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  1. Garmin GPSMAP 740S

    Is this unit available? Where located?
  2. Flip up anchor light repair

    Hella Marine, maker of these lights advises not to use LED festoon bulbs as a replacement. They are not CG certified for correct brightness and lumen output. I bought their approved replacement. Keep it upright always.....no water inside.
  3. Boat cover for hewes

    This place is in Australia
  4. Theft deterrents

    Price including shipping?
  5. Small Swim Platform on an 18’ Redfisher?

    I have something similar to this I got from Mike at Master Repair in Stuart. Mounts to motor mounts. Folds up, drops down with the pull of a knob. https://www.iboats.com/shop/t-h-marine-supply-reboarding-ladder-fits-all-outboards-sport-diver-ladders.html
  6. 2002 RF18 CC shelf

    Selling my shelf for $15 + shipping.
  7. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    Got me an AC/ Delco that matches the Deka. $100.11 out the door with vet discount and core return.. One year warranty. Dealer couldn’t get the Deka soon enough. 1000 reserve amps. 885 CCA’s. Starting battery only.
  8. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    Speaking of starting batts, my tech told me I need a 1000 CCA series 24 for my 02 Yanaha F115. The engine electronics requires it when moving slow especially the fuel pump and EFI. Any thoughts before I change out my Costco series 24 500 CCA batt?
  9. Is one battery enough?

    My 2TM batts are tied together for 24 volts. If I wanted to use one of them I would have to disconnect the series and run a jumper cable aft to my cranking battery. Both TM batts are under CC seat. Power to TM is in anchor locker twist on/off plug. No power cable aft where crank batt is.
  10. Is one battery enough?

    2TM batteries under the console seat. 1 cranking battery in starboard aft compartment. Now where would you put a second cranking battery is the big question in a RF 18?
  11. Livewell Stand Pipes

    You can either take a knife and scrape away some of the threads or use a Dremel to sand away part of the threads. Then push it in for a snug fit. Grind a little at a time for the snug fit.
  12. Garmin GPS map 740s

    Anybody home here? Is the unit for sale. ?
  13. Up for sale is a used SS Yamaha prop in good condition. No dings or bends. $150 OBO plus ship. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  14. Fire Extinguisher Recall, Could Be on your Boat

    Got three of four replaced. Expecting last one next week
  15. Bad gauges

    See the sticky on gauge restoration