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  1. Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Bow Mount

    Comes up often....run a search and you will see the lovers, haters and in tweeners. They are on gen 3 and they have improved with each gen.
  2. Ameratrail Aluminum Wheels

    But dem wheels got to be purdy tho...even on a lowly Boatmaster
  3. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Whichway, Thanks for keeping this thread updated. A few of us older MA hull owners are biting our nails a bit and learning from your misfortune....and sticking my head tonight in mine to see if I can tell if the stringers are full length
  4. Hunting around for one. *Update...found one....
  5. Charleston down the east coast of Florida

    Holler if you end up in St Aug and need some restaurant or accommodation info. Getting lil summer crazy here already too though. Congrats on the new arrival to be!
  6. Prop recommendation 18' Master Angler

    I have and tried a Yamaha Turbo 3 14.25x19 and its not getting the job done. It was suggested I have it tuned to a 21 as its supposed to be a good one with low slip but not sure on that so looking for a 21" to try first. Maybe a Pro.
  7. Is there a Good Prop Shop Near Fort Myers

    Is it a 3 or 4? In case it can't be reworked...Im looking to go up and back to 3. Have a PTC4R18PCL200.
  8. Power Pole Anchor Light

    He is hard wiring it in the video

    This is probably Headhunters pic thread if it helps....
  10. Power Pole Fluid

  11. birdsall backrest

    I have the 16 but have the large seat cushion. Think the 9 is too short if you have 3" or better on seat.
  12. Prop recommendation 18' Master Angler

    I have a 96 Pro V and currently running a 4 blade Power Tech PTC4R18PCL200 but just pulled it off and put on a Yamaha Turbo 14 1/2 x 19 3 blade. Used the 4 when the kids were on board and water sporting and for a hole shot but looking to see what the hull will do as I am considering re-powering. Thats what I was curious if anyone was running a fresh engine in the SHO. My numbers with the 4 blade on this hull are good but its not breaking 50mph for sure. I suspect the 19" three will but also considering a 21 Yamaha Pro. Not a speedy hull I guess and mines heavy with dual rod lockers.
  13. Jim Black Hatch - sold

    I was hoping so too when that hatch was here in NE Florida but I couldn't make it work but my boat is older and think the cap is different.
  14. Mounting quick release bracket

    What Hurricane says....I think they all MA's have a plate and the stainless togglers work great if you have already drilled through the plate enough so that you can't tap threads in.
  15. Livewell bubbler/aerator question

    The bubblers are great for mud minnows, shrimp and keeping fish tad healthy on redfish tourney days. I run a pair of these with one for each well. Cut the clips off and direct wire. Good flow, low current and fairly light weight. Someone mentioned the flat stones but the ones I tried floated. These by MM are weighted. https://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_12053_-1?campID=1331689198&groupID=56174865594&device=c&productID=006400436&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-MyYrZaT2wIVCv5kCh16iwAPEAQYASABEgI8ePD_BwE