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  1. 22' vs 24' min depth?

    Not exactly the same , but I went from an 18ft. Hewes to a 24 (2008 TE) and hardly noticed any difference in how skinny I can get. I was very surprised that I really can go anywhere I could with the Hewes.
  2. Pricing my boat???

    x2 on the Texas discount. I drove out there to buy mine and it was a good $5K less than anything I could find in Florida for a comparable boat. So if you can I'd offer to take to somewhere closer to Florida for a look and maybe attract some of the Florida folks.
  3. 2400TE Trolling Motor

    I have the same boat. It had a 80lb 24v when I bought it. I was surprised it did as well as it did but it was not optimal. When it died I went to the 36v and its so much better. I downsized batteries from 31s to 34s, have the stealth DC and never have issues draining them. The 24v seldom made it through a full day. As far as batteries, I run a 5 battery setup. Probably overkill, but I can get 4 batteries in the console and a dedicated starting battery in the rigging hatch in the stern. I have 3 34s for the trollers and a 27 dedicated house battery. I have the euro style console and it all fits with the washdown tank. Its tight and not fun to get them in and out when one needs to come out, but it all fits.
  4. Keeping the kids busy

    Used to be I could survive a day (and I mean full day, sunup to sundown) fishing with a pack of peanut butter crackers and the proper mix of water and Miller Lite. Now I spend as much time packing snacks as tackle. But that's a must to keep them fed. Depending on where we are, if there is a waterfront joint to stop in and eat, we'll try to plan that around a slack tide. I can usually stretch the day out a bit if we can do something like that. Second on the swimming. If can find a spot where there is a sandbar with a flat or something nearby that usually works out well. I'll let the kids play on the shallow side of the boat and I can still get a little fishing in at the same time. My brother and I will go and I have 3 that are old enough and he has 1, so we kind of tag team watching them while the other gets a little fishing in. Maybe I should try the swimming first as well, always figure I'll never get them back in the boat to fish but its worth a shot. At least you are going every week, that's a feat with that many kids. My youngest is still too small to spend any significant time on the boat so makes it difficult if I have to leave the wife at home with him.
  5. Hurricane Hunters Moved from Macdill

    Hurricane - do you all do tours for kids groups? Sounds like a cool trip for my kids' 4-H club or something like that.
  6. Yeti Bucket

    I think this is actually genius, definitely not worth $40. But except for custom fiberglass deals, who would have thought about paying even Engel prices for a cooler before Yeti, when a 50qt. Igloo was maybe $50? Their goal now is to see how much people will pay for really over-engineered common outdoor stuff. They know most fishing people will pay for hi-end gear, and are usually early adopters. And let's face it, a lot non-fishing people want to be like fishing people because it looks so dang cool. But still not shelling out $40 for a bucket, though I'll probably get one for Christmas from my in-laws.
  7. Cup holders

    I have these and had on my last boat as well. https://cudascustoms.com/ Look pretty good and no holes to drill. I had the folding ones as well, and really not bad. But going to have to replace every couple of years. I used the adhesive and the adhesive would last about as long as it would take me to break them off because I would forget to flip them back up.
  8. Recent, weird wildlive experiances

    I've had run ins with some brave bobcats, while hunting though not fishing. Once had one sit about 30 yards from me and watch me field dress a deer. We both kept a pretty close eye on one another but he just sat there and watched me.
  9. Mother-In-Law

    Dang, someone found a use for a mother-in-law, that's impressive
  10. Purina Fish Chow

    There's bait around but everything we found was pretty small. Typical of summer I guess, was hoping good bait would hold out a little longer.
  11. Purina Fish Chow

    How's the bait holding out? Tempted to grab some of the Boca chum if its not thick in the usual spots. Been a couple weeks but last time out took me two days to recover from throwing the net about 20 times. Good bait but just wouldn't ball up.
  12. Trailer Lift

    Been wanting one of these for a while as well. Not for storage, but it would be great to be able to get under the trailer easily for maintenance and work on all my other stuff as well. Beat the heck out of jacks and jack stands. I was thinking of a two post lift though, since I wouldn't be using it for storage. I'd really love to have one that was semi-portable so I could roll it out of the way when not in use, but never seen anything like that.
  13. Boca Grande questions

    How much was dockage? We stay at the Innlet once or twice a year and I think they charge a $50 ramp fee as well if you aren't docking your boat, but not if you are staying and keeping your boat there, I think dockage is something like $45. So they clearly want to discourage use of the ramp apart from dockage. It's been a couple of years now but kept my boat at Uncle Henry's while staying at a condo up on the north end with no slip, and I'm pretty sure it was less or at least not much more than $50 a day for dockage. Eldred's is $8 for ramp and parking. That plus toll may be cheapest. But if it were me, I'd want the boat in the water, just so much easier (and can come in and take a nap, then go back out when it cools off).
  14. Gunnel Rod Holders

    Do you know if the shock cord you got was UV stable? I got some from local Ace for different project, and it crapped out after less than a year from sun exposure (I guess?). Didn't seem like it was made for outdoor/marine use. Want to put some straps on the rocket launchers of my T-top to keep rods from bouncing.
  15. Bow Rod Holders

    Finally got around to this project. Really wanted to try to get them up in front of the livewell but not enough room, but like how they turned out. Getting them located and symmetrical was the biggest issue. It was hard to transfer location from under the deck to up top to make sure I had proper clearances but after I figured out where to put them was easy install. I just tapped the fiberglass and did not thru bolt. Not sure if I will go back and do that, but it really isn't taking any real stress so didn't see the need. Below are pics of the project and how it turned out. I did get the gemlux holders from FlounderPounder site linked above for i about $25 each plus shipping.