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  1. Trailer brakes advice needed

    Chuck, Who locally put them on for you or did you wrestle with putting them on yourself? I can't imagine it a task I'm willing to take on.
  2. 2011 23 HPS switch Panel

    Ordered a cover fir the boat and trying to give it a little tlc. I may try to polish the gauges to bring them back a little.
  3. 2011 23 HPS switch Panel

    Do you have rocker switches or A different type? Ray sent me the link to the led back light that I can replace the factory one with. He said they had a heck of a time with that set-up. Was thinking of having a custom one made and do the metal switches or the push button ones.
  4. Livewell light replacement

    Does anyone know which light they used? I think guy that works on my boat broke/ pulled the wire last time he was down there.
  5. 2011 23 HPS switch Panel

    Does anyone have a pic of your switch panel? I can't read the label on mine and couple are working so I'm trying to back into what's what without chasing wires etc. I'm going to replace the the switches with ones with the ones which are lebeled. Honest I can't figure our why they even have them labeled the way the do unless it's suppose to be backlit. Thanks.
  6. Boat Covers

    Do you guys remember what fabric weight you went with? Not sure if I need the heaviest (9oz)or not. Thanks
  7. Console Wiring Clean Up

    You did a really nice job! Super clean.
  8. Losing depth reading

    I installed a total scan transducer and I keep losing the bottom reading at speed. So does it need to go up or down. I see conflicting things online. It works perfect at slow speeds. Thanks.
  9. Need a help with Simrad NSS EVO2 and total scan transducer...

    FLDXT - I'll make sure I do that. .... Thanks again.
  10. Need a help with Simrad NSS EVO2 and total scan transducer...

    That was it! All fixed. I already updated the software, so I just needed to go in and select the transducer. I had to do the same for the temp reading. Thanks again. This is a great place with a bunch of good people that are always willing to help out. Thanks!
  11. Need a help with Simrad NSS EVO2 and total scan transducer...

    Thanks guys I'll give it a try after work today and let you know how it works-out.
  12. Need a help with Simrad NSS EVO2 and total scan transducer...

    So I don't need an adapter and it should be plugged into the structure port correct? I know this sounds stupid, but at this point I'm questioning Everything....
  13. I need some help. I think it may be something very simple but hoping I could get a little advice or guidance... so I replaced my Airmar P66 transducer to get structure scan etc... I went to WM and he said I need a plug adapter from 7 pin to 9 pin. When I got home I realized he gave me the wrong plug/ adapter, but I was able to plug it into the structure port. Do I need a adapter for the transducer to plug into the sonar port rather than the structure port? I'm nit getting any botoom reading at all. Below is a picture of the back of the unit, the new transducer and the plug from the old transducer that was plug into the sonar port. Thanks again.
  14. Best level / angle for side scan transducer

    How big of a difference does the angle really make?
  15. Best level / angle for side scan transducer