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  1. smilemaker

    GPS Screen Size

    It gets tough comparing different years and styles of units. The screen size is based on the diagonal measurement so comparing an old square screen to the modern rectangular screens is tough. On average new units are not as tall and tend to be wider. However with touch screens only units the width drops dramatically. Comparing consoles from boat to boat is also tough. I wish MPG would give each console design a number and list the dimensions. That would make conversations easier. No need to list boat and year, just list design style/number.
  2. smilemaker

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    As strange as it seems as you lighten the entire hull without changing the rest of the boat you are moving the center of gravity to the rear. This will cause the back to squat and the bow to rise. It all deals with displacement. You can see the effects of weight distribution easily on small skiffs as you walk from the stern to the bow. We are finally seeing some answers to my questions earlier in this post. Not a bad thing just the result of displacement and center of gravity.
  3. smilemaker

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Nobody's asked yet. How is the weight loss going to change everything. Ride . will it pound more or still go through heavy seas the same. Weight distribution, center of gravity. Will this change how she handles. Marine architects often design hulls with a specific weight into the design
  4. smilemaker

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Looks like a convenient setup I would advise on keeping the top cut off when the motor is running. With water going into the pump at lower unit there is a small chance of water back flowing into the water system. It is a pure technical possibility and I would not worry but in today's world of PC someone will make a big deal of nothing
  5. smilemaker

    Improved Cheese Grater

    The conditions using a lexan or other synthetic is probably more suited for silicone bronze screws. In n wooden boat construction you will not see much stainless as it requires air to obtain its properties. For continuous water contact a silicone bronze screw will last longer
  6. smilemaker

    Adding Raw Water Washdown

    It is important to understand the differences in the 22v and 22te. The 22te has no splash well If you have a pump for a bow bait well it is easy to come off it as it usually is not used. One thing I have noticed using a raw water pump is that most of its use is from the bow back. I hope to find a way this winter to move my connection to the front of the boat. Either out of console or even looking at the anchor locker
  7. smilemaker

    PF Rod holders

    I would find it difficult to find a location to add 30 degree as extra rod holders The angle does not allow you to rotate them outward very much.
  8. smilemaker

    PF Rod holders

    I know looks are important to some but my 04 22TE has lost the plastic sticker. Rodney is still pretty good at catching fish without his sticker
  9. smilemaker

    16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Ok for those that want a 16" display here is the answer. Modify the console. The grab rail is the standard height for a 22 TE. I prefer to run 2 displays for redundancy. Rough measurements should allow a NSS7 and humminbird solix 10 side by side. The NSS7 will be soon and then back to building up the mad money for the Solix 10.
  10. smilemaker

    Starboard trim tab not working

    I have an 04 2200te and had to pull new wires this past year on the actuator. If you swapped the wires at the switch and it worked then the switch is bad. If you swapped the wires at the switch and it made no difference then the wire or actuator is bad . From here put a direct 12 v to the actuator in the bilge. If it works you have a bad wire. At the age of our boats we are probably due for running all new wire but cheaper and easier to patch as we fish.
  11. smilemaker

    Can charging shorten battery life?

    With the newer chargers the consensus is to keep them plugged in. With a flooded cell battery my main concern would be to watch the fluid level very closely. Not always an easy task on boats.
  12. smilemaker

    Jack plate oil

    Unless they changed the pump it is a merc sterndrive pump. Look up their specs and use it.
  13. smilemaker

    Hit & Run

    Was the boat reported stolen prior to accident. If not I would think the boat owner is responsible. I believe Reports after the accident are looked at differently.
  14. smilemaker

    How are you cleaning up wiring 1997 Bayfisher

    I thought everybody had a bilge monkey to crawl in tight spaces and keep things neat and clean Looking at some of the bilges and consoles on the forum it is the only feasible way.
  15. smilemaker


    If you look at all the products the common ingredient is muriatic acid Be careful with all of them. They will mess up aluminium