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  1. BradM

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    My MotorGuide is 60" and no issues yet. You're right on it riding lower since you don't have to manage the steering handle anymore. A lot of the guys here who fish outside of the ICW are going to Rhodan, and I think that's because they will hold a pretty big boat in place with little to no issue. That and I hear their customer service is second to none....Like if there is an issue, they send a tech to your house to fix it.
  2. BradM

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    I was pretty hardcore against ever having such a capable device until my new boat came with one. I can't tell you how freaking amazing it is having one! Mine is a MotorGuide Xi5 in 36 volt, and I LOVE it! I fish NE FL and we have some pretty strong tides compared to where you are (SW, right?) and in fishing it all day in pretty hard tides, right by an inlet, I've never noticed it losing ground or struggling to hold. It is a little finicky trying to spot lock close to or under a bridge or heavy structure, but so far that is the only issue I've had. We just fished this past Sat. and I was on the aft deck re-tying, and was controlling the boat for my buddy on the bow. I mentioned that he needed to learn how to run it, to which he replied "why, you're doing a great job back there!". The stored routes feature is nice as well, but I don't fish a lot of spots that I would use it, but leading up to a spot or area, I use it kind of like an auto pilot so I can tie on lures and assemble my fly rod, etc. In short, I can't imagine not having one now. Also, the anchor feature is great, but not something I would use in place of the Power Pole. If you're near, on or see fish and hit anchor, it goes through some pretty drastic measures to hold you in THAT spot. I'm talking full power, pivot back to THAT spot. Bye bye fishies! I don't know what you need down there (you're on a 22 TE, right?) but I know if it were me, I'd go for the 36v on that boat. I know they can get heavy with all those wells full.
  3. BradM

    Bait & Release Well Plumbing 2003 RF18

    Bronze is the answer over stainless, but stainless is suitable and acceptable. Unfortunately your valves have failed due the hardware the handles are composed of. See if there is a handle rebuild kit by the manufacturer of the valves. Replacing the handles should only require the removal of one nut, unless there is more to the story that we can't see. Not to step on JEM's recommendation at all; you can replace stainless valves a couple of times for the cost of one bronze valve. If my boat were sitting in the water, I would go with bronze. West Marine carries them, but you will pay a premium for them there. Do you have a Boaters Discount Marine where you are? You can also check out Amazon or the such if you're into the online shopping thing.
  4. BradM

    RABUD ball scupper install

    Great write up. It's about time someone took the time to do such a thing, especially as often as this subject comes up. Thank you for taking the time to document your efforts and sharing.
  5. BradM

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I'm with Linesider, let'er rip JEM! Looks like you worked well within your pay grade. That piece looks GREAT! I did a fantastic job straightening my prop out during a sizeable negative, Saturday. I guess I could tackle this when I send my prop out to be re-pitched and cleaned up....
  6. BradM

    23 HPS // 250 SHO

    Word on the water is Sunstone is hurtin’ feelings with this prop on his 23. Maybe he’ll share his results (faster than me light, when he’s loaded!). He’s also seeing 4+ mpg around 37-3900 rpm.
  7. BradM

    Freshwater wash down

    I think an RV/Camping store my have some sort of tablet you can use...or that same section in Walmart. I recall this being a popular trick for the guys with water mist systems on their boats.
  8. BradM

    Gel Coat color?

    Ping justfish on this forum. He lives close by and may be able to persuade them into a sample jar, being that he is local and all. I can't answer on Ray's behalf, but my '03 was oyster white on the hull, and the Spectrum color for my year matched well enough on the deck that you couldn't see it. I patched some former bimini top holes, buffed to a shine with compound and a little wax, you never would have known there was a hole there....
  9. BradM

    Redfisher 16 - Garage Storage Length/Width/Height

    Flats Nerd, Atlantic Coast Marine has a brand new, never sold 2017, 16’ on the lot with a fresh 115. I was talking to Brett Cannon last Saturday, and he simply forgot about it for a year or so. He’s ready to move it. I’ll be there Sat. to pick up my rig and if it’s still there, I can send pics.
  10. BradM

    Gel Coat color?

    Spectrum Color may have it. I used it on the hull of my ‘03 Pathfinder, and it was perfect! https://spectrumcolor-com.3dcartstores.com/
  11. BradM

    Back in MBG Family with new boat

    Nice rig. Congrats!
  12. BradM

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Progress WhichWay....hang in there, she's coming together nicely. If you're ever down in Jacksonville, FL, let me know and I'll "un-land lock" ya. And yes, the space bar is creating emojis.
  13. BradM

    PT OFX4 prop help

    I have that prop in 20 pitch, it came with my 23' when I bought it. I noticed a considerable amount of pull (can't remember which way) and it was difficult to steer at speeds above 40-45. I'm talking brace against the leaning post and get into it pretty good, especially around 52-55 mph. I have run the Rev 4, but not for any period of time and I don't recall the steering feedback being an issue. I currently run a Merc. Bravo 1 FS, and it turns freely and as one would expect and at any speed. I will say you can't break that OFX/4 loose and if you do, you're probably going to eject yourself from the boat. I also picked up 6+ mph going to the Bravo and picked up a considerable amount range/mpg.
  14. BradM

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    They posted on Instagram that it’s gone 69 mph so far, but are still testing.
  15. BradM

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Don’t do it JEM, they are getting paid. 😁 The Departmet of Homeland Securtiy “identified a way to pay our military workforce”. Besides that, they will receive back pay. HYD, someone posted a 115 - 2 stroke on the Maverick, Hewe’s, Pathfinder Facebook page for $2,500.