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  1. johnd

    I-Pilot remote magical fix

    with old style (flat battery) there is a known issue. the little tab in the battery compartment is not stiff enough to maintain contact. Simple solution: fold a tiny piece of paper, piece of business card, etc and put under the tab. That will keep it in contact. New version does not use same battery and does not have problem.
  2. johnd

    Near shore Port Canaveral

    quick update (July 10) Kings and tarpon on the beach. Poggies in the bite this morning and where there is bait, predators will follow.
  3. johnd

    I-Pilot remote magical fix

    is this the NEW style remote or the old style with the flat battery?
  4. I may be in need of a repower soon.. heck all the new designs are somewhat ugly. That's an impressive review, still, really hard to wrap my head around buying an ETech. Anybody know MSRP?
  5. johnd

    2014 Cobia 217

    Full disclosure, I am Broker on this Pre-listing: 2014 Cobia 217. Original owner, family has enjoyed the boat with 200 Yammy (approx 500 hours). Outriggers, forward seating, jump seat, Garmin color sounder/chart plotter. AmeraTrail aluminum trailer. Full Cover. I would call a 7 out of 10. Ask low 40's.. but wants to sell. Located Merritt Island, FL PM for details.
  6. last few weeks been really slow offshore - a few kings, just a handful of dolphin.. super warm water with no breaks. HOWEVER, nearshore the False Albie (mis known as Bonita around here) are in huge schools chasing glass minnows. Couple guys caught surf casting yesterday. Buddy landed a dozen on 4lb test and another on fly rod. Just fyi, last few weeks reports of Tarpon are coming in, we had the rolling around us last week, but since we were Flounder fishing we were unprepared.
  7. I have a 2014 217 Cobia (200 yamaha), coming in for brokerage. Seems like a decent boat, of course I've read the on line reviews and I'm familiar with (new) Cobia construction. My questions are for people who have or have ridden this model: pros, cons, what do you like, not like, etc. I'm just trying to put the listing together for the owner and more I can learn, the better. (This is not an ad for sale), just looking for honest feedback please. TIA
  8. johnd

    Newer Talons 10 / 12 /15 foot questions

    not certain how to flush the longer new ones. My first Talon had a 'port' at top that a hose fit to flush, plus always flush from bottom. My new 10' does not have, or I can't find, a flushing port on the top. I do still flush bottom. This is potentially an issue as my old one (didn't flush often enough) froze between stages due to salt build up. Only had new one about a year and for many reasons have not used the boat as often as I did.
  9. johnd

    Forum banded words

    I think the filter is kind of stupid... but M2 makes good point and "PS: There are plenty of fishing/boating forums on the internet that are out of control. And copious negativity on various forums and social media sites. If anyone prefers chaos and such uncivil sites, please feel free to utilize them. This site will not be allowed to fall into that realm! " I REALLY Appreciate this position and the role of Moderators and MGB folks. So guess I'll put up with stupid (see, that's an ok word) filters.
  10. johnd

    West Marine BOGO this weekend

    WM brand of 'salt away' BOGO... makes it affordable. Check your dates, the Flare gun with flares.. $50 (deal) The W&P electronic flare at $70 is a real deal. Few years ago wholesale for a dozen was $75. I bought one from W&P at Miami show this spring, think it was $80. At 50% off most stuff at WM is pretty reasonable
  11. johnd


    Years back Capt Benny and another guy, Scott? (on this forum) created a summer project called "Fishing High School' in the keys. Well my bride and I been out of high school lots of years, but I did have cash. So we headed to Islamorda and enjoyed 3 days of instructions. Learned a lot. Had a blast. Was great to see Benny on TV with Flip. Can't find next episode either but might be posted up on Facebook.
  12. johnd

    SeaDeck Cost?

    I paid $2200 for an 18RF a number of years ago. Important is how THICK you get. I went 8m which is extra thick. Used to be you could get custom made and installed (Castaway) for about the same as the retail cost of product direct from SD. The installers buy so much they get a discount, their design, cut, install brings it to about retail price per sheet used. (or used to).
  13. johnd

    Local knowledge for Mosquito Lagoon

    i do NOT fish ML that often, so general: North of Haulover canal is ramp Beacon 42, small skiffs only. Go East cross river to pole/troll zone. Pole between and edges of islands. Haulover Canal ramp (west of bridge). Good parking. can go west to river or east under bridge to Lagoon. I think you may need a permit (FREE).. it's like a piece of paper with rules that you fill out and keep on your boat. Nobody checks, but pretty sure you should have. Seems most of the guides are searching redfish, some fly, some spin and lots with chuck bait (so their clients hook up) In my limited experience I've caught many more reds than trout there. You can also enter from the north (or east) up near New Smyrna, but I live south in Merritt Is, so closest for me is Titusville. Wish I could be more helpful.. now you remind me I need to drive up and explore again
  14. johnd


    too long since been on forum. Trip bite has been either fantastic or none existent. Watch the water temps. COBIA here now, mostly nearshore and on the rays. Kingfish came streaming back in about a week ago. Sheepshed around. Trips are being found on anything floating.. there is a dredge working in the bite. EARLY, before they get to work, fish the buoys and pipe. Once they start work they will run you off (and btw, not safe being near the pipe just in case). remember min size now 18", most of the fish being caught in the 5-6lb range, but a very few solid 12-15lb fish are being found. Ramp at Jetty Park is good, though parking a real PIA as there is construction. Weekends with nice weather a mess, but weekdays pretty easy to find parking. Few places to leave boat in water (if its a skiff). Cape Marina and Scorpion (now known as Port Canaveral Marina) have temp slips, but mostly for larger vessels. Best to trailer.
  15. johnd

    Selling boat: online options.

    an MBG product: first list here. You can do the Craigs List thing (and Boat Trader) and you will have the challenge of tire kickers, etc.. but both those sites get views. Trick My Skiff is still on FB, also there is an independent Hewes/Maverick page on FB. (we spend a LOT of money advertising boats, lots of paid and some low cost sites - boats this size gets most paid views on Boat Trader, my experience).
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