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  1. smilemaker

    RF 18 getting water in bilge

    Look at the rub rail. Some boats will have it under water at times with 2 people in the back and a good spray up the side while running will get in Use a good silicone to seal the cap and hull. Removing the rub rail to do this is the best way but just sealing under the rub rail can help.
  2. smilemaker

    Trailering Covers for Console and Helm Chair

    For the occasional long trip many people buy the commercial rolls of clear wrap from catalogs like uline and wrap everything well. When done with care it stays in place and you just cut it off at your destination.
  3. smilemaker

    2200, 2400TRS or Cobia

    You are fortunate to have the speaker for easy access. Go with the rod holder cup holder combo. Take out the speaker and make a support down low on the inside for the holder to give it strength. Can be glassed in or thru bolts by the speaker. Replace speaker and good to go.
  4. smilemaker

    How to replace transducer 23 HPS

    Sunstone Out of curiosity I did some searching and came across several posts on random forums that all talked about the dangers of switching between 2 transducers. It appears that if a unit is on then you can damage it or the transducer by plugging it in. When you use a switch that is what you are actually doing. Plugging in one and unplugging the other. I would look at the back of the unit and see if it has multiple inputs.
  5. smilemaker

    Hatch Inserts coming apart

    I don't recall seeing delamination on the hatches much. Will things press back together easily or has the two layers deteriorated and allowed dirt and debris to accumulate. To rebond properly things need to come apart completely but if they go together you may be able to use some lightly thickened epoxy and clamp and pray.
  6. smilemaker

    How to replace transducer 23 HPS

    I find it hard to believe. I have a switch that I used to use that allowed one transducer to go to different displays.. many of the new machines are set up to allow multiple transducers. Look at the manual for your machine.
  7. smilemaker

    Remove steering wheel 2001 pathfinder

    The trick is to use the puller properly. The puller should only put tension on the wheel as you are doing. But rather than hitting the nut you tap on the shaft of the wheel puller. It will then come loose. Do not even think that the puller is going to use brute force to take the wheel off as you will bend things. Tension and tapping with the proper penetrating oil. There are many oils better than wd40.
  8. My standard crimp is to use a shrink style butt joint cover it with liquid tape/plastic and place a shrink wrap tube over it right away. You can watch the liquid tape ooze out and seal the entire crimp
  9. smilemaker

    '99 Pathfinder 2200v

    What changed your mind from .Monday. Did they come down on the price, or something else sweeten the deal.
  10. smilemaker

    Yamaha Powerhead work

    Unless it is the only option bamaskeet is spot on. Look for newer used motor or go with the Suzuki. Too many other things to go bad on a 19 year old motor.
  11. smilemaker

    '99 Pathfinder 2200v

    If you don't mind,how much was the asking price. Many people on here are always looking and keeping track of asking prices. Basic information is always handy.
  12. smilemaker

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Cool looking tool. Good set of taps and dies are still hard to beat. Most young kids don't have a clue when you talk tap and dies to make or clean threads.
  13. Although lowrance and simrad are close to the same there are small differences within each line. The Go7 will not due all that the top of the line will do but the top of the line simrad will be close to top of the line simrad with the exception of the new live options which will require an add on module at sometime. This can be confusing so always pay attention to the model.
  14. smilemaker

    America Trail Pathfinder trailer blinker not working.

    As triplec said. With LEDs it all about the ground.
  15. smilemaker

    Too Close to Home

    Knotthereelworld , talk with your er friend and he will probably tell you to ditch the peroxide and go to bleach if you want to kill bugs.
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