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    Brand new pair of Costa Jose 580g, Tortoise Frames, Green Glass. Sent them in for repair and got a brand new pair back. I bought another pair of glasses while they were in the shop and don't need these anymore. $125 shipped. https://www.costadelmar.com/us/en/voyager/jose/JO+10+OGMP.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrt3fl7OW4QIV18DICh1xHw-dEAQYBSABEgLbzvD_BwE jssouthwell2@gmail.com 863-two45-695six
  3. justdriftin

    Jack plate oil

    Try to find a parts store that handles more industrial/agricultural stuff. I found some at an independent auto parts store that carries a lot of tractor and HD truck parts. I'll see if I have any of it around and send you a picture of what I found.
  4. justdriftin

    Smith optics warranty

    On my first pair of Smiths, love the glasses. I have Chromapop+ lenses which are plastic but as clear as any glass lenses I have had from other brands. Great to hear the customer service is as good as their product.
  5. justdriftin

    Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    How was the water when you were down? Looking to get down there soon, maybe this weekend. Was there bait around?
  6. justdriftin

    Expired Flares

    4th of July
  7. justdriftin

    what shaft ipilot for 24v?

    I have the 72 i-pilot on my 2400TE. It is not a problem on the deck. It does stick out past the edge of the bow, which i really don't like. But its because of the i-pilot motor and would be the same for a 60 inch. Just have to be careful docking other than that, not a problem on the water.
  8. justdriftin

    NEW red tide and water condition report

    Very little runoff from sugarcane fields south of Lake O gets into the lake and then discharged out of the Caloosathachie. Its more than that and we definitely need more information and education on the subject. Sugarcane runoff more likely goes in the glades and down to Florida Bay, not that that is any better. The water is contained in the lake partly to keep the cane fields dry and people in Belle Glade, Pahoke etc alive. But the water going into the lake comes in from the Kissimmee River and tributaries to the north. A whole different pollution source from golf courses, lawns, parking lots, septic tanks, farms, etc. in and around Orlando. There used to be a lot of dairies up there that provided a lot of phosphorus loading but most of them are gone now. No body wants to think that they might be part of the problem when they can just point to some big bad boogey man. Its easy to say its big sugar that is causing this red tide, but it's probably not as much a sugar problem now as people want to think. Which means the solution isn't as easy as just "sticking it" to big sugar. Get rid of the sugar cane field and the lake will still have problems. Heck, we don't really even know that the discharge from Lake O is causing the red tide, though the severity is probably not coincidence. Siesta Key is bad and there have been bad red tides in Tampa Bay in the past. Hopefully the upshot of this is that more people will get informed about the hydrology of Florida and become invested in real solutions for the Lake, the glades and overall water quality and quantity issues affecting the entire peninsula. I'm just as concerned about all the freshwater that gets dumped in the Gulf and Atlantic every summer when we still get most of our freshwater out of the aquifer. That is a problem that affects everyone across the state, all year round.
  9. justdriftin

    Bean Bag for Pathfinder 2200

    Great, thanks for the info. Was just looking into this and wondering which one would fit better.
  10. justdriftin

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks all. I think the bolt was over torqued when installed or maybe cross threaded. I've been hitting it with blaster for a few days so seems like more than corrosion. I broke the head off first, then broke off the stub. That was with heating it up as well. There's not much room to get in there and drill so that's been part of the challenge. Looks like I'm going to have to tap it for a larger bolt or use a helicoil once I get it out.
  11. justdriftin

    Any suggestions?

    Broke off a hex bolt trying to change my thermostats. Had a heck of a time getting the rest of the bolt out. Drilled and tried to use an extractor but not making any ground on this thing. Here is where I quit this afternoon. The pic is sideways I think.
  12. justdriftin

    Lake O Red tide!

    Nailed it with the sources of the problems. Look at Google Earth sometime and see how almost all of peninsular Florida's watersheds start in Orange, Osceola and Polk counties. The Kissimmee River is the headwater of Lake O and the glades. Reedy Creek and Shingle Creek feed the lakes that feed the Kissimmee River. Then on the east side you have the headwaters of the St. Johns which has its own set of problems. The Peace River feeds north Charlotte Harbor gets it's start in the lakes around Winter Haven and Polk County and the wetlands in the flatwoods to the west which have been decimated by phosphate mining. No one problem and no one solution. Its a complex water quality and quantity issue. Ag has long gotten the stink eye over this but probably has done the most to help clean its act up. Those nutrients that run off a farm aren't cheap so farmers don't really like paying for fertilizer to run off the farm when they are having trouble keeping up with foreign competition and rising labor costs/shortages. We are dumping billions of gallons out both sides of Lake O during the summer and pumping billions from the aquifer at the same time. But I still can't figure out how discharge from Lake O affects a red tide that runs from BG pass up to Siesta Key. Not saying it doesn't but think there is even more at play.
  13. justdriftin

    2017 2200TRS Ice chest struggle

    I'm not a big fan either, l looked at slides but never installed them as they look to be as much of a pain as the cooler, and a little pricey. Right now I've got a 75 qt yeti which takes up most of the space. Its hard to open and I'd really love to have tackle storage there. But I don't have a ton of other options. My boat has the old "euro" style console with the built-in seat up front. Its got a drain and i think it's insulated so I could use it as a cooler but's not very big. I usually have a decent size crew so we need the cooler space for drinks, lunch etc. I've kind of resigned myself to having to make it work unless I wanted to give up cooler space. It opens enough to get drinks in and I use it for snapper and just bag them so it doesn't get my drinks too fishy. Bigger fish i just use the release well and either run the pumps or ice them down.
  14. justdriftin

    F250 Thermostat Change

    I can run it in a drum or a molasses tub or something to get temp up. I'm a little leery of using a torch on that block, especially around that fuel line i disconnected to access the cover. But a heat gun might work as well. Since the block is aluminum and the bolt is stainless my assumption is that the aluminum is going to heat faster anyway.
  15. justdriftin

    F250 Thermostat Change

    Took your advice and still snapped off the first bolt I tried to get loose. Any other suggestions on getting the other 3 out without snapping them? I gave everything a good dose of blaster figured I'd let that work and come back today and see how it goes. Weird thing was, that bolt didn't seem seized and I didn't horse it, just started turning it and it wrung the head off. I did order 4 replacement bolts just in case.
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