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  1. D-linesider


    Sams AGM batteries are labeled as Duracell but are made by Deka. Deka is typically regarded as a top notch battery. The local shop I have work on my boat spoke to the rep and was told there is literally no difference between the high dollar Deka lableld AGM batteries and the Duracell labeled AGM batteries sold at Sams. They are by far the best bang for your buck! as for the lithium batteries I have no experience but have several friends who are tournament bass anglers. The bass guys are all running the lithium’s from what I hear.
  2. D-linesider

    36v Motor guide great white

    Price reduction to $300 would like to get it out of my garage.
  3. D-linesider


    So no other year TE has the same windshield as the 07?
  4. D-linesider


    I am looking to order a new windshield for my 2007 2200XL TE. On UPD Plastics website I don’t see an exact match for my model / year. Is my windshield the same as the previous years 2200v and or 2200v TE windshields?
  5. Selling the Motor guide 36v tiller trolling motor off my boat I believe it is a 60”. It was on the boat when I bought it. Boat is 2007 2200v only had 93 hours on the boat so extremely little use. Trolling motor works like new, I removed it to install a remote steer unit. Also comes with the quick release mount. I am located in Orlando local pick up only. $450 obo. (407)461-zero six eight four.
  6. D-linesider

    2013 Pathfinder 22trs $ 47000

    Me too, nice looking rig.
  7. D-linesider

    Best years for 22 TE

    I had a 2002 with a 200 vmax and it was a wet floor with live wells full and an angler in the back of the boat. I currently have a 2007 XL TE with a big F250 on back. I can fill both rear live wells have a few guys back there grabbing bait and I have never had water come in, not one single time.
  8. D-linesider

    2018 Pathfinder 2200 Tournament Edition For Sale!!!

    Thank you for your service! Beautiful boat should sell quickly.
  9. D-linesider

    Boat lift straps

    Thank you this is what I needed to hear. His straps are big 6” wide straps I guess I just need to confirm that the set up is rated for at least 10,000#. Did the straps hurt the rub rails at all? I have seen boats where the straps have permanently squeezed the rub rails in.
  10. D-linesider

    Boat lift straps

    My buddy just got a new house on the coast that has straps to hang the boat in the boat house rather than a cradle to lift it. I am thinking about leaving my Pathfinder there for weeks at a time. I am uncertain if hanging my boat via lifting straps under it will hurt it. Anyone have any insight or experience that might shed some light on the situation? The thought of those straps squeezing against the sides has me nervous.
  11. D-linesider

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    I started out with a 7” and in my opinion it worked fine. Bigger is absolutely better, but I ran all over the place up and down the coast in my 22’ Pathfinder no problem at all with a 7” Lowrance HDS.
  12. D-linesider

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Their website list all the units that support the chip. If costs are a factor Lowrance is the least expensive of the units. I started with a 7” Lowrance HDS. 7” is not recommended and I agree having used it, just to small. I had a steal of a deal on a 9” fall in my lap so I jumped on it. 9” is leaps and bounds better, however I still would like to move up to at least 12”. All that being said in my opinion the 9” is perfectly acceptable and works great anything beyond that is just a luxury.
  13. D-linesider

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    Thanks for all the feedback! As anticipated this forum pulled through and has given me a wealth of first hand info to help make an educated decision. My current trolling motor is 36v so I think I am going to stick with the 36v set up. I have read and heard way to many negative stories and reviews on the auto deploy the Ulterra has. At the moment I am planning on pulling the trigger on a 60” 36v Minnkota Terrova. I am intrigued with the Rhodan but am having a hard time seeing any benefits of it over the Minnkota. I like that most any repair shop will typically have experience and parts for the Minnkota where the Rhodan would be hit or miss. Thanks again to all who took the time to offer your advice and opinions. This forum is a big reason I have owned 5 Pathinders.
  14. D-linesider

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    I just went to their website to check them out. What is drawing your buddies to them? I did I not see anything about them that the Minnkota does not offer, and they are just as much even a little more than the Minnkota. Just wondering if I am missing something.
  15. D-linesider

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Spot lock would only be for deep water power pole in anything else. Any recommendations on shaft length? Is 60” enough or should I go 72”? Won’t need to hand control it so my mind is telling me 60” is good.
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