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  1. Deep cycle or dual purpose battery for 18.5 MA

    When you ate checking the output voltage you need to use a multimeter at the starting battery directly. All electronics have a voltage drop that will vary from unit to unit so your deptfinder will give a slightly different reading I run a lowrance and hummingbird at the same time and there is always one or 2 tenths difference The Yamaha gauge will always be slightly higher as it is more directly in the system but true reading is at the battery.
  2. Deep cycle or dual purpose battery for 18.5 MA

    The butt joints were crimped to hard with a cheap crimp tool that penetrated the plastic. That does not appear to be from overheating.
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Rubble, where did you get the dot lights from. What gauge wire are you using. I take for granted that it is tinned
  4. Bob’s Jack Plate Pump/Motor Replacement

    The hydraulic system on a Bob's jackplate is nothing more than the old mercury sterndrive motor. Call your local dealer. The easy way to remember wire colors is blue skies above green grass below. Blue wire makes it go up Green wire makes it go down.
  5. Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    I have 4 on the gunnel. They alternate a 0 degree and 15 degree. You will be surprised at how much the 0 degree get used. Nice to put the rod in while you unhook the fish or retie the line. Also holds pvc pipe to put accessories on the gunnel for the ride.
  6. Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    If the bolts are centered and you don't want to reuse the rail what about cutting it off as smooth says.then placing a rod holder where each bolt was
  7. Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    That's a bummer. If it is in the middle I can understand wanting it gone. Mine is toward the outside and bolted from underneath. It is far enough outboard to allow for extra rod holders in the gunnel
  8. Removing gunnel rails on 2200v

    If you are talking about the long gunnel hand rail mine is bolted from the outside under the lip. Just look under the outside. So easy it will make you feel foolish.
  9. Locking compartments ??

    It is an easy swap out for the gemlux lockablele latches. However any body can easily pic the lock. It is good to keep an honest man honest. if you want to secure them overnight on the road you can go to some bass websites. They have a lockable rod that is like a shower curtain rod. You put a plate on each side of the boat and the rod goes from one side to the other close to the hatch so that it can not be opened. t-h marine loc-r-bar is one example.
  10. Spacer for scupper install on pathfinder ?

    Dusky marine is the usual place to get them. Duskyonline.com
  11. Transducer location LSS2

    Not being critical just informational. The 22 is not a stepped hull. The area on the transom is often referred to as a pocket. A stepped hull is a horse of a different color. People often put the transducer in the pocket but a couple of caveats . For sidescan it must be lower than a line from each side of the the hulls rise. If it placed too close to the midline it may dirty up the water for the prop causing loss of performance. The transom part of the pocket is not flat or square so mounting can be a chore.
  12. Has anyone seen this model hewes ?

    Can you post a picture of the layout Does it look any different or is it just the decal
  13. Losing power

    When servicing injector pumps it is critical to do everything at one time. ALL FILTERS SHOULD BE CHANGED. If there was trash in an old filter it can clog a new or serviced injector fairly quickly. The big question when servicing injectors on an hpdi is did they change the small mystery filters in the high pressure pump. Not hard to do when changing injectors but a lot of trouble on its own. Dropping a cylinder can also be due to no spark. Either a bad wire or the jacket the plug connects to. Ignition coils can also be a culprit.
  14. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Most insurance will cover liability on the boat while towing but no replacement or repair of the boat. Know this from experience. If the boat hits a car and your fault they will cover the other guy but not your boat.
  15. In the early days the 2200 TE was rated for a 250 while the regular 2200v was not. Do not know when all were rated for 250 but probably when they changed the hull. My 04 220te is rated for 250 on its sticker.