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  1. Pathfinder bow cushions

    Can you post a pic of how the backrest attach on the bow cushions? Did you have to put a backing plate in the inside? Thanks.
  2. New to me first maverick

  3. Cabin Bluff

    I was wondering if anyone has been to Cabin Bluff? Thinking about trying to do an event there and just curious to any feedback anyone might have. Thanks.
  4. Rear deck seating and cushions

    772-579-6274. She does great work. I just had her do my HPS 2300 and my HPX. Very happy. She did a huge aft deck cushion that my wife loves... Happy wife , happy life...
  5. 20" Fuel Hostage Wheels and BFG Tires $2,000

  6. Boat with no title

    Thanks for the number and great to hear things are getting back to normal. I fished in St Augustine on Wednesday and caught our limit of sheepshead pretty quickly. I'll honk next time I go by out back.
  7. Put a hurting on them today

    That's reason number #323 of why I use a guide when taking clients fishing.... you don't have to clean fish at the end of the day. Ha ha. Steve was great about doing that for us and did it in about a 3rd of the time it would have taken me. It was my first time using him and would certainly recommend him. i'm a terrible golfer, so instead, I like taking customers fishing!
  8. Boat with no title

    Sure. I think my wife is going to lose it if I get another boat. I'm just looking for something simple Are you back to normal at your place?
  9. Put a hurting on them today

    Good day with Capt Steve Szczepanik. Steve is getting his new 25 Pathfinder this week. Can't wait to go Cobia fishing with him in April.
  10. 20" Fuel Hostage Wheels and BFG Tires $2,000

    Price reduced.
  11. Boat with no title

    I agree. That was my thought all along but I was thinking maybe I was missing something. Thanks again.
  12. Boat with no title

    I love to gigg flounder and I just can't bring myself to take the Maverick out to gig. My thought process is I can buy a used jon boat for less than the fiberglass work bill for her first scratch. So I have been trolling Craigslist and it seems like ever other boat proudly boast "no title" almost like a bad of honor. my question is with a bill of sale is it really a pain or hassle to get a replacement title. I'm just looking for a a little 12 ft jon that I can rub bottom and not loose a lot of sleep but I don't want to buy something I can't title and register. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I just don't know how this would work and how to guarantee I'm not buying something I shouldn't be. Thanks.
  13. Where do I get started ?

    Do you know which one? Looking on Amazon seems there are a few.
  14. Where do I get started ?