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  1. Gunwale rod holders for pathfinder 19'

    The hull is the same but the liner is totally different. The gunnels are wider and the front hatches and front deck are different.
  2. Trim tab switches

    Double check the connections on the back that they are wired right and tight but sounds like you are on the right track
  3. Removing forward console storage... need some help

    Take a piece of starboard and make a frame to fit the back of the cushion that is thicker than the storage box. You can attatch it with a piano hinge at the top and have a secret compartment. Best of both worlds.
  4. Trim tab switches

    Going straight to the battery tells you the actuators are working. Your problem is from the fuse panel thru the switch. Use a meter to check for power at the panel and make sure the fuse is good and making connection. Next use the meter to check the pos and negative going into the switch.This will tell you if you have a bad wire or ground. This switch has a totally different diagram than most switches. Most switches use the center pole for the positive coming in from the panel. Here the pos is on the top of one side and the bottom of the other side with the ground being the others. The actuators go to the middle. It is very common for this switch to be hooked up wrong if a wire or two comes off. You can also use the meter to check the continuity of the switch. It is a good idea to check all possibilities before buying a new switch.
  5. Wet wood core

    Notice I said to steal it not ask permission to use it.
  6. Wet wood core

    Agree stay away from foam. Especially foam in a can. The vast majority of them are open cell foam and will *** up water like a sponge. If you have to use a foam be sure it is a closed cell foam. Clean the area real good and use a thickened resin to fill it in. Two tricks 1. Take an Allen wrench and put it in a drill. Place the angled end in between the layers of glass and it will make cleaning easy. 2. When filling the area between the layers of glass steal an icing bag from the wife with a large plain tip to make it easy to flow the thickened resin all the way in.
  7. I am sure that they know their business but I trust there is a good size backing plate on that front bar. Anyone off balance falling into it will produce a lot of torque when on the bow. Looks like a good job.
  8. Cockpit drain clog

    The ease of this depends on if you have rabuds. Take a shop vac and fit it to cover the outside of the drain. This will take some engineering but a good sturdy plastic cup will work. Cut a hole in the bottom to fit your vac hose. Tape it all together with duct tape. Next take a rag and cover the drains. Add soap and water and fill with a couple of inches of water. Remove appropriate rag. Cut the shop vac on keep pressure on the cup to seal against the transom and pull the water thru. Repeat for the other side. This will create a stronger fuller flow of water to clean the hoses.
  9. Loose console

    You do not need to glass the entire inside perimeter I would cut some chopped glass mat into strips about 12 inches long and 3 in wide Sand areas down to glass and soak mat in resin and apply. Any gelcoat will weaken the bond I would place each side of door 4 along each side and 3 in front Should hold well
  10. 3 Prong Plug In Connector Replacement?

    The connector is nice for the boat builder because they have the harness mass produced .i would simply cut the two wires from the connection and crimp solder and wrap them.
  11. Ideas For Deck Grab Rails

    An important thing to remember is to thru bolt anything that you will use to pull or put weight on. There are numerous ways to do it but don't rely just on screws
  12. Livewell bubbler/aerator question

    We all have our preference but I do not like to recirculate the water by spraying it on the top. This creates foam and the pounding stresses the bait. Pumps add heat as water constantly moves through without exchange. Adding a bubbler is easy to do. Go to big box store and get a female and a male 3/8 brass barbed ferrele fitting that will fit fish tank hose. Up high near the fitting for the outflow drill a hole that fits the male fitting. The hex part will stop it from going through. From the other side screw on the female fitting. You may need to clean off some foam insulation. Now you have a barbed fitting on both sides of the livewell. Buy a 12 volt air pump from bass pro usually $50. Mount and wire to a switch. now go to pet store and get some hose. The air stone needs to be a LARGE flat circular stone. Most air pumps will have 2 hoses. You can use a Y to have one stone or add another barb to use two stones. this will airate the tank with minimal amp draw. an alternative is to have the return go down into the water with a Venturi hose that will produce a bubbling flow of moving water. This can be made or a commercial one bought.
  13. Recommendations on wireless trolling motors

    Left right is far different from North south etc After a little reading mg has its compass in the base
  14. Recommendations on wireless trolling motors

    Curious how the mg can jog left or right without a sensor on the boat. The TM has no way of knowing the boats heading unless the electronic compass is in the base of the TM
  15. Does Anyone Use A Float Switch?

    Look at the pump 2 wires no internal switch 3 wires 1 Brown 1 Brown white stripe and 1 black will have an internal switch. Just because it is there does not mean it is connected properly