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  1. Trim Tab Replacement

    Just did one of mine on a RF18. Pull the old wire out. Drill the hole out with correct size bit. Have a helper push wire through. You get on your stomach and reach in and pull the wire as the helper pushes it. Before you start, get a flashlight to locate the new wire. Don’t cut the wire. Coil it and tie wrap. Put a little 4200 on the cap and silicone on the screws to make it watertight. Same with trim tab cover screws.
  2. Redfisher 18

    Did you fabricate the black starboard to fit the cup holders?
  3. Switch Panel... Wiring

    Well worth the drive but there is a long wait to get your rig in.
  4. Console Seat Cushion Replacement

    I had a 3” snap on cushion made for $125 locally.
  5. Brunswick buys Power Products

    As the Mod said politics doesn’t mix with trim tabs. I’m out..
  6. Brunswick buys Power Products

    And the price for Lenco products keeps rising with no end in sight. All about profits with them. Even the dealers are being squeezed with a whopping 10% discount. Capitalism gone mad.
  7. How is the new boot secured to the switch so it doesn’t come off? whats the secret? Mine keeps pulling off when removing the key.
  8. Where are the current posts?

    This is not a popular site for Redfishers. I read the posts and they are not very current. So where are all the Redfisher owners posting?
  9. Garmin GPSMAP 740S

    Is this unit available? Where located?
  10. Flip up anchor light repair

    Hella Marine, maker of these lights advises not to use LED festoon bulbs as a replacement. They are not CG certified for correct brightness and lumen output. I bought their approved replacement. Keep it upright always.....no water inside.
  11. Boat cover for hewes

    This place is in Australia
  12. Theft deterrents

    Price including shipping?
  13. Small Swim Platform on an 18’ Redfisher?

    I have something similar to this I got from Mike at Master Repair in Stuart. Mounts to motor mounts. Folds up, drops down with the pull of a knob. https://www.iboats.com/shop/t-h-marine-supply-reboarding-ladder-fits-all-outboards-sport-diver-ladders.html
  14. 2002 RF18 CC shelf

    Selling my shelf for $15 + shipping.
  15. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    Got me an AC/ Delco that matches the Deka. $100.11 out the door with vet discount and core return.. One year warranty. Dealer couldn’t get the Deka soon enough. 1000 reserve amps. 885 CCA’s. Starting battery only.