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  1. triplec

    Yamaha Outboard Shortage

    Around NE Florida I hear the SHO's are scarce but reg four strokes are not as hard to come by. Friend of mine who had to re-power quickly, his Yamaha dealer got a F150 but no SHO to be had for months they told him.
  2. triplec

    Garmin charting

    I have thrown in the towel on Garmin as well. Studied you tube to see what's next and want FMT ability and found the latest Lowrance HDS Live in 9" for 1650.00 with the brand new 3 in 1 transducer included from place in Kansas called Russell Marine Products. They have huge presence on you tube. No tax no shipping to Florida. Made the move. Garmin coming off this weekend in hopes the Lowrance arrives Monday or Tuesday. My first go with Lowrance but couldn't pass the price for the latest tech so will post up my experience as I go.
  3. triplec

    21 MA battery addition

    Got this posted in the product info section so you replies may be limited and it looks like you have solved the issue but its absolutely worth the effort to tie some of those batts together or a charge on run like http://www.stealth1charging.com I run the stealth system and tie via switch for emergency. I am surprised the batts are in the console. I have the 18.5 MA but have 3 groups 31's in the console. I set up using the ole Hobo plan.
  4. triplec

    Bilge Access Hatch enlargement

    For sure a worthy time investment. I know several who have. Buddy just cut his out this week. I used a TH marine 11x19 hatch as did he. He said they have their sand colored one on sale for 65 bucks right now. First pic is of mine in a master angler from maybe 8-9 years ago and 2nd one is the one we did this week in a Hewes LT. The key is the lid has to be completely removable and would suggest do your work in the bilge before instilling the hatch rim. Every inch helps lol
  5. triplec

    My New Baby

    Ha! Agreed! Not much better south of ya here in ole St. Auggy. Saw the bottom I'd be scared!
  6. triplec

    Master Angler Rod locker key

    Yep I agree. Welcome
  7. triplec

    Duracell Marine Batteries

    Saw that while back while hunting some group 31 AGMS. That seems to be the best price around for East Penn "Deka" batts for sure! 159.00 for G31
  8. A 96 with DRL! Now I know MBG at least made 2 of those hulls! Love mine and you have a sharp one! Best of luck on the sale and congrats on the nuptials.
  9. triplec

    Master Angler Rod locker key

    What year hull? If 90's it is not a Perko it is Southco. If it is small round cylinder with no handle you need http://www.uglyfishinc.com/E3-5-15-Southco-Tubular-Key-p/e3-5-15.htm
  10. triplec

    Trolling motor type question

    Southern, You will absolutely enjoy the guiding experience more from further back if clients are throwing plugs or flies! lol. I did a bit of guiding and went from tiller to remote to give them some real estate. Much better! As for remotes...Brand MK and MG may be big but I would put my Rhodan remote right up there with my truck key fob and as Brad says belt clip is the only way I have ever used the remotes.
  11. triplec

    Alternative to Google Earth

    They are certainly the most recent and better resolution...gotta make sure those ad v tax dollars keep coming in 😂
  12. triplec

    Wanted: Garmin 740s

  13. triplec

    Wanted: Garmin 740s

    Yup. Got one coming off but may not be for a couple weeks give or take. Understand if you can't wait. Nothing wrong with it just moving off Garmin platform so I can run FMT mapping. Will Holler back when it's off. Will get you a better photo but shot this today actually.
  14. triplec

    Alternative to Google Earth

  15. triplec

    2017 Minn Kota Ulterra

    Price reduced to 1300.00