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  1. MA 17 1995: large access hatches bilge - anyone install? Pics? Size?

    Sorry for the delayed response. I've been pretty incommunicado recently. Chillin, I used normal clear RTV to seal the bottom of the hatch frame with a little extra on the area where the old pie plate resided. In the big scheme of things though I really didn't want to use something as permanent as 5200 (just in case I wanted to replace the hatch in the future) and really didn't get too picky, since the water would simply go into the bilge. WFF, There's an enormous amount of room to work in there now. Everyone knows the livewell pumps tend to go out when you need them the most. I've replaced pumps and donr some on-the-fly rewiring with the old hatch and let me tell you, the bilge cleanup with the new hatch was amazingly easier. My bilge isn't as clean as most but the wires are all service looped (for any future projects), the pumps are freshen'd up, and the petcocks all work as advertised.
  2. MA 17 1995: large access hatches bilge - anyone install? Pics? Size?

    Item: 1033488--5H134 : Jim Black 582-1115-05 11 X 15 Polar White Boat Service Door / Hatch
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

  4. Cup holdere

    Sea Sucker has a nice alternative to a permanent install. I stick it to the front of the console and have room for 2 drinks, a couple of topwater plugs, and a small bottle of Pro-Cure "smellz good". https://www.seasucker.com/collections/marine
  5. DT Special Recipe

    Many thanks. I think I'm going to give it a whirl this weekend. Looks like a relatively simple tie but I'm pretty sure you have to get the tail just right, else it'll spin when retrieving. Thanks, Bubba
  6. DT Special Recipe

    Anyone have a good DT Special recipe that they'd like to share? I'm looking to tie up a few dozen before I move back. I think I have everything just looking for input on the hackle. Thanks, Bubba
  7. Best inshore combos on a budget

    Hi Rubble, The Cap Mel rods are made by Ohero and are available either online or at Tampa Fishing Outfitters. I also have 2 Stellar Lites and like the Cap Mel a little better. Both are 7'6" and the Cap Mel seems to have a faster tip and is a quite a bit better at walking the dog, skipping jigs under mangroves, etc. The Stellar Lite has more backbone however the butt is a little long for the yak. Overall I really like the Tierra and Cap Mel setup better than the Star with Penn Conquer or Star with a Procyon or Diawa TD-A. Hope this helps. I would really like to try the Seagis split grip or one of the lighter weight St. Croix rods but until then I will have to stick with what I have. TFO will periodically run sales on the Ohero line of products and it's then that you can score a good deal. The TFO customer service and Ohero replacement policy is great.
  8. 2003 MA 17 Rod Tube End Flanges

    With the demand for these I could foresee someone taking a few measurements and getting a CAD model together, purchasing some starboard (or equivalent), and having a few CNC'd. Should be a pretty easy job. Then once you have the CNC file and the materials you could probably make a killing, selling them in sets of 4. The starboard would never have to be replaced. r, Bubba
  9. Bass Assassin Bulk Sale

    Found the Bass Assassin bulk bin with some fairly goo deals on their soft plastics. https://bassassassin.com/ Good Luck! Bubba
  10. Best inshore combos on a budget

    Depending on if you are local or not.....to keep in the $100 and under category, if you are in the Tampa area, Tampa Fishing Outfitters (Lee Fisher Intl) sells Ohero branded rod and reels. My own personal experience has been outstanding. I routinely use their Capt Mel series rod (they're $99.99 nowadays) and gold series ($59.99). The Capt Mel rod has a nice short butt for kayak fishing and wading and the gold has a very fast and soft tip for catching trout. They don't break the bank and have lasted for well over 5 years. The reels are really close to the Daiwa Coastal series. I keep a couple on board as spares and have a couple married up to the Ohero rods. They have lasted just as long and are still smooth, no corrosion, and consistent drag. Keep your receipt, they stand by their rods and reels and have even replaced a Capt Mel that was caught in a door a little longer than the published warranty period (direct over the counter replacement). The pic below is a Capt Mel with a Daiwa Tierra in the foreground. That was one of 3 huge snook all caught that morning (36", 40, 44+...the bump board was only 36") Just my 2¢ r, Bubbahttps://goo.gl/photos/8iXap7Fa82WYphXX8
  11. Yamaha F150

    Is the F115 susceptible to this?
  12. THIS is a sunrise

    Chincoteague sunset and Onancock River Pics https://goo.gl/photos/1nuubxh6ku1siT4s9 https://goo.gl/photos/gNjLVZzHCfrGLP9U9
  13. Anyone up near Chincoteague?

    Just finished the Chincoteague/ESVA slam. I was able to get out into the sweetwater this morning and caught specks (crappie), white perch, bluegill, catfish, and pickerel. Water wasn't moving much but the fish didn't care. https://goo.gl/photos/v2s3jzddq4rf7zt9A https://goo.gl/photos/DGqqnVT5EVCpFHer9
  14. Got a little Red on me this a.m.

    Nice. I wish they would move into the shallows up here in Chincoteague and Crisfield.
  15. Anyone up near Chincoteague?

    Well today I was able to get out and launched from Crisfield (bayside). The wind was blowing pretty good and there were plenty of white caps camouflaging the crab trap buoys. As I made my way north I was dodging the buoys the entire way (I noticed the water temp was 73 degrees and the tide was outgoing with a north wind). I made my way into some back bay areas around Jane's island and began by throwing a bone colored spook jr. The stripers didn't fail to impress. I was able to pull quite a few out of the back bays, 3 of which were between 23 and 25". I also had something crush a c-eye mirrodine that I couldn't even begin to slow down. Reminded me of a big snook. It took a couple of hard runs, stripping plenty of drag and finally ended up pulling me around a piling and breaking off. I never had a chance to see what it was but it hit and ran like a much bigger striper than what I was catching. The tide was outgoing and the back bay area began slowing down and getting pretty skinny. I decided to move south and fish the isalnds south of Crisfield. I switched to a gold and black DOA cal shad and began catching right away. I was able to pull 3 over 28" off of the islands, along with a bunch of little trout. I did get a chance to switch to the long rod using a nice, sparkly pine island iced tea and caught a few shorts. The coolest thing though was during the battle with one of the dinks, on the fly, a huge striper (way larger than anything that I caught) took 3 swipes at the little one that I was fighting. It was a cool sight but I was kind of glad that he didn't get ahold of the little guy. I was only using my 5wt bass rod (I had two 8wts under the gunnels but wanted to have a little fun with the lighter rod). All in all it was a great day. I was off the water by noon and cleaned up by 1pm. Great day for a new area. P.S. I tried to snap a couple of pics but between the fact that I can't do selfie to save my life and the stripers fight til the death I will spare everyone the enbarassing pics. I can't wait to go back.