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  1. The Pathfinder hat on Instagram

    They are for sale here...maybe you just missed it https://www.mbggear.com/product/pathfinder-snook-patch-hat-digi-camo/
  2. New locks for rod lockers? or new keys?

    I have dual rod lockers and replaced the lock cylinders couple years back. Only place I could find just the cylinders was ugly fish inc. They sell just keys too if you need them. Mine were Southco Vise action E 3. Link to keys if you need them http://www.uglyfishinc.com/southco-mobella-orcas-boat-and-yacht-keys-s/1830.htm
  3. Replace motor or whole rig??

    User error...double posted
  4. Replace motor or whole rig??

    Weeeeee...that is a beast of a boat. Fresh power and she should be solid from now on! Had buddy with same dilemma couple years back on his Hewes 18 LT....but he loved his....He re-built and thats almost exactly what it cost. It was OEM block but it let go few years later so he re-powered with new Yamaha F150 this summer and its a very different (and much faster 55+) boat yet still floats just as skinny. I have a 96 hull and engine so my day is coming but my mindset when it does is not to hang used power. Yet...lol...I am going to have a 2 stroke Pro V to sell if she doesn't die first. Shooting for spring cause those 175 SHO's are hard to find now. They do have the extended warranty at no charge now too and thats what I am striving for. I was skeptical until I priced a new complete rig. Suddenly even Yamahas aren't so expensive ha. OR at least just buying an engine isn't compared to new sled....and since you have very little in it...you should be able to hang that SHO and sell it if you had to and re-coup. Its not "just the powerhead" though on engine that age. New OEM lower unit is 2500.00, Tilt/trim is prob close to 1K and other parts that 20 years have taken their toll on...and that oil pumping....if you do re-power he parted out his blown engine for a couple of thousand I think though so even though she isn't running its still worth some coins in your pocket.
  5. Oyster Rash

    FISH! Ha....Yes sir that is a boat that gets on the redfish! Welcome to N Florida lol. Mine looks same way cuz thats where the feeshes are! And with about 5' of tides every 6 hours...now you seen them bars...and then you don't.
  6. Latch key

    This guy has all kinds of stuff. He had keys to fit mine hatch locks that were OEM in 1996. Call or email as he has tons of stuff not listed on his site. http://www.uglyfishinc.com/default.asp
  7. How to- The perfect hatch cable stay

    Flex Cuffs work well too
  8. Master Angler Repower

    Thats interesting...how long to get on plane though?
  9. Couple of t/m questions

    Standby I will text him to take a peek here
  10. Couple of t/m questions

    I have a 96 and 24 v does fine for me down the road from you in St. Aug. The quick release mount will work but the block that mounts to the motor not the deck will need some modifications. Mostly just new holes. Ping Praisehim on here for some pics of how he adapted one when he moved from MK to MG on his Hewes.
  11. Pliers / Sheath

    My favorite size of pliers! I think they are discontinued too. I used them offshore but you prob need more pliers. Perfect for inshore. He did add a lanyard hole. Goo catch on the drain...need to have him add that. He is still working on a holster so they haven't shipped yet.
  12. Pliers / Sheath

    Thanks for lead Brad. Got a sheath on the way for the ole VS pliers I have had for years.
  13. Irrigation motor muff

  14. Pliers / Sheath

    Yup...already working on a couple of orders to send his way...pliers too ha!
  15. Pliers / Sheath

    Never mind...find him on the facebook all the way out in Jasper lol...Can you give another go at the link Brad? I don't see it....