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  1. triplec

    Egret is killing it!

    Meh pretty sure boats, trucks, cars etc are not designed with that long life span then or certainly not now. Pretty sure to change timing belt/chain onHonda auto engine is more than a tank cutout and replacement. I know GM Duramax engines tell you right up front at 150K their timing chain has to be changed and the trans has to come loose for that so tank changing on older boat is along those lines. With that said...mine is 24 and uncoated and still holding...dont jinx me.
  2. triplec

    Florida Fishing Products

    Been using them a few years inshore now to see if they could replace my ci4+ 2500's so we run the 1000'sa as they have more drag capacity than the ci4+ and not a single issue on redfish up to 30 inches. Their FFP carbon drag washers are superior to Ci4+ and not near as many line roller bearing failures as Shimano. I give their braid a big thumbs down though. The sent me some of that but too many failures so back to power pro super slick.
  3. triplec

    Flashlight Gear Heads: Surefire G2 help?

    Those new lights are likely modern LED and the G2 is not. For sure not he batts. No comparison on ole school bulbs vs latest LED. LED will burn whiter brighter and cooler by far. Probably not work upgrading with some many LED options now.
  4. 👆 what smile said. Depending on age could be 3/4 pin base thats rusted a tad.
  5. triplec

    Fly fishing from your bay boat?

    Bay boat with a Bimini. Had bay boats with and without T. The T provides limited shade compared to Bimini and of course Bimini is removable. A quality one is a must though and many on here have some excellent custom design ideas. I even have a Bimini for my Maverick for grandkid days. Cant beat the versatility.
  6. triplec

    How old is too old

    I'm just gonna leave this right here https://www.staugustine.com/sports/20190210/72-year-old-clunn-repeats-as-bassmaster-on-st-johns-champ and if one wasn't enough... https://www.bassmaster.com/news/clunn-claims-second-st-johns-elite-win
  7. triplec

    Group 27 vs Group 31 -24v Trolling motor

    Bernie I use the same Deka group 31 AGM.
  8. triplec

    Group 27 vs Group 31 -24v Trolling motor

    Agree. I run 31s AGM, Rhodan after many MKs and Stealth charge on fly. Fish for days and usually not necessary to plug into AC.
  9. triplec

    Mounting on board charger... whos done it?

    My Stealth is on 3/4 starboard but I didn't want to thru bolt everything so the Stealth is mounted to board and thru bolted with screws countersunk. The board is then thru bolted through the console.
  10. triplec

    Mounting on board charger... whos done it?

    👇 http://www.weldmountsystem.com/products-adhesives.php
  11. triplec

    Master Angler Questions

    Dawg, I am sure others will chime in with more knowledge than me but I have a 96 MA. I have put 700 hours on her in 10 years. Obviously bought it used but from my neighbor so 2nd owner. Everything is 96. Hull, engine and trailer. Gone through a few axles, wheels etc but it's as she was made 24 years ago with couple exceptions. Neighbor ordered it to bass fish so he ordered it with double rod lockers, all three wet wells plumbed with fill and recirc pumps and with slick back deck thus no pole platform. I ran it a year or so that way and did not like it at all. I added one. Poling is not something you will enjoy except under certain circumstances. To quote a fellow forum member...to get an idea of how it poles...put your truck in neutral and jump in the bed with your post pole and move it around a level parking lot 🤣 WIth the tide and easing along some of our spots we have been known to pole. Well at least until the remote control troller was perfected in the salt. The usefulness really to us for the platform was in the handles it provides lol. It serves as lunch duty station/cup holder/rigging station. Handy too for climbing over the deck on lobster trips to keys too. I had mine made to tuck my Yeti 55 in side the pipes so it serves as a cooler holder of sorts too. Seriously though I run twin power poles and it provides a niche for them and my VHF and stern light as well as some rod holders. We run the beach a bit both here and west coast and its ideal to situate troll rods and something rigged and ready to pitch to a rolling tarpon. I have four holds and in summer add two more to keep the bigger rods out of way as the console gets tight loaded with rods. We came from a 22' bay boat with tandem trailer and t top and looked to downsize as kids were doing their high school thing and some may throw the flag and call me crazy but this thing rides as good as it did. Certainly easier to launch and recover solo as I do often now that I am somewhat retired. It is heavy and that certainly helps the ride but hinders the pole. Mine more so than most with double rod lockers. She needs 18" to fish without banging bottom. In NE Florida so we have similar tides but your are bigger. Still we gain or lose 6" of water every 30 minutes so you have to be bit cognizant of what's under on the fall as you are not shoving it off a bar. I can't answer every question but do know they changed the caps and added the sea chest long about maybe 1998. Mine has no sea chest rather it has 2 high speed pickups feeding the rear wells. The forward hatch is anchor, the center is a drained to bilge well for cast nets etc and then it has two other lockers in front of the forward bulkhead. One of mine was plumbed as crustacean well and the other dry but both drain to the self bail deck. The tanks up until they changed the cap are 50 gallon aluminum made by TNT Boatworks in Ft. Pierce. Mine is OEM. There is no access to it though when it dies as the deck as to be cut to get it. I have heard on here of stringer issues on some 21's that may not from hitting an object but all the ones I read regarding the 18.5s seem to be from hitting something submerged. To my knowledge no wood ever in a Maverick. As for the comparison of MA to HPX...there is none really. Totally different boat. Doesn't ride as good as the MA but the HPX is a fine ride and floats way more skinny than the MA and while not "tippy" is way more so than a MA. I have fished them all as I have friends with both. The HPX with the right power is stinking fast too. The MA with good power and correct prop will be low to mid 50s usually. For the way I fish I would not be happy with the 17. Have buddy with one of those too and fished it a bit. It is a different boat than the 18. The Hewes Light Tackle in that era floats a tad skinnier and runs a tad faster but is a pretty good boat to look over if you can't find the right MA. As Honey says...it is a beast of a boat in the chop. I have fished mine from Charleston to Keys including Mosquito Lagoon on right coast and Steinhatchee to Captiva on the left and its done all I have ever needed it to and including dragging the kiddos on wake boards and skis. I have to pull my tournament prop off for that though and stick on the PT 4 blade lol.
  12. triplec

    SOLD 1995 Master Angler 18.5

    Nice one! I saw it on Facebook marketplace. I have much better luck on there these days selling most everything. Bigger audience perhaps. Just tough time of the year to sell one maybe. I have been golf cart shopping and apparently those things are GOLD to sell around Christmas! All about the timing maybe lol. 🤣 Good luck to you.
  13. triplec

    Elite TI2 12" Screen vs Others for FMT

    Im running FMT on the Lowrance Live. I couldn't decide but have a dealer contact and he sent me a 12 and 9 and said send back the one you don't want and I will bill accordingly. I mounted the 12 on a master angler and it was just too big. So I went with the 9 and its might fine. I really didn't notice any difference in the resolution just more chart and in turn more area in front of you displayed on screen. To compensate a bit the Lowrance and (maybe all) have a nifty setting that lets you change how much screen is infant of the boat if you will as its default in a course up setting. It is WELL worth your time to call Glenn, the FMT owner and run your scenarios by him. He will likely answer the phone and if not will call you back. Helped me decide for sure. I can say this...you will throughly enjoy running the chip!
  14. triplec


    I think maybe etrailer as well but looking to see if I saved any email or paperwork.
  15. triplec


    My last set I picked up a coupe of years ago are HWT's. Lots of retailers for trailer rims but seems like only there are only a handful of manufacturers who make or advertise theirs meet DOT standards and have a decently high enough load rating. Thats the two factors I sought out. If memory is correct maybe found 3 and all the retailers fairly competitive so I just shopped the ones w free shipping included. There were less than hundred bucks each couple years back. Local tire stores had them but I wanted a certain type so I could see through a bit and to reach thru to clean and most don't stock anything but galvanized. I am one of the anti galvanizers. 😁 Sure I have run them but they are flat ugly. My ole master angler sure aint ugly so no sense dressing her down 🤣 Right kinda heels make the legs look good ya know 🔥 Makes her look way younger than her 24 years of life suggest 👇
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