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  1. need help with final upgrade

    Tony will do a nice job and is FAST. He can more than likely quote you over the phone as he has done a ton of MBG rewires. He isn't the cheapest, probably in the $3k range....cheap labor isn't skilled and skilled labor isn't cheap. Side note....are you a turkey hunter, asking because of your handle.
  2. PF Rod holders

    Gemlux is who makes them with the logo cast into the metal. They’re located in Jacksonville, FL (like me). I have not been to their new place, but hear it’s really nice.
  3. Prop question....

    How do you like the Enertia? What else have you run Merc. wise before you went with this prop? I have a line on one, but am hesitant. I'm currently running a Bravo 1 FS in 22p. Sorry to jump in with no real advise, OP. The OFX4 is a great prop, I do know that!
  4. Can charging shorten battery life?

    My good friend is a battery guy and has most of the NE FL marinas; his words “ALWAYS put your batteries on charge as soon as you possibly can and don’t take them off until you take the boat out.” My old boat batteries were 9 years old and worked perfectly when I sold it.
  5. Oyster Rash

    Something is on the move at 11 o’clock from the tm. Fished your neck of the woods on Saturday, and you’ve got some man sized tarpon right at the mouth of a popular marina. Dang things were longer than I am tall, Todd. All wet, the worst part of the deal is realizing how out of shape you are running a sander, buffer and polisher over head from your back.
  6. Oyster Rash

    I fixed mine, myself. It wasn't as bad as yours is, but it wasn't much better. I didn't care if it was a perfect match, so I used plain white gel, which is WAAAAY more white than the hull is. It's tedious and not fun....but it didn't cost me more than $30 and a LOT of time on a piece of cardboard. I mixed up the gel and applied it with a cheap chip/paint brush and came back and sanded it down with 60 grit, then finer as I got closer to where I wanted it to be. I'd take it somewhere if I had to do it again. Someone can spray it, and buff it out a heck of a lot faster and my time is worth something, having a 3 y/o.
  7. Smith optics warranty

    I just switched to Smith's about a month ago for the same reasons pertaining to brand 'X'. I love how lightweight they are and the Chromapop + lenses are pretty amazing. In a side by side with my buddy wearing brand 'X', I see fish that he can't. Thank you for sharing your warranty experience!
  8. What did you do to your boat today?

    I like the tennis balls on the bracket. I'm sure the boat cover loves them too!
  9. 2018 Pathfinder 23 HPS

    Hi Red Zone, I sent you a PM. I called ACM on this one, although a 2019, there is not much price difference on the 2018’s unless they’re used. This one is at $85k w/o a chart plotter. I also didn’t notice a trolling motor. https://www.atlanticcoastmarine.com/default.asp?page=xNewInventoryDetail&id=6051333&p=1&s=Year&d=D&t=new&fr=xNewInventory
  10. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Are any of you running the ECU flash/tune that Nizpro Marine out of Australia, offers? I have been speaking with Simon, their director, about their flash and have some impressive dyno charts that he sent me. The 250 SHO (even the 4.2 200 SHO) ends up at 332 H.P. at 5,450 RPM versus stock 266 HP and 6,040 RPM. The more impressive chart is the torque curve. Torque comes in sooner and equals that of the stock tune, and then rockets to the new peak number and remains table top flat from 4k RPM to 5100 RPM. This new curve would make for an insane "passing gear" when going from a 4k RPM cruise speed up to max speed or even just simply speeding up. I'm working out the details with them and the local dealer network down in Tampa, and will advise. Just curious if anyone else is running one.
  11. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Regardless of who's cup of tea it is or isn't, as you mention Capt. Troy, there's a lot of great info here! I designed and built a 900 h.p small block Chevy for a car that came from the factory with a 150 h.p. and 190 lb. ft. of torque. It was reliable and I drove it daily. Even had a/c and cruise control. I'm not saying I kept the stock transmission, drive shaft, rear end, etc. in it. I built my first maximum effort small block Chevy at age 12, before that I washed parts, lubed bearings, installed lifters or any other small, odd job my dad would allow me to do. He was a professional drag racer and mechanic when I was a kid. I was at home in the pit of the NHRA, with old timers such as Don Garlits, Arnie Beswick (dads close friend), Don Nicholson, Shirley Muldowney, and many more. After that, he worked as a diesel mechanic; this is why I have a hard time blurring the lines with gas and diesel engines. I know both better than most, and have built hundreds of one and thousands of the other. I even pulled a stint at Caterpillar, in their engine dept. for a short period of time. My dad, in his early life, was a machinist at Caterpillar, in Illinois, his bothers too. My uncle went on to own and run his own machine shop (I apprenticed in as a teenager) until his passing in 2000. I've built single cylinder Wisconsin engines for mini pulling tractors (standard garden tractor) on up to 2500-3000 h.p. blown, nitro engines and just about everything in between. I currently work in, no surprise, a manufacturing facility with a full machine shop, but a completely different (more stable/promising) industry. While it doesn't satisfy my urge to build engines, it does satisfy my desire to engineer, produce and make cool stuff. So this seemingly simple (I know it isn't, Simon) tune doesn't concern me in the least. I understand the parameters being changed and what the end result is. Prior to Simon joining this forum, and giving a much more detailed explanation than I ever would have, we communicated via email for a week or so. Simon gave me the graphs, charts, and data I needed to see before I even posted this thread. If I thought it was garbage, I wouldn't have subjected anyone here with mis-information or 'hack' tunes. Once I noticed some interest in his product, I invited Simon here to see the message I had conveyed and he offered to elaborate. I'm glad he did! So, if it's your thing or not, I think anyone interested can extrapolate the information they need to make an educated decision as to if this tune is an option for them or not. Me personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a few MPH more of cruise speed and if I gain 3-4 MPH on top, great! Truth is, just me and 20 gallons of fuel, and all my batteries can see 63 MPH...add a buddy, tackle, beverages and 20 more gallons of fuel, I'm down to 58-59. I'd simply like to be back at 63-64 when loaded. That's all. I see my same hull with a 300 can run around 65 MPH with gear, that's all I want. Do I need it? Nope....I also don't need a 23 HPS, but I have one. I appreciate everyone's participation in this thread and hope that those who got banned find their way back in time. Tight lines and be safe!
  12. Great looking boat and man, that's moving!!!
  13. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    For the betterment of this thread, can you please share the state statute that dictates motor vehicles or marine vessels meet an emissions standard in Florida. When you traded your truck in, you were no longer the end user. The dealer needs to be able to sell that truck to any customer (or auction off) located anywhere in the country...The document you signed allows them to come back to you should something be amiss with the emission system. Sooooo many people who delete/omit these items on their truck keep them so they can return to stock at a later date. As for high RPM and diesel engines, there's simply no need. They make maximum torque at very low RPM....that's the intent of the design. For comparison, look at maximum effort GAS engine applications; Indy cars, NASCAR cup cars, even sport bikes. If you look at the Yamaha R1, which is 1000 c.c.'s (1 liter) it makes somewhere around 160 h.p. In theory, if you double the displacement, you should make 320 h.p. I don't believe the 4.2 liter is breaking a sweat at the 300 h.p. mark. There are simply too many variables at play to discuss in this thread or this forum. As for my personal application, my rig is rated for 300 h.p. I think I'll live on the edge and go for that additional 8-10% (on it's best day) increase. I wouldn't assume that the manufacturer isn't interested in the performance of their hulls, especially since Mr. Lyshon directed us to Ft. Myers Marine to obtain the tune we're discussing in this thread.
  14. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    The government puts that on the manufacturer of the engine, not the end user. Since everyone likes to talk about tuning diesels here.....It's not illegal to remove/bypass all the emissions stuff of a brand new diesel truck, if you're the owner of said truck.
  15. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Thank you for joining Simon! You have shed more light on this subject than I was willing to based off our discussions and my general knowledge and experience, although automotive. dabear, where are you located? In Florida, we do not have an emissions law or standard. No need to badge anything as non-compliant, although I do believe big rig tractors are to be clean idle certified if they leave them running for long periods of time while....idling.
  16. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Send it back to Bryan at Fort Myers Marine and flash it back to stock. I was under the impression that it wouldn't cost much more than shipping. You can also buy the cable and all that from Nizpro, and do the flash yourself. This allows you to save the stock ECU file to your machine, which you could switch back whenever you wanted. I believe this option is around $1,400. I have invited Simon, of Nizpro, to join this forum and participate in this discussion. He doesn't have the time to frequent every manufacturers forum or reply to every thread, but hopefully he will make an appearance here soon.
  17. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Canoe man's loop. Easy, fast and I've never had it fail.
  18. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    INSANE!!! I can't wait to hear some numbers on that rig. No doubt it will be the fastest 26 around.
  19. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    You could have a 320 SHO for a few bucks.
  20. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    dcathy, Bryan of Fort Meyers Marine posted right under you. He's the guy you'll get on the phone when you call them. They are also a Pathfinder dealer, as Skip mentioned earlier. Hey Bryan, thanks for chiming in with all of you first hand experience. I'm the fella who called you the other day with the 23 HPS, up in Jax. Simon, of Nizpro, also asked that I tune him into this forum/thread, and I have. There is a chance we will hear from the man himself. I knew JEM would be all over that 22 with the 225! I have a feeling there's about to be quite a few fast(er) MBG rigs running around.
  21. Forum decal

    I like this idea....Simple, inexpensive and as mentioned, a secret handshake.
  22. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    I'm sure there are hp limitations in some fishing tournaments, too? I've picked the owner/directors brain at Nizpro pretty good and am confidant that this is the best tune on the market for the SHO engine. I don't know the price difference between a 200 SHO and a 250 SHO, but with this out there, why not just buy a 200 and tune it for $700 and make 125+ more hp....It's less $ than a prop, and we're all guilty of the "prop dance" looking for more of something....low end, mid range or top end.
  23. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    The 200 SHO is designed or at least is able to run off 87 octane, where the 225 and 250 (due to a more aggressive timing curve) require 89 octane or above. The other thing Yamaha has written into their code on these engine is they do not see true WOT. A couple of "tuners" simply grab the throttle position map and that's all they do, allow the throttle body to go WOT. When this I done on the 250 SHO, it makes around 286 H.P. When looking at the torque curve on the dyno, it is obvious that the factory tune pulls or reduces timing right around 3400 RPM, as torque falls flat on it's face. The Nizpro tune has a slight drop around 3200 RPM, but doesn't fall below stock, and then at 3400 RPM it climbs and levels off at 4000 RPM and is table top flat to 4700 RPM, then peaks at 4950 RPM....I would guess this is due to simply allowing the spark to advance with the engine speed rather than drop off and be sufficient to simply fire the fuel/air. As long as you run quality fuel and don't over rev the engine (which you won't with it bumped to 6400 rev limit). There's no reason to see any problem. This is no different than your dad or grandpa ordering that 69 Camaro with a set of headers, intake and carb. in the trunk....and throwing a set of light springs in the distributor. As for comparing the tunes between a diesel and gas engine, that's further apart than apples and oranges, which at least both grow on a tree. Oh....The F-300 does see true WOT in its program and it makes 29X H.P. from the factory.
  24. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Simon ended his email to me stating that they have had zero Yamaha mechanical failures in testing their supercharger, and are currently making over 550 H.P. with it in testing. And that 330 H.P. out of their tune is "simply not an issue". I have attached a detailed dyno chart showing stock versus tuned. Keep in mind the 4.2 liter SHO from 200-250 all end up making the same power. I would think that Nizpro calls it a 320 H.P. tune because they can almost guarantee that in every application. Their pull may have been in perfect conditions, indoors, low humidity, etc. SM USA Tune v Nizpro 332. v2.pdf
  25. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    dcathey, I spoke with Brian at Ft. Meyers Marine, yesterday afternoon. He said if you do not want to trailer the boat to them, take your ECU off and mail it to them, they flash it as soon as they receive it and send it back out the same day. Of course this is after they call you when it is flashed and have you pay over the phone with a credit card. The cost is $700 plus return shipping. This morning I received a very lengthy email from Simon, the owner and director of Nizpro Marine. I can upload it here if anyone is interested in reading it. I asked him to elaborate on the idea that the 250 SHO tune is simply the 300 tune; it is not and he explains why 1) it can't be and 2) the necessity of them to crack the Yamaha/Mitsubishi code for their super charger application and development. Of course he gives some early back ground of his time tuning and racing cars, etc. In a nutshell, Nizpro has and can completely re-write the engine management software on the Yamaha ECU's. My concern (and he answered it without asking) was spark advance vs. throttle position vs. detonation detection. They found the multiplier in the code (it differs from the 250 to the 300) and have addressed it accordingly. The Nizpro tune is, by design, superior to other tunes in that it's an actual tune rather than simply advancing the timing or "allowing" WOT to be achieved on the throttle position sensor/throttle body.