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  1. Sallow Minded

    What push pole to buy

    I've had a Moon Lighter carbon for 9 years, no prob at all. I would buy it again! I paid $500. for it. https://www.moonlighterpushpoles.com/carbon.php
  2. Sallow Minded

    Deadrise on LT 18?

    I feel the same way.
  3. Is this still available? I could really use it on my 03.
  4. Sallow Minded

    2002 Hewes Redfisher 16 pricing

    I got mine in 06 for 15k, at the time just a trollinig motor and skiffy push pole. Your price dosen't sound bad, but yes some good pictures would help.
  5. Sallow Minded

    16 RF out of Port Richey

  6. Sallow Minded

    16 RF out of Port Richey

  7. Sallow Minded

    16 RF out of Port Richey

  8. Sallow Minded

    16 RF out of Port Richey

    Thank You! I use the 20 ft
  9. Sallow Minded

    2001 Redfisher 16 Restoration

    Looks Great! Any Seadek yet? <'{{((((={
  10. I was going to use 5200 to hold the mounting plate down. Is that good enough? If not what should I use ?
  11. Sallow Minded

    Steering cable length for 16

    I was just about to tell you the same thing. After I've installed cables twice on my boat I wish I would have gone hydr the first time. now that I have Hydra steering its the only way to go.
  12. Sallow Minded

    looking for new 2004 redfisher 18 console plexiglass

    https://www.updplastics.com/hewes-boat-windshields/ Happy New Year!
  13. Sallow Minded

    I have a question about my tilt.

    Ended up being a bad capsecound time.
  14. Sallow Minded


    Where did you get the release agent from?
  15. Sallow Minded

    I have a question about my tilt.

    The same problem is happening. I check the screw seems to be tight, I open and cloese it a couple times. But with the power pole braket I can only get a stuby screwdriver in there. Have you ever heard of that screw going bad, I would imagine it's just a needle and seat.
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