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  1. Adding Raw Water Washdown

    It is important to understand the differences in the 22v and 22te. The 22te has no splash well If you have a pump for a bow bait well it is easy to come off it as it usually is not used. One thing I have noticed using a raw water pump is that most of its use is from the bow back. I hope to find a way this winter to move my connection to the front of the boat. Either out of console or even looking at the anchor locker
  2. PF Rod holders

    I would find it difficult to find a location to add 30 degree as extra rod holders The angle does not allow you to rotate them outward very much.
  3. PF Rod holders

    I know looks are important to some but my 04 22TE has lost the plastic sticker. Rodney is still pretty good at catching fish without his sticker
  4. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Ok for those that want a 16" display here is the answer. Modify the console. The grab rail is the standard height for a 22 TE. I prefer to run 2 displays for redundancy. Rough measurements should allow a NSS7 and humminbird solix 10 side by side. The NSS7 will be soon and then back to building up the mad money for the Solix 10.
  5. Starboard trim tab not working

    I have an 04 2200te and had to pull new wires this past year on the actuator. If you swapped the wires at the switch and it worked then the switch is bad. If you swapped the wires at the switch and it made no difference then the wire or actuator is bad . From here put a direct 12 v to the actuator in the bilge. If it works you have a bad wire. At the age of our boats we are probably due for running all new wire but cheaper and easier to patch as we fish.
  6. Can charging shorten battery life?

    With the newer chargers the consensus is to keep them plugged in. With a flooded cell battery my main concern would be to watch the fluid level very closely. Not always an easy task on boats.
  7. Jack plate oil

    Unless they changed the pump it is a merc sterndrive pump. Look up their specs and use it.
  8. Hit & Run

    Was the boat reported stolen prior to accident. If not I would think the boat owner is responsible. I believe Reports after the accident are looked at differently.
  9. How are you cleaning up wiring 1997 Bayfisher

    I thought everybody had a bilge monkey to crawl in tight spaces and keep things neat and clean Looking at some of the bilges and consoles on the forum it is the only feasible way.
  10. Cleaning/Waxing

    If you look at all the products the common ingredient is muriatic acid Be careful with all of them. They will mess up aluminium
  11. 2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    Here are some everyday comparisons I have a 04 22te with 200vmax and jackplate. My fishing partner has 05 22v f150 and no jackplate When fishing his boat we are in no hurry and know going from spot to spot will be longer and are more aware of water depth. In my boat we will run hard and go across shallower stretches with less concern. On the way back it's always air it out full speed as the vmax appreciates a good hard run to blow things out from puttering while fishing The funny thing is that my fishing partner will let her fly while driving my boat as do I but knows the limitation of his. Horsepower is not just speed but time to plane , depth needed to plane and control of boat in various conditions. In my opinion horsepower makes a difference but that is not to say less will not work. Just not as well.
  12. Lightning

    Fortunately no direct experience but in a lightning storm you got below and away from any metal
  13. Lightning

    In the younger days off offshore racing sailboats they had grounding plates that went from the mast stays to a large metal plate under the waterline. Even though , we always had a heavy duty pair of jumper cables to connect to the rigging and toss the other end in the water. I don't have a t top but if I did I would have a grounding plate zinc combination below the water line. Many thoughts on how to protect electronics and motor but cutting them off and disconnecting the ground while seeking shelter makes the most since.
  14. Yamaha outboard help

    I vote with Mulligan on th coil It may not be the coil itself but it is something after the computer sends the signal to fire. The thing to understand about fault codes is that the problem needs to be before or in the computer for it to know what is going on. Once it sends a command it assumes it was done.
  15. Minn Kota motherboard problem

    On the old Minn Kota trolling motor it was absolutely necessary to disconnect the motor by plug or circuit breaker before hooking onboard charger. I was hoping MK had addressed this in the new post 2017 motors. Has anyone else fried a motherboard due to forgetting to disconnect the tm . Over the years I have fried 2 24 volt motherboards and believe a fishing buddy may have fried his post 17 board.
  16. Minn Kota motherboard problem

    It seems that Minn kota is aware of the situation. It seems that there should be an answer to protect the board. You can find about anything on the web as some people say that stray static electricity can dry the board. How can something withstand abuse on the water be so vulnerable.
  17. Minn Kota motherboard problem

    The manual for my Minn kota 2017 says to unplug before charging the batteries. I have had 2 of the boards go bad while charging with the tm pluged in on the old 24 volt motors. My fishing partner had his 2017 36volt go out and it is only a year old The problem with boards is well discussed on the web
  18. Porpoising Redfisher

    For the lonesome crowd sandbags and concrete blocks are your friend. I would take the tm batteries out of the boat and replace with equal weight of blocks and sandbags. Move them to front hatch and see how it performs. This will let you know what to expect if you give up the space under the seat. This will also allow you to add more weight to check performance. The prop selection still comes into play as it seems it is not close to being appropriate In the old days before computers this is how boats were designed and set up
  19. Fuel Sending unit / Anti Siphon Valve

    When you unscrew the elbow you need to put a wrench on the nut below it to stop it from turning. It looks like a poly tank and I believe that but holds the seal to the tank Be patient plenty of pb blaster. Better to take several days trying a little at a time. If you break things here the fix is complicated
  20. Porpoising Redfisher

    Changing props or adding plates to the motor all all after the fact solutions to a basic design / use problem. The weight distribution on the boat is way off. The center of gravity and center of buoyancy do not line up.There is too much weight aft of the center of buoancy. This is not the measurement of half way from bow to stern but the weight distribution. You need more weight forward. I don't know the layout of battery and gas tanks (stuck with its location) but try to move as much forward as possible
  21. Pathfiner Font

    Always wise to check state law. Some states require block letters. Most game wardens aren't picky but sometimes you get one known to be looking for anything. Better to be safe and know the regulations.
  22. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Yes for insulation. Somewhat for noise reduction. Good insulation will keep the water at a more constant temperature especially in the hot sun even if you are turning the water over. Also makes for useful cooler for the sandbar parties.
  23. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    If not too late I would spray as much closed cell foam as possible around the live wells. Must be true closed cell no cheap spray cans.
  24. Everest soft Cooler

    Lucky to get $100 with the logo on it. Maybe $5.
  25. Fresh water wash

    Don't let city water fool you. More bad stuff there than a good deep well. A cap full of bleach to a full tank should not overpower it. If too strong cut back. Many arrivals on the net.