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  1. mdemott

    Cast Net Bag

    Used to love that event when I lived in S. FL. Really don't have anything like that in N. FL.
  2. mdemott

    Cast Net Bag

    Where did you find that one?
  3. mdemott

    Boat Cover Advice

    Yes, Phil does it right! Also Boat Covers Direct sells a nice product.
  4. mdemott

    Decal removal on 17 HPX-V

    Good tool. Used it to remove worn Pathfinder decals. Of course it will probably leave a ghost but you can polish that out.
  5. mdemott

    Flounder showing up for summer time.

    Are you fishing out of St. Augustine? Do you have a website as I do not do Facebook?
  6. mdemott

    How much gas is in your tank?

    Since most of my trips are short, I just add gas before and always stay near fill according to my dip stick.
  7. mdemott

    Good Vaca spot in FL for Fam and Fishing

    Good location with Stuart nearby. Great fishing all along that area with some nice sandbars for relaxing also. Day trips by car to West Palm Bch are very doable. If you choose the Vero/Ft. Pierce / Jensen location please catch a snook for me. I miss them so.
  8. mdemott

    Prop for 2000V

    Check with Matt Conrad on this forum. Have bought a couple of used props from him and he is a pleasure to do business with.
  9. mdemott

    trim tabs required?? Light Tackle 20 200 SHO

    Find them especially useful in choppy water or to level out boat with passengers.
  10. mdemott

    Simrad Totalscan Spraying Water

    Took my boat to local mechanic to get seals in steering replaces and he said my transducer was too low an would interfere with my trailer soe he raised it to even with the bottom of the boat. I now loose bottom above 10 mph. Have to reinstall at the old position.
  11. mdemott

    Cover treatment

    I use 303 Fabric Guard on a clean cover. I also use a support pole vent. ttps://www.carvercovers.com/support-pole-with-boat-vent-ii/ Has worked well on four boats of different sizes.
  12. mdemott

    PRO Sports 18 flats

    My first concern is with the wiring. Since the ProSports that I looked at had a lot of dangling wires, I decided to buy it anyway with the commitment to rewire it completely which I did. We took everything out and started from scratch. Real fear of a fire on the water. Good luck with your search and let us know how it turns out.
  13. mdemott

    PRO Sports 18 flats

    Thank you. A lot of sweat and planning on my part, a lot of fine execution by Master Repair.
  14. mdemott

    PRO Sports 18 flats

    I put my batteries and circuit shut off there. worked well with balance of the four stroke motor.
  15. mdemott

    PRO Sports 18 flats

    Though ProSports is no longer in business and was degraded for poor customer service, I feel this is the best boat they made. My 1800 was rated at 150hp which would be interesting to see how it performed. I had tabs on mine and used them from time to time but since I don't have to cross bays the rough weather was minimum. Previous owner installed a solar charger for the house battery which worked really well.
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