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    Improved Cheese Grater

    I'm with Linesider, let'er rip JEM! Looks like you worked well within your pay grade. That piece looks GREAT! I did a fantastic job straightening my prop out during a sizeable negative, Saturday. I guess I could tackle this when I send my prop out to be re-pitched and cleaned up....
  2. My prop dance is over and done with, finally! My rig was delivered with a PowerTech OFX4 in 20 pitch, which I told the dealer before I left the lot that it wasn't the right prop, it's too short on pitch; 5700 rpm - 57 mph. Prop runs dead square from low rpm all the way to blow out. We discussed this a bit and he told me to try for a while and we would go from there. While I don't hate it, it's not what I'm looking for. When it came time to pony up, my dealer gave me two options of what appeared to be used props, and neither were what I asked for. No thanks. So the dance began. I picked up a Mercury Rev 4 in 23 pitch with the idea of working it over....I picked it up lightly used and for a song. I ran it to get a base line for the prop guy to work from. Hole shot wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either. I could only turn this prop to 5600 rpm and I think right at 57 mph. Sent it off for a balance and back cut/polish in hopes of picking up a few hundred rpm, and it just wasn't there. I knew immediately that it wasn't going to be what I wanted, and sold it that night. My friend and forum member, Moritz, had a used Mercury Bravo 1 FS in 22 pitch that I threw on the same night I ran the worked Rev 4, and winner winner, chicken dinner! I was admittandtly light on fuel, but was normally loaded other than that (5 batteries, Xi5, safety gear, boat box, etc), and it was point and shoot to 6200 rpm 62 mph. So easy my wife could have done it. The hole shot surprised me the most as I thought no way would it pull like the OFX4/20 being light in pitch, but it did! It actually out does the OFX4 from a stand still. So....after hours and hours of scouring the bass boat world, Merc forums, calls to Scott Reichow of Merc Racing, I pulled the trigger on a Bravo 1 FS in 24 pitch. I knew Moritz's prop had turned up sea shells on the sandbar a time or two, and based on how it rocketed to redline, I figured a 24 would be perfect....too much. I could barely swing it to 5700 rpm and the mph was down, I think 54 or so was all I could manage. So, calling it done and done, I decided on a brand new Bravo 1 FS in 22 pitch. I knew what to expect and hoped for a little better being brand new....and it produced! I made a number of passes today, and the boat easily ran 61-61.5 at 6100 rpm, with the river (St. Johns flows about .3 mph) and into a descent headwind. Running with the wind and against the river I saw 63.3 mph also at 6100 PRM. I think I saw 63.5 flash right when I backed off, but can't honestly claim it. With top end out of the way, cruising at 40/4000 the fuel burn was right at 3.8 mpg into the wind. Slowing to 38/3800 returned 4.3 mpg and felt pretty perfect. Hole shot is insane! You'd better hang on when you dump the throttle with this prop. I broke out the stop watch on my iPhone and hit go. From idle to 45 mph (gps speed) was 9 seconds. I was on plane at 14 mph and easily managed and maneuvered the boat at speeds as low as 17 mph. Today I had 30 gallons of fuel (half tank) and all the gear earlier mentioned. I fish strictly artificial, so tackle and a few rods isn't more than a couple of pounds additional weight. I think a 23 would be perfect, but it starts life as a 22 and is hand worked into a "23" by adding cup. I've heard a lot more bad than good about this prop in the odd pitch numbers, and Scott didn't disagree. I wanted to keep it box stock, no BBlades, no Croxton specials, etc. Just an off the shelf offering that would work well from idle to redline, and this prop, in my opinion, is it for the 23 HPS/250 SHO set up.
  3. BradM

    23 HPS // 250 SHO

    Word on the water is Sunstone is hurtin’ feelings with this prop on his 23. Maybe he’ll share his results (faster than me light, when he’s loaded!). He’s also seeing 4+ mpg around 37-3900 rpm.
  4. BradM

    Freshwater wash down

    I think an RV/Camping store my have some sort of tablet you can use...or that same section in Walmart. I recall this being a popular trick for the guys with water mist systems on their boats.
  5. BradM

    Gel Coat color?

    Ping justfish on this forum. He lives close by and may be able to persuade them into a sample jar, being that he is local and all. I can't answer on Ray's behalf, but my '03 was oyster white on the hull, and the Spectrum color for my year matched well enough on the deck that you couldn't see it. I patched some former bimini top holes, buffed to a shine with compound and a little wax, you never would have known there was a hole there....
  6. BradM

    Redfisher 16 - Garage Storage Length/Width/Height

    Flats Nerd, Atlantic Coast Marine has a brand new, never sold 2017, 16’ on the lot with a fresh 115. I was talking to Brett Cannon last Saturday, and he simply forgot about it for a year or so. He’s ready to move it. I’ll be there Sat. to pick up my rig and if it’s still there, I can send pics.
  7. BradM

    Gel Coat color?

    Spectrum Color may have it. I used it on the hull of my ‘03 Pathfinder, and it was perfect! https://spectrumcolor-com.3dcartstores.com/
  8. BradM

    Back in MBG Family with new boat

    Nice rig. Congrats!
  9. BradM

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Progress WhichWay....hang in there, she's coming together nicely. If you're ever down in Jacksonville, FL, let me know and I'll "un-land lock" ya. And yes, the space bar is creating emojis.
  10. BradM

    PT OFX4 prop help

    I have that prop in 20 pitch, it came with my 23' when I bought it. I noticed a considerable amount of pull (can't remember which way) and it was difficult to steer at speeds above 40-45. I'm talking brace against the leaning post and get into it pretty good, especially around 52-55 mph. I have run the Rev 4, but not for any period of time and I don't recall the steering feedback being an issue. I currently run a Merc. Bravo 1 FS, and it turns freely and as one would expect and at any speed. I will say you can't break that OFX/4 loose and if you do, you're probably going to eject yourself from the boat. I also picked up 6+ mph going to the Bravo and picked up a considerable amount range/mpg.
  11. BradM

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    They posted on Instagram that it’s gone 69 mph so far, but are still testing.
  12. BradM

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Don’t do it JEM, they are getting paid. 😁 The Departmet of Homeland Securtiy “identified a way to pay our military workforce”. Besides that, they will receive back pay. HYD, someone posted a 115 - 2 stroke on the Maverick, Hewe’s, Pathfinder Facebook page for $2,500.
  13. BradM

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I went out to measure my cheese grater yesterday, but my boat is at the dealership for some minor warranty/replacement stuff (live well pump and battery charger swap). Can't wait to see what you gain, JEM! When do you anticipate to test this, this week?
  14. BradM

    Under Gunnel Carpet removal

    3M general adheasive remover listed HERE They also have a “stripe remover” wheel that works well on decal removal. It may work well in the smaller, hard to reach spots. You can also try a heat gun with a nylon scraper. Good luck!
  15. BradM

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    She's aired out to the step! I wonder what prop is on there....Can't wait to see what Rick pulls out of it!
  16. BradM

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Didn't realize they strapped a 300 on it. I'm in for 70, too!
  17. BradM

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Pretty incredible...Crunching some numbers, I would have to run as close to empty on fuel as possible, no batteries, no trolling motor, no stereo and no "me" to lose 1000 lbs. I know how much quicker my boat is light on fuel and without a passenger. This thing is going to move! Someone drop a 24" Bravo 1 FS off at MBG! Performance Bulletin guess is 67 with a 4 blade and 69 with a 3 blade. Real world guess is 65 with a 4 blade and 67 with a 3 blade. Can't wait to see cruise and burn rates.
  18. BradM

    Selling boat: online options.

    He has it listed in Boats for Sale.
  19. BradM

    Selling boat: online options.

    I sold my 19' through Trick my Skiff on Facebook, in a day or two, but it appears that site is now gone? It's not the best time of year to sell, but that's a great boat and a fair price...Don't get in a hurry and give it away, the right buyer is out there.
  20. BradM

    Improved Cheese Grater

    JEM, I have the tools you don't have. Let me know if you need something cut to size, and I can do that and drop it in the mail to you. We have a lot of plastic reps that we use, and I can probably get some pretty good pricing on this stuff. Right off the top of my head I know we source plastic from Alro, Redwood Plastics, Northern Plastics, and a handful of others. Has anyone looked at using UHMW? You guys can use modeling clay or even play dough to make a negative of the pocket you're trying to fill, and then take measurements from that or shape to the mold you made. Just a thought. I'm still thinking this through for my boat (Pathfinder) and am considering carbon fiber.
  21. BradM

    What did you do to your boat today?

    dcathey, that doesn't look terrible. Nice work! I can't wait to see the finished product.
  22. BradM

    Remove rodlocker cushions

    If it hasn't been replaced by a previous owner, it's expanded foam or something like that and not what I would want to walk on. I did mine a couple of years ago on my 1900 and posted a thread here. This is a link to that thread.
  23. BradM

    Speakers in Back casting deck

    What year TE, bigboysnook? I am not sure of the changes throughout the years, but a little more info might be useful.
  24. BradM

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Hey Skip, I have a lot of questions about this boat. I don’t care much about riding on it, but more about the wiring arrangement, data network and battery usage. Will the boat be available for a thorough walk through or strictly sea trials? Also, with the placement of the head unit, I assume it will be controlled via remote? Is there more coring in the console for the charger and amplifies or did you mount it to black Starboard/pvc board/custom lay up additional piece of carbon? The batteries appear to be lithium, do you have a weight savings on that alone? Plans for a trolling motor? I’m not too far from the factory and don’t mind a road trip for some q&a. Thanks!
  25. BradM

    Pathfinder 2200v 2001 - exceptional condition

    Very nice! Congratulations on the QUICK sale. Nice rig and the price was very attractive.