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  1. Awww man thats not good to read Man we get attached to our furry family! Thats a funny story about your wife! Lol. Mine (dog that is ) is 12 and his days are numbered I know. Looks like you had some good times though!
  2. Santa/Door Prize/Raffle stuff

    jht, I am in St. Augustine
  3. iPhone 7 128 gig

    I have a Verizon iPhone 7 128 gig phone. The screen was cracked and Verizon replaced it under their warranty thru Asurion insurance plan. In the meantime I upgraded and this one was not back in time for me to trade it in so seeing if any interest before it goes in the drawer as a spare. It is unused since being returned from Verizon. Black 128 gig and flawless. It came with a brand new SIM card which I have not used. I also have a new in the box Lifeproof case that I should've been using lol that I will throw in. Asking 450.00 OBO.
  4. Okay so Santa was good but still need a few things and my luck improved this year so parting with few things I haven't used and probably will not. 1. Been hanging onto a combo that II should have sold already lol since I have been tempted to use but thus far have not. It is the newest reel from Shimano too I think! It is the Shimano EXS4000MXG Exsence Spinning Reel. Asking 440.00 which is over 100 bucks off retail as Shimano thinks highly of their new releases I guess. New in box but I did open that sucker to oogle at it! https://www.tackledirect.com/shimano-exs4000mxg-exsence-spinning-reel.html http://fish.shimano.com/content/sac-fish/en/home/products/fishing-reels/spinning/exsence.html I was pretty excited to win it and so tempted to spool it and use it but everything I use these days is 2500 series and while this is as light almost as my Ci4+'s it is more than I would use often enough to keep it probably. Seems to get good reviews but she's a high end set up heading into the Stella range. 2. Also have G. Loomis GLX Spinning Rod 7'1" Med Hvy 853S JWR with split butt grip http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/G_Loomis_GLX_Spinning_Rods/descpage-LGLS.html If I keep anything it would be the rod as it was paired with the Exsence but I priced to sell seperately. I could work out a combo discount of sorts if picked up in person as it likely doesn't save me much on shipping. They are north of 440 bucks new so asking 340.00 if picked up. New in shrink wrap still. 3. This one is spoken for - I also have a G. Loomis E6X Spinning Rod 7'1" Medium 852S JWR with split butt grip that was a raffle prize this past year. 189.00 retail it looks like so asking 100 bucks if picked up. New and unused but someone opened the shrink wrap to display it at the raffle. http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/G_Loomis_E6X_Spinning_Rods/descpage-E6S.html The plan is to sell a couple of these and build a couple to go with a pair I already have.
  5. Anyone build rods?

    Have built just a few but use St. Croix. Used Mudhole in past but tend to favor Kevin for components these days over at get bit as I can ask them a lot of questions on the phone or email and get some good advice. http://www.getbitoutdoors.com
  6. MinnKota Ulterra Riptide Auto Deploy

    Several threads on here now...search may find more than this one but here ya go:
  7. thoughts on TM

    I have an Ulterra. Only bought one...but unfortunately on my 3rd one... and they now have a 4th gen or maybe its 3rd gen. First one they left wires loose and forgot to heat shrink the conns at the factory and it melted the head and toasted the winding in the motor. Second one had bad trim motor so they swapped it out. Both of those stranded me so fishing was over. The current one has been fine. It has a year under warranty but soon to be for sale while still under warranty. The only disappointment with this motor is all the paint is about gone from the motor head itself. MK cannot figure out how to adhere paint or powder coat to their motors or either I am one unlucky dude on paint. I'm Rhodan bound for next one. Buddy has it on Shearwater and its top notch. More importantly...their customer service is akin to power pole. Yup they actually answer the phone...and next day parts form lost remotes to whatever. If you are remotely considering Rhodan just call them and inquire. I believe they are stronger as well and as others have said they hold the spot. Period. As mentioned their GPS tech is in the MG motors...though they can't disclose that publicly. Granted the spot lock on the MK is now on par with the MG and probably the Rhodan too. I think all have made much progress there as MK used to be dead last. Early pilots almost never held their spot. I run twin power poles though so thats not something I use often enough to let it drive the decision. I just need it to deploy, run, turn and come back up. I love the Ulterra convenience as I too am aging and the deploying and retrieving is a pain. I love the trim feature of the Ulterra as much as the auto deploy. But...its just too many moving parts in salty water I think and too cumbersome to put in shop etc. Best decision I made upon buying my first Ulterra was keeping an old ipilot as a spare on a friends advice who had an Ulterra first gen. So...keep your old motor. Just saying...you heard it here. Funny thing is some folks say they have never had a moments trouble so who knows. Look at the last gen available though. Their biggest issues are on the stow and deploy I think. You can tell the latest version by how MK is attempting to fix the stow and deploy issue. On the new ones they set it to not have the motor pull all the way into the cradle...so its a bit more bouncy. They also are using a new finish on the motor head which is a first for them as it looks crinkly almost like (but it isn't) linex bed liner material. Which by the way is standard finish on the Rhodan. Thus adding a bit to their price. All things considered I think the prices are very close if you had to go linex your MK etc etc.
  8. 96 17MA fuel leak

    Skip, Would it be the same on the 96 18.5 MA as well ya reckon? No issues on mine but curious...just in case.
  9. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Excellant things to think on! I too share the sentiment on Progressive. They are going the wrong way in my opinion. Not just marine but auto as well. I would say seek legal counsel and recourse through the insurance company as well. In a scary and weird set of circumstances in a years time both my wife and I were rear ended. No fault of our own..both other drives ticketed. State Farm had one driver Progressive the other. SF claim we made was an absolute painless experience and they offered us a settlement that was more than generous in regard to diminished value. Progressive hemmed and hawed and was sluggish on every aspect of our claim. Downright condescending and rude on the phone too. Thankfully no one injured but it took a letter from counsel to get them to even return our correspondence and pay the expenses incurred from their insured who was 100% at fault.So...in my opine....they are going the way of AIG... and I would pay twice the premium to get insurance anywhere but Progressive.
  10. PLB or EPIRB

    Agree with the others. I have ACRs Aqualink. Rarely offshore or out of VHF or cell range in my boat but it is a chance not worth taking. SAR is coming to that beacon so as others have said its clipped to my life jacket and worn. They are so affordable these days.
  11. Aluminum Gas Tanks

    I would't give up on a boat just because of the tank. Mines OEM 1996. Good place to start for research perhaps:
  12. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Their remodel came out great!
  13. 2000 Maverick MA 21 haul crack

    Man that hurts a bit. Must be an expensive/extensive repair!
  14. Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    Just throwing in .02 but as referenced go by age on the torsions. I suspect the rubber is not good inside and as it weakens the axle looses lift and resiliency. Mine was OEM with the boat in 96 but I noticed it creeping ever closer to the fender and it was at approx 0 degrees and should have been at 22 degrees. Didn't realize it really and it seemed to ride and launch ok. They are replaceable as I ordered one and it bolted on but adds 4-500 to you your budget on repairs. I got 17 years out of it and boat had less than 500 as it was similar barn find. I reckon just the weight of her sitting did it as it sure wasn't abused. Mine is a Boatmaster and came OEM in 96 before MBG moved to Ameritrail. Not sure how they price out now days but could be an option to check as I suspect they have the specs to do one custom as they built them to fit back then and everything is welded boat specific.
  15. 18.5 MA Starting Batt to Console?

    Tide, My 96 they go down inside console and forward from there and don't go aft. Are your forward nav lights bow mounted? Maybe use that wire as a pull forward? Are you sure they go aft and then forward? If so, are they one long run or pieced together in the rear somehow? My OEM (granted its not same year) troll run was down and forward from below console. In my experience most OEM boat wiring is all about using as little runs i.e. cost as possible so I suspect there is a way/chase/route forward for ya there somewhere. Also I have the Stealth system but rather than hang it from the console lid I made a shelf above batteries. There is enough room but barely. Can post up a photo tomorrow if you need one.