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  1. johnd

    Under gunnel SS rod holder inserts

    don't know about Stainless, found both black and white plastic on Amazon.. couple $ each.
  2. johnd

    8wt Fly Rod 9', 4 piece

    Yes available. No idea who built it for CCA. markings say CCAFW0908-4 4 line Wt: 8wt I have 3 8wt rods.. used this literally twice while my Orvis was out for repair.
  3. johnd

    Maverick Boats Bass Fisherman?

    winter time used to fish St. John's river (shad) and chase the early morning schools of Sunshine bass. Buddy started calling my Hewes Redfisher the 'bassfisher'. Simply a great platform for chasing fish in both salt and sweet waters.
  4. johnd

    How old is too old

    63 and fortunately still healthy. Fish alone, fish with friends. Pick my days offshore. Our fishing club has a lot of guys from 40 to 80. Still a number fishing in their 70s (buddy on a long range tuna trip out of Ca right now, he's 72!) However, what I see is mid to late 70s most guys are slowing down on their outdoor recreation. Being on the water is something I enjoy, almost religious for me. Like others wrote, I'm a lot more aware of safety these days. I'm less concerned about how shinny my boat is, but everything works! Thoughtful thread. Kinda scary this mortality stuff. Enjoy each day.
  5. johnd

    Banana River area

    Lots and lots of small trout around and more Snook than I remember. My guess as to the lack of Reds: the major fish kill a few years back killed LOTS of the large breeders. Picked more than a few floaters out of my canal. Last 2 falls (Sept-Nov) none of the schools we used to see on the middle grounds, Sykes south of airport, near Horti point were non existent. I have caught only 2 reds since Oct, both little rat Reds.
  6. johnd

    IPilot remote freeze up?

    Smile: the screen did come up, but was unable to control motor or even turn off? UPdATE: removed remote batteries. (clean, still have power). Reinstalled. Just tried and worked fine. Guess gremlin was trying to tell me yesterday was too cold to fish and wanted to come home.
  7. johnd

    IPilot remote freeze up?

    Not MBG specific, but this group has a lot of experience so maybe someone knows. Running anchor mode for hours yesterday, all the sudden remote went blank. Then would not find motor (turned on/off motor a few times) and the remote would NOT turn off. Like it froze up. This is new model remote. Haven't opened it up yet, could it be a simple as batteries or ? TIA for thoughts.
  8. with the holidays, family, stuff.. fishing time been very limited. Last week got out with a buddy fishing nearshore and found the Pompano. Kept 11 (limit for 2 people is 12) with most in the 12.5-13' size range. Good eats and lots of fun on medium light tackle. Also lots of ladyfish.. the few that stay hooked go in the cooler for future Snapper bait. Yesterday chilly winds, but neighbor (who has a job and can only fish weekends and holidays) really wanted to fish. So we bundled up and stayed close to shore. Really slow. A few Ladyfish, just a few Pompano (my personal best went over 2lbs). Pretty much what we use is 15-20lb main line, 20lb leader, 1/4oz goofy jigs. Toss, drop, twitch and retrieve. Still missing my old Lappy, but the new (to me) platform is working out for now.
  9. johnd

    8wt Fly Rod 9', 4 piece

    CCA prize. Model CCAFW0908-4 4 piece 8 wt, 9'. Used twice (while my Orvis was being repaired). Seemed like not a lot of backbone to me.. but hey, it was a donation. $60 and I'll pay shipping. Message for photos.
  10. johnd

    Mav vs. Rf

    based on how you describe your fishing... not an HPX, either an RF or MA.. leaning toward the MA if you fish skinner water. Not technical skiff skinny, but couple inches between an MA and RF. Like Limitless said, if 2 folks.. the 16RF or 17MA.. if 3 folks the 18RF of larger MA.
  11. johnd

    Casting platform/cooler

    I used a Yeti, then an Engel.. finally went to a 4 leg platform that tied down with turnbuckle. I felt much safer on the stand than on the cooler. Cooler worked, platform worked better.
  12. johnd

    Update:.... Costa Lens Scratches

    Let me know how this works out. My RX Costas (cost like $800) are so scratched from daily use.. I gave up. Wearing my RCIs, even though not RX and I can't see to tie a lure on, still much better spotting fish than scratched Costas. Also, how to reach Fuse as no plans to drive to Clearwater. Thx in advance.
  13. local guy built me one with one small improvement. On one end piece he used SS hinges, so when I get a fish longer than the table, it still lays flat. Admittedly haven't brought a big Wahoo or Dolphin to my table since I got, but this little fold down end makes me optimistic.
  14. 3 years now the Banana has been filled with the dreaded brown algae. During the summer there were some areas of clearing (mostly south of CCBeach Golf course).. however in past 6 weeks brown is much reduced. Then the cold front hit dropping surface temps from 80's to low 60's a few days and the normal blue/green quickly died. To everyone's surprise visibility exceeded 3' in many areas. With the 'clean' water you can see the bottom and it's depressing. Moonscape. No grass anywhere. There are some larger area of the macro algae (I can't spell, something like Culipera) On a great note, the 'river' is loaded with small trout. Few Reds (we lost breeders during the major fish kill). Black drum and Sheepshead rolling thru. Really small Ladyfish blowing up the surface each morning. While mostly small, there seem more Snook than I've seen in years too. to just bend a rod (a really light rod) 1/16 to 1/8th jig heads with small paddle tails fished in deeper (4' plus) water will catch trout. Some of the smallest you will ever see. Still, for a river that was almost given up for dead, this is so encouraging. Due to family issues, I missed fishing my favorite time of the year (Sept/Oct) .. back out now. Tight lines.
  15. johnd

    217 OEM parts

    ... I looked at a 2015 model the other day and was surprised to find cam latch(s) corroded with salt. Are the OEM's GEM or ?
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