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  1. Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Bow Mount

    just checking as they have been out for awhile have all the bugs been worked out? any real world experience on these? I am looking to upgrade and will be using the 24 v 80lb thrust to push a 21Ft Maverick. Thanks JD
  2. Man I would take it if you were closer!!
  3. Roads back to S Florida

    try the WAZE app for your phone and I heard gas buddy too? We use waze a ton and it is a nice too.!! free!!
  4. anyone got a Minn Kota 54" 80lb thrust 24V salt water trolling motor they would like to sell? Looking to buy one used. Thanks JD
  5. which Garmin to buy

    yes I believe it came with them the unit was 789 with transducer
  6. which Garmin to buy

    ended up with the Garmin 74SV. Looks like a good machine and I have Garmin on the other boats. Thanks for the input going to hopefully mount it this weekend and put some time on it next few weeks.
  7. which Garmin to buy

    guys looking at a 7" garmin and wondering which model to buy? This is going on my jon boat so mostly inshore and in the gulf no deeper than 20ft. I see there are a few models to choose from. Wondering what you guys like and what is working for you. Thanks JD
  8. Look what I found!!

    what a steal!! keep us posted on your upgrades!
  9. wet sounds audio??

    looking at putting 4 speakers and an amp in a aluminum jon boat ( I know, I know). I have had JL and been very happy but just checking into this line. I have heard they have a lot more options in speakers and amp power wattage. Just wanting some real world info instead of from the salesman. Thanks JD
  10. MA 21. Fuel tank?

    just curious does anyone know how the tank sits and is connected to the boat? is it strapped down or bolts? thanks for the info.
  11. Cajun Thunders... and TANGLES!

    just ordered some to give them a shot. Thanks for the info
  12. MA 21. Fuel tank?

    Update, looks like the vent line has come off to cause the fuel issue. The hose seems to be short and not sure how but came off (hose clamp still tight). looks like I need to make a piece of about 2 inches and should connect back up. thanks for the help! was worried I would have to cut into some fiberglass and the boat be down for too long!
  13. MA 21. Fuel tank?

    Merritt Island Florida, East of Orlando.
  14. MA 21. Fuel tank?

    Thanks John you beat me to it!!! Would have posted yesterday but due to the issue I drank away my problems!!! Tank has not been pressure tested as I am having a hard time finding someone in the area that does this. I am borrowing a small camera to check things out. I found the tank under the main driving seat with a hatch (not big enough to remove the tank). I think the leak might be upfront as the hatch closest to the fill cap and vent seem to have a strong odor. When I pulled the drain plug about 3/4 of a gallon of water came out with approx. 1/16" of fuel on top and the tank was complete full. Will keep everyone posted and if anyone has any suggestions let me know. A buddy told me to buy the pressure kit for 50 bucks which I might do after I use the camera.
  15. WTB yamaha circle digital tach gauge

    seeing if anyone has one they are looking to get rid of. Let me know what you have. Thanks JD