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  1. 20" Fuel Hostage Wheels and BFG Tires $2,000

    Price reduced.
  2. Boat with no title

    I agree. That was my thought all along but I was thinking maybe I was missing something. Thanks again.
  3. Boat with no title

    I love to gigg flounder and I just can't bring myself to take the Maverick out to gig. My thought process is I can buy a used jon boat for less than the fiberglass work bill for her first scratch. So I have been trolling Craigslist and it seems like ever other boat proudly boast "no title" almost like a bad of honor. my question is with a bill of sale is it really a pain or hassle to get a replacement title. I'm just looking for a a little 12 ft jon that I can rub bottom and not loose a lot of sleep but I don't want to buy something I can't title and register. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I just don't know how this would work and how to guarantee I'm not buying something I shouldn't be. Thanks.
  4. Where do I get started ?

    Do you know which one? Looking on Amazon seems there are a few.
  5. Where do I get started ?

  6. Where do I get started ?

    I had a buddy of mine give me a new g-Loomis Nativerun 9' 9wt Quinault 4 pic rod and a Orvis Hydros Lg Arbor Reel V a few years back. I had every intention of learning how to fly fish and being that guy on Silver Kings.... Well life gets in the way and when I had time to go, I went with the spinning reel. Well I have decided I finally want to commit the time and learn how to fish with a fly rod. I assume the first place to start would be casting lessons? Do you know of any good fly clubs near Ormond Beach? I have pretty dirty water where I fish and it usually redfish, snook, trout and the occasional tarpon if that helps with any advice. I travel to Jacksonville and Orlando for work a lot so I could always utilize clubs etc to help learn more about the sport, casting mechanics and just general information. I assume after a while it makes sense to learn how to tie flies myself and all that good stuff but at this point I just trying to figure out any shortcuts or anything I could do to shorten the learning curve. Thanks again.
  7. I have four 20" Fuel Hostage wheels with BFG 305 / 55 R20 tires. I bet they have less than 500 miles. I bought them for my wife's F150 and I thought they really dressed-up the truck,but she wanted to go back to her stock wheels. My loss your gain... They are mounted, balanced, and come with knew lugs nuts. Give me a call if your interested. 386-527-2603 $2,000 Dave
  8. New MBG Plant Progress

    I drove by today. Pretty big facility! Very nice.
  9. Removing old stickers/ pinstripes etc

    It sure beats trying to peel those darn things off. You'll be there all day without it. With the wheel it crazy how easy and fast they come off. I was super gentle since I wasn't sure what it would do to the finish of the boat.
  10. Removing old stickers/ pinstripes etc

    3m makes a wheel that removes decals. They come right off.
  11. 2300 hps

    Love mine! 1 to 2 foot all day long.
  12. Shout Out To Power-Pole: Broke one off !!!

    They really do have great customer service!
  13. Bilge pump float switch

    Okay. Thanks guys.
  14. Bilge pump float switch

    Can I install a float switch on my bilge pump that has one built-in? The one on my " new to me" Pathfinder didn't come on with all the rain we had but works when you flip the switch. I know I could just replace the the whole pump but I was thinking maybe just the auto float may be bad and a separate float switch might be the way to go. Or should I just replace the whole thing with another one with the built in float switch? Thanks.
  15. Boat lift with remote control

    Gem remotes work great.