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  1. Navionics Platinum Chip VS Florida Marine Tracks

    I fish out of Homosassa a lot and what Glen says is correct. The coverage for that area is outstanding. There is a couple YouTube videos of him reviewing his product. Watch the videos he pans around the state and shows just how extensive the coverage is. You will see as he talks about Homosassa, Crystal River, Ceder Key just how good the chip is. As you already know that whole area is extremely unforgiving. Solid limestone is a lot worse than oyster and sand bars. I run his tracks around the area and have never had any issues or worries. I virtually have the identical boat as you.
  2. Navionics Platinum Chip VS Florida Marine Tracks

    I think you are missing my point. I don’t disagree that the simrad is surely a superior unit and the knob would be nice. What I was trying to clarify is that I also zoom in and out constantly but I do it with the buttons on the right. The buttons on the Lowrance HDS allow you to do any and everything possible without touching the screen with your fingers if you don’t want to. I run pretty much every inch of Choko inside and outside from Marco to Flamingo, been fishing down there for over 30 years. Tight lines. 👍🏻
  3. Navionics Platinum Chip VS Florida Marine Tracks

    Simrad is the top of the line no doubt, but I have never had any issues using the +/- on my Lowrance. I rarely if ever touch my screen, I use the buttons on the right 99% of the time.
  4. Navionics Platinum Chip VS Florida Marine Tracks

    Absolute game changer! Routs that took me 30 years to compile all over Florida are ALL on there, plus about a million routs I never knew about. I fish Choko(inside and outside), Charlotte Harbor, Homosassa, over to the Mosquito Lagoon. Buy with complete confidence! I am also running an HDS 9 Carbon
  5. Any suggestions for the XL models?
  6. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Looking good so far
  7. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Please do keep us posted. I flush mounted my Lowrance HDS 7 on my 2007 2200XL. It fit but took almost all the space available top to bottom. I would love to flush mount an HDS 9 but I am not 100% sure if it will fit. HDS 9 would be tight, can’t even imagine getting a 16” in there.
  8. 2013 Pathfinder 24 TRS

    Wow! Now that is a beautiful rig! Good luck with the sale 👍🏻
  9. 2001 Pathfinder 17 tunnel - Tallahassee Florida

    Have had two 17t’s best bang for the buck in my opinion. Amazing boat when it’s in its element. Looks like a clean rig. Good luck getting her sold.
  10. What is Practical Limit On HP on a 22V

    I always go with max HP however I don’t do it because I am trying to have the fastest Pathfinder around. I do it because the added power and torque make all the difference in the world when I am loaded heavy for fishing. Three guys, full live wells, coolers loaded up, gas tank topped off, and fishing gear. The added HP is greatly needed and appreciated in these circumstances. I am all about how slow I can maintain keeping the boat on plane and not sliding or blowing out in the turns, not top speed. My boat with a 250 rarely sees speeds above 40mph. However it is nice to have the ability to run in the 50’s if I have to outrun a storm occasionally.
  11. Cleaning/Waxing

    This stuff is incredible! I put it in a spray bottle and mist the bottom with it when needed. Stains come off the second this stuff touches them. Highly acidic stuff though. I cover trailer and spray a small area at a time then immediately rinse thoroughly. I have been using it on all my boats for over 20 years with no adverse side effects. I get it at Publix, Ace Hardware, or Lowe’s.
  12. 2018 Sport Trail Trailer for 22 TE - SOLD!

    It looks like a great trailer, but not having brakes might be contributing to it not selling.
  13. Leaning post cooler

    Did not fit, It is to wide. No worries though at the price I got it for it was still worth buying.
  14. Leaning post cooler

    I ask because I just got a screaming deal on one. It was a good enough deal that I bought it weather it fits or not.