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  1. Got my “new” boat and just wasn’t sure I could let my Lappy go...took out new boat today & fell in love 92 hull, 140 4 stroke Suzuki (all service records), IPilot, Talon, Garmin with sidescan, SeaDek, new torsion axel, Bimini, cover, etc etc. Will put new TM batteries in (robbed them for new boat)..SeaDek in cockpit is worm. how about $16,750 or best offer. Located Merritt Island New, to me, boat in driveway..bride says I can only have one boat at a time... 3 Photos ADDED Deck when Seadek new (one floor section now bad, will be replaced) Starboard bow on lift and poling platform I'll get more photos over the holidays. Visiting the offices of Maverick Boat Group, you will see a framed article from I think the 1992 issue of Men’s Life Magazine..the top 10 things every man should own: the 1992 Hewes Redfisher Hewes: the first name in shallow water fishing. Reluctantly for sale is the 18’ Classic “Lappy” Redfisher. Her 1992 hull features the wide open deck design of the offset console. Starting at her bow with a large forward casting deck, Minn Kota 24volt IPilot trolling motor mounted on quick release bracket and battery outlet, the anchor/storage hatch (here also two trolling motor batteries in Todd Double battery box). Flush a Stainless female threaded insert to secure a casting platform. Stepping back into the cockpit under gunnel rod horizontal rod racks (long enough for fly rods), the helm is offset starboard, many consider a far more open, functional design than center console. The large aft casting deck has two large dry storage areas, aft center livewell, port release well (or storage) and starboard access to starting batteries, pumps, fuel/water filter. The poling platform has been rebuilt about 4” higher, booth for visibility and to accommodate the 2011 Suzuki 4 stroke 140hp engine with a matched 3 blade Stainless PowerTech prop. On the transom trim tabs, 8ft Silver Talon shallow water anchor and Garmin downview / sideview transducer. The helm is simple & functional. A RAM bracket holds the Garmin color GPS/sounder (7sv) the Richie compass, and below the rewired switches for lights, pumps, etc. The cockpit, gunnels, forward & aft decks and poling platform are covered in 8mil (double thick) SeaDek custom installed by Castaway Customs. DriDeck in all storage areas. Not a speed demon, WOT just over 40mph with one person 1/2 tank fuel. Cruises very well around 4200 rpm @26-28mph. The classic Hewes designed hull cuts well into tight chop. With a great hole shot, up on plane in under 2 seconds. Trailering, launch and retrieve accomplished with the aluminum trailer. Bunks recently recovered, Ancor tinned wire to the LED lighting. New radial tires. Recent replacement with upgraded 3500lb torsion axle, she is ready for a quick trip to the ramp and a long ride to the next MBG Owners “funament” weekend fishing adventure Additional items include removable Bimini top, full canvass cover, “bass style” seat and maybe my casting platform and Carbon Marine Loop push pole. Still, this is not a new boat - don’t expect her to look like one. ..numerous chips, scratches and battle scars are evidence of memories, fish caught and adventurous journeys she’s been on. Regularly maintained, have most every manual, receipt etc since 2010. Serviced 20 hours ago, did not plan to buy a new boat Offered at $18,900 purchased new boat and Hewes must go. Located Merritt Island, Fl. PM for photos & such. Will include a big ribbon if you get this week as a gift for Christmas
  2. Example of WOODY WAX

    The other very good use of Woody Wax is on your pipework (platform legs & crossbeams). WW is “costly”, but the instructions are correct to use just a little. Not good on smooth surfaces, but agree awesome on non-skid. I too use Orpine wash, also very concentrated..cleans pretty well and it smells good too
  3. New Ipilot

    Arrived at southern edge of No Motor Zone at 12:15..set the new TM on anchor lock, every other boat had anchors out. When the Falcon launched at 4:15 we were still in the same place and had only used 1/4 of battery juice. My guests were so impressed they took photos of my TM. LOL My boating buddy said to me “that’s well worth $1700”. I’m seriously impressed with the new MK Living on the Space Coast, watching a rocket launch and amazing to see two boosters come in and land. Wow!
  4. Introduction and Request (WTB)

    Welcome. Not sure we ever get “our last boat”. I bought my Hewes 18 RF 8 plus years ago, kids grown & time for dad to fish the skinny water (I still go offshore with friends, but not so often). Never ever did I plan to sell her. Life changes, my wife about to retire and she is not so excited about standing on the platform sight fishing while I pole, so I found a new (to me boat). My classic Lappy is listed in the for sale section. Hewes, MA - both great choices and folks on this forum will share much great info.
  5. Old Gas

    Not your lawn mower or any small engine. Put 5-10 gallons in your truck, fill up the tank..do it again next week (assume you burn a tank a week). You might get a bit lower fuel mileage, but just burn it
  6. New (Bluetooth) IPILOT

    A few observations. Have 4? Year old 24v Ipilot on my Hewes. Love the spot lock feature, used to where buttons are on remote. Probably more hours on it then my Suzuki. Installed new IPilot last week on new boat and yesterday had a few hours to “learn”. The new TM has a spring assist to deploy & retrieve. It is a nice feature, easier to retrieve. The new TM has an on-off button. One more thing to remember to turn off...I’ll give this a negative. Remote is beefier, uses 3 triple A batteries vs. the problematic watch battery. That’s should be a plus. Feels good in the hand, works great, but buttons in different location so took (will take) a while getting used to. New TM requires a head sensor. Had to locate an out of the way location, hard wired to power. Apparently it’s fuction is to improve spot lock. My impression the spot lock is far more accurate. A bit of wind and current yesterday and it held the bow..less wondering. Giving this a plus. I did not try “jog” or build track functions. Steering seemed a bit more sensitive, not sure plus or minus.. cost about $300 more than my last one. Plus on the spring assist, plus for new battery design, minus for on-off switch, plus for improved spot lock.
  7. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    River reds, trout, smaller Snook..4,10,20lb braid with 15 or 20 flouro 15-20 leader on topwater, 15-20 on jigs with paddletails. 2500,3000,4000 size reels. Nearshore I’ll up the leader to 20-30lbs. No oyster bars here, just mangrove trees and docks. Since it’s that time of year for Shad run, Sunshine bass & some freshwater there I use mostly 8 lb leader.
  8. Dry boat bag or box for important items??

    Papers in a zip lock. IF I put phone etc away, a Tupperware box works great
  9. Just pulled the AGM trolling batteries out for my new project...new owner gets new batteries. I know this awesome boat probably not gonna get $19k..but hey, no harm asking Dropped a couple of boat dollars on new project this week..be nice to replace some funds, so reasonable offer will be accepted.
  10. Transducer question?

    In skinny water not a lot of help (for me). Around bridges, useful. Offshore in deeper water (friends boats) very useful
  11. 1) pretty good year 2). I’m a fisherman, therefore an optimist. 2018 will be better
  12. Has anyone seen this model hewes ?

    Skip responded in general forum. Not a stock sticker.
  13. See my 18 Redfisher ?
  14. Duracell AGMs??

    I bought the Duracell’s at Batteries Plus.
  15. Agree. When I respond on THT, FB, various owners groups I always ID myself as a broker or indicate if a broker friend is listing. Heck even on CL I say I’m a broker. Even with all our rules (Florida license) I don’t think we are required to disclose, but to me one should.
  16. Snook

    Over the weekend few reports of floating fish..just got a report from north IRL. horrible. Dead tarpon & Snook floating up today
  17. Duracell AGMs??

    I bought Duracell AGMs for my IPilot 24volt last year. Charge every few trips. So far, so good..but until I hit 4-5 years the jury is out. The warranty is best out there and at $180 each I thought worth a try. regarding Lithium ferrite: I think great potential. I have some experience using these with medical devices and I’ve been working about 3 months now with a retired guy from Philips (my company was bought by Philips) who has 20 years in medical equipment mfg. he is trying to get a factory in China to build me a 24 volt, 50 amp size of a standard battery, under 30lbs with 2000 recharges that we can retail under $900. These batteries have very different characteristics than lead acid and AGM. There is also a group in Alabama building LI cells for US govt, emergancy vehicles etc..they have a demo battery that fits my requirements..but nothing commercially available. I been learning. As the technologies advance I expect a marine power cell will become available at more reasonable cost.
  18. This is my personal boat. I bought about 8 years ago, rewired, new power, new most everything and thought my Lappy would be my last boat. Fish the Lagoon for Reds & trout..have poled friends and sight fished, my personal best trout on fly, , IRL from Titusville to Ft. pierce, st Johns in the winter for specks, shad & sunshine, taken to MBC funaments, fished the keys & Choko, scollops on the west coast. I built this boat for me. Invested a lot of $ and time to build a boat for what I love to do. Last spring with my wife in Bokeelia she expressed how hard riding the flat seat is on her back (she has a Harrington rod in her back since age 12). I started looking for something that would be better for her to join me as she is retiring. I’m giving up the super skinny, but gaining comfort and opportunity to expand nearshore chasing tarpon, Cobia etc where at my age I no longer feel comfortable in a skiff. I found a Comet, built in Titusville. A tad bigger, 3” more draft, but still a flats deck design with huge seat and cat hull. I’m redoing it now. Can’t have 2 boats (wife’s rule, long story), so the Lappy has to go. The toughest part of buying this new boat was, and is, having to sell my Lappy. Yeah, it’s “just a boat”, but somehow, of all the boats I’ve owned, this Lappy is special to me. And technically leaving the MBC. “Family” *** too. Life changes
  19. Today in MBG History!

    Congratulations Skip.
  20. I had success removing old stickers when I bought my Lappy using heat gun, plastic scrapper and Goof Off...but, just got a “new” 2001 hull that had mfg installed graphics. They were previously removed, but left a slick something, you can feel with a fingernail. Quick compound had no effect. Before I pull out the acetone, looking for advice. Thanks
  21. I don’t know Nag Juice. I get with easy $ new boats are selling super fast, many mfgs in back order..I’m a new broker with only 5 boats currently listed (21’ to 47’). Since Christmas I’ve had 4 inquiries on the bigger expensive boats and one prospect on the smallest. In the case of well respected brands (all of the MBC boats) there appears a solid following.
  22. Removing old stickers/ pinstripes etc

    Yes, I used 800 wet sand today (finished with 1200). Got much off, but it was crazy how paper hardly touched.
  23. Well aware I’m asking Top money for my skiff, however I fully expect to accept a slightly more realistic offer. Wife already complaining I have project boat in yard, grandsons sailboat in front yard and her driveway has my Hewes in it. All to say, if you know someone wanting a tricked out 18 Lappy, please send them my way.
  24. Garmin 441S. Delete. Sold

    Sold local

    Merry Christmas to all. Got a fist bump “thank you” from my grandson for his gift. Hugs from my son. The best gifts can’t be purchased. Enjoy time well spent with your family & friends. Happy Holidays