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  1. I yanked out my leaning post and ttop for repairs and powder coating. Inadvertently damaged the Plano box mounted in front of console. Anyone now where I can get a replacement?
  2. Eric L

    WTB - 12V Trolling Motor

    Didn't end up buying the skiff I had my eye on so no need for the motor. Thanks. I'll reach out if another opportunity comes up for me.
  3. Looking for a late model trolling motor, with some of the bells and whistles. Please PM if you have one. Thanks.
  4. Eric L

    Am I propped Right 2400TE

    I have a very similar set up.. 07 2400TE with 250 4S and have a Saltwater Series II 3 blade prop and get very similar results as you posted maybe up to 48 if the stars align. But I do have a TTop, 4 batteries, trolling motor and a bunch of gear. I suspect the ttop is good for a 3-4 mph loss.
  5. Eric L

    Going back to Power Pole

    Thanks. Gave them a call. Looks like I'll be pulling the trigger this week. Going with 1. Price difference between the 8' and 10' is not much. Is there any reason I shouldn't go 10'?
  6. Eric L

    Going back to Power Pole

    My Talon has now become very unreliable and I'm unwilling to get it fixed again. I could be convinced to get 2 PPs if I don't have to make too many mods. I have a 07 24TE with the stock swim platform on the port side, is there enough clearance or will the swim platform have to be removed/changed. Also a little worried about having two PP pumps and if I'll have enough room in the starboard hatch.
  7. Did get a PM that a date will be announced soon. Maybe next week. I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Haven't seen any info on a 2014 funament like we had in SC in 2013. Any news. I was hoping to go again.
  9. Eric L


    Just moved to Virginia so I could possibly go.
  10. Eric L

    2012 Owners Tournament

    I'm out. Had to cancel. Was realy looking forward to going to my first OT. Maybe next year. I just released my room at Kon Tiki. Word is they still have room for boats too.
  11. Eric L

    2012 Owners Tournament

    12. Eric, PF 2400TE I just switched to Kon Tiki from Breezy. I too feel more comfortable knowing there is a spot for my boat and trailer. They said they usually charge extra for boats over 23' but they would make an exception for me since they still had plenty of room. I think I got the last $88 room but the next up is $120, I may upgrade to get a little more room and a kitchen.
  12. Eric L

    Livewell Demo, part 2

    Nice. My 07 24TE does not have the plexigl*** cover in front of the stand pipe. Has anyone retrofitted anything similar? Doesn't look too difficult but don't want to reinvent anything. I've chased plenty of shrimp and small pins around that pipe.
  13. Eric L

    2012 Owners Tournament

    Got my room. No boat slips left. If anyone is planning on cancelling, let me know so I can get the slip before a non-owner gets it. What are good options for those without slips if one doesn't open up. I booked for the nights of the 27, 28 and 29 leaving the day of the 30th. I should be good, right?
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