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  1. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    River reds, trout, smaller Snook..4,10,20lb braid with 15 or 20 flouro 15-20 leader on topwater, 15-20 on jigs with paddletails. 2500,3000,4000 size reels. Nearshore I’ll up the leader to 20-30lbs. No oyster bars here, just mangrove trees and docks. Since it’s that time of year for Shad run, Sunshine bass & some freshwater there I use mostly 8 lb leader.
  2. Dry boat bag or box for important items??

    Papers in a zip lock. IF I put phone etc away, a Tupperware box works great
  3. Just pulled the AGM trolling batteries out for my new project...new owner gets new batteries. I know this awesome boat probably not gonna get $19k..but hey, no harm asking Dropped a couple of boat dollars on new project this week..be nice to replace some funds, so reasonable offer will be accepted.
  4. Transducer question?

    In skinny water not a lot of help (for me). Around bridges, useful. Offshore in deeper water (friends boats) very useful
  5. 1) pretty good year 2). I’m a fisherman, therefore an optimist. 2018 will be better
  6. Has anyone seen this model hewes ?

    Skip responded in general forum. Not a stock sticker.
  7. See my 18 Redfisher ?
  8. Duracell AGMs??

    I bought the Duracell’s at Batteries Plus.
  9. Agree. When I respond on THT, FB, various owners groups I always ID myself as a broker or indicate if a broker friend is listing. Heck even on CL I say I’m a broker. Even with all our rules (Florida license) I don’t think we are required to disclose, but to me one should.
  10. Snook

    Over the weekend few reports of floating fish..just got a report from north IRL. horrible. Dead tarpon & Snook floating up today
  11. Duracell AGMs??

    I bought Duracell AGMs for my IPilot 24volt last year. Charge every few trips. So far, so good..but until I hit 4-5 years the jury is out. The warranty is best out there and at $180 each I thought worth a try. regarding Lithium ferrite: I think great potential. I have some experience using these with medical devices and I’ve been working about 3 months now with a retired guy from Philips (my company was bought by Philips) who has 20 years in medical equipment mfg. he is trying to get a factory in China to build me a 24 volt, 50 amp size of a standard battery, under 30lbs with 2000 recharges that we can retail under $900. These batteries have very different characteristics than lead acid and AGM. There is also a group in Alabama building LI cells for US govt, emergancy vehicles etc..they have a demo battery that fits my requirements..but nothing commercially available. I been learning. As the technologies advance I expect a marine power cell will become available at more reasonable cost.
  12. This is my personal boat. I bought about 8 years ago, rewired, new power, new most everything and thought my Lappy would be my last boat. Fish the Lagoon for Reds & trout..have poled friends and sight fished, my personal best trout on fly, , IRL from Titusville to Ft. pierce, st Johns in the winter for specks, shad & sunshine, taken to MBC funaments, fished the keys & Choko, scollops on the west coast. I built this boat for me. Invested a lot of $ and time to build a boat for what I love to do. Last spring with my wife in Bokeelia she expressed how hard riding the flat seat is on her back (she has a Harrington rod in her back since age 12). I started looking for something that would be better for her to join me as she is retiring. I’m giving up the super skinny, but gaining comfort and opportunity to expand nearshore chasing tarpon, Cobia etc where at my age I no longer feel comfortable in a skiff. I found a Comet, built in Titusville. A tad bigger, 3” more draft, but still a flats deck design with huge seat and cat hull. I’m redoing it now. Can’t have 2 boats (wife’s rule, long story), so the Lappy has to go. The toughest part of buying this new boat was, and is, having to sell my Lappy. Yeah, it’s “just a boat”, but somehow, of all the boats I’ve owned, this Lappy is special to me. And technically leaving the MBC. “Family” *** too. Life changes
  13. Today in MBG History!

    Congratulations Skip.
  14. I don’t know Nag Juice. I get with easy $ new boats are selling super fast, many mfgs in back order..I’m a new broker with only 5 boats currently listed (21’ to 47’). Since Christmas I’ve had 4 inquiries on the bigger expensive boats and one prospect on the smallest. In the case of well respected brands (all of the MBC boats) there appears a solid following.
  15. Removing old stickers/ pinstripes etc

    Yes, I used 800 wet sand today (finished with 1200). Got much off, but it was crazy how paper hardly touched.