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  1. mdemott

    Boat Insurance

    Spoke with Progressive to get a quote and was told because a fellow motorist ran into me in 2018 (which the state trooper did not issue a ticket for) an additional charge of approx. $50.00 would add to my quote. Explained that I have never had a boat claim and he explained because of any accident they can increase the quote. Will stay with Cheater Lakes, sorry Flo, no go for you!!
  2. mdemott

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Where did you get the work done. I live in NE Fl and have to deal with "the rash".
  3. mdemott

    Best way to keep spare hubs ready

    The previous owner of my Redfisher hung two tires with hubs and bearings installed on the trailer. I would rotate them every six months or before long trips. Everything stayed nicely lubed and ready to go.
  4. mdemott

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    Has anyone put Sharkhide on their wheels to try to preserve the finish?
  5. mdemott

    Freshwater wash down

    Had freshwater on my Pathfinder and would add a couple of caps of ordinary bleach to prevent any buildup in the tank. Would use the water to rinse off my lures and reels and try to drain the tank with every other trip. Worked well and I never noticed any smell from the tank.
  6. mdemott

    Boat Insurance

    Charter Lakes insures my boats. Never had a claim but others on the forum have attested to their fair prices and good customer service.
  7. mdemott

    Any Experience with this Fuel/water separator?

    Agree, sometimes "the simpler the better".
  8. mdemott

    Selling boat: online options.

    If you have a boat in the MBG line, the THT and Florida Sportsman have worked well for me. Sold my Robalo years ago through the Boat Trader and was pleased with the results. Also sold a Redfisher at the boat ramp which was unusual. If you have a active boat repair shop in your area, you can build a flyer and see if they will post it in the shop.
  9. mdemott

    New Yamaha 115 r stroke

    Got $8,000 on a 2012 115 as I went to a 150hp. Motor had 500 hrs. on it. New motor cost me $3500. This was a year ago.
  10. mdemott

    Fulton xlt jack question

    Thanks for the response. I'll check them out.
  11. mdemott

    Fulton xlt jack question

    How does the Dutton-Lainson hold up in a salt water environment?
  12. mdemott

    301 cc cobia

    Great support by your dealer!
  13. mdemott

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Started my 100 hr. maintenance on motor. Oil change, filter done and separator done. New 150 Merc fourstroke are so easy to work on.
  14. mdemott

    SeaDek helm pad

    What is the width of the pad and will you ship to N. FL
  15. mdemott

    New Fishing Buddy

    Very cute. Yes lots of work as I am going through that with a Scottie puppy. Lot's of work but lot's of love in return.