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  1. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Nice man, look for ward to seeing you around St. Marks.
  2. Transducer question?

    Maybe Fishuntr will chime in, he has about mastered the use of his sidescan and what not, predominately for inshore fishing but also for offshore, he consistently uses his to find fish.
  3. Has anyone seen this model hewes ?

    Pretty sure somebody got creative with the sticker guy.
  4. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    You should have a breaker between your tm and batts, but it all depends on how your boat is wired. Sometimes the tm batts are wired as a 12v backup to the switch as backup, jic batts. I'd try.to figure out how your boat is wired first then go from there.
  5. Batteries discharge overnight sorta

    I agree with SCFD, first thing I thought of is the batt switch is left on.
  6. If only we had a section of the forum titled Product Information - Maverick
  7. Today in MBG History!

    Congrats Mr. Skip!
  8. WTB 17’ MA

    It's gonna be a minute, I'd like a 23DV eventually.
  9. WTB 17’ MA

    Only reason in the world I would sell is because I have a growing family and it's difficult to keep a 1 year old and 4 year old contained. I will send ya some pics to your phone, it will come from a 772 number, boats in the Tallahassee area.
  10. WTB 17’ MA

    I have a 99 MA17 with an 04 Zuke DF140, not overly excited about selling it but would listen to an offer if you were interested.
  11. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Don't have room for a 17 and an 18 at the moment!
  12. 2006 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Man I love this boat!!! Somebody is going to get a one of a kind masterpiece!
  13. 92 18MA Restore, Tank Removal - DIY

    There is a place of St. Marks called the Rock Garden, just thought it was a reference.
  14. 92 18MA Restore, Tank Removal - DIY

    Yours looks alot more "user friendly" then my 17MA. Might want to contact TNT tanks, Ft. Pierce, in my 17MA it's a 42 gallon, may be an option for you. Any chance you are in the Tally area? Looking at your screen name.
  15. 1992 Maverick MA 18.5'

    I have a 17MA, 99. I imagine if you rear compartment is like mine, the "shelving" was cut out because it cracked. Eventually those shelves where it seems batteries like to be placed, eventually give to the weight of the heavier batteries. Mine is cracked, had to relocate battery to the front shelf and have plans to go to console with it.