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  1. 1996 Bonefisher 16 Gunnels Uneven

    Does it ride funny in the water? I want to say its crooked kn the trailer but if you start using reference points I dont see any major discrepancies if that pic is dead center saying it's on the trailer crooked. I don't know, it does look a bit twisted.
  2. 1999 Maverick Master Angler 21

    I'm assuming it's a 18?
  3. Flip up anchor light repair

    New version is better, haven't had any issue with mine. I tried extensively to modify the old one to no avail.
  4. Just to follow up on the fish bag, you will find out the most important factor is the zipper. Make sure it has a good zipper and its beneficial to have straps and/or velcro to help keep the zipper closed. When I YT, I pack it full of chum, so its bulging, replace chum with fish as I catch them. I bought an Engel fish bag, it's about the best one I found, has a stout zipper, straps and velcro to assist in keeping it closed. The original one they sent me had a defect, called them as soon as I got it and they had a new one in the mail. Great bag and great customer service.
  5. Fish bag, I carry one in my Maverick when I think I'll need it, easy to store if you don't works just as well. I'm not sure what calit's called, but I have a tank holder that nb is basically 4 pieces of PVC that lay parallel to one a other and as re attaches at each end with a cable that runs through them. Lays flat on the floor and keeps the tmtabks from rolling around. If I just take one tank, I leave it hooked in my bc yo keep from rolling.
  6. Axle/Hub replacement

    Call Rolls Axle and see if they can help, I think they are in plant city. Might not be what you are wanting, but it will be better.
  7. Flat Tire Tools

    Bottle jack, 2 ft long 8x8 with a ramp cut one side (multi purpose) and for Christmas I bought a battery powered Rigid impact wrench....not sure how I made it this long without one, best thing since sliced bread. I can change a tire in about 2 minutes.
  8. 2017 Pathy 2500 Hybrid almost new

    Nice boat...still dont think I'll ever be in a position to purchase a $115k boat and just not use it....I just dont get it.
  9. Lenco Actuator 15054-001

    I'm out of town, right now, will be interested when I get back on Friday. Quick question, how do you identify which actuator you currently have?
  10. Lake O Red tide!

    Nailed it. It's funny how nobody wants to point to the fact that the EARS have asphalted over an entire water shed, that water goes South, right into the Lake. Nobody will call them out, big ag is always an easy target.
  11. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    I'm not sure how I feel about this.....can we just get the 21 MA or the 17/18 back for a bit? We need more info on this 26MA....that's really weird write.
  12. live well

    Check your thru hulls in your bbn splashwell, mine were leaking pretty bad, if the overflow for the livewell is not plugged, water could be leaking from the thru hulls or the pie hole both while running or launching.
  13. MA Livewell Standpipes

    http://www.mbggear.com Need to measure to see what size you need, may need to do some customizstion to get the three sizes.
  14. Pump Repair

    The HIN will tell u the mfgr also, should on the starboard stern.
  15. Pump Repair

    The pump should be sitting on top of the a seacock, which sits on top of the thru hull you are seeing. Not sure why they would put a thru hull with a seacock, assuming it has one, that is inaccessible.