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  1. 1994 Maverick Master Angler 18.5

    That console isn't right either.
  2. Hella stern light

    Amazon is where I got mine. I coukdnt find an LED one anywhere. I did put an LED bulb in it.
  3. Refurbished 18 MA (Not Mine)

    Does the ad even say what year the boat originally was? All I see is it was refurbed in 09-10.
  4. WTB: Hewes Bonefisher 16 v Maverick 17

    I have a 99 MA17 w/ a 04 Zuke DF140, 04 Rolls Axle trailer, Simrad electronics. I'd be interested in selling as my needs have changed somewhat, I have two little ones and needs an "in" boat instead of "on", as much as I love my 17. If you are interested let me know, I can give you the specifics.
  5. Pathfinder 23DV

    If it checks out its a steal......if I had my shop built I'd be going to get it. Again, another one....if anybody is interested in a 99MA17 w/ a df140,I'll got get this. http://forums.floridasportsman.com/showthread.php?251158-2002-Pathfinder-offshore
  6. Sea Star helm issues

    Best pics I had from my rebuild.
  7. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    16 ga or 14 ga, can't remember, either woukd be fine, those LED do not draw a lot of power. You could probably get away with 18 but I'm no electrical expert. I always go bigger than I need just because, rather be safe than sorry.
  8. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    I use adhesive, heat shrink butt splices, then follow up with adhesive hest shrink over the butt splice and then liquid electric tape over that on all connections at the lights that wold get dunked.
  9. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    No, I used genuinedealz.com. anywhere out of the way where it will stay dry and you can work on will work.
  10. Sea Star helm issues

    Same people, believe there is one in Jacksonville that can do it. Try searching tht.com.
  11. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    Yes, cheaper on Amazon. I mounted mine in the upright I beam going to my winch in the front of the trailer. Ez to work on and keeps it dry. I used marine grade wire, duplex and triplex and made sure I bought light with their own ground wire, grounding to trailer at different locations through hardware is not preferred. All my light are grounded in the box through a dedicated ground wire.
  12. Sea Star helm issues

    Stuck/dirty check valves.
  13. WTB: Hewes Bonefisher 16 v Maverick 17

    If you are going to spend alot of time on the pole, go.with the Hewes. If you are going to crossing bug water, a minimal time.on the pole and more times on the TM, are concerned with ride and storage, go it the MA.
  14. 3-way Watertight wire connections?

    Terminal box is up in the front of the trailer, basically just a ring terminal connection. The box is water resistant and sealed pretty good. I'll try to get pics today.
  15. Re-Wire for Maverick HPX 17

    I have a 17MA, I sent pictures of mine when I first got.it to a reputabe shop and was quoted $4k. I did some minor work on my own and I'm planning a total refit when my.shop gets built. I enjoy wiring and it allows for.customizations and implicit knowledge of the boat and electrial system, always good for problem shooting.