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  1. Losing depth reading

    I installed a total scan transducer and I keep losing the bottom reading at speed. So does it need to go up or down. I see conflicting things online. It works perfect at slow speeds. Thanks.
  2. Need a help with Simrad NSS EVO2 and total scan transducer...

    FLDXT - I'll make sure I do that. .... Thanks again.
  3. Need a help with Simrad NSS EVO2 and total scan transducer...

    That was it! All fixed. I already updated the software, so I just needed to go in and select the transducer. I had to do the same for the temp reading. Thanks again. This is a great place with a bunch of good people that are always willing to help out. Thanks!
  4. Need a help with Simrad NSS EVO2 and total scan transducer...

    Thanks guys I'll give it a try after work today and let you know how it works-out.
  5. Need a help with Simrad NSS EVO2 and total scan transducer...

    So I don't need an adapter and it should be plugged into the structure port correct? I know this sounds stupid, but at this point I'm questioning Everything....
  6. I need some help. I think it may be something very simple but hoping I could get a little advice or guidance... so I replaced my Airmar P66 transducer to get structure scan etc... I went to WM and he said I need a plug adapter from 7 pin to 9 pin. When I got home I realized he gave me the wrong plug/ adapter, but I was able to plug it into the structure port. Do I need a adapter for the transducer to plug into the sonar port rather than the structure port? I'm nit getting any botoom reading at all. Below is a picture of the back of the unit, the new transducer and the plug from the old transducer that was plug into the sonar port. Thanks again.
  7. Best level / angle for side scan transducer

    How big of a difference does the angle really make?
  8. Best level / angle for side scan transducer

  9. The Pathfinder I bought had an Airmar P66 transducer but the simrad unit that was on the boat has structure scan. I went and bought a new total scan transducer since I needed a new bracket for the old transducer. Makes sense right$300 vs $30..... What is the best way to determine the correct angle for the unit? Many of the utube video show it tilted up a bit. I understand you want to have the unit parallel to the surface of the water which may nit be level with the bottom of the hull when on the trailer . Thanks in advance.
  10. Fuel tank came loose / HPX owners check this out.

    Keep us posted... I have the same setup but have the weight of two blue top as well...
  11. 2200 Fuel Gauge Wire

    Pink and black. There's a wiring diagram link right above your post.
  12. T-Top color for Ice Blue Pathfinder

    Thanks everyone.
  13. Swim platform or ladder for 23Hps

    Does anyone know what brand or type ladder the install on the 23 HPS? I need to have one put on for the sandbar days or God forbid I fall out by myself so I can get back in.
  14. What might this be on my boat

    That's my old ladder . I have no idea where you would find one.
  15. T-Top color for Ice Blue Pathfinder

    I'm going to have a T-Top installed on my Pathfinder. The boat is Ice Blue. I'm trying to get an idea of what color would look the best. I was thinking black which would match the motor but I was concerned about it being too hot? Any pics you might have would be helpful if you have an Ice blue hull. Thanks.