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  1. looking for a new tackle box

    well I have been using an old dewalt bag and the plano locking storage trays and I want to get better organized. Wondering what everyone is using and see what you guys like best. any help?
  2. 1997 Maverick 17 MA / $12,900

    SOLD and coming back to Florida!!
  3. 2012 Pathfinder 22 TRS

    NICE!!! anyone looking for a clean boat check out Ryans. he keeps his gear in TOP SHAPE!!!
  4. 2012 Pathfinder 22 TRS

    *** Ryan what's next?
  5. 1997 Maverick 17 MA / $12,900

    sure you would trade for a 20ft+ pathfinder and you would add cash!!
  6. 1997 Maverick 17 MA / $12,900

    Dan, don't forget we did the larger carbs so this is really a 130hp yammi. Was talking to the wife last night on how this boat took us on many many trips!!! Someone needs to get this boat and keep it going!!
  7. 1999 1810V Pathfinder $12,500

    buddy just bought one this weekend. We put some miles on it and it was a great boat!! Great price too!! GLWS!!
  8. 1997 Maverick 17 MA / $12,900

    Great boat!! I sold it to Dan and have kept in touch, I know he keeps this rig ready to go with an open check book!! The only reason I sold it was to move up to the 21. This boat served my wife and I well and never let us down. Took us from Key largo to key west and back with no ISSUES!!! GL with the sale someone is going to get one heck of boat!!!
  9. Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Bow Mount

    well after one weekend the wife and I love it. I don't think we have scratched the surface on what all it can do. So far so go not sure what GEN I got or how to tell. but good so far..
  10. Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Bow Mount

    just checking as they have been out for awhile have all the bugs been worked out? any real world experience on these? I am looking to upgrade and will be using the 24 v 80lb thrust to push a 21Ft Maverick. Thanks JD
  11. Man I would take it if you were closer!!
  12. Roads back to S Florida

    try the WAZE app for your phone and I heard gas buddy too? We use waze a ton and it is a nice too.!! free!!
  13. anyone got a Minn Kota 54" 80lb thrust 24V salt water trolling motor they would like to sell? Looking to buy one used. Thanks JD
  14. which Garmin to buy

    yes I believe it came with them the unit was 789 with transducer
  15. which Garmin to buy

    ended up with the Garmin 74SV. Looks like a good machine and I have Garmin on the other boats. Thanks for the input going to hopefully mount it this weekend and put some time on it next few weeks.