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    2005 Pathfinder 2200 Tournament Edition / Yamaha VMAX 200 / Jack Plate
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  1. Windshield Replacement

    Thank you everyone for your input...FloAlong, I'll try to give you a call this week if you do in fact have a spare one sitting around. Thanks.
  2. Windshield Replacement

    Can someone please tell me where I can purchase a new windshield for a 2005 PF 22' TE? Thanks in advance.
  3. Upper Keys suggestions

    Thank you all for your input. We put in at Caribbean Club and logged nearly 80 miles of running around to various ocean side reefs and down to Islamorada and then made our way back to the ramp via the back side...awesome trip and very convenient boat ramp! Thanks Again. GW
  4. Upper Keys suggestions

    We are thinking to trailer our 22PF down from FLL to either Key Largo or Islamorada on a Saturday for just the day (not overnight). We will mostly cruise and sight see but might aim for a little fishing depending on conditions. Anyone have suggestions on convenient boat ramps with parking that are in close proximity to good snorkeling reefs, anchoring spots, etc so we can maximize our day? I appreciate your suggestions in advance.
  5. Leaning Post Cover

    Thank you everyone. I'll check out these options.
  6. Leaning Post Cover

    Can someone recommend a good quality weather protecting cover for the PF OEM leaning post seat (with backrest)? Thanks.
  7. Anyone have a folding backrest they're willing to sell that goes with the factory leaning post of a 2016 PF 2200 TRS (or similar) like the one in the attached photo? Please let me know, thanks.
  8. Pathfinder 2200V Tour For Sale - Yamaha 250

    great looking boat! Curious, where did you get those bow, stern, and console cushions made? GLWS
  9. Rabuds for 22TE

    Can someone tell me where I can order the correct sized Rabuds for my 2005 22TE that fit over the chrome rings? I've seen a few in parts catalogs but they are all too small to fit over the existing chrome rings. Web links would be great! I appreciate the help. GW
  10. I'm interested in the leaning post and would like to receive some pics...how do you send a PM on this forum? GW
  11. Prop question

    I need to replace my SS prop for a 2005 VMax 200 HPDI on a 22 TE. What is the suggested type of SS prop for this engine/boat combo? Thanks, Gili
  12. Fish Stock 2010 - New Smyrna

    thanks oldsalt... does anyone have any information about the fishing methods and ways to target them this time of year (late MAY)? Are the reds on the flats and the trout typically along the banks and in slightly deeper water? We have both a 22' Pathfinder as well as a 16' Hells Bay boat. Which weapon of choice do ya'll recommend?
  13. Some friends and I are moving to fish all summer in South Florida with our 22' PF. We are considering stopping on the way to fish the Red Fish / Trout inshore tournament of the 2010 Fish Stock in New Smyrna Beach over the Memorial Day weekend. We have absolutely no experience fishing in this part of Florida but do a lot of red and trout fishing here where we live in Savannah, GA. Do ya'll think it's worth entering this tournament and can reds and trout be reached with a 22' Pathfinder (with jack plate)? Let me know what ya'll think.