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  1. Patton222

    Current model 22 TE vs Gen 1 22 TE

    Appreciate the offer, nice ride you have there. I keep hearing that about the 24, looks like they did a great job with the layout. The ones I've seen for sale are a little out of reach. I have to run the 22 before I make any decisions and will hopefully do that in the coming weeks.
  2. Patton222

    Current model 22 TE vs Gen 1 22 TE

    Headhunter thank you for your response. Love the light gray it looks great. I looked at a new 2018 today and it was nice, going to hopefully run it this week and see how it handles.
  3. Patton222

    Current model 22 TE vs Gen 1 22 TE

    No one here has experience with old and new TE's?
  4. Patton222

    Current model 22 TE vs Gen 1 22 TE

    Hey guys, looking for some feedback here. I may be selling my current boat soon and I have a few boats I'd like to replace it with. One of those options is a 2014+ 22 TE. I have spent a tremendous amount of time on a friends 2004 22 TE with 200 hpdi Vmax and I've always been a big fan of the boat. It's holding up pretty well considering he runs it hard, way harder than I would if it were mine. I have a pretty good grasp on the running characteristics and quirks of that hull and would like to hear from someone that has spent time on both as I have never run a current production model TE. I really like what PF has done with the changes they have made over the years, the current generation seems like a much nicer more refined product. But outside of the obvious changes how does the new gen run compared to the original? Is it a more solidly built boat? Current gen is heavier I am assuming less efficient? Does the new gen ride better/heavier in the bay chop? Any pros/cons I am missing? For or what it's worth I would most likely shop a lightly used 250 sho powered boat, but if it makes sense financially I'm not opposed to ordering one with a 200 sho and starting with a basic/clean slate I can upgrade over time just the way I want which is simple and efficient vs loaded with options. Thank you to anyone that may have any insight on this.
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