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  1. smilemaker

    Rule pumps

    Talking with a distributor for Shurflo they rate their flow differently from rule. A 500 shurflo will be closer to a 800 rule pump. I have some to change out and will see if they are quieter as they claim.
  2. smilemaker

    Trolling motor V. anchor

    The second half you mount on the boat is not a gps antenna. It is an electronic compass that tells the tm head where north is. The tm will work fine without it but you will loose the ability to jog the boat. This is for minn kota. I bel MG is built into the base but have never installed one.
  3. smilemaker

    Simrad Totalscan Spraying Water

    Man that thing could count as a trim tab.
  4. Curious too. Max pressure is 320psi. Might have trouble getting SC pluff mud off.
  5. smilemaker

    Best Charts for Garmin

    Yes some of us remember and still have a "DAM Quick" reel. Put it to bed many years ago still have it and believe it may still work.
  6. smilemaker

    No More Muffs Fo Me !!!

    The tank has several advantages. Less noise Easier to work on motor. allows back pressure on the exhaust Gives a true reading of water pump efficiency. Feel better when you walk away that the lower unit is still in the water. Minimal water all over the place.
  7. smilemaker

    Yamaha Gauge always blinks low fuel

    A picture of the tank would be helpful. Was there a round metal piece that was on the tank attached to the piece in your hand. The sensor is supposed to be about 1 inch from the bottom. If there was a float that came off it is usually angled to the middle to account for the offset. It is important to realize that the circular plate with the connections only goes back one way. The screws are not symmetrical and it can take some effort to get it back right.
  8. smilemaker

    Yamaha Gauge always blinks low fuel

    Sorry for the confusion. When you touch the wires together it will usually think the tank is full and show it on the gauge. Give it a minute to get the reading. With both wires unhooked it will think it is empty, again give it a second to get the reading. Now if you get a reading of full with the wires touching you know the gauge is good. Connect the wires to the sensor where they were originally and you should get a reading of the tank. If you read empty and know you have fuel then the sensor is bad. Not likely to be stuck. With the sensor out and connected you can move the float and see the gauge change. Some new sensors are all electronic and don't have a float, I don't know much about them but they have to be based on the same theory.
  9. smilemaker

    Yamaha Gauge always blinks low fuel

    It is most likely a ground or sensor wire loose. To check the wires undo both from the sensor and look at the gauge. Then touch them together and look at gauge. If you go from empty to full the wires are ok. Next connect them to the gauge. If it does not read right you have a bad sensor in the tank. The sensor reads the change in resistance as the float goes up and down.
  10. Now that you have a new toy it's time for another. Google foam cannon and take a look. The wife made me pressure wash the porches for Easter and it really helped. Actually made for cars and boats but great for siding and windows.
  11. smilemaker

    No More Muffs Fo Me !!!

    I have been using the 100 gal. version for several years. Pay attention to the water temp when running for a long time. You will be surprised how warm it will get. When putting it in gear be careful of prop orientation. Ask how I know. A little bit of heat and a scrap piece of starboard will weld it and stop the leak. Not pretty but it doesn't leak.
  12. smilemaker

    West Sstems Epoxy on Hewes

    Epoxy is a wonderful material for bonding and repairing but for small non structural applications regular resin and fillers is all that is needed. Epoxy can pose problems when you go to cover with gelcoat. Gelcoat does not adhere as well to epoxy fo a long term repair. Filling the hole with thickened resin with thickened gelcoat is a lot easier than dealing with epoxy.
  13. smilemaker

    16' Lowrance in Console?

    Exactly why we like to joke on this forum. We all find a little fun and humor makes this a better place than other forums that berate and humiliate each other. As for the console I like to keep things clean. In todays world Vhf and music radios can be mounted under the console and smaller remotes and handsets used to save console space.
  14. smilemaker

    16' Lowrance in Console?

    I'll go ahead and comment. 16 foot lowrance will be hard to flush mount but you bass guys have a way of putting screens everywhere. I might be mistaken but the 2300 does not have a large console. It would be nice if mbg would have a sticky section with all the console schematics and models on which they were used.
  15. smilemaker

    Thru hull v transom mount ducer

    Thru hull side scan is a 2 unit process. One for left side and one for right side. Way to much for an inshore boat in my opinion. A thru hull will always be best on plane while a shoot thru can be a close second. With that being said a transom mount adjusted properly works well for the decreased aggravation of installation and is why they are used.
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