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  1. WTB small flats boat

    Had a 250 EFI Merc on my offshore boat and it never let me down. Kept on the maintenance and they do enjoy their fuel. Now running a Merc 150 four stroke on my bay boat and love the ease of maintenance and the documentation sheet placed on the motor. Fuel economy has been great also.
  2. On board charger

    I like Powermania as it has a internal fan and runs cool. I am charging a 24v system for trolling motor and starting/house battery and am pleased with the time it takes to refresh the batteries.
  3. 2200V with 150SHO

    It just seems strange that a dealer who makes his living selling a product would steer a customer away from the product.
  4. Wet wood core

    That could be. I have a lot of Oyster bars here and being new to the area I ran into my share of them . No leaks in the hull and just minor scrapes when I sold. Great little boat.
  5. 300 Suzuki on a 22 TRS

    Insurance guys get a little cranky when you over power.
  6. 2200V with 150SHO

    Here's a strange one. Was going to repower my 115 Yamaha to a 150. Checked in with a local Yamaha dealer who told me the Yamaha was a 10 year motor at best and then it develops pin holes in the cooling jackets.
  7. Wet wood core

    Had a 1998 model 1800FF when I first moved to north Florida. I guess mine was Kevlar as I did not find any wood around my trolling motor plug. I took it on as a project boat and did a lot of work on it. Boat worked well and only sold it to buy a bay boat with a higher gunnel for the granddaughters.
  8. FS: Yamaha Prop

  9. Skegg Guard Or Not

    Would rather break a skeg than blow out a lower unit.
  10. I think k I saw one on the Hull Truth. Had a friend that had a Shearwater and loved it. Only sold it to buy a 36 ft SeaVee to chase sails and dolphin off shore.
  11. WTB console grab rail MA17

    I have a used one that has been blasted and powder coated in silver.
  12. Have you looked at the COBIA 21, Bulls Bay, or SKEETER. All great bay boats and are YAMAHA powered?
  13. Was a AAU basketball coach and traveled to play qualification games for two years. I sense I lost a lot of nice cobia, dolphin and sails during that time but was a great experience to play against the different talent in the region.
  14. Grand Kid Sitting

    Love to get young people involved in the sport. Good work as an ambassador.
  15. Get boat off lift in shallow H2O

    Thanks. I guess the remaining problem is where to get rid of mud and not endanger the marsh.