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  1. johnd

    Selling boat: online options.

    an MBG product: first list here. You can do the Craigs List thing (and Boat Trader) and you will have the challenge of tire kickers, etc.. but both those sites get views. Trick My Skiff is still on FB, also there is an independent Hewes/Maverick page on FB. (we spend a LOT of money advertising boats, lots of paid and some low cost sites - boats this size gets most paid views on Boat Trader, my experience).
  2. Among the dumbest things I did this year was sell my Lappy. Let’s see if I can be smarter in the new year. happy New Years to all the great folks at MBG and everyone on this forum.
  3. johnd

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Washed her.
  4. johnd

    Poling platform mounting

    on my older Hewes platform was held with lag bolts. When we modified (taller to fit engine) guy who reinstalled did poor job.. so, drilled 2 extra holes in transom mounting plate, oversized all the lag bolts and 4200 the heck out of it. Solid platform to pole from after that. (it was NOT bolted thru. If yours is, a large backing plate might be a better solution)
  5. johnd

    Yamaha 40 HP 4 Stroke Motor

    contact info? have a buddy looking
  6. johnd

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Much to be thankful for. Happy thanksgiving
  7. johnd

    Insurance Renewal Question?

    My insurance guy told me 2 months ago rates had already gone up and for those with older larger boats in marinas they can no longer purchase inexpensive policy covering just the vessel, need $1M liability to. The insurance companies got hammered in the TX storms last year. Many exited market. There was more, but that's what I remember.
  8. johnd

    1997 Maverick Mirage 2

    Seatrial Tuesday afternoon. I’ll let you know.
  9. johnd

    Yep..it’s in full mode

    We ran from launch pads to Cocoa Beach pier. Everywhere. On Sunday the port was full too..but we ran deep unsuccessfully looking for dolphin
  10. johnd

    Careful running early morning

    Horrible, but seems totally avoidable. 0400 it’s dark and outrunning your vision is unsafe. Lighted, reflectors or not..he didn’t just bump it, he put it into the marker. That’s speed and careless.
  11. I’m a broker, my advice is YOU hire an independent 3rd party. Compression test is simple enough yet there are other things a mechanic should look at (see above posts). Sellers are not always fully truthful to their brokers and at the price level of a smaller 15 year old boat, commission is pretty small, so Broker probably doesn’t have time (or funds) to really inspect. (I’m listing an older Maverick for a neighbor and it’s really a favor, not worth the energy /effort to earn money.).
  12. Mullet so thick off the beaches you can walk on them.
  13. johnd

    1997 Maverick Mirage 2

    'Nitz", aka Mark, redid the entire trailer this weekend. I looked at it yesterday. Galvanized and only thing he didn't replace was the tongue. Solid trailer. I had just bought my RF when neighbor Mark and his buddy bought this Mirage 2. We have fished together for years. This Mirage gets skinnier than my RF, they would pole in on a school of reds and I just had to watch (couple of inches makes a difference some days). Loved my Lappy, but sure were a few days I would have traded straight up. Super well cared for. As a favor (I'm a broker) I'm going to help Mark sell the boat. He's really busy with work and already tired of CL tire kickers. So if you are looking for a solid platform in a classic M2, shoot me a pm. It's been in garage since they bought, but today is on lift behind house ready for a ride. (soon as wife and I return from trip to explore Florida's big bend, will get lots of photos and do the formal posting on all the sites).
  14. johnd


    In Apalachicola. Thank you
  15. johnd


    Traveling to the forgotten coast next week. Not bringing a boat. Tips on wade fishing in the bays or other areas. Maybe suggestion of guide in area. Thx