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  1. We lost our Scottie to jaw cancer in August, 2017 at age 8. That is young for a Scottie. It seems as though dogs are dying of various forms of cancer more often. We just got a 7 month old Scottie and have decided to feed holistic food and not allow him on lawns that have been sprayed for weeds, pests etc. It's really starting a study on influences that may help others over time.
  2. Ulterra Users - Take Note-Discconnect ALL POWER

    Amen to that and I sure do miss those guys up here in north Florida.
  3. Snook

    We are looking at high 20's in Fernandina Bch. and with my creek draining to almost nothing with each tide I know the remaining deep holes will be the spots of refuge. I suffered through the snook kill when I lived in Stuart and it was not pretty. Hopefully all will survive. I do miss my snook since moving north.
  4. Removing old stickers/ pinstripes etc

    Yes a real time and aggravation saver.
  5. Removing old stickers/ pinstripes etc

    These wheels are what my sign shop used to take off my old graphics. Everything off and no scratches.
  6. Salt Off/Salt Away

    I like the idea that you can draw from a larger supply, (gallon container) as the Salt Away is small and with vinegar you can't tell when it is used up without smelling it. Thanks for the tip. Think I'll order one.
  7. Repowering 2200V

    I always go for the most hp. that I can hang on the transom within the builders limit. You may not use it all the time but if you need it to outrun a storm or respond to a emergency, it's nice to know you have it. Just upgraded my 20 bay boat from a 115 to a 150 and it is a big difference.
  8. Salt Off/Salt Away

    This looks like a great ides for motor flush. I use a sprinkler under my trailer to wash the salt and road dirt off whenever I use the trailer.
  9. Closet Clean -out

    Sent you a PM
  10. Closet Clean -out

    I live in Fernandina Bch. if you are pricing shipping on the bag.
  11. Closet Clean -out

    Can you ship the Shimano bag of gear or is it pick up only?
  12. Steering question

    Thanks to all who replied. Pinned it down to valves in the pump. New pump going in tomorrow just in time for the cold snap. Thanks again.
  13. Question about Hewes Bayfisher

    I've had both boats. Ride was similar. Bayfisher was a 96 lappy that was well care for. Redfisher was a 2001. Felt the Redfisher had more storage space for me.
  14. Steering question

    2012, 20ft Bay Boat with 150 hp Motor, SeaStar steering Steering is "lumpy" above 1100 RPM the steering wheel will turn normally about a quarter turn and then provide resistance. When you physically overcome this minor resistance it turns about a another quarter turn and then repeats. When engine is at idle turning is very smooth. Running a 14.2 x 18 RH three blade prop. Drained and refilled the steering system in February 2017. Anybody have any thoughts on this?
  15. What did you do to your boat today?

    Scary speed. Those Mercs. are fast.