. Put some never seize on it before reinstalling.
  2. Transducer Mounting Location

    I wouldn't say no issues, takes some.tinkering, mount it to a piece of starboard so you can make adjustments underway. Much easier. I can hold bottom.to about 35mph, but throws a rooster tail I haven't figured put yet. And it's on a 17. No clue why its sideways.
  3. 17' Maverick MA prop suggestion

    That's him, he'll get back with ya.
  4. 17' Maverick MA prop suggestion

    You probably aren't going to get much more speed than that, 3 blade or 4 blade. A stern lifting 4 blade would get you up faster but you're gonna lose some additional top end. Marcus aka "Funkey Monkey" is who you need to talk to.
  5. Costas FS

    - Permit, blk frame 580G blue mirror - $150 - Fisch, blk out frame 580G green mirror - $150 Both just back from Costa, they will have the new frames where the rubber isnt supposed to fall off.
  6. replacement hatch cable?

    Parachute chord...
  7. Wanted: Hewes Redfisher 21 or Maverick 21

    There is an 08 in the Keys with Mercury power, think they are asking like 43k if I remember correctly. It's on boattrader.
  8. WTB 23 Pathfinder DV

    Many thanks. That boats still listed, but the guy wont respond to emails...not that enthused about it yet.
  9. What to do??

    The draft numbers are pretty accurate, I can spin up in less than 3ft of water but not much, usually full tank of fuel and just me. Big 4 blade, tabs buried and head to port I can usually get up shallower than 3.
  10. What to do??

    From what you described, go with the MA.
  11. gas tank capacity

    I dont think that's an MBG Cobia, I think that was made before they purchased Cobia.
  12. WTB 23 Pathfinder DV

    I emailed that guy, have not heard back, it is cheap enough, I was worried about the condition but was thinking of selling those 115s. Wonder how big a deal it is to go from twins to a single on those boats?
  13. Did you tell the guy at WM he is a moron? Make sure to do that, he needs to know.
  14. Boat Outfitters https://www.boatoutfitters.com/hardware/seal