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  1. Pricing my boat???

    As broker I can access actual sales vs asking... in Fl recently basically same sold for $45k. Earlier this year a 2016 model sold $52 in SC. you appear to be priced in the right area. Btw: lots of skinny water in Fl we have to cross to get to fishing spots too.
  2. Visiting MBG on Wed

    While MBG does scheduled tours, with his interest in a specific model there is one in the build, so we enjoyed a very thorough interesting tour this morning. You ever watch on TV "how it's made"... just like that but 1000x better. We arrived an hour or so the cap was about to placed on hull, so we got to see all the plumbing, wiring, etc open..a final inspector double checking everything..then watched as bonding applied and cap put in place. These are not your father's Cobia, but we already knew that. Yes, a production boat but it's the process that most impressed me. Charlie took us everywhere on the floor..from the CNC machines cutting stringers, every mold in process, watched wire harness being made (each for a specific customers build), the pieces and parts from mold thru finish to install. Then we went to area the Mavericks &Hewes were being made..fully bagged infusion. So yeah, as a proud Lappy owner I had to wear my Lappy shirt. We watched 4 guys lift a cap for a Maverick (or maybe an RF) out of mold, flip it and place on trolley. I had to look closely at mold...one of the workers walked over to give me fist bump for my shirt! Cool. looked at the new 32 Cobia that had just returned from FT Lauderdale show, looked at 28(?) DC model, i really liked the newish 301 ...but of course I'm a skinny water guy at heart, so I kept peaking over at the skiffs.
  3. Visiting MBG on Wed

    Thanks for the extremely prompt response Charlie. My "boss" is seriously thinking about a Cobia 344 and wants to learn more. I sent message to Charlie the awesome marketing guy and within an hour he coordinated a visit on Wed to factory. I'm going along for the ride, heck it was 1999 when Mr. Deal was kind enough to give me a tour (result: so impressed years later when kids grown I bought my Hewes). Can't wait to see all the cool new boats!
  4. 2010 Hewes Redfisher 16 now avilable

    Bumping this as owner (health issues) is paying monthly storage & wants gone. My guess a "reasonable" offer will take this home. Call Chris 321-848-6030 for details
  5. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    Not sure if that's the problem, but it is a problem! As you discovered you are too old to be crawling under boats ( ha!) did you notice coming from this hole? Turn off power (auto bilge), lower front of trailer so that hole is nearly lowest part of boat, put plug in and hose a little water directly into bilge..if water comes out, probably the issue. Either way...got to be repaired.
  6. WTB: Hewes Bonefisher 16 v Maverick 17

    RF & BF are, I think, same hull. Difference is deck design. Thus response vs. MA should apply to either. (Somebody correct me if I'm wrong please)
  7. 1992 Redfisher Lappy - maybe

    Dawv: fortunately I think I am over that 'get a new boat' brain fart. Love my Lappy and at least for the time being, gonna keep fishing her. Best of luck finding a boat for you and son.
  8. Minn Kota Talon 12' for sale

    PM sent
  9. following Irma and then a Sunday evening with 9-12" of rain, the IRL and local 'rivers' are still super high. Thanks to posting of open ramps.. be extra careful at the ramps. As the water recedes, north winds blowing and its down maybe a foot, the ramps and wet docks are super slippery. Had the chance to get out couple times in last week or so. different places and too often fighting the winds. Rivers around 80 degrees, very few instances of algae .. BUT clarity is horrible. October is my favorite time to sight fish, the Reds are schooling. I drifted up on a school of overslot fish on Monday in under 2 ft of water. I didn't see them till they were maybe 3-5 ft from the boat. Catching lots of trout.. all small to lower end of slot. I've landed trout that are not much bigger than the finger mullet that are filling the rivers. So it's a bit different this year...
  10. Here is the listing for the RF 16. Friend of guys at SeaDek.. obviously from the photos. Only thing missing is a PowerPole or Talon.. everything else is there! Call my friend Chris (info in the listing) or PM me. This is sweet.. I'm almost tempted to list my Lappy for a new boat.. almost I do know the owner has serious health issues and can no longer use his boat. A serious offer will probably be accepted, he needs it sold. john http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2010/Hewes-Redfisher-16-3142075/Rockledge/FL/United-States#.WeacFUyZPow
  11. 2010 Redfisher 16

    Buddy is about to list a 2010 Redfisher, 90 Yamaha, custom SeaDek, IPilot, trailer. Garage kept. Located Merritt Is. mid -$20's. details to follow, if interested please pm me.
  12. A Lot of Water in the Bilge

    Are your livewells fully dry? I found crack in livewell hose that kept filling into bilge
  13. Are you still looking?
  14. Boat Ramps Open/Closed

    Thanks for posting!
  15. if like the RF, very difficult to thru bolt. Upsize the lag bolts (in fact I drilled and added 2 more in the transom plates).. fill with 4200. When we removed to modify the guy that put back on used the old lags.. it was super wobbly! So that's when we fixed with thicker lags and 4200.