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  1. Not sure if you looking used and what you need but there are a few for sale on trick my skiff and I think the Maverick facebook group.
  2. triplec

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Thanks for adding the pictures! Looks like a bit of a job!
  3. triplec

    Shimano TLD 20s

  4. John sent PM. TOO much probably πŸ™ˆ Close to it yes.
  5. triplec

    2001 Yamaha 175HP VMAX HPDI 2stroke 780 hours

    Good looking engine. I am always wondering how much life is left in mine and whether to sell while she runs to re-power or wait until she doesn't then do it. If you have access and haven't already maybe post your ad on the MBG facebook page and maybe their marketplace. I have struggled lately on here to sell things here, post them there and it takes about an hour lol. Those older 2 strokes that are priced right seem to go really quick there.
  6. triplec

    Fuel tank Replacement turned into more!

    Great thread for those of us with older tanks. I have 18 not 21 but obviously that is all you had to cut to get it out? By chance do you have a full overview pic? I know often some folks take the entire cap off so just wondering/curious what I am facing and how to get it out when its time comes as mine is older than yours.
  7. triplec

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    One would think. He certainly could have been arrested. Most state attorneys will not prosecute and some judicial circuits have issued directions not to arrest as they will not prosecute. Statute is same for autos and thats where their decisions arise from. I reckon its a tad difficult to prove he stole it but the thats a different benchmark than arrest. Probable cause is what the officer needs, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is what the state attorney needs. There are other charges that could be brought. If he made statement he bought the boat from his brother and didn't pay the taxes...yup...ha...ie register it...then there's that. I am sure the BIL is working hard within the parameters of Ms Nelsons office and the regs of the 4th judicial circuit. I am just not convinced her office is as aggressive to get the seemingly small stuff addressed like lowly boat thieves as her predecessor was. Further complicating it is that it was stolen in yet another jurisdiction so it really depends on how that agency sinks their teeth into investigating it further. The 7th circuit is a bit more focused on prosecuting the lessor offenses I believe so if the reporting agency works the case... the chances are better someone goes to jail. Clear as mud huh....Glad you were able to reclaim some property regardless!
  8. triplec

    Insurance for new boat

    I am an anti Progressive based on the auto side. Perhaps they are better if you are the insured but one of their insured rear ended a fam members car doing about 10K in damage and Progressive was the worlds worst to deal with. Fought with us (and we were not at fault) over everything from rentals to repairs. Everything was just hoops and hoops. Had similar event occur to me a year prior and the person who hit me had insurance via state farm and they were fantastic. The suggested I go to doc, delivered a rental that was waiting before my truck was towed to the body shop and covered everything and including paying me for "diminished value" basically the car fax hit I would take...pun intended. With that said...I wouldn't use the farm for boat insurance either...have Charter Lakes Insurance which is Gallaghers Marine insurance company. They know boats, have no quabble about agreed value and let me mod when I add new electronics power pole etc. Yup they even know what power poles are πŸ˜ƒ
  9. triplec

    Sandy - Seat Cushions

    I talked to her couple weeks ago. Chuck is correct in that text is the best way. She told me then she was 6 months out on anything.
  10. triplec

    Spinning Rods and Reels

    They are good ones for that for sure. They may all be sold though. Out of town for extra long holiday weekend and have some PMs and texts to catch up on but will double check and get back to you Josh.
  11. triplec


    Congrats Bubba! As someone told me when I retired from the SO while back..."It is not the beginning of the end, rather; it is the end of the beginning." Now time to fish! Wishing you well and that you cash as many FRS checks as you did working!
  12. triplec

    Recommendation on Fishing Kayaks

    I have had a bunch over the years. 3 Hobies, couple Ocean Kayaks a Native and one Perception. I have been in the Wilderness Kayaks as well but I didn't find them to be as stable as the Hobie or Ocean Kayak. You get what you pay for and for the Hobies ya gonna pay but the two Hobie Outbacks I had were my absolute favorite. I am a big angler and found them to be very stable. Hard to be stable and fast though but for us fisherman, speed isn't usually what we are a hunting. With stability for large anglers also comes a heavier kayak if toting it a long distance that's consideration too. Upgrade to the turbo fins on the Hobie if you go with Hobie. Necessary for those big Outback models in the areas where the currents running. Having had both I much prefer peddle over paddle if they are for fishing. All the top brands are going to be set up for marine environment. Ocean K's prowler and big game are stable as well but not as fast to me as the Hobie. The Native and Perception I had were paddle and the Hobie all peddle so I cannot speak to the Native peddle propulsion. Everyone is different though so I much suggest going to a store that has the ability to let you try them or rent them. Not sure where you are located but over near Sarasota is a good one that has water access or used to and in Jacksonville is Black Creek Outfitters and they are water access as well. They have their own dock and will set up anything you want to try and you will know right quick what you like and don't. I tried a bunch there and highly recommend them if in NE Florida. If you are patient there are used ones popping up quite a bit as a lot of kayakers are moving to the SUPs and selling their kayaks.
  13. Its hard to ignore those glasses πŸ™ˆ
  14. triplec

    Fighting Lady Yellow patch repair

    I have. Mine is older hull than yours and conveniently Spectrum is located here in the nations oldest city so I ran by my boat by and they walked out with a meter and matched my hull color to stock gel coat and patch. Turns out the older oyster white after it fades is the same as a currently produced Grady White off white. It was near perfect match for mine. Probably not much help in your case but if you could figure out the shade or have a paint supplier maybe match a paint you could swash on something send to spectrum it may work. It was like 36 bucks for the products to repair it when all tallied.
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