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  1. 99/04 17 Master Angler/Suzuki DF140

    Ya, appreciate it, it's a great boat, my kids have grown up on it, alot of firsts on this boat. I should be back in town Friday, for those who wanted to look at it. Replied to all other pms.
  2. 2000 17ma prop and motor height?

    I have a 130, I actually have a DF140, but mine is also all the way down on a 99 17MA. I run a PT 4 blade with zero complaints. Boat will jump on plane and plane at low mph which is handy running shallow.
  3. Potential move and growing family are the only reason I'm contemplating this. I have a 5 and 2 year old and need something with a little more "containment". *Will update with more photos, these are just what I have on my phone and I wanted to get it posted before I went out of town. 1999 17 Master Angler 2004 Suzuki DF140 - just over 400 hours, PT 4 blade prop. Fulls service every 100 hrs or yearly, whatever comes first. Never had an issue, great motor, made me a Zuke believer. 2004 Rolls Axle single axle trailer. Best trailer I've ever owned. Full LED lighting, all wiring is triplex/duplex marine grade to a junction box with a common ground to the tow vehicle. No chasing bad grounds. Adhesive heat shrink, liquid electrical tape at all connections. Bearings replaced yearly, less than 500 miles on tires. If you ever chased lighting issues on a trailer, you can appreciate this, best thing I've ever done. Simrad NSS7 Evo 2 with totalscan transducer VHF SH GX1600 hard wired to DSCC on Simrad for GPS coordinates, flush mounted on console with cover New sending unit and fuel gauge 2018 New fuel lines and access panels 2018 6' Powerpole 42 Gallons gas tank 25 gallon livewell with recirc pump Release well SEASTAR hyd steering, new 1.7 helm 2015. Tons of storage Full set of cushions, I never use them Trim tabs Custom sissy bar for poling platform Custom switch panel 20' push pole, heavy as heck, never use it Full custom cover, black All new plumbing/pumps 2016 New black rope in rubrail, resealed 2015 MK 74 lbs TM, 2 Deka AGM batts with Dual Pro 2 bank charger. Batts are wired as backup for starting battery (Hobo) method. Dual Pro 2 bank, 10 amp charger. I take it off the boat when not charging 1 Deka AGM starting with Blueseas Battery Switch Full schematics of wiring Complete safety gear and extras will go with the boat. WOT full fuel, fishing gear and two people about 44 mph. I give up speed for the big stern lifting prop. Boat ships gas Boat does not show as a 19 year old hull. It has been well taken care of. Has signs of usual wear but nothing that wouldn't be expected for a 19 year old boat. I have caught everything from sails and dolphin to cobia and bonefish in this boat. I'm anal retentive with maintenance, especially since my kids go with me most times. I perform all service on the boat and will be glad to advise the new buyer to help them save some money. I removed the windshield off the console but still have it. I did some custom pipe work and coxcombing around the console. Only thing I wanted to upgrade that I haven't is moving the starting battery to the center console. The shelves built in the rear compartments on these were not designed for the hvy AGM batteries. This is hands down the best boat I've owned. Will eat up big water but still skinny enough to look for tailing reds. Still a little hesitant. Boat is in Crawfordville, FL, just south of Tallahassee. Feel free to PM or email me. Plenty of other pictures available. Ufbeef@yahoo.com (772) 201 1636 - initially a text will probably be better $17k
  4. Crack in Poling Platform Weld

    While it's off, have him go through all the welds, especially on the other legs, may save you some headaches in the future.
  5. Crack in Poling Platform Weld

    Take it off and reweld it. I've seen it happen a bunch, mostly on older MA. Only way to fix it is remove and have a good welded clean it up and reweld.
  6. Smith optics warranty

    I have two pairs of Smith chromapop, I too switch due to brand X. I finally complained so much to brand x they sent me all new glasses, still cost me way too much money. Love my Smith's, wont ever buy brand x again but will continue to pester them everytime their Chinese pos fall apart.

    This stupid thing is really becoming an inconvenience. Sending the wife and kids south today, gonna tuck the boat up next to the house.
  8. Forum decal

    I still have one on my polling platform but I cant remember where i got it from? Maybe Hobo?
  9. 2001 21' Master Angler (Listing deleted)

    First sorry about your loss. Just a suggestion to help move this boat, you may want to attach pictures that you dont have to download and you may also want to put a price or ballpark you are thinking.
  10. Pathfinder 23 DV (not mine)

    Well that's nice...that boat has been around for sale for a while, guess we know why now.
  11. MA 18.5 vs Action Craft 1890

    I've been in both, I have a 17MA, I wouldnt trade my 17 for two ACs, just saying, night and day to me. AC I have been on have always been wet.
  12. What's the real world draft with two people and full of fuel and gear? Nice boat by the way.
  13. Helm Wheel Nut Stuck

    PB blaster and a light knock with a hammer to break free. I always wrapped the nut in a old rag and used a big wrench to break mine free. Put some never seize on it before reinstalling.
  14. Transducer Mounting Location

    I wouldn't say no issues, takes some.tinkering, mount it to a piece of starboard so you can make adjustments underway. Much easier. I can hold bottom.to about 35mph, but throws a rooster tail I haven't figured put yet. And it's on a 17. No clue why its sideways.
  15. 17' Maverick MA prop suggestion

    That's him, he'll get back with ya.