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  1. johnd

    217 OEM parts

    ... I looked at a 2015 model the other day and was surprised to find cam latch(s) corroded with salt. Are the OEM's GEM or ?
  2. johnd

    WTB Pathfinder T or TRS or HPS

    2014 Yammy 200 3 blade SS prop 260 hours.
  3. johnd

    3 Cylinder 115, 140 & 150 from E-Tec

    friend of mine checked these out at show last week, he was favorably impressed. Might be a great motor, but after the FICHT and gen 1 ETEC they have some 'reputation' issues.
  4. johnd

    1997 18' Hewes Redfisher

    VERY reasonable asking price. Cool design on the top of helm. You will miss her after she's gone.
  5. johnd

    Really wet bilge

    Lots of good advice. Mine leaked at the plastic outflow hose connection from the live well. Yes, there is a thru hull with value prior to pump for live well. Close that. Even when pump not running water can (will) come thru the cheese grater into hose/pump. My bet you have a cracked hose.. look at the white plastic corrugated ones and triple check where they are connected.
  6. johnd

    Trailer Bunk Carpet Replacement

    guess I'm old school.. re did both trailer and lift bunks. Carpet, yes I glue with contact cement, then SS staples.
  7. johnd

    WTB Pathfinder T or TRS or HPS

    this is one of our vendors personal boats. ASK is $45... clean, only negative has bottom paint Located Melbourne, FL https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2014/pathfinder-2200-trs-3575070/?refSource=standard listing
  8. johnd

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    have you checked the hose from the live bait well that exits the transom? mine was broken and darn thing leaked into bilge all the time. As always when you find it, will be the last thing you check. LOL
  9. johnd

    An addition to your boat tools

    Ouch. had a little Ladyfish go crazy on me one morning. Drove the boat home with left hand switching between wheel and throttle. My bride refused to assist getting two sets of sharp treble hooks out of my right hand, though she was kind enough to drive me to ER. A couple shots of Lidocane, a big pair of rusty side cutters, a tetanus shot and an invoice. Probably a good idea to put a set of real wire cutters on board. I didn't get tetanus or a flesh eating microbe.. though my wife suggests I already have a brain disease (something about fishing).
  10. johnd

    Spinning or Baitcaster

    I think it depends on what you are most comfortable with. I am most comfortable with spinning so 90% of the time that's what I toss. Friends who grew up freshwater bass fishing can very accurately and with great distance use a bait caster...
  11. johnd

    140 Suzuki on 17 MA

    different boat (had RF 18) however went thru same thought process. Yammy V about 350? lbs vs 140 Suzuki about 405lbs. Weight didn't impact squat (RFs squat anyway). Marcus put me in a 3 blade and jumped on plane. I would buy 140 again. 2X - change the internal anodes every 100 hours or annually, whichever sooner.
  12. johnd

    What Model Hewes Is This?

    the "how skinny can you get" model
  13. johnd

    Suzuki 140 vs 150

    18 Lappy.
  14. johnd

    2014 Cobia 217

    whitefish: here is link to YC listing with photos and details. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2014/cobia-217-center-console-3550042/?refSource=standard listing
  15. johnd

    Suzuki 140 vs 150

    had DF 140 on Redfish Lappy. just 50lbs more than old Yammy 115V. Propped right jumped on plane. Not a speed demon, but hole shot important to me. Sips gas. Change the internal anodes every 100 hours, they are really small and do their job. The 150 is a completely different engine, i have no experience with it.
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