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  1. smilemaker

    2000 Pathfinder 2200 fuel pickup

    The answer to your tank problem was addressed very well many years ago but probably has been lost over time. I will try to describe it Take 2 pieces of, stainless steel 3/16 or 1/4 inch thick. The top should be large enough to cover all of the fittings and the lower should act as a picture frame of the upper. It will go inside the tank and allow the 2 pieces of stainless steel to sandwich the polytank together You then place your sending and pick ups in the stainless top part. The bottom is tapped to allow for #10 bolts to hold it all together with a gasket in between.
  2. smilemaker

    Time to step it up a notch

    When you start hooking speakers together you change the resistance and need to know what you are doing and how it relates to the amp. I would use as is for now and later get a 400/4 to bridge 2 of them and run the other 2 bridged from the main amp. Depending how much you want to experiment you can use the low pass filter on one set to kick out the highs and midrange and give it a little more gain to increase the base. Not as good as a sub but will improve the lows some. Would not do both sets as you might loose too much midrange.
  3. smilemaker

    Best anchor for older 2200s?

    I have 04. 22TE. The 12 lb fits fine. They make a longer stainless cross bar that has it stay in the locker without falling in.
  4. smilemaker

    Time to step it up a notch

    Not disagreeing that they only need 100 watts to work, but to reach their full potential they need 200 watts. A 22 te pathfinder only needs 150 hp to function adequately but put a 250 sho on it and you have a different animal. Neither should stop you from making the decision that is best for you.
  5. smilemaker

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    20/20 hindsight Would it have been a different scenario if you had waited until the boat was on the water and let the coast guard deal with them.
  6. smilemaker

    Fuel Water Separator

    I have mine before the fuel water seperator. That way you can push gas into the filter. If it is after the filter you have to pull it in and that is more difficult for the bulb to do.
  7. smilemaker

    2200 add rod holders midship

    Here are 2 pictures of my boat. In one from the bow looking to stern you can see the four on the gunnel. The one on the stern is 0 degree. It is nice for portable downrigger or any other need for a straight support. The next is factory 15 degree then another 0 degree. This one is great for placing a rod while unhooking a fish or rerigging. The next or closest to gas fill is a 15 degree. In the other picture you can see a 0 degree and a JL 8.8 at the end if the rod locker. The JL does extend slightly into the rod locker but has not been a problem. The handrail was factory installed and I really like it there. Hope this helps with some ideas.
  8. smilemaker

    2200 add rod holders midship

    No They have to be at an angle or 0 degree I have an 04 22te and have 4 rod holders in the gunnels. 2 are 15 and 2 are 0 degree. My son has the boat in Charleston this weekend. I will see if he can send me pictures.
  9. smilemaker

    Time to step it up a notch

    If you add another amp and bridge the 8.8s you can use the low pass filter and really get better sound from the 8.8s.
  10. smilemaker

    Time to step it up a notch

    What are the size on the speakers. If the four larger ones are 8.8 they will truly need to have 200 watts to reach their potential. The amp can be bridged to run 2 of the 8.8 and still run the 7.7. You will then need a 400 amp bridge to run the other 2 8.8. The 8.8 will work as you plan but once installed unhook one pair of of the 8.8 and bridge the other pair. You will hear the difference.
  11. smilemaker

    26 HPS Dash Dimensions

    Look closely at network ability of the GO series with the nss series
  12. smilemaker

    Amplifier Wiring

    I would be surprised if the head unit by itself has the amps to run the amp. Look close at the amp and there should be a large pos wire and a smaller wire going to the head unit. The larger wire probably goes to the battery or the main connection for the fuse box. If not I would look closely at the manual. The smaller wire is the off on switch to the amplifier
  13. smilemaker

    Amplifier Wiring

    The gauge of the wire and length of the run is what really counts. If battery is under the console with heavy guage to the switch and heavy guage to the amp you will be fine. Do not skimp on wire from switch to the amp.
  14. As stated the tank was originally in the console on top of a shelf. The shelf took up a lot of space and is often removed over time as modifications are made for more batteries etc.
  15. smilemaker

    Setting Keel offset on new Transducer

    The way I understand keep offset is that it is used so that the reading on the screen is the actual water depth. I want to know how much water is under the boat not how deep it is from the surface so I have never adjusted for the transducer location Usually a negative number is used to tell the unit the transducer is lower than the reading you want. A positive number tells you the transducer is higher than the reading you want to see and is usually used on sailboats to know how much water is actually under the keel or the bottom of the boat. If the original owner has a negative number then it was set up to give you the actual water depth so you have less water actually under the boat. Not the setup I would want.
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