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  1. Careful running early morning

    I assume those markers are illuminated. He must have been running pretty fast.
  2. another Buddy is gone.

    Seems that more examples of cancer are showing up. Lost our Scottie to jaw cancer at nine years of age. New puppy is getting a special diet which we will monitor and see if it contributes to overall health and longevity.
  3. 2018 Mercury 150 Four Stroke

    Too bad. Wish I had known three months ago. Hung my Merc. 150 on my 20ft. bay boat and love it. Maintenance for a DIY appears to be so easy. Are you going with a 200?
  4. 2018 Mercury 150 Four Stroke

    Why are you selling?
  5. F150 owners keep and eye on your balancer

    Amen to that!
  6. Irrigation motor muff

    I also use the collapsible bag and although it uses more water than muffs like the fact that you can add vinegar or salt away and let it circulate. I rinse thourghly also.
  7. Rod holders

    Used V-Lock rod holders on my Redfisher. Easily removable when not in use.
  8. All new Pathfinder 2005

    Running a 20 ft bay boat with a 150. This new boat looks like a winner of a hull. Will definitely need a 150 on it.
  9. replacement hatch cable?

    Yes, that looks like what I need also.
  10. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    I don't remember the number of hours on that motor when I bought it but when we tore it down for rebuild it was very clean. Piston tops were not showing carbon buildup and rings were clean. The motor failed due to a retaining pin, not degraded oil. When we goy it back from the builder, I used Amsoil to break it in at 100 to 1. It smoked a little during break in but after that period I ran the normal formula and other than a small wisp of smoke at start up it was very clean. I sold the boat a few years back and the new owner has called me on a few occasions to ask about some mods. I made to it. He tells me he hasn't touched the engine except for maintenance and to replace a starter.
  11. looking for a new tackle box

    Also have a Shimano but keep lubed with zipper lube after every second trip. Haven't had any problem with ripping and since I only use it for inshore, I don't have to carry a abundance of tackle.
  12. Lightning

    My Radar is my early warning app. Watch it if I am fishing in the afternoon inshore. If things look sketchy, I head for the barn at the first clap of thunder. If offshore I would call some of the charters who ran radar and see which way the storm was heading. Most of the time it would be coming off the inlet so you had time to see it's direction and go the other way. Never got caught in a real bad storm using these methods and with the power of lightning hope I never do.
  13. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Absolutely! Now use there four stroke in my 150.
  14. 2004 MA 18’ 2017 Mercury 150 fourstroke

    I am running the three blade that came with the motor. It's been fine for me for what I do.
  15. 2004 MA 18’ 2017 Mercury 150 fourstroke

    I would call PowerTech and speak to Marcus. He can run the numbers for that boat and suggest a prop for you. I just repowered my 20ft. bay boat with that motor and love it.