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  1. Up for sale is a used SS Yamaha prop in good condition. No dings or bends. $150 OBO plus ship. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  2. Fire Extinguisher Recall, Could Be on your Boat

    Got three of four replaced. Expecting last one next week
  3. Bad gauges

    See the sticky on gauge restoration
  4. Bilge pump float switch

    I put a Rule float switch in replacing the internal Rule 1100
  5. Garmin GPS map 740s

    Still available, price?
  6. Inside hatch painting

    I sprayed Easy poxy on mine. Look factory new. Wipe mildew off with diluted bleach.
  7. Lenco 101 Actuator.

    Still available?
  8. Robbers

    Sign on my lawn: decals on every door.
  9. MBG- Watch Us GROW again!

    Does this mean you might consider a rehab section to make everything old new again for ageing MBC rigs? Think of the business you would get.
  10. Bimini top mounting and materials questions

    I have the Accon mounts. My frame is SS. It's a much heavier rig installing by yourself. Getting the base into the mount is tricky when alone. While underway with top up, it has significant movement on the bases but they have never released. I guess over time something's gonna give.
  11. 2006 Hewes Redfisher 18 * PRICE DROP*

    Shoot a professionally done video showcasing your rig. Have a chase boat and quadcopter shots. iPhone video doesn't cut it. Detail the blue gel coat. Bottom paint is a negative.
  12. Gauge Readout Restoration

    Hurricane, yes, same guy. He just got his website up and running

    I'm interested. Please send me the g2 vision card area covered.
  14. Gauge Readout Restoration

    Another quality restoration. My 15 yr old gauges were dim. Faced with a $700 replacement. Along comes Eric and for $100 plus shipping, I'm brand new. Couldn't be happier. Visible in full sun.
  15. Gauge Readout Restoration

    A couple of tips when removing Tach/Speed round gauges on the RF18. 1. remove water supply tube from Speed gauge. Pinch tube with hemostats if you're going to run engine. 2. Carefully disconnect two harness plugs on Tach. The plastic pins bend away from connector with small blade screwdriver. 3. Loosen four bracket 7mm bolts, lock washers. I did mine with pliers. Pull out Tach gauge. Label each connector with correct color male lug wire pin. Remove gauge. 4. Repeat for Speed gauge. For reinstalling gauges reverse the process. Connect water supply tube after wires are connected. If not you will have trouble fitting bracket. I coated all connectors with dialectric grease.