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  1. Lightning

    My Radar is my early warning app. Watch it if I am fishing in the afternoon inshore. If things look sketchy, I head for the barn at the first clap of thunder. If offshore I would call some of the charters who ran radar and see which way the storm was heading. Most of the time it would be coming off the inlet so you had time to see it's direction and go the other way. Never got caught in a real bad storm using these methods and with the power of lightning hope I never do.
  2. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Absolutely! Now use there four stroke in my 150.
  3. 2004 MA 18’ 2017 Mercury 150 fourstroke

    I am running the three blade that came with the motor. It's been fine for me for what I do.
  4. 2004 MA 18’ 2017 Mercury 150 fourstroke

    I would call PowerTech and speak to Marcus. He can run the numbers for that boat and suggest a prop for you. I just repowered my 20ft. bay boat with that motor and love it.
  5. Opinion on the v max HDPI

    Make sure you change "all" the filters regularly.
  6. Everest soft Cooler

    I have had a Polar Bear for a number of years. Great to carry on the boat as it doesn't take up a lot of space and keeps it's cool.
  7. 2000v pathfinder

    I'm 73 and repowered my 20" bay boat from a 115 to a 150. Seems like I am getting better economy at a lower cruising speed of 30 mph and the extra power compensates for addition passengers and the ability to outrun our summer storms.
  8. Redfisher 18

    Good looking dog also.
  9. Towing a 22 pathfinder

    Have towed a 22 bay boat with a Nissan Frontier with V6. MPG, about 14 Now tow a 20 bay boat without brakes and MPG now at 17. Drive very conservative and should now be a problems with good tires and brakes.
  10. Bottom paint

    Have my boat on a Safe Haven drive on dock parked behind the house and I avoid the ramps and marinas and launch when available. I bought my first flats boat with bottom paint and it served me well. Don't need to go fast and the bottom paint absorbed the meetings with the oyster bars.
  11. 18’ Hewes cover

    Boat Covers Direct covered my Redfisher. Good fit, quality and delivery. Don't know about their customer service as never had to use them.
  12. Boat rehab

    FF 1800 was my first flats boat and it was also a project. Rewire, Replaced the poling platform, dash and instrument upgrade. Had a 100 hp Yamaha four stroke which was a carb model and the boat got me through the oyster beds here in N. FL. Didn't want to sell by a guy at the ramp gave me a great offer. I know you will enjoy that hull.
  13. Lake O Red tide!

    I think it is turning into a FUBR.
  14. German Shepherd

    Yes it's scary. Had a Cocker Spaniel who was jealous of my son and tried to bite him on two occasions. Found a couple in Ocala who were looking for a dog and didn't have children. She went to a new home.
  15. Charleston down the east coast of Florida

    Amelia Island/Fernandina Bch - great old town with good shops, tours to Cumberland Island and good spots to eat and relax. First town in Florida.