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  1. Net Locker Drain

    Long story, but here goes. After trying many options, and having my mechanic try as well, a marina figured it. The gas tank had been installed improperly. Apparently, it is mounted on two rails, using something like double sided tape. The installer did not pull the backing off one of the tapes and the tank was just sitting on the rail. Over time, it slipped off and somehow blocked the drain line from the net locker. I now have a repaired hole in my deck below the cooler behind the center console, and a new tank. But the net locker drains like a new one. I hope this was a one of a kind error by Pathfinder/Maverick and does not happen to anyone else. It was a fluke that we found the problem, and an expensive one at that.
  2. Net Locker Drain

    Sorry. Did not know there were protocols for this site. Thanks for the suggestion. Have not tried it yet. Will advise on the results when I do.
  3. 2008 22 foot Pathfinder has a floor mounted cast net locker in front of the ice chest forward of the center console. The drain has stopped up and I have tried water jets, a plunger, coat hanger, all to avail. I suspect it drains to the bilge, but really don't know. Any suggestions?