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  1. Trailer fail

    The hub did NOT lock up. Bearings fine (had greased just a few weeks ago). Best guesses 1) rust 2) over tight 3)under tight. I have no idea what the cause was, however have purchased 2 new hubs and will replace both and save the one I put on as an emergency spare. Then remove the trashed fender and hope to replace. my tool box has paper towels, grease for gun, gun, 4 way, large screw driver, jack, needle nose and standard pliers, wire and stuff to fix a light, some 2x6's. Adding 4x4's and maybe 6x6's, small shovel.
  2. Trailer fail

    Local ramp less than a mile from home, so generally don’t carry tools or spare parts. In August completed west coast trip, so had recently greased bearings, etc. Coming home from ramp heard a loud clicking sound followed by watching my tire pass me. This is not a good thing. Quickly got to side trying to get to sidewalk, but as I slowed trailer dug into dirt. Things to add to my tool box: 4x4s and 6x6’s and more blocks of wood and a small shovel. Got it dug out, jacked up. Hub and bearings fine, the 6 lug nuts had sheared off! New hub, wheel fine & back on. Fender trashed. Fortunately on a small local road and only going 30 mph. This would have been horrible on the interstate.
  3. September Tarpon Fishing

    Mullet run just starting in East Central Fl. Tarpon been scattered, but already some solid days nearshore. Snook bite has been on fire. The “however” is this storm, while hopefully well north of us (folks in NC please prepare) gonna blow up the waves.
  4. replacement hatch cable?

    400 lb blue mono, crimp on ends.
  5. looking for a new tackle box

    Solutions have changed over the years..currently have some cheap ($8) soft side bags from Harbor Freight with Plano boxes in them, labeled, in bow area. Also got a Shimano backpack that holds 4 boxes, leader, other stuff for when I’m going on someone else’s boat. And a freaking closet full of boxes with too much stuff, so I can swap depending on what I’m doing.
  6. Expired Flares

    Don’t do that, I was informed years back. Violates some kind of boating safety law. Put them in a separate container and clearly mark “expired”. Then it’s ok to have on board. But do not mix with in date ones or in your ditch bag. I can’t remember if it was FWC or USCG, but I had both in my ditch bag and got a stern lecture.
  7. PFD Re-arming cartridge

    One and done. Grandkids grabbed one off my porch and jumped in pool.. scared the bejesus out of them!
  8. Clarion cmd8

    sent info to a buddy about your radio. I'll let you know if he is interested. (Mentioned last weekend wanted a 'new' one)
  9. Losing depth reading

    Had same issue with TS ducer on both the Lappy and now on Comet. Tilting down (forward) did seem to help a little. If you find a solution, please post.
  10. Scallop Season 2018

    heading west Sunday. Any recent reports? Thx (first year WITHOUT my Hewes, guess we will see how the new platform performs)
  11. Porpoising Redfisher

    My older (Lappy) 18 would sometimes porpoise..with 140 on the transom I had added 60 lbs. move weight forward (batteries to bow). Learn to use tabs. Stern lifting prop will help.
  12. The Inventor of the Poling Platform

    The reference to the book “92 degrees in the Shade”...and that Capt Curtis inspired the main character. Had not heard of nor the film. Found at my local library and was wholly unprepared for this book. Guess I was expecting a John D MacDonald, or another “thorn” or “doc ford”. Was not expecting a 1970’s Hunter S Thompson mixed with Richard B “trout fishing in America”.
  13. Big Uglies

    Lots of recent reports of big uglies in the IRL. Best of success in your quest!
  14. Redfisher 18

    Congratulations. Lots of good advice from this group agree..don’t flush mount gps on a skiff. The ability to twist it so you can see screen while standing on the bow or tilt when on platform is why. I use Garmin and Simrad..at this point most are very good and it’s personal preference TM: early versions of Ulterra had issues, no longer hearing complaints. I don’t mind deploying (I’m cheap). Either way the new spot lock on MK is so much better. Yep, Marcus the Funky Monkey for your prop choice. Explain to him what is important to you. Expensive & priceless. enjoy & welcome.
  15. Hull pad?

    if i understand correctly, at transom the hull 'v' goes to a flat pad. I think thats the design used in the 60's to increase lift and running speed. My memory not as good as it should be, but think that was now famous design that won Fl to Bahamas race in like a 24ft deep v.. later used on (I think) SeeVee and various copies. I'm sure somebody on here will elaborate.