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  1. Transducer ID

    Transducers are a lot like a speaker. It might work but the clarity will not be the same. A new display will need the best transducer you can afford just like a speaker.
  2. Ignition Switch Replacement

    It is an easy unplug and plug new switch on my 04 200 vmax Follow the wires and you will have a main plug and maybe 2 small ones for the alarm
  3. Southeast, Charleston 2017 tournament

    Sorry I missed the tournament. I was in Charleston but it was citadel vs Wofford game. Look forward to next year.
  4. Will there be an Owner's Tournament in the fall of 2017 for the southeast in Charleston again
  5. Livewell 1 filling issue

    Easy to check water level. With boat still in the water take the strainer cap off and water should start to come in the boat. The faster the better. Close ball valve and replace strainer. I disagree with putting strainer down at an angle. If straight up water comes in and rises enough to prime the pump with air going to top of strainer. If the strainer is down than the hole thing must fill to get a prime to the pump.
  6. Sea Star helm issues

    It is not overly hard to rebuild. When apart the main part looks like an old rotary phone. The cylinders go up and down as you turn a disc that looks like a roller coaster. Then there is a set of valves that are open and closed by spring loaded ball bearings. I would say moderate skills and no big tools needed. There is a rebuild kit needed. If you are going to replace it it is worth a look before buying.
  7. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    The bubbles have nothing to do with structural integrity or the boat. Everyone approaches their boat differently. Some want it pristine all the time and to them the blisters matter. Others want to just catch fish and watch out for mechanical issues but don't get upset over a scratch. Only you know where you fit in the picture. I am going fishing so hold on and let's go. DONH is cruising taking beautiful pictures . Both of us enjoy our boats equally. I would use the blisters to get a better price Donh might pass. Either way it is a cosmetic issue. Walter Machowski
  8. Speaker in Gunnel? (pathfinder 1900v)

    When you must use a jigsaw on fiberglass there are two things to make a clean cut. Taping the area stops the saw from scuffing up the gel coat but only helps chipping minimally . To stop chipping get a fine blade that cuts on the down stroke. This puts the tearout on the back side and keeps a clean edge on the gel oat.
  9. 2002 22 foot power question

    It would be nice to combine duplicate topics into one post. But I have not experienced any such problems.
  10. 2004 200 hp vmax hpdi question

    Keeping up with filters is the only way in any engine to have clean fuel. Nonalcohol fuel is important for the weekend user.
  11. 2004 200 hp vmax hpdi question

    That is the same boat that I run. The hours are not very high to be a problem. If buying I would do the following in this order. Service lower unit with a possibility of replacing seals. Milky oil is a sign of water. Do not run other than testing and getting a feel for it. Replace fuel filters; fuel water seperator, vst filter and metal high pressure filter. Check low pressure pumps going to the vst tank. Need a pressure gauge with a Schrader valve connection. The Yamaha YES program on the net will help but it has limitations Use and enjoy but long term if it acts up look at mystery filters in the high pressure pump and then get the injectors cleaned and calibrated. If starts cutting out a cylinder check electrical connections and the 6 ignition coils. Full synthetic oil is the best but a blend will work. No corn juice!!! They like to be run hard and not puttered around. I always run wide open back to the landing to blow out any carbon builup. I have right at 1,000 hrs so you should have many a good time with the boat.
  12. Question about transducer

    Transducers are probably more important than the unit itself just like great speakers in a stereo. The shoot thru in my 04 22te still works but the signal is not what it used to be. The helix will need much better especially if a mega unit and sides scan will definitely no work with it.
  13. Trailer Setup Advice

    Another thing often overlooked is that the trailer does not have to be the same for launching and retrieving. When launching I will not put the trailer in as far and let the motor back her off. The further back the higher the transom floats and pushes the bow down into the roller. When loading the trailer goes back so the boat floats on and is powered/winched the last foot or so..
  14. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    Looks good. I am still not a fan of plain resin at any thickness. Mixing it with glass balloons or cabosil into a runny putty is stronger. The area is not likely under twist and stress so it will likely hold up. The prep work of original hull will be a factor in longevity. The important thing is it will let it drain without the need for a crane.
  15. Trolling motor on board charger placement.

    Jokingly this is a boating forum. What happened to port and starboard??? Problem in world is too much left right. Life is simple port starboard.
  16. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    I would be far ahead in the deal. My boat gets fished hard and is rigged for just that. Those that go fishing with me ask where to sit and I tell them we are going fishing hold on to the console rail.
  17. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    I would not just pour resin in the area. The depth is too deep and it will crack and come out. You need to get to good glass with minimal gelcoat and use glass and mat Some filler will be ok. poured resin will fail you need glass and mat.
  18. Hydraulic steeering stiff

    If it is hard to turn look at the connection of the steering to the motor. Often times there is a small plate that allows give when the motor is trimmed. It lets the connection to move front to back as it goes left right. Might need some grease. Lack of fluid usually causes sloppy unresponsive steering.
  19. Ameratrail wrench set

    I thought all the hardware was supposed to be stainless steel
  20. 1996 Hewes Redfisher

    Not as easy as it sounds using old wires as often they are tied down or foamed over when the cap was off. A straight shot will be mostly luck. I have always found going from console to the outside and then forward works the best. A metal electricians fish tape will work.
  21. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    I understand the neatness freaks but it is a good thing you can't see too far under the deck. Do a cap off restoration and you would have a heart attack. It is a boat and there will always be pockets of water pooled in areas depending on the angle of the boat. Sometimes I feel as if expectations have gone too far. Jokingly just attach a crane to the bow eye and give it a good shake.
  22. Hurricane Boat Prep

    I would remove all covers and any unnecessary gear from the boat such as coolers and tackle. Leave life jackets and safety gear. A soft t top and grave projections I would remove the canvas cover. Pull as close to house where trees are unlikely to fall. Realize that as the storm moves north the strongest winds will be on the east side as you add the wind speed and the forward progress speed. The west side you subtract the forward speed from the wind speed. if it really looks bad take it with you.
  23. MinnKota Riptide shuts itself off

    Check to see if you have 24 volts at the motor. The motor that turns the shaft is actually very small and works on gears. It is only 12 volt. So if you have only 12 volt the motor will turn the shaft but the prop motor will not run properly. The board may be going bad. To check things in an orderly process. 1 circuit breaker = 24 v 2 plug on bow. = 24 v 3 power into board = 24 v 4 power out of board = 24 v. To do this put the meter on the two connections going from from the board to the shaft. Use the remote to cut motor on and as you increase the motor speed the voltage will go up. If at any time you do not have the voltage you have your problem
  24. Best Aluminum Measuring Stick

    I believe this came from sports academy. The measurements are very accurate and the width makes makes it easy to use and read. Total length is 48 " SC gives the sticker out for free and have most length and limits on them but they can't be trusted for length.
  25. Fuel/water separator

    The fuel water separator is not an absolute barrier. It must be changed and maintained to work. I have always had a separator and on occasion had water reach the filter with the water alarm.