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  1. Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    good to know, thanks!
  2. Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    Thanks for the info. I think if I go this route I would go with a 3 blade prop for maxing out speed. Good to hear on the draft side of things. I can deal with sub 1 ft. draft. I just miss the lappy! haha
  3. Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    thanks for the reply bigsnook.
  4. Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    Lap it up, thanks for the response. How about top speed on the master angler 21 with a 250 vs top speed of the Rf 19 with a 175? How about draft comparison? Have you been on both?
  5. Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    Thanks for the info, what motor do you have on your LT?
  6. Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    I realize this post was just before the Hurricane hit! Hope everyone fared ok. If anyone has any insight, that would be awesome.
  7. Redfisher 19 Lappy vs. LT 20

    Hey all. I previously owned an 18 bayfisher lappy, great boat and I miss it. Currently own 2 bay boats, a nautic star and an 04 24 pathfinder and I'm thinking about downsizing. I loved the 18 bayfisher but the 19 redfisher expanded hp capacity has me interested. I've also always like the look of the lt20 and the 200hp capacity. Anyone have any insight on comparisons? How about performance with max hp on both models? The boats main purpose would be redfish tournaments. thanks!
  8. 21 Redfisher with Mercury?

    What 300 do you have 2fast?
  9. 21 Redfisher with Mercury?

    Hey guys, wondering if any of you all have ever mounted a mercury 250 pro xs on a 21 redfisher? Been kicking around the idea of selling my smaller bay boat for a 21 redfisher and rigging it out for tournaments. Wondering if it's been done and what performance numbers were seen? thanks!