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  1. Once it's back on the beams and the mason is done, what's left? Obviously plumbing and I would guess electric, too? How much more is contracted out versus what you're going to take on? I know how you're usually a few steps ahead, and I'm curious as to what you're thinking.
  2. What did you do to your boat today?

    Money well spent!
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Looks great, HYD! I'm gearing up to start working in mine again. As the days get a little longer, it gives me a little more time after the kid gets to bed. I've been stock piling little things here and there. This spring I'll install the switch panel I bought last year, have the gauges cleaned up by the gauge guy, and install new switchs. Along with that, I'm going to clean up the wiring for the tm batteries and add a battery switch for those.
  4. Man, this is amazing! We were down there the other night and I wanted to drive by, but we had a couple with us. What is the expected move in date for y'all?
  5. Pathfinder parts

    The cup holders should be stabdard size, available at Walmart. The windshield may be found at Flounder Pounder Marine (link below)...There's a company out of Daytona that made them, but I can't recall their name. I'll look on my boat tomorrow and see if I can still make out the manufacturers decal on mine, and report back. http://www.fpmarine.com/
  6. Insane. Just insane! Hang in there, and let me know when you're ready to start swinging hammers.
  7. As cool as it's going to be, it's heartbreaking that this has happened again and in such a short period of time.
  8. Lenco trim tab trouble shooting

    Now you're talkin'!
  9. Lenco trim tab trouble shooting

    It is as easy as checking for voltage at the trim tab actuator, and then going from there. To clear things up, the switch also is/has an actuator. The cover is called the actuator cover. The trim tab also as an actuator, which is the more common actuator people refer to. So your question in another thread about what the actuator is, is actually a good question. If you need to replace the Lenco actuator, shop around online. I found a place in Texas that had them for a considerable amount less than anywhere local and most places online. I'm talking $50-$80 each less I saved over $100 on the pair based on what my local Boaters Discount quoted me. Fishing them through is easy. There is usually a Deutsch connecter (if they're original) or even bullet connectors. If they've been replaced, you'll find typical butt connectors. When replacing the actuator, I cut the cable at the actuator and leave the cable outside of the hull; replace the actuator and then leave the new actuator cable free. I tie a thin string to the end of the old cable and and tape it in place with electrical tape...and pull it on through to where I'll be making the connection in the hull/bilge, leaving PLENTY of string outside of the hull. Tie the loose end of the string to the end of the new cable, tape it in place with electrical tape and hit the lead end with WD-40, soap, Vaseline, etc....Guide the bulky end into the hole, then GENTLY pull the string on through. This works really well if you can feed in a few feet from the stern and the gently pull up the slack into the hull. You'll have your new end in the blink of an eye. Make your connection however you see fit and you're in business.
  10. Is that you at the helm, Jeff?
  11. I found this on my computer at work and I'm unsure of where it came from....I know I have all the manuals for my boat at the house, but don't recall having this piece of the 'puzzle'. The fuel capacity debate can be officially put to bed now.
  12. 1900 fuel capacity?

    HYD, she holds 45 gallons. Cruising at 35-3600 rpm, I get 4 - 4.5 mpg.
  13. 1900 Tunnel Prop Question

    You caught them on that 'ol Sea Hunt in the back ground, didn't you? As Justfish said, it's all true about the 3 blade. The PowerTech SCD4 in 17p is what's right for the V hull...I run a worked over RXB4, and as long as I keep it out of the sand, I can run WOT in turns (even 90* turns) and see 46 trimmed and light and have seen 47 once....with a 115. You could probably turn a 19p with that 130, or have a 17p massaged into an 18p.
  14. 1900v Seat Cushion to Starboard "How to"

    Yes and no. I routed the Seadek after it was adhered to the Starboard. The edge of the Starboard is 100% intact, as I only rounded the edge of the Seadek.
  15. 1900v Seat Cushion to Starboard "How to"

    This made me laugh....Appreciate it. Too much detail is almost enough, right? Hopefully it helps people out who want to tackle this job but are as concerned as I was. I much rather work on hot rods and build engines though.