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  1. RICH12

    Totalscan Transducer location on 06 22TE

    A couple of inches to the right of the drain plug. No spray, livewell bubbles, has continual surface contact and excellent results from personal experience. I attached a pic from my previous pf just to give an example. Same mounting location on my new pf. Hope that is more helpful. Just something for the OP to consider. Jp
  2. RICH12

    Totalscan Transducer location on 06 22TE

    Pocket works great.
  3. RICH12

    2012 24 TRS 300 yamaha prop

    Yamaha Hs4 21p has given good results for me and one of best setups for the boat. I have a tried my Rev4, but was concerned about burning up the LU shaft seals unless I used a special Merc prop kit. Cant go wrong with the HS4 if can find one lol.
  4. RICH12

    Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Bow Mount

    Yep. Just picked mine up Wed for same. They have improved the seals on the trim motor and no probs since, is my understanding. They certainly look more robust. My repair center says the Ulterra has been a pretty solid unit. Jp
  5. Considering the above, done a little research, and thought I'd request opinions/experiences from you guys. Goal is primarily fish and bait attraction, asthetics second. My dock has 3-4 ft of brackish water with avg clarity. Would appreciate thoughts, things to consider and pros/cons. Thank you as always. JP
  6. RICH12

    Scum line what do you use?

    Starbrite orange cleaner and a microfiber towel. Sno bowl at Wally world works too. Then Collonite 925, 3m scotchbrite or Meguires wax for future ease of removal. Jp
  7. RICH12

    Ulterra Wobble

    With the understanding that you took it to a certified repair facility and its probably a long shot, I might suggest a quick call to Minn Kota. My feeling is they hear all types of issues and yours might be familiar. I had a problem recently and they were helpful regarding my Ulterra. Jp
  8. RICH12

    impressed by the 24 amazing rig

    Wow nice #'s. Agree. What prop and load? Jp
  9. So I installed a lift last yr and at times the water level is a hare too low to launch my 24TRS. I was wondering what ideas you all may have that might help? For example, I was wondering if putting on glyde sticks and push the boat off might work? Just need a few inches lol. Thanks. JP
  10. RICH12

    Ulterra Users - Take Note-Discconnect ALL POWER

    Minn kota service center told me to unplug after use 10+ yrs ago. Kept frying the motherboard and no batt probs now.
  11. RICH12

    Duracell AGMs??

    I think I read on this forum that Batteries Plus had some nice AGMs with longer warranties if @ competitive $ if I'm not mistaken. Might be worth a look for comparison. Jp
  12. RICH12

    Cold stun closes NC Spec fishing

    Im good with it. Atleast it closes for commies too. Netters just kill it for everybody up here.
  13. RICH12

    Pathfinder 22 - GPS Upgrade

    I installed the 94sv when I purchased my 24trs. I have enjoyed the unit and find the screen size to be more than adequate. Now if I wanted simple and easy, then I would go with the 1040xs, and the larger screen is a bonus. Done. But I also like the two unit idea. Reason being, I find myself running a split screen on my 94sv quite a bit. With two 8" units, I then would have a larger screen for each function,etc. Im sure you have considered how you like to use your electronics, as I think this is a factor as well. Jp